Chapter 46

Volume 16 - Marriage - Chapter 46 - Southern Sea Region

Hearing the name of 'Mirage Spirit Mirror,' Qin Yu immediately understood that this Mirage Spirit Mirror ought to be an extremely extraordinary treasure. Otherwise, Duanmu Yu and Zhou Xian would not have gone to search for it.

Qin Yu remembered that Duanmu Yu had told him outside of the Sage Emperor's Palace that if he were able to obtain that item, then he'd definitely obtain the victory of the second chosen candidate spot. And now, it would seem that the second item that Duanmu Yu had planned ought to be this Mirage Spirit Mirror.

"Uncle Lan, what is this Mirage Spirit Mirror?"

Qin Yu looked to Jiang Lan. Hou Fei and Hei Yu were also waiting for Uncle Lan's explanation. Evidently, they had never heard of the Mirage Spirit Mirror before.

Jiang Lan slightly nodded. "This Mirage Spirit Mirror has appeared once before in the Divine Realm ten billions of years ago. The unusual ability of the Mirage Spirit Mirror astonished everyone. However, that Mirage Spirit Mirror soon disappeared. Several tens of millions of years ago, someone had seen the Mirage Spirit Mirror in the Southern Sea Region of the Divine Realm. I reckon that the purpose of Duanmu Yu and Zhou Xian proceeding for the Southern Sea is precisely for this Mirage Spirit Mirror."

Hearing this, Qin Yu felt relaxed.

For no one to have found the Mirage Spirit Mirror in all these years, to find it in a mere ten years was practically impossible.

"No wonder..." Qin Yu suddenly understood. "No wonder Duanmu Yu had to make two preparations. Clearly, he also does not have sufficient confidence in being able to obtain the Mirage Spirit Mirror."


Hou Fei weirdly laughed. He then said. "Let us three brothers also rush into that Southern Sea Region and see if we might be able to find the Mirage Spirit Mirror. Big brother, what do you think about that?"

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

Qin Yu also planned to have two sets of preparations for this second chosen candidate spot's competition.

"A thousand years is sufficient enough for me to craft the gift that I had originally planned. Now that my New Cosmos's time acceleration had already surpassed ten thousand times... I merely need to have a year left of the ten years of preparation. That would be sufficient enough for me to craft the mansion. As for the remaining nine years, I shall use it to search for the Mirage Spirit Mirror."

Qin Yu had made his decision.

He decided to also make two preparations! If he was unable to obtain the Mirage Spirit Mirror, then he shall display the mansion palace that he crafted.

"Little Yu." Jiang Lan's gaze was fixed upon Qin Yu. He said. "The sea area of the Divine Realm is boundless and vast. The Southern Sea Region is so vast that even if you were to fly for a thousand years, you would still not have covered even a ten thousandth of the area. Furthermore, you all know too little about the Mirage Spirit Mirror. And I... also do not know much about this. Thus, there's only a single method left right now!"

Qin Yu was shocked.

That's right. The boundless Southern Sea Region, if he were to search without aim, then much less ten years, he would likely be unable to find the Mirage Spirit Mirror even in a thousand or ten thousand years.

"The only method now was for you all to follow Zhou Xian and Duanmu Yu. Zhou Xian and Duanmu Yu ought to have prepared for this beforehand. According to my observations using my Divine Awareness... the two of them are proceeding toward the same direction. Little Yu, if you three were to follow them, then I would also inform you all of their path of travel to you all frequently." Said Jiang Lan solemnly.

As long as a Godking wished for it, they would be able to cover the entire Divine Realm with their Divine Awareness in an instant.

This was a kind of remarkable ability that one possessed after being in complete control of the spatial laws. Regardless of where Zhou Xian or Duanmu Yu were hiding, Jiang Lan was capable of knowing it in an instant and then sending a voice transmission to inform Qin Yu.

"Thank you Uncle Lan. I must trouble you again." Said Qin Yu thankfully.

With the assistance from Uncle Lan, a Godking, Qin Yu's chance in finding the Mirage Spirit Mirror had become much greater.

"Well then, there's no need to mention too much about this anymore. You all, prepare yourself to set off as soon as possible." Jiang Lan smiled and said. He then slightly smiled to Hou Fei and Hei Yu before disappearing.

As Uncle Lan disappeared, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were all carefully inspecting the image that Uncle Lan had left in their mind as he left.

This image was the appearance of the Mirage Spirit Mirror. At the same time, it contained some explanations about why the Mirage Spirit Mirror was special.

After all, Qin Yu and his brothers had never seen the Mirage Spirit Mirror before. If Uncle Lan did not show this image to Qin Yu and his brothers, then it was likely for them to not even know the item was the Mirage Spirit Mirror even if it was right before their eyes.

"This Mirage Spirit Mirror is truly incomparably fantastic." Qin Yu was completely astonished..

The Mirage Spirit Mirror's appearance changes constantly. However, there was one point that remained the same - it was a mirror! At the same time... it was capable of knowing one's spirits and thoughts.

It was capable of allowing one to become happy and also capable of causing one to become deranged.

However, it did not possess a very strong attack power and also could not be considered a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Merely, its peculiarity was something that anyone who had personally experienced it before could not forget for the rest of their lives.

"Is it using illusions? That shouldn't be. After all, this mirror is capable of knowing one's spirit and thoughts. In that case, what is it then?"

Qin Yu started to ponder. Just from the information that was given to him by Uncle Lan, Qin Yu was incapable of figuring out how the Mirage Spirit Mirror was capable of knowing one's spirit and thoughts.

"It truly is incomparably peculiar."

Qin Yu exclaimed in his heart. "If I am able to obtain the Mirage Spirit Mirror, then I might be able to get all three of the chosen candidate spots for this groom search."

"This Mirage Spirit Mirror seems pretty strange. I can't wait to check it out." Hou Fei said excitedly.

Hei Yu lightly smiled. He cast his gaze toward Hou Fei and said. "Monkey, big brother's former Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Divine Craft Flying Yamen' is with you, right? In terms of flying speed, the Divine Craft Flying Yamen is much faster. This time, let's just ride on your Divine Craft Flying Yamen."

"Hehe, Mixed Hair Bird, the speed of the DIvine Craft Flying Yamen is definitely much much faster than your flying speed!" Hou Fei said confidently.

Raging waves were beating against the shore. The sound of the waves was heard endlessly.

Qin Yu and his brothers were standing at the southern extremity of the Divine Realm's continent. Before them was the boundless Southern Sea. The waves upon waves of billows smashing against the shore had dyed the three brothers' hair wet with water splashes.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked at Qin Yu.

Earlier, Uncle Lan had left a ocean map of the Southern Sea in Qin Yu's mind through Divine Awareness. The ocean map contained some islands as well as the route of Duanmu Yu and Zhou Xian.

"Well then."

Qin Yu smiled as he looked at Hou Fei. He then transmitted the complete route to Hou Fei through Divine Awareness. "Fei Fei, you are the one who'll be controlling the Divine Craft Flying Yamen. It will be fine if you just follow this route and fly."

After a short moment, Hou Fei had also managed to completely grasp the route.

"Gaga~~~ rest assured. With our flying speed, we'll be able to catch up to them very soon." Hou Fei waved his sleeve and a small boat appeared on the surface of the ocean.

This was the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure 'Divine Craft Flying Yamen.'

The defense of the Divine Craft Flying Yamen is very powerful. At the same time, it also possesses an extremely fast flying speed. Because of the fact that it was a flying type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, even a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure would not be able to match up to its flying speed.

"Grow, grow..."

Hou Fei pointed to that Divine Craft Flying Yamen while smiling and laughing. That Divine Craft Flying Yamen immediately started to grow bigger. In a short moment, it had grown from its original size of seven or eight meters to a nearly thirty meter long boat.

"That should be enough." Hou Fei immediately flew over to the Divine Craft Flying Yamen.

"The Craftsman God Chehou Yuan had left this Divine Craft Flying Yamen for me. However, I have yet to experience its flying speed." Qin Yu also smiled as he took a step forward. He immediately arrived on the Divine Craft Flying Yamen.

The three brothers all stood at the bow of the boat alongside each other.


The sound of air being pushed aside rapidly was heard. The ocean underneath the Divine Craft Flying Yamen started to vibrate loudly. As for the Divine Craft Flying Yamen itself, it instantly flew out like a lightning bolt.

Qin Yu was carefully observing the Divine Craft Flying Yamen.

Regardless of how great of a turbulence it was outside, nothing managed to arrive to him. This Divine Craft Flying Yamen possessed a streamlined and transparent barrier on its surface. Numerous rays of lights were flowing about through the barrier.

"Monkey, can this Divine Craft Flying Yamen only travel above the water?" Hei Yu asked in a confusion.

"Of course not. How could it possibly be a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure if that were the case?" With an intention from Hou Fei, the Divine Craft Flying Yamen shot out from the surface of the ocean like an arrow and started flying in the air.

Qin Yu sat at the bow of the boat in a cross-legged position. He was watching the boundless ocean underneath him.


A roaring sound was heard from below. An enormous winding snake was rolling through the ocean below. Qin Yu was able to instantly tell how long this enormous snake was with a single glance - it was several tens of thousands of meters long.

"Chi~~" The enormous snake opened its mouth and a vortex appeared on the surface of the ocean. A large number of ordinary demonic beasts were engulfed by this snake.

"What a large snake." Hou Fei cried out in alarm.

"This snake is called an 'Antiharp Snake.' It is a relatively peak level demonic beast of the Divine Realm. Merely, this Antiharp Snake here is still at its growing stage. A fully mature Antiharp Snake would be ten times the size of this snake." Qin Yu said with a smile.

Having read the information about that many exotic beasts in the Bewitching God Temple, Qin Yu knew very well about these exotic beasts.

"This is merely its growing stage?" Hou Fei was truly astonished.

As time passed, Qin Yu and them had flown on this Southern Sea Region for close to a month already. They had already become used to the strange sights in the ocean. The boundless ocean had given birth to a lot of peculiar and unusual species.

The large demonic beasts of the ocean were over ten thousand miles long. Qin Yu and them managed to encounter a mature Antiharp Snake. That snake was nearly a thousand miles long. In a coiled state, it looked like a small island.

"There's actually a group of islands here. There's several hundred islands in total. Duanmu Yu and Zhou Xian are not far from here. Let's descend first." Qin Yu said.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu nodded.

The Divine Craft Flying Yamen disappeared into the air. Qin Yu and his brothers began to fly in the air. Their destination was the closest island before them.


A strange shout was heard. A black ray of light suddenly flew out from the surface of the ocean. This black ray of light was directly shot toward Qin Yu and his brothers. Qin Yu merely did a back wave with his hand.

That ray of black light was smacked back with an even faster speed. It landed on the island's sand and stones.

"So it's actually a Six Eyed Ink Whisket Lion." Qin Yu looked at the severely injured demon beast on the coast of the island and said with a light laugher.

Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion had a body like that of a black panther. Its skin was extremely glossy. Only on its neck and face region did it possess black whiskers. On its face were three rows of eyes, totaling six eyes.

That Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion rolled its body and then turned into a black gowned man.

"Who are you all? Why have you come to my island?" This black gowned man said in a low voice. Merely, there was still a trace of viciousness in his eyes.

Qin Yu was snickering in his heart.

This Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion had already reached the Mid Level Heavenly Deity stage. On a desolate island like this, he could indeed be a tyrant. However, any one of Qin Yu and his brothers would be able to easily kill him.

Hou Fei shouted strangely with a gaga sound and said. "Fucker, you're already in this condition and still dared to act tough?" Hou Fei's eyes were glowing with an ominous glint. Only now did the Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion realise its current situation.

"Listen carefully. Whatever I ask of you, you better answer me clearly." Hou Fei said arrogantly.

"Yes." This was all the Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion dared to say.

Hou Fei nodded in satisfaction and said. "We three brothers have come here in search of the Mirage Spirit Mirror. Let me ask you, do you know where the Mirage Spirit Mirror is located?"

"Mirage Spirit Mirror? What is that?" The Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion displayed a completely confused expression.

Hou Fei flipped his hand and a golden and black stick appeared in his hand. With his ominous glint filled eyes, he stared at the Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion. "Speak, quickly. If you don't, then your granddaddy Hou's stick would not be so lenient."

Qin Yu and Hei Yu were both amazed.

Hou Fei's weapon was originally the 'Black Stick.' When did it become a golden and black colored stick? However, Qin Yu was able to tell that this stick was much stronger than the Black Stick.

"I truly do not know." The Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion was so anxious that it was about to cry.

"Fucker, you're courting death."

Hou Fei immediately started to brandish his stick. His extremely vicious aura burst forth.

"Wait, wait a moment." The Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion hurriedly said. Hou Fei's stick stopped in mid air. It was directly above the Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion's head. The Six Eyed Ink Whisker Lion was completely frightened. "Your Lordship, I truly do not know. However, I know someone who would definitely know."

Hou Fei's eyes were slightly squinted. "Speak!"

"These several hundred islands are called the Southern Boundary Archipelago. The true master of the Southern Boundary Archipelago is the Island Master of the Bamboo Forest Island. That Mirage Spirit Mirror that you all are searching, I think that if even the Island Master of the Bamboo Forest Island doesn't know about it, then no one would know about it." The Six Eyed Ink Whiskered Lion said hurriedly.

"Bamboo Forest Island?" At this moment, Qin Yu had also walked over.

That Six Eyed Ink Whiskered Lion nodded repeatedly. "That's right. The Island Master of the Bamboo Forest Island usually does not concern himself with the matters of the Southern Boundary Archipelago. However, none of the people from the Southern Boundary Archipelago dares to be disrespectful toward him. That is because he is a Godking!"


Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were all startled.

"Where is that Bamboo Forest Island?" Hou Fei immediately asked with a shout.