Chapter 824: To take by force!

 Chapter 824: To take by force!

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"Wow, my fellow clansmen. You've really hurt me this time. My head was almost decapitated."

Elrond produced a piece of handkerchief, gently wiped on the blood on his neck, and said with a slow elegance.

"Oh, it seems we even have a follower of the high-god here. The high-god is almighty, yet why does he bother with weaklings? Fine, I don't like wasting time. Please offer your flesh to me to pay me back for the protection I provided in Rivendell throughout all these years."

As soon as he finished speaking, Elrond immediately pounced on an Elven mage beside Melody. The mage was ready for him. He emitted a cry and burst into flame. He was preparing the AoE spell, Ring of Inferno.

At the same time, Sheyan also leaped over to help. He threw a bottle of curse-mix to the ground. The curse-mix is a weapon of mass destruction that can cause an AoE stun for 1.5 seconds. Sheyan believed that the current Elrond should still be susceptible to stun.

Under the reminder of Reef and the Elves, Sheyan had already highly estimated the level of Elrond's ability after he regained his mind. Even so, Sheyan quickly realized that his estimation was still not high enough!

The difference between the Elrond who fought on instinct and the Elrond who fought with awareness was like the difference between heaven and earth!

When Elrond pounced, both his feet had visibly left the ground. Yet after successfully luring out the attacks from Sheyan and the mage, he gave a cold sneer. A gold-plated button on his coat suddenly emitted a faint green glow. That's right, even if all his magical power was left with his Elven half that self-destructed, he could still use magic items!

The spell stored in the button was merely a 2nd-rank minor divine art of the Druids: Vine Spell.

A thick vine grew out from the ground with a 'swoosh' amidst a scattering of soil. Usually, the vine was used to bind cavalries and the likes in order to buy time for spellcasters.

But Elrond used it to grab his own waist and jerk himself away, narrowly avoiding the shockwave produced by Sheyan's curse-mix. He curved in the air and was flung towards the other mage instead!

Right now, Sheyan was situated quite a distance away from the mage. The other Elven mage couldn't control his magic and released the Ring of Inferno. He was also helpless to save his compatriot.

Sheyan's eyes flickered as he hesitated for a moment but he quickly regained his determination. He could have caught up to Elrond but his plan required a sacrifice.

The next moment, the long wail of the captured Elf reverberated through the forest.

Elrond laughed while he carried away his prey. He took a huge bite on the elf's neck and sprinted away while chewing huge mouthfuls. Melody was currently sealed by the Ring of Air, Vilya and was as good as useless. She even had a magic mark on her body. Elrond would only need a couple of minutes and wasn't worried that his remaining preys could run anywhere.

As soon as Elrond left, Sheyan instantly dashed towards Melody as if he had been waiting for this moment all along! Reef rolled his eyes and thought, 'Are you really that thirsty?' The strange thing was, Sheyan seemed to be chewing on something in his mouth!

Melody's gaze on Sheyan was full of sadness and longing. She pouted her pale lips slightly, hoping for her loved one to give her a final farewell kiss. Her only wish right now was for Sheyan to leave immediately after the kiss, run away to safety and live happily ever after.

Sheyan rushed in front of Melody like a gust of wind. He had no intention of indulging in intimacy. He grabbed Melody's slim hand roughly and stared at the ring that was exuding a crisp cold on her finger. The Ring of Air, Vilya!

Under the perplexed gaze of everyone around him, Sheyan's mouth formed into a smirk. He directly used his thumb and forefinger to pinch the ring that could be considered a divine artifact, and attempted to pull it out!

"NO!" Melody cried out in dismay.

Yet as Sheyan's fingers touched the Ring of Air and started to pull, an illusionary image of a stern looking middle-aged Elf appeared above his head. The Elf shouted with an angry expression.

"How dare a lowly ant like you defile the dignity of Sire Vilya!!!"

The illusionary image then raised the precious looking staff on his hand. A cold lightning struck Sheyan head on! This was precisely the same move that took care of the previous Elf who tried to remove the ring.

But when the lightning hit Sheyan, a layer of hazy glow enveloped his body. The lightning divided itself into into countless cold, snake-like electrical current, which traversed along the surface of Sheyan's body to freeze an area of 8 meters around Sheyan into solid ice. Amidst all this stood Sheyan with the same smirk on his face, looking perfectly fine!

"A lowly ant like me loves to defile the dignity and purity of those above me - but only if the person above me is a young and beautiful woman."

That's right, the moment Sheyan's fingers touched the ring, he used an item from his interspatial region. An item that he never thought would be useful!

The Scorched Ocean-freak Moria's Egg! After consumption, one would be immune to all fire element and water element damage for 100 seconds. Not effective against the damage caused by contestants.

After using it as a medium to summon the Octopus Paul, it only had 3 uses remaining. For Sheyan, he only needed 1 use of the egg. He knew that, even though Vilya is called the "Ring of Air", but in the movie, it's claim to fame was when Elrond used it to control the river and swept away the chief of the Nazgûl! Besides, someone already tried to remove the ring so he already had an idea of the effect. He naturally had to take this gamble!

To Sheyan's surprise, there seemed to be a huge might opposing him from removing the ring by force. Someone probably casted a certain kind of divine art on the ring.

The purpose of the divine art should be to prevent the ring from falling off due to gravity. When Elrond casted the spell, he could never have imagined that someone could break the seal with such a crude and barbaric method! Therefore, as Sheyan pulled with all his might, the Ring of Air was still slowly forced out.

So crude, so barbaric!

To take by force!

The situation was as crude and as barbaric as a goddess being forced upon by a hooligan!

Needless to say, the illusionary image above Sheyan got even angrier. He furiously hurled down attacks on Sheyan. With Sheyan at the center, an area of almost 30 meters square was already covered in a thick layer of ice. The surrounding temperature dropped by at least 20 Celcius (68 F). Even Reef and the remaining Elf had ran away to the side in fear of being dragged into the mess.

A stream of notifications that read "The enemy inflicted 13112 points of ice damage on you; you are immune to this type of damage" appeared on Sheyan's battle log. Sheyan couldn't help but shudder. Even with his insane amount of HP, he would still be killed in 1 hit without the Scorched Ocean-freak Moria's Egg!

Under such duress, with a mix of sweat and blood flowing down his face, Sheyan could still smile at Melody. He gently told her.

"There, there. Don't be scared. Before Elrond consumes your flesh essence, he is the last person in the world who wants to see you hurt. Therefore, when he was making the seal, he would have designed it so that you wouldn't be harmed by the backlash when someone tries to remove the seal."

Melody stared at Sheyan with watery eyes and didn't know what to say. She could only nod. After Sheyan left, this pure Elven maiden had fantasized multiple times of how they would meet again. Never could she have thought that they would reunite in a situation of life and death!

Sheyan kept smiling and said.

"Don't worry, I can save you! This is the protection bestowed upon me by my god. Even something as strong as Vilya can't harm me."

Tears once again streaked down Melody's face. Sheyan's words were almost exactly the same as the time he rescued her from the arrow of the Uruk-hai, Lurtz!

Under constant effort from Sheyan, the miserable Ring of Air had already been moved from the base of the middle finger to the top joint. There was only about 1 centimeter left!

But right at that moment, a sorrowful shout resounded from far away! It was the voice of Elrond! He had finally realized the irregularities regarding the seal and had immediately rushed back.

He recklessly charged forward with everything he had, leaving behind him a trail of fallen trees. If gods stood in his way, he would slay gods! He charged like a demonic dragon!

A sharp edge entered Sheyan's eyes as if a switch was flicked. Reef resolutely lifted his shield and stood in Elrond's path even though he hadn't fully recovered. Sheyan was currently suffering the backlash of the seal. The terrifying power of the backlash was something no one wanted to try. Even being on the perimeter was difficult enough.

Elrond reached Reef almost in the blink of an eye. Reef roared with all his might but Elrond completely ignored him! When the debuff was inflicted on Elrond, the surface of a ring on the littlefinger of his right hand suddenly cracked. The magic item instantly dispelled the slowing effect on Elrond!