Chapter 718: Liu Yan and Zhao Yazhis hot air balloons....

 Chapter 718: Liu Yan and Zhao Yazhi's hot air balloons......

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Choices and regrets, yet life still has to go on; there is no medicine for regret in this world.

Clearly, the muscular Tolui Helenite wouldn't be able to scout out the area. Thus, he could only mentally 'motivate' Yuan Zhan to forcibly summon a random wolf, and sent it deeper into the low-rise shantytown. He then utilized it to search for a new pack of Shadowdrill Deinonychus, before....attempting to provoke them.

Instead, to Yuan Zhan's horror, he realized he actually poked a hornet's nest this time! After wandering into some 'forbidden' area, that wolf was seemingly ripped into shreds by the sudden surge of a large pack of Shadowdrill Deinonychus!

Compounding onto his horror, for some unknown reason, the sheer mass of Shadowdrill Deinonychus he provoked appeared like a massive swarm of darkness; it was practically twice that of an ordinary pack!!!

Tracing the scent of the invaders, those dinosaurs rampaged over with great ferocity.

"Ahhh run!!!" Yuan Zhan immediately cried out from the bottom of his heart. He quickly consumed a speed enhancing medicine while sprinting for the building with the hot air balloon hovering above. Concurrently, Tolui Helenite, though he appeared like a muscular snail, displayed a fleeing speed that wasn't the least bit inferior. He heaved along his massive warhammer while running like an agile type contestant.

To them both, once they could scale the suspended rope leading up to the hot air balloon carriage, though it merely offered a buffer of 6-7 metres, it would naturally suffice to keep them safe from the claws of those Shadowdrill Deinonychus.

While dashing towards the entrance of the building, Yuan Zhan took a quick glimpse backwards and immediately heaved a sigh of relief. The nearest Shadowdrill Deinonychus to him was over a hundred metres away.

Yet in this instant, an ominous premonition welled up in his heart. Actually, this was due to a faint dull ringing he heard when previously controlling his wolf to scour ahead......nevertheless, he didn't have the time to contemplate over that, getting to the safety of that hot air balloon carriage took utmost priority. Moreover, he also carried items like hand grenades and such, thus, should those Shadowdrill Deinonychus decide to loiter beneath the hot air balloon, they would be bombed to death.

The buildings here weren't too tall, being generally merely 2-3 storeys high. As a digitally enhanced Growth-Hunter himself, Yuan Zhan definitely only needed 10 seconds to scale to the rooftop.

However, when he finally arrived at the flat rooftop, he felt as though a basin of ice water had been poured over him. From head to toe, he felt a biting chill; a chill of imminent death that originated from his bone marrow!!!

Yuan Zhan was instantaneously stunned!

Simultaneously, even the herculean Tolui Helenite was stunned with him!

Prior to scaling the building, the hovering hot air balloon was in perfect condition and didn't exhibit any abnormality. Yet now, within a mere span of 10 seconds, the hot air balloon was unexpectedly rapidly withering!

A horrifying transformation scene of a shrivelling balloon. It was essentially as distinct as placing Liu Yan's chest and Zhao Yazhi's chest together and comparing them!

(TL: Both of them are chinese actresses)

Presently, anyone could tell that this rapidly deflating air balloon could no longer support its own weight, much less to say that of two additional individuals.

The faces of both contestants quivered and at this moment, the ludicrously loud roaring pack of Shadrowdrill Deinonychus had climbed up....


Facing such an impasse, Tolui Helenite howled crazily as his chest released a dazzling radiance. He was indeed worthy of being called Zeus's confidant, a veteran of hundreds of battles, one that could surmount a comeback even in the midst of a sea of bloody corpses.

Agility wasn't their forte, hence, fleeing would only mean death! Why not arise vigorously and fight for a chance to survive!

This was a true bloodbath. Both sides battled with frenzied and undying spirits. Yuan Zhan and Tolui Helenite didn't dare to hold anything back but simultaneously unleashed all their hidden trump cards. In the face of these insanely terrifying true damage dealers, they only hoped to conclude the battle fast and squeeze out a shot at victory!

Tolui Helenite swung his stupendous dual handed warhammer furiously, as a blood radiance layered this half-ton heavy weapon! Wherever he swung, his body would follow fluidly with the warhammer's momentum; smoothly dishing out combo strikes like the moving clouds and flowing water!

After consecutively sweeping 4-5 Deinonychus away, Tolui Helenite stamped his feet and jumped 2-3 metres up high, before smashing his bloody warhammer ruthlessly onto the rooftop's surface. A layer of dense blood radiance condensed around the warhammer, as a depressing soul shuddering echo wafted through the air.

Then, a terrifyingly unrivalled seismic wave swept out. The entire rooftop tremored violently and collapsed with a thunderous rumble. Smoke and dust billowed up, as 6 Shadowdrill Deinonychus, who were located near the epicenter, were crushed to death at once and pulverized into mangled flesh!

Nonetheless, one could still hear the scampering of other onrushing Shadowdrill Deinonychus interweaving together. The sounds of their heavy footsteps trampling over the hearts of man. Still, they approached nearer and nearer, like an enormous towing vehicle that was recklessly colliding straight in.

After unleashing such an indomitable strike, Tolui Helenite definitely needed a short period of time to regather his strength. Even a powerful Growth-Hunter couldn't operate like a perpetual motion machine!

Suddenly, in this instance, two shadows erupted out from the dusty rubble! The two shadows were two Shadowdrill Deinonychus that had been injured from the aftershock. Those mutated dinosaurs possessed an undaunting mentality, their movements remained savage and nimble even in their heavily wounded state.

Pouncing forth abruptly, they each tied down both legs of Tolui Helenite, as they frenetically clawed out threads of mutilated flesh.

Intending to find a nearby wall so that he could fight with it covering behind, Tolui Helenite instantly lost his balance after being caught off guard. Like a truck, he smashed into the room beside.

His left cheek was a lacerated mess of dripping blood. Still, Tolui understood this was a matter of life and death. Ignoring the searing pain, he howled crazily as his arm muscles bulged explosively. He stored his blood warhammer into his personal storage before stretching out both arms, and viciously grabbed the necks of both Shadowdrill Deinonychus.

Those two wild dinosaurs were already heavily wounded, and with a simple exertion of strength, Tolui ripped their heads from their necks, as twin ghastly white vertebra were revealed amidst the gushing blood.

Yet even after such a fatal blow, those two Shadowdrill Deinonychus still reflexively wrapped around Tolui Helenite's legs relentlessly! Their claws reflexively dealt him more damages!

In such a predicament, Tolui Helenite grimaced as he finally consumed an honorary medicine dosage. Then, he released a shrilling roar.


Instantly, Tolui's body swelled up. Even his stretchable sleeveless garment ripped apart and revealed his naked top.

Amidst the sudden expansion of his muscles, a frightening scene occurred. The blood streaming down his bodily wounds actually started defying gravity, as the blood meandered throughout his body; as though an invisible brush was currently painting the inky blood onto his muscles.

The blood continued interweaving through his body before shockingly into different barbaric tattoos of exceedingly malevolent, grotesque and abstract beast tattoos.

Relying on this incredibly beastly ability, Tolui Helenite swept up a tempestuous blood storm with his blood warhammer against all onrushing Shadowdrill Deinonychus. Though some incomparably brutal Shadowdrill Deinonychus managed to chomp off chunks of flesh, Tolui Helenite momentous storm didn't falter for even a second. The more damage he received from his foes, the more destructive his assaults became!

With the cover of Tolui Helenite's beastmode, Yuan Zhan consecutively summoned out a large crowd of creatures; some of which were strong summoned creatures that was still grievously injured!

It was difficult to judge what the losses for Tolui was from this battle, but Yuan Zhan's prowess would minimally plunge by 70%! This was a summoner's woe. The might and mass of their summoned creatures directly determined their standings. To Yuan Zhan, if he failed engage a contract between a dinosaur in this world, his position in the party may possibly decline to a supporting role.

The battle finally concluded.

In the end, Yuan Zhan and Tolui Helenite both survived, but not after an excruciating ordeal.

Yuan Zhan was still fine. As for Tolui Helenite, one simply couldn't find a single perfect piece of skin on his body. Every step he took left a blood footprint. If an ordinary person suffered such injuries, he would have perished over ten times!

Right now, none of them had the mood to retrieve their battle spoils. They were naturally frantically bandaging up and consuming food medicines.

But at this very moment, Tolui Helenite shockingly noticed that between Yuan Zhan's brows, an intriguing red dot was flashing.

Under the sunset, that beaming dot still impressed a fiery sensation into one's eyes; torturing one's cornea, like a one-eyed creature in the darkness that was brimming with abundant killing intent!

"That's a red dot....sight....." After ending his beastmode, Tolui Helenite only managed to squeeze out that thought in his mind.

Then came a gunshot!

Yuan Zhan was bluntly struck flying. A single bullet accurately struck the targeted position of the red dot between his brows! A blazing inferno ignited as sizzles crackled from his burning skin, then an awful charred stench pervaded out from his wound!

500 hundred metres away atop a building, a black male appeared. He was puffing on a cigar. A dull and faint glow covered his body. Indeed, he had activated the ability, 'Pearliate', of the 'Goldpearl of the Caribbean Sea'.

Mogensha already possessed fairly superb perceptive sense; after doubling it with 'Pearliate' and with the aid of his 'SN-Wasp' long distance firing, he naturally managed to deceive the eyes of both Yuan Zhan and Tolui Helenite.