Chapter 776: Reefs internal conflict

 Chapter 776: Reef's internal conflict

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Half an hour later, Sheyan stared gloomily at the necklace being roasted and sighed.

It had been 35 minutes, yet not a single reaction came from the necklace; devoid of any distinct indication.

Bang! Glass shattered near Brother Black as he exclaimed to Sheyan.

"How long more?"

Sheyan unfolded his arms and replied.

"Only god knows."

The panting Brother Black continued.

"Boss, their firepower is practically comparable to a terrorist group! More crucially, I'm running out of ammo."

Sheyan hesitated briefly and replied.

"Let's wait another five minutes."

Mogensha nodded and abruptly shifted his neck to dodge an incoming bullet.

"Screw this why haven't the police arrived."

Sheyan smiled.

"Why would a drug lord allow the police to intervene? Who's to say the police aren't in cahoots with them."

At this moment, black fumes suddenly spiralled up from the dark-gold grade necklace into the air. Noticing the necklace seemingly being burnt, Sheyan picked it up and instantly received a nightmare realm notification.

[ Note: Smith Matrix Microchip is modified, please inquiry of status in the nightmare realm ]

"Success!" Sheyan excited called out.

Meanwhile, Brother Black suddenly retreated back with a reluctant expression.

"Boss, magazine's empty."

"Let's go." Sheyan bluntly instructed.

Sheyan then pushed through the door and sauntered out casually. Coincidentally, a gang member was rushing in and immediately unloaded a clip of bullets. Da! Da! Da!

Using his arm to block his head, the bullets struck against his belly. However, the bullets could only split his skin but fail to pierce into his flesh before landing. Acting as though nothing major was happening, Sheyan picked up a chair and hurled it ferociously, Instantly, the gang member cried miserably as he was knocked to the ground.

The indignance on the gang member's face clearly wrote the words 'shameless bastard wearing a bulletproof vest'.

Thus, the duo proceeded straightforwardly in a domineering fashion. To prevent any complications, they avoided the elevator and rushed down the fire escape stairs. Concurrently, the hoodlums chasing them cursed and descended with the help of the elevators.

An average individual would definitely be breathless after running down eleven floors, only to find the gang members waiting sternly at the stairways exit.

Instead, to perverse superhumans like Sheyan and Mogensha, after charging out of the stairways exit, they noticed the few gang members just exiting the elevator as well. They sprinted over while panting heavily, and were shout for other comrades by the cars to hinder the invaders.

Yet how would those three extra men rival the duo? While scrambling to pull out a pistol, the first man was punched flying by Sheyan and eventually crashed onto a windscreen before passing out on the car. Concurrently, Mogensha wrestled out a pistol from the next man and fired off at the gangsters pursuing behind. Bang! Bang! Those gangs immediately dove for cover.

Following that, Sheyan blatantly hopped onto the nearest vehicle, dragged the driver out and immediately stepped on the gas pedal.

Tire screeching sounds immediately pierced out from the car as white fumes rummaged through the air. The sounds gradually died down as the car scraped out a long streak of sparks, before nimbly drifting into the highway.

Of course Mogensha and Sheyan weren't afraid. If they were willing, would it matter if they killed some hoodlums?

Still, they didn't wish to create such a massive commotion in the real world. Besides, an injured Mogensha here would mean an immense plunge in combat prowess. Also, the consequence of killing here was more serious. Moreover, slaughtering wouldn't result in any utility points or milestones to accomplish. The government could close one eye and open the other for cases of few tragedies, but if the city experienced a public massacre, they definitely couldn't sit idle anymore.

Sheyan enjoyed the breeze of speeding along the highway. It was truly an unparalleled sensation. Meanwhile, the bored Brother Black was repeatedly dissembling his pistol and assembling it again within mere seconds. This was just a hobby of his that had evolved into a habit. If he didn't do that every day, he would feel rather uncomfortable internally.

Very quickly, Sheyan drove into a suburban district which was roughly out of the vicinity of Silicon Valley. The traffic here was relatively sparse while the land area seemed endless. Concrete buildings appeared to be retreating through their windows as Brother Black inquired curiously.

"Boss, where're we headed to?"

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and replied.

"No idea, I just feel the chances of encountering cops on this road are slimmer."

At this moment, two glaring headlights beamed in from behind. Glancing back, several cars were speeding in from roughly a kilometer away, rumbling in with malicious intents.

Sheyan frowned and spoke.

"Those brats are really persistent."

He accelerated the car while speaking, but due to the quality difference between the cars, the few cars behind gradually caught up.

Brother Black released a shot behind. Instantly, the nearest car went out of control; a friction sound pierced out as the car drifted from side to side before rolling off the main road. Its tire was indeed punctured by Brother Black.

The pursuers frantically opened fire as well but compared to Mogensha, the disparity was akin to a heavenly moat. Although they shattered the rear screen of the car, they failed to threaten the duo at all.

One of the cars sped ahead of Sheyan but soon met with a calamity. After a bullet shattered its rear screen, the driver, either shot or frightened witless, lost total control of the car. In the end, it collided into another car from behind. The gangsters of both cars were shooting frantically, but merely 10 seconds after the first car lost control, the two cars became a burning wreckage of black fumes by the side of the road.

Although Sheyan managed to widen the gap between the remaining cars, his car was ultimately lacking in technology and the hostiles caught up again. Brother Black aimed at a head sticking out from the sun roof of the pursuing car and fired off.

A bullet whizzed out from his pistol and drilled into the muzzle of the gangster's pistol. That gangster was about to fire, but when Mogensha's bullet collided into his own bullet inside the bullet, an eruption occurred!

A violent explosion!

Following that, Mogensha punctured the remaining wheels of the incoming cars. Despite over ten cars pursuing them, the pursuit ultimately ended in failure.

After pulling to a stop and opening the trunk of their car, Brother Black shockingly discovered a silver briefcase which contained nothing but white powder.......

Sheyan and Mogensha exchanged glances before smiling wryly. As it turns out, they had unintentionally plundered the opposition's goods. No wonder the other party was so relentless in their chase.

Still, the duo weren't interested in the goods and left the briefcase in the car. When they arrived at the next city, they abandoned the car and proceeded to rent a new ride.


After some time, Sheyan gave Reef a call. It seemed Reef was working out or exchanging bodily fluids with another party, he sounded rather breathless.

"What's up, boss."

Sheyan directly questioned Reef.

"How many siblings do you have, brothers and sisters included."

Reef answered in puzzlement.

"I'm a single child."

Sheyan then asked.

"Oh fine then, any cousins or anyone closely related to your family?"

"None." Reef still responded in confusion.

Sheyan smiled bitterly and replied.

"Fine then, you sure? Okay, one last question. If you were to lose your right of inheritance, who stands to gain the most?"

This time, Reef bluntly replied.

"My uncle........Pierre."

"Be wary of him." Sheyan advised forthrightly.

"He is starting to watch us. If I'm not wrong, he probably realized you have become strangely related to two random foreigners during this period. Therefore, he is trying to exploit us to deal with you."

" way?" Reef was appalled.

Sheyan chuckled.

"So, who knows of us flying to California and transforming our looks?"

Reef answered directly.

"My house butler, Motes."

Sheyan replied.

"We were entrapped and assaulted by men upon landing, they were clearly there for us...."

Sheyan didn't go into much details. After all, Reef was a pious individual but definitely not a fool. Once his vigilance was incited, he naturally knew what to do next. Some matters were better left in the dark, and once they were brought into the daylight, they would no longer be worth mentioning.

After a momentary silence, Reef then inquired about their current situation and agreed to assist them with the flight back home.

Roughly 24 hours later, Sheyan was back in Xiwu pier and went to visit Uncle Dasi first.

At present, Uncle Dasi was wearing a pair of wool gloves and was excitedly instructing sailors on board the Fuyuan to unload cargo.

After affirming that Uncle Dasi was doing well, Sheyan proceeded to inquire of Sanzi. Instead, Uncle Dasi sighed and shook his head; citing that Sanzi was currently depressed and indulged in an internet cafe all day.