Chapter 53

Book 14 - The New Sovereign - Chapter 53 - Xing Yuan's Divine Tribulation

Like the wind, Qin Yu had flown to that boundless ravine. With the mountain wind whistling, Qin Yu's gown was fluttering and his long hair also drifted along with the wind.

Qin Yu had arrived at another mountain top, one of the eighteen mountain tops. The palace on top of this mountain was the Gold Punishment Lord's residence. Because of the fact that the Gold Punishment Lord would be undergoing his Divine Tribulation tomorrow, there were still a lot of Emperor level experts gathered around here.

However, almost all of these people were located outside the palace. They too didn't dare to go in and disturb Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan. Qin Yu, on the other hand, did not hesitate at all. He directly walked over to the palace entrance.

"Who is this person, how come I haven't seen him before?"

"I don't know, however, he seems to be an expert. I cannot see through him!"

Some of the experts were chatting with their friends in confusion. In the Dark Star Realm, there were not many people who had actually met Qin Yu. Especially with the fact that Qin Yu decided to enter 'seclusion training' a month ago. There were only a small amount of people who had seen him and knew who he was.

"Lord Liu Xing." Said a bald headed robust man respectfully.

Qin Yu lightly nodded. He continued to walk forward. This bald headed robust man beside him had once paid a visit to Qin Yu and Wen Feng. Thus, he knew who they were.

"So it's actually Lord Liu Xing, one of the three successor candidates for the next Gold Punishment Lord." Immediately, someone came to realize who Qin Yu was. The numerous experts in the surrounding immediately started to salute to Qin Yu.

"Lord Liu Xing."

"Lord Liu Xing!"

Each and every one of them, whether men or women, youth or elderly, were all very respectful.

This was how it was in the Dark Star Realm. If your strength was powerful, then you'd be respected and revered. And Qin Yu, as the sole Consecrated of the Gold Punishment Sect, possessed a status equal to that of the Vice Sect Master and was second only to the Gold Punishment Lord. Furthermore, he was one of the three great successor candidates. As he was so powerful, who among all those present did not respect and revere him from the bottom of their hearts?

A moment later, Qin Yu had walked past the yellow stone pavement road in front of the palace entrance.

The guards standing outside the palace gate immediately made their salutations respectfully. "Lord Liu Xing, His Majesty has given us the orders to tell Lord Liu Xing to directly go to the back hall of the main hall after Your Lordship's arrival. His Majesty would be waiting for you there."

"Mn." Qin Yu slightly nodded. He then proceeded to enter into the palace.

Qin Yu did not bother to ask about where that 'back hall' was located. That was because Qin Yu had already discovered the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan's location with his Divine Awareness. After taking a step, Qin Yu had arrived on the entrance of the main hall with his second step. With another step, Qin Yu had reached the back hall.

The people in the surrounding who saw Qin Yu moving about thought that he seemed to be in a state of absolute calmness as if everything was natural.

On a chair in the back hall, the Gold Punishment Lord had his eyes slightly closed as he leaned on the chair. Beside his hand was a table. On top of the table was a pot of tea and two tea cups. And on the other side of this table was another chair.

"Sit." Upon seeing Qin Yu walking in, the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan opened his eyes and pointed to the other chair.

Qin Yu smiled and sat down on the chair. He said while smiling. "Your Majesty Xing Yuan seems to not worry about the Divine Tribulation at all. Even at this moment, Your Majesty is still so content and relaxed. "

Xing Yuan picked up the cup of tea and drank a bit of tea. His gaze was cast towards Qin Yu. With his eyes fixed on Qin Yu, he said. "Liu Xing, you should know the benefit of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl by now. Do you believe that I would still need to worry about that Divine Tribulation? The reason why I sought for you today is because I wanted to ask you about something."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his confusion.

Xing Yuan was already someone who was about to ascend to the Divine Realm, why would he come and find him?

"Your Majesty Xing Yuan, please speak." Said Qin Yu straightforwardly.

Xing Yuan nodded and said. "Actually, in the Dark Star Realm, I possess no disciples. I don't even have any relatives either. You can say that I am someone that has no one to care and worry for. Had it not been for the fact that I was a bit worried about the Divine Tribulation, I might not even have come to seize this position of the Gold Punishment Lord."

Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu understood in his heart that this Xing Yuan had reached eighteen star Emperor level but there seemed to be close to no one who knew of his existence. Yet, he still suddenly appeared and seized the position of the Gold Punishment Lord. Only then did his name spread far and wide, shocking the entire Dark Star Realm. A person like him would not care much about power at all.

"Liu Xing, actually, during the first time I met you, I was already in shock from how high your soul's level was. It was so high that even I was unable to see through it. My soul's level had already reached eighteen star Emperor level. Thus, I grew confused.... for someone with a soul that's close to that of a Deity's, would his body strength truly be that of a fifteen star Emperor?"

Xing Yuan smiled and said. "Furthermore, that time, you wanted to enter into the Bewitching God Temple so badly. And now, after seeing you again, I can sense that you have changed. Although I am uncertain as to what has changed, I can feel that you've become even more powerful. Liu Xing, tell me the truth, are you absolutely confident in the competition for the position of the Gold Punishment Lord after my Divine Tribulation?"

"I am." Qin Yu nodded and said.

Qin Yu did not bother to hide it in the slightest.

"That's more like it." Xing Yuan laughed happily. "Are you able to tell me how strong you actually are?"

"If you didn't have the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, then you ought to not be a match for me." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Xing Yuan's eyes shined. He burst into a loud laughter. "Sure enough, it's as I imagined. I have long since determined that your fifteen star Emperor level was merely you concealing your strength. It would appear that my guess was correct.... Haha, unfortunately, I now possess the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl and you are no match against me."

Qin Yu merely smiled indifferently.

He did not bother to defend himself. That was because there was no need for him to defend.

[TL: Defend as in defending the mistaken view that Xing Yuan had about him, that he can defeat him as he possessed the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.]

"I've finally managed to obtain the answer to the only question that I have in my heart. Comfortable, truly comfortable!" Xing Yuan laughed out loud.

"You've sought my appearance just for this?" Qin Yu was slightly surprised.

"What did you think I asked you to come for?" Said Xing Yuan as he smiled. "After becoming the Gold Punishment Lord, I had been idling away my time. With my strength, everything is within my control. Only you... you're the only person that I feel as if I cannot control, cannot understand. Thus, I wanted to ascertain your strength before my ascension so that my mind would be at ease."

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled.

Xing Yuan was truly someone who was easily content. However, being content would bring about a long time of happiness. [TL: I have no idea what IET was trying to say here...]

On the second day, a large number of experts rushed towards the Hundred Flowers Star. As for whether a generation's Gold Punishment Lord would publicize their Divine Tribulation, it was something left to be determined by that generation's Gold Punishment Lord. However, an overwhelming majority of the past Gold Punishment Lords had publicized their Divine Tribulation.

The Gold Punishment Lord undergoing the Divine Tribulation was something that cannot be failed at all.

Hundred Flowers Star was an extremely beautiful planet. There were numerous different kinds of beautiful flowers and plants. To rest among the flower field and watch the Gold Punishment Lord's Divine Tribulation, when would you experience another day like this?

Vast crowds of people densely packed the Hundred Flowers Star.

At this moment, several hundred thousands of Dark Star Realm experts have gathered on the Hundred Flowers Star. Several hundred thousands of people, in the Dark Star Realm, that was an extremely large number of people. After all, the population of the entire Dark Star Realm was extremely sparse to a pitiful level.

Qin Yu, Wen Feng, Liu Lan, Bao Yu and the other experts were all in the frontmost area that was the closest to the Gold Punishment Lord.

As for the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan, he was in a ring shaped vacant land in the middle. As for the Black Flame Lord, the White Profound Lord and others, they were also seated beside Qin Yu and them. All the people present were chatting and laughing. It seemed that none of them possessed any sense of nervousness.

"Liu Xing, have you seen a Divine Tribulation before?" Asked Wen Feng to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu had already seen the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation. However, because Qin Yu wanted to hide his identity, he said with a smile. "I haven't."

Wen Feng smiled and said. "I've already seen it numerous times now. Brother Liu Xing, let me offer you an explanation of the Divine Tribulation. The Divine Tribulation is separated into Three Tribulations. The First Great Divine Tribulation is a dark blue colored Ancient Formation's Thunder Tribulation!"

"The Second Great Divine Tribulation is a Divine Flame Tribulation. The Divine Flame is extremely powerful. If one is burned by it for an extended period of time, even a seventeen or eighteen star Emperor level expert would sustain injuries. As for the Third Tribulation, it is the strongest one. The Third Great Divine Tribulation is a mixture type Tribulation. It is an attack that contains gray mist and gray lightning... Many of our Dark Star Realm's experts, while undergoing their Divine Tribulations, lost their lives to precisely this Third Great Divine Tribulation."

When Wen Feng explained to Qin Yu, Qin Yu carefully listened.

Although he had seen the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation before, that was merely seeing the outward appearance of the Divine Tribulation. As for a deeper level understanding of the Divine Tribulation, Qin Yu didn't know much about it. Evidently, the experts of the Dark Star Realm were much more familiar with the Divine Tribulation, compared to the people of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"Brother Wen Feng, aren't the majority of the Dark Star Realm's experts at the seventeen star Emperor level when they undergo the Divine Tribulation. So why is it that they cannot pass the Divine Tribulation?" Qin Yu was puzzled.

Seventeen star Emperor level experts logically possessed the strength of the ninth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.' With such a strength, taking on the Divine Tribulation should result in a one hundred percent chance of passing.

Wen Feng shook his head and said. "Although seventeen star Emperor level is very powerful and their probability in passing the Divine Tribulation is also very high, there are still many people who died to the Divine Tribulation. As for the reason, you merely need to wait till His Majesty the Gold Punishment Lord finishes his Divine Tribulation and then go and carefully ask him about it."

"You're trying to deliberately keep me in suspense?" Said Qin Yu with a smile.

"The Divine Tribulation has started!" Wen Feng's expression suddenly turned serious. Qin Yu immediately stopped talking.

Right at this moment, the entire Hundred Flowers Star had suddenly grown quiet. None of the several hundred thousand people actually made any clamor. From the noisiness that was before, everyone had turned silent. The pressure from such occurrence had also caused Qin Yu to grow quiet.

"Huff!" a Violent wind suddenly started blowing. Countless flowers were lifted up by the violent wind.

The dark sky, it was as if a god had covered the sky with a layer of ink. In an instant, the entire sky was rolling with black clouds. The entire sky had turned pitch-black. The power of the Divine Tribulation had started to fill the air.

Within those rolling black clouds, a large red vortex appeared. This red vortex had a circumference surpassing a thousand miles. The red vortex was revolving unceasingly. At the same time, rays of dark blue colored electric snakes started to scatter and run about in all directions.

"Chi chi~~~~"

At this moment, Qin Yu discovered that the space surrounding the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan had become completely distorted. Xing Yuan's figure had also become a bit fuzzy.

A millstone shaped 'Ancient Formation Array' started to appear from the red vortex. This millstone shaped Ancient Formation Array was formed by nine dark blue colored lightnings. These nine dark blue colored lightnings were flowing about the Ancient Formation Array unceasingly.

The First Great Divine Tribulation... Ancient Formation Lightning Tribulation!

"Against the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan, the Divine Tribulation does not possess any challenge at all." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

Precisely as Qin Yu had anticipated, when that millstone sized Ancient Formation Array Lightning Tribulation fell, before it even managed to hit the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan, Xing Yuan had already casually shot out a golden light.

That was the Gold Force with its might increased by over a dozen times. It directly shattered the millstone.

The Second Great Divine Tribulation... Divine Flame Tribulation!

That enormous red vortex was separated into an inner and an outer part. The inner and the outer vortex started revolving in opposite directions. The rubbing between the two vortexes gave birth to traces of black flame. These black flames fused together and formed a black flame dragon.

"Too weak, too weak." Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

Sure enough, the moment when that black flame dragon formed by Divine Flames wrapped around Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan, his body started radiating a golden brilliance. Like the sun, he was extremely dazzling.

The Divine Flame dissipated. The Second Great Divine Tribulation had disappeared.

"Brother Wen Feng, the two Great Divine Tribulations have been easily defeated, could it be that the Third Great Divine Tribulation has something exceptional regarding it?" Qin Yu asked Wen Feng beside him via voice transmission.

Wen Feng shook his head and said. "Liu Xing, the strongest of the Three Great Divine Tribulation is the last one. Even though His Majesty Gold Punishment Lord will probably succeed in passing the Third Great Divine Tribulation, it will not be as easy as the previous two."

"The Third Great Divine Tribulation is very powerful? Qin Yu was somewhat puzzled.

"It's truly powerful." Wen Feng firmly stared at the red vortex in the sky.

Qin Yu however did not believe it to be that powerful. He still clearly remembered the scene he saw when he saw the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation. When the final Third Great Divine Tribulation fell, the Cyan Emperor's body merely emitted a jade-green colored ripple and easily defeated the Third Great Divine Tribulation.

In Qin Yu's mind, he had believed that the Third Great Divine Tribulation would be the same as the previous two Great Divine Tribulations - unable to withstand a single blow.

The black clouds that covered the entire sky started to roll. That enormous red vortex continued to revolve with the same frequency that it had before. Traces of gray mist started to permeate from the red vortex. Over a thousand miles of gray fog that permeated from the red vortex was gathered together. They condensed together and formed a large lump of gray mist with a circumference of several hundred meters.

That enormous gray fog of several hundred meters circumference started to descend. It had instantly covered all of the Gold Punishment Lord's surrounding area. The Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan himself was naturally also wrapped up by the enormous gray fog.

Inside the enormous gray fog were bolts of gray lightning running about in all directions.

Those gray lightning bolts struck the Gold Punishment Lord's body. Yet they were unable to break through his defense at all. Qin Yu was able to easily and clearly see this scene with his Divine Awareness.

"It would appear that even if it were the Divine Lightning, it would still not damage the Gold Punishment Lord in the slightest." Thought Qin Yu in his heart. "The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl has fused with the body, increasing the body's toughness and durability greatly. It also increases The Gold Force by an extremely large amount."

However, right at this moment, Qin Yu's expression changed.

Inside the center of that gray mist filled space where the Gold Punishment Emperor stood, the noise of his gasp for breath started to sound. That was because the noise from his gasp for breath was very loud. It was like a bellows blowing air.

"Huff, huff, huff..." The Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan was breathing heavily with a low voice. His eyes were red, it was as if he was about to go berserk. His hands were clenched firmly. The veins on his forehead had also bulged.

"What's going on?" Qin Yu was shocked.