Chapter 28

Book 14 - The New Sovereign - Chapter 28 - The Inner Palace of the Bewitching God Temple

"Might as well leave behind a bit more Divine Artifacts for the people who'll come here in the future." Qin Yu thought in his heart. If he were to collect the Divine Artifacts unceasingly and take all of them, then the people in the future would not be able to find any more Divine Artifacts.

Qin Yu immediately sped up. His figure turned into a blur.

The remaining route was even more complicated and winding. After spending eight more hours, Qin Yu finally passed through the entire region covered by the Illusion Barrier. There were now a total of forty six extra Divine Artifacts in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

There had been a couple Divine Artifacts in front of Qin Yu at locations where he could see them. However, he did not bother to take them. Qin Yu did not want to take too many Divine Artifacts. Forty six Divine Artifacts were not a lot to the external region of the Bewitching God Temple.

After passing through the fog-filled Illusion Barrier region, the place in front of him suddenly grew clear.

At roughly a distance of ten miles away from Qin Yu, was a purple colored floating building. This purple colored floating building was formed by four palaces. The four palaces were respectively located on the east, west, south and north. They were all connected to each other through their walls. It was much like a.... four sided courtyard manor.

Four interconnected palaces were floating in the sky.

"This ought to be the main body of the Bewitching God Temple. Never had I expected that the Bewitching God Temple was constructed through four interconnected palaces." Qin Yu's Divine Awareness immediately covered the four palaces of the Bewitching God Temple.

The volume of the Bewitching God Temple was not huge.

The length of those four palaces was merely several hundred meters. The entire true body of the Bewitching God Temple was much smaller than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. However, Qin Yu knew that this Bewitching God Temple was extremely extraordinary. That was because his Divine Awareness could only cover the external shell of the Bewitching God Temple and was unable to penetrate into it at all.

"There is only a single entrance. I reckon that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had entered through that entrance, got careless, stepped onto the poisonous insect and lost his life." Qin Yu started flying toward the entrance.

The four sided courtyard manor shaped Bewitching God Temple only had a single entrance.

When Qin Yu flew to the side of the entrance, Qin Yu already started to be on guard. The death of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was already a warning to him. Thus, how would Qin Yu dare to loosen his guard?

"What a luxurious entrance door. I reckon that not even a High Quality Divine Artifact would be able to leave a mark on it." Qin Yu looked to the main gate of the Bewitching God Temple...a granite like dark blue colored entrance door.

At this moment, the entrance door was wide open. Qin Yu carefully looked to his feet. He then stepped into the entrance.

For some unknown reason, Divine Awareness was inhibited within the Bewitching God Temple. Through great effort, Qin Yu was only able to cover a region several meters around his body with his Divine Awareness. What Qin Yu didn't know was that... when Immortal Emperor Ni Yang entered the Bewitching God Temple back then, his Immortal Awareness was unable to even cover anywhere past his body.

Before Qin Yu entered, his Divine Awareness and eyes had carefully surveyed the place. However... the Divine Awareness and eyesight were both something that would deceive oneself. When Qin Yu stepped into the Bewitching God Temple, he had discovered that everything had changed.

"This, this is the same Bewitching God Temple that I surveyed earlier?" Qin Yu looked to everything in front of him in shock.

The Bewitching God Temple was divided into four palaces. According to the observations Qin Yu did on the outside, the four palaces were all only ten meter or so tall. However, upon entering, he discovered that the peak of the palace was over a hundred meters tall. Qin Yu took a glance at his surroundings.

"Heavens, exactly how big is this Bewitching God Temple? When I observed it from the outside, its length was merely several hundred meters. However now, I was actually unable to see the end from here." Qin Yu was a bit astonished. Toward the unknown, Qin Yu didn't dare to act blindly without thinking.

Mind voice transmission.

"Wu Lan, I've entered the interior of the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu directly sent a voice transmission to Wu Lan inside the Jiang Lan's Realm. The knowledge Wu Lan possessed of the Bewitching God Temple was something that Qin Yu cannot compare with.

Wu Lan stopped his training.

"Interior of the Bewitching God Temple? You've already reached there? Good. Are you in the Front Palace?" Wu Lan asked.

"Front Palace? I do not know the names of these four palaces of the Bewitching God Temple. However, I've just recently entered the Bewitching God Temple. Merely, upon entering, I've discovered that the inside is much larger than when I was surveying it from the outside. Thus, I didn't dare to act blindly without thinking." Said Qin Yu via voice transmission.

Wu Lan immediately laughed and respond back with a voice transmission. "The four palaces of the Bewitching God Temple are respectively the Front Palace, Transfer Palace, Artifacts Palace and the Refinement Flame Palace."

As Wu Lan had lived in the Bewitching God Temple before, he was still quite knowledgeable about the Bewitching God Temple.

"The palace that you have currently entered is precisely the 'Front Palace.' Once you exit the Front Palace, you'll enter the courtyard located in the middle. Mn... once you've reached there, I'll tell you more about it."

Qin Yu did not care about the other couple palaces. He immediately asked. "Why is the Front Palace much larger than when I observed it from the outside?"

Wu Lan said via Mind Voice Transmission. "The master of the Bewitching God Temple was an extremely extraordinary person. When I was in the Divine Realm, I was merely a person of low status. Although I am not very certain about the identity and strength of the master of the Bewitching God Temple, I know a bit... I know that the master of the Bewitching God Temple is very powerful and that his Bewitching God Temple was also very peculiar. The space inside it is actually extraordinarily large. It is over ten thousand times larger than how it seems from the outside."

"To be able to descend to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm from the Divine Realm, how could he be an average person?" Thought Qin Yu in his heart. Qin Yu was able to guess that descending from the Divine Realm to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was something that no ordinary Divine Realm expert would be able to accomplish.

"What must I pay attention to when I travel about the Bewitching God Temple?" Qin Yu asked.

Wu Lan said via voice transmission. "There are not many barriers in the Bewitching God Temple. You can walk freely. However, there are many rooms in the Front Palace. When you enter those rooms, it's best for you to rely on the Bewitching God Painting. Otherwise, it is very easy for you to be lost within those rooms."

"Lost within those rooms?" Qin Yu was startled.

At the same time, Qin Yu swept his gaze around. Located in the center of the Front Palace was a large main hall. There were three winding corridors connected to the main hall. He was unable to see the road that leads to the courtyard at all.

On the two sides of these winding corridors were some rooms. He would be lost within those rooms?

"Qin Yu, do not be careless. Because there are not many precious things in the corridors of the main hall, there were no barriers in those places. However, there are precious things located in each room. Thus, you must be careful." Wu Lan advised.

Qin Yu eyes flared with determination.

There are precious things inside the rooms? Qin Yu was immediately delighted.

Firstly, Qin Yu carefully surveyed the main hall. There are red wooden chairs in the main hall. There are also some hanging ornaments on the wall. It appeared to have a very natural feeling.

Qin Yu walked to a red wooden chair. He grabbed onto this chair with one hand and tried to crush it with his strength.

"What a strong wood. Merely this red wooden chair, it's toughness was comparable to that of a High Quality Divine Artifact." Qin Yu discovered that the chair had only trembled a bit after he used all his strength.

"Why didn't Immortal Emperor Ni Yang take these chairs? The materials that these chairs are made of are extremely amazing." Qin Yu was a bit puzzled. He didn't know at all... that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang from back then merely wanted to enter those rooms to find treasures and didn't care at all about these regular looking chairs.

Qin Yu looked around this main hall. "Mn, I'll carefully inspect it again after I return. Let's go check out those rooms first." Qin Yu chose a winding corridor and walked down it.

The external part of the palace was made of purple colored stones. However, when one went inside, one would notice that the interior part was made out of bluestones.

Qin Yu walked to the first room. Everything that the Bewitching God Painting displayed had appeared in his mind.

After pushing open the door, Qin Yu was unable to see what was inside the room with his eyes at all. After spreading out his Divine Awareness to a distance of ten meters, he managed to barely discover the road created through bluestone planks.

That's right. There's actually a bluestone plank road inside the room.

Qin Yu stepped into the room.

The scenery immediately changed. What had been foggy the entire time had suddenly changed. He had walked into a very peaceful courtyard. The bluestones paved a road. There were even some stone benches in the courtyard.

However, what caught Qin Yu's attention the most from this courtyard were the numerous prisoner cages.

There was a Demon Beast within each cage. These Demon Beasts were fantastic oddities of every descriptions. However, each of the Demon Beasts were in their true forms. There were bugs, birds, beasts, and all kinds of other strange Demon Beasts.

There was also a stele in front of every cage.

"House pet 'Sharpwing.' Originated from the Dinosaur Realm. True form is that of a Sharpwinged Dinosaur." Qin Yu looked to the cage in front of him. Inside this cage was a bird-like animal that's only half a man tall. Merely, Qin Yu was certain that he had never seen such a species in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm before.

Qin Yu looked to the other places.

"House pet 'Whitehair.' Originated from the Greenmatter Realm. True form is that of a Cosmic Monster, 'White Hair.'"

"House pet 'Ninebeasts.' Originated from the Illusion Light Realm. True form is that of a Illusion Magic Beast."

"House pet 'Fiveclaws.' Originated from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. True form is that of a 'Five Clawed Gold Dragon.'"

The numerous steles. The numerous cages. They were placed around the courtyard in picturesque disorder. All of the Demon Beast in the cages were in their true forms.

Qin Yu's mind was blank. Only after a long time did he manage to react.

"What, what is this? House pet courtyard?" Qin Yu was a bit stupefied. He had never expected for there to be a courtyard in the room, much less all these prisoner cages.

"Wu Lan, I've entered a house pet room. What's happening?" Qin Yu directly sent Wu Lan a voice transmission.

Only after a long time did Wu Lan respond back. "House pet room? Qin Yu, are there a lot of cages with Demonic Beasts in the room that you've entered?"

"That's right, what exactly is going on?" Qin Yu felt that his breathing had become somewhat hard.

Wu Lan said via Mind Voice Transmission. "That was where Ye Qu and I were from before. Back then, Ye Qu and I were also considered to be pets by the master of the Bewitching God Temple and placed there."

Qin Yu was stunned speechless. However, he was able to sense the pain contained within Wu Lan's voice.

"The master of the Bewitching God Temple was fond of raising pets. He was fond of raising exotic pets from exotic places. I remember... that there were a lot of people from the Divine Realm that came to the master of the Bewitching God Temple and gifted him exotic pets in order to ask for his help. As for me, I was captured by an expert in the Divine Realm and then gifted to the master of the Bewitching God Temple." Said Wu Lan after a long sigh.

Qin Yu suddenly understood everything.

"When the master of the Bewitching God Temple grew bored, he would usually grab a pet cage and play with it. These pets, each and every one of them were extremely rare. Many of them are from other cosmic spaces. Even in other cosmic spaces, these pets were also extremely rare." Wu Lan sighed.

Qin Yu understood it. That was because he saw one of the pet. It was a Super Divine Beast of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Five Clawed Golden Dragon.

"When Immortal Emperor Ni Yang entered this room back then, he had only released Ye Qu and I. However, with his strength, it was impossible for him to bring any more with him." Wu Lan sighed. "Qin Yu, if you are capable of doing it, I hope that you'll be able to restore the liberty to these Demon Beasts."

After a moment, Qin Yu muttered. "Okay."

According to the safe path pointed out by the Bewitching God Painting, only the bluestone path in the middle was safe. All the other paths, the paths that are near those cages, were changing unceasingly. Carefully, Qin Yu continued to walk closer.

"Absorb." With an intention, Qin Yu directly absorbed a cage into his Jiang Lan's Realm.

Like so, Qin Yu absorbed over eighty cages at once. All of the Demon Beasts in the cages possessed pretty decent strength. However, none of them have reached the level of Deity. The majority of them were Demon Emperor level. There were even some that were at the Demon King level.

"I'll go and open those cages after I finish checking out the Bewitching God Temple." For the time being, Qin Yu had merely absorbed all of the cages. At the same time, he remembered all the information written on those eighty some steles with his Divine Awareness. Afterwards, Qin Yu left this 'house pet' room.

The master of the Bewitching God Temple knew how to enjoy life very well.

While there was a house pet room, there was also a vegetation room. The vegetation room was an enormous garden. Inside the garden were all kinds of rare and priceless vegetations. Qin Yu had also grown to like some of those vegetations in the room.

After exiting the vegetation room, Qin Yu randomly picked a room and entered it. There were no illusions in this room. It still had the appearance of a room. However, unexpectedly, none of the things in this room could be touched.

There were dragons formed by stones, people formed by wood and so on. Essentially, the room was covered with carving art works formed through natural things. Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from exclaiming in admiration. Beside each of the art works were detailed notes. Each one of the art works was created through natural things. Clearly, these things were also extremely precious in the Divine Realm.

Merely, things of such a high quality, was something that only high class people in the Divine Realm would be able to afford.

Qin Yu knew that once he reached the Divine Realm, these things would definitely be useful.

However, when Qin Yu tried to absorb them with his Jiang Lan's Realm, he discovered that these art works and carvings seemed to be protected by a kind of barrier. Even the Jiang Lan's Realm was unable to absorb them. Finally, he had no choice but to helplessly leave the room.

"How come that wood from earlier looked exactly like jasper? Is it really wood? Could it be that the notes left by the master of the Bewitching God Temple were incorrect?" Qin Yu was still thinking about the adorable rabbit formed by a jasper-like wood.

Having returned back to the corridor, Qin Yu looked to the three remaining rooms in the corridor.

"Which one should I enter?" Qin Yu spreaded out his Divine Awareness. Within this Bewitching God Temple, Qin Yu's Divine Awareness was only able to cover an area of ten meters.

"Mn, I'll enter that one." Qin Yu picked a room and proceeded to walk toward it. However, after walking two steps, Qin Yu suddenly stopped.

Qin Yu's gaze suddenly turned to a carving on the wall of the corridor.

"Something's wrong." Qin Yu carefully inspected that carving with his Divine Awareness. With Qin Yu's current comprehension toward the spatial laws, he was able to sense that the space where the carving was located at was somewhat unusual. It was as if the space... was folding there.

With a flip of his hand, Qin Yu took out a long sword-shaped Divine Artifact. Using that Divine Sword, Qin Yu tried to touch that carving.

Right when the tip of the Divine Sword touched that carving, the space suddenly started turning around. At the same time....

"Gaga~~~~" A sound echoed. The walls on one side of the corridor started to slowly ascend upwards. A short moment later, a door appeared. So it turns out that there was actually a hidden door here.

At this moment, a path had also appeared on Qin Yu's Bewitching God Painting. Holding his breath, Qin Yu took a step forward and passed through the door. Once he entered the room, the scenery suddenly changed. Qin Yu who was already shocked was actually pretty calm.

"Rumble~~~" An enormous rumble sounded.

"Waterfall?" Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock as he looked at the scene in front of him. A several thousand foot tall waterfall was rumbling down into the enormous pool in front of him and creating countless splashes.

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