Chapter 709: Metropolis of Death

 Chapter 709: Metropolis of Death

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Facing an opponent who was detailedly analysing him, Aldaris's pupils contracted slightly as he issued a cold smirk.

"So what?"

"Nothing really." Old Fat sinisterly inferred.

"Yuan Zhan has divulged that once stabbed by 'Mage-Nemesis', if one tries to pull it out of his own accord, 33% of one's health would be forcibly deducted! With such massive damage, a person stabbed by it normally wouldn't proactively try to pull the dagger out. However! I will recommend to Marissa that once she is stabbed by your dagger, she should pull it out at once. Because for a ridiculous property of shaving off one's health substantially just by pulling out a dagger, such a property definitely possesses a long cool down! Otherwise, many powerful storyline characters would've be slain by you long ago."

"Marissa..." an ominous premonition welled up in Aldaris's heart. "You and Marissa are actually teaming up to deal with me???? Then what about Zi?"

"You still have the time to worry about Zi? Don't worry! Though Zeus needs to pin down Skull and cannot be present, but this time, Fu Lyanna is personally acting to finish her off!"


Meanwhile, this was when Zi had unleashed her 'Dragonforce Grip', and was about to viciously grip Sable's neck.

Yet out of the blue, a tiny black spot formed in front of Zi. That black spot then rapidly expanded into a fist sized black hole.

A dark red blood flew out from the hole, and swiftly stretched into different forms as though a pen was writing with blood ink. Ultimately, it formed into two words.

Danger! Escape!

Eventually, the blood fell to the ground. Instead of dissolving in, it remained congealed like a ruby.

Witnessing this scene, the exceptionally decisive Zi proceeded to ignore Sable, and immediately turned to flee. In a flash, she disappeared from Sable's line of sight.

Yet a hundred metre away, she was abruptly stalled by an invisible barrier.

"Is it the 'Chains of Corrosion'? You ultimately couldn't resist coming?

In this instant, a dense baleful aura emanated from Zi's countenance coupled with a jade like arrogance.

She bit her lips forcefully.

Without hesitation, she raised her pair of silver rapiers!

Raising them up high.

One could vividly observe. The pair of silver rapiers were ignited! Broiling with fiery silver radiance!

Putting it simply, Zi wasn't willing to waste her precious energy and strength here, and blatantly chose to combust the horcrux of her twin formidable weapons!

With this method, their might inevitably soared. Of course, the side effects was extremely obvious. A weapon that could ignite its horcrux would inevitably drop a grade from that. Yet most importantly, it held a definite chance of being destroyed!

A dazzling brilliance erupted from Zi's hands. Then, one could hear few miserable echoes from afar.

In a heartbeat, all of Zi's surroundings turned pitch black. Nevertheless, the obstructing invisible barrier became visible. It was unexpectedly lines of astronomical metallic chains. The total length of metallic chains interwove together could possibly stretch for millions of miles. The chains were coated with a bright shining luster.

Following that, Zi released a torrent of thrusts; chiselling of inches after inches of metallic fragments and finally opened a way out.

A way to live!

Zi's body blurred, and soon disappeared into the distant desert.


The raging winds were screaming.

Zi gazed into the distant ruins, which were currently hailed as the 'Metropolis of Death'.

There was still ten kilometres before reaching the Metropolis of Death. In spite of that, intense waves of dreadful aura could already be felt sweeping against her skin; prompting the hairs on her skin to stand on end.

If it was a normal day, Zi absolutely wouldn't venture in. This was because even with her current prowess, it would still be exceedingly tough to ensure a safe retreat after entering.

Alas, she didn't have a choice.

The 'Chains of Corrosion' appeared once again; signifying that the Metals Professor, Fu Lyanna, was hot on her heels.

There was a massive contrast between this woman's malicious thoughts and her outward appearance. She harbored a twisted belief - Only by executing all females who were more beautiful and intelligent than her, could she become the most intelligent and beautiful!

Upon thinking of her, Zi spitefully curled her lips. In her eyes, the Metals Professor, Fu Lyanna, was a total loser. Regardless of personal strength or external allurement, Zi held overwhelming superiority over her.

Nevertheless, Fu Lyanna was now completely Zeus's woman. This meant that she definitely didn't come alone.

If she were facing Fu Lyanna alone, Zi held utmost confidence of suppressing her completely. Instead, with the addition of an assistant, Zi would inevitably be defeated.

Though nothing abnormal was occurring behind her yet, Zi remained exceedingly clear. Her pursuers were capable of closing the gap with frightening pace!

This was due to her deep understanding of Zeus. Once he acted, he was bound to make an all out effort!

Hence, Zi was fleeing towards the danger district of the dinosaur disaster zone without hesitation!

The Metropolis of Death!

To the haughty her, she'd rather die to the jaws of terrifying beasts, than allow the members of Glory Party to terminate her life!


Two minutes elapsed since Zi passed by this area. Soon, a few bulky or skinny figures came rapidly racing through. After a temporary pause, they rushed off towards the direction Zi had fled in without a shred of hesitation.


Half an hour later.

In a dark abandoned alley with her back leaning against a wall, Zi panted heavily.

Her hair was utterly disheveled.

In this short span of time, she had already encountered danger several times. Furthermore, this was merely the outskirts of the Metropolis of Death.

The most appalling part was, she felt as though an unknown deadly existence had locked onto herself!

The darkness of her surroundings felt richly palpable; as though weird objects were rummaging through the night.

All of a sudden, within the darkness, a tiny dinosaur, approximately the size of a german shepherd, smashed through a window and pounced forth. Its pounce appeared sloppy and ordinary. Instead, it was mysteriously fast; as fast as a streak of lightning!

Caught by surprise, Zi quickly dodged to the side, causing the tiny dinosaur to barely brush past her chest. Though that was so, an awful piercing odour assailed her nostrils.

Although the dinosaur missed its mark, it craftily refused to spin round. Instead, seizing the opportunity where its butt was still pointing at its prey, it whipped out with its bony poison tipped tail.

This mind blowingly random tail whip caught Zi completely off guard. She blocked her chest with both arms while staggering backwards with a muffled groan.

When that tiny dinosaur landed, it immediately swung round! Once again, it pounced towards Zi with a gaze beaming with insatiable hunger.

Zi's complexion was ghastly pale, as she clutched her injured chest wound with one hand. Then, lifting her other hand up, she firmly aimed her palm at the crafty pouncing beast!

An oppressive pressure was emitted amidst the darkness of night. Like a rushing gale that could stifle one's breath!

The winds were pushed aside, as a cold, silent and pressing firmness swept out.

Force Collision-Wall!

Although this 'Force Collision-Wall' was formless, when it collided into the pouncing dinosaur, it looked as though several tons of giant steel doors had swept through horizontally!

The unfortunate dinosaur was instantly knocked flying.

After a good long while, one could hear a distant landing 'plop' on the ground. Not a single panicky cry or bitter howl ensued. It was like a mushy bag; badly battered and smashed upon collision and crash landing. Under the oppressive pressure of the 'Force Collision-Wall', all its blood was squeezed out.

After all, this was still the periphery of the danger district of the dinosaur disaster zone. Though such hybrid dinosaurs exhibited terribly potent offensive capabilities, they would undoubtedly be lacking in vitality.

Zi's single powerful ability was absolutely sufficient to extinguish such puny lifeforms!

Zi squatted while leaning against the wall. While gasping heavily for air, she could felt a calmness; as though a heavy load had been offloaded.

Soon after, a bloody stench wafted in again, causing her face to turned as white as paper!

A piercing blood stench like this.....was indeed the most effective indicator for those tyrannical monsters!

A short ten plus seconds later.

The ground faintly tremored. If one wasn't carefully paying attention, one definitely wouldn't feel it.

Yet following in its track, the second round of tremors were incomparably distinct.

The third tremor. Even the sandy soil polluting this ruins were jolted up and rustled to the ground.

Following that, a monstrous colossus could be seen stomping through the darkness with frightening pace!

This sensation was akin to a astronomical camouflaged military plane executing an emergency crash landing, directly landing on its plane bellet as it rushed forth with unstoppable inertia. A sensation brimming with no regard for the law of nature!

Thump! A thunderous stomp reverberated. The colossus stuck its head into a dilapidated house, and munched a tiny dinosaur; killing it instantly before swallowing it.

The sounds of gruesome chewing that caused one to shiver with fear.

Afterwards, the colossus sniffed with its water jar sized nostrils, before slowly swinging its head over.

A fishy odour blasted against one's face like a whirlwind.

Two triangular crimson eyes glared avariciously towards Zi's direction, even the droplets of saliva dripping onto the soil could be heard.

Meanwhile, the poison had started flaring up throughout Zi's body. She felt a numbness overcoming her body. Nevertheless, her heart beated with utmost clarity.

There was no longer a need to run. In truth, running was futile.

In this instance, her heart brimmed with tranquility.

A despairing tranquility.

Paralyzed where she sat, she decided to discard everything and revel in her memories.

In this instance, was reclining against a dirty but soft cushion. Beside her, was a budding lilac and a wooden board by her side resembled a broken chunk of her dressing table. Her previous dinner was a cod fish......

The pestering winds blew against her face. Before the doorway of death, Zi could differentiate a sliver of flowery fragrance amongst the fishy blood stench.

Many familiar faces involuntarily surfaced in her mind, alongside the words she wished to say but didn't.

She felt that in the end, she ultimately couldn't defy fate.

"Come." Zi shut her eyes.

The Zi of this moment, was feeling unprecedented weakness, feeling unprecedented sorrow.....

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