Chapter 692: Reappearance of the sneeze

 Chapter 692: Reappearance of the sneeze

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Under the persistent bombardment of Drizzt's subordinates, the mini-mart sheltering Sheyan and Reef swayed and eventually collapsed with a boom.

As dust and sediment soared to the sky, Reef sheltered Sheyan as they scurried out.

Drizzt's lips curled into a malicious sneer, as two matchless frozen beam lasered out and connected with Reef. In this instance, Reef immediately felt an unprecedentedly dreadful threat, and layered 'Faith-guard' over himself.

Twin rhombus frost daggers pierced in with unparalleled swiftness, bypassing obstacles completely unhindered!

Reef blocked with his shield again, as the two frost daggers dissolved and froze both man and shield into an azure ice sculpture! Except, that same phantom sphinx appeared and completely melted the ice with blazing heat.

As Drizzt's subordinates closed in, Sheyan hurled out a gene-mix. Dense fog puffed out and transformed into a shockwave, before decreasing the movement speed of his foes; thereby earning some breathing space for Reef.

Following that, Sheyan pounded his fist several times against the wall of the next building, causing cement and bricks to crumble. As dust blocked off the line of sight of their foes, Reef and him darted into the building once again.

This time, their refuge building was much tougher, looking as though it had been constructed with thick layers of brick.

Though Drizzt's close combat subordinates were Reserve-duty Growth-Hunters who possessed inhuman strength and weapons, demolishing this building would still take roughly 3-5 minutes. What more, they still had to guard against sudden counter-attacks from their enemies.

"Darn it! Are they trying to buy time?" Drizzt suddenly thought of this notion.

As it turns out, Drizzt was a branch head of a large party named Skull. In this branch, he, the deceased illusion master, sniper Trista who was presently duelling with Mogensha, and the fallen Joseph were Growth-Hunters. As for Kaoyi and the other four, they were Reserve-duty Growth-Hunters.

When Kaoyi and Joseph had felt something amiss and requested for emergency aid, Drizzt had quickly rushed over on first notice. A pity, he was one step too late and could only 'retrieve their corpses'.

"Hmm, the aim for stalling time is undoubtedly awaiting reinforcements..." such a notion was quickly stirred in Drizzt's mind.

"But if any opponents approaches the area, the mole planted in the police force by us, Party Skull, would be able to detect them through satellite surveillance. Even if there isn't a clear trace, some sort of warning should still be released, which would allow us to eliminate all unexpected threats."

"Could it be, they hold such confidence in that Reserve-duty Growth-Hunter who has fled into the cluster of buildings? That he can definitely kill off Trista in such a short time, and return to aid them? ...what a joke! What's the significance between Reserve-duty Growth-Hunters and Growth-Hunters?! Maybe defeating Trista can still be believable, but to defeat him in such a short span of time and return in aid, how minute must that probability be?"

At this moment, a Reserve-duty Growth-Hunter named Ben Johnson exclaimed into the party channel.

"Sir, that MT is truly problematic. His exceedingly rare dark-gold grade shield can even effectively curb against your abilities! He probably possesses a honorary medicine dosage as well. If we continue tangling up with them in this terrain, we may get dragged into a drawn out battle instead. Why not deal with that Reserve-duty gunner?"

"Oh shush it! Are you belittling my prowess?" Before Drizzt could respond, sniper Trista screamed angrily like a female witch whose soft spot had just been touched. Truthfully speaking, she was originally extremely arrogant and conceited individual. It was only after being expelled from Party Skull's core team, that she was sent here to partner Drizzt.

"I guarantee to blast that black fool's head mangled right in the middle of my crosshair. Anyone that dares to meddle, I promise I'll blast your head off first!"

Contemplating slightly, Drizzt started feeling a certain ominous premonition. Nevertheless, his eyes sparkled.

"Right! How valiant is this MT already, if given sufficient opportunities to mature fully, he definitely wouldn't be inferior to Zeus! Yes!! Such an invincible MT, how is it possible that only two others support him. He surely is awaiting for more reinforcements! Indeed, this is a glorious chance, how could I simply squander it?"

Thinking of that, Drizzt's countenance instantly turned shady. He immediately fished out an incredibly dilapidated looking walkie-talkie, displaying an image resembling that of the world war 2 era.

[ Requesting connection, requesting connection ]

[ This connection will exhaust all remaining battery. Recharge time of 24 hours, do you wish to proceed? ]


[ Connecting.... ]

"Hoi, Judas, please immediately employ your satellite surveillance, and check for any abnormalities around a 30 kilometres radius of my location. Especially for movements not belonging to us."

"Nothing seen, only a bunch of dinosaurs. Are you really wasting your call limit on this? Idiot blockhead."

"Shut your trap, Judas. Help me monitor once every two minutes, once you discover hostiles, inform me at once."

"Drizzt, you've reached your call limit, how do I alert you?"

"Just follow the conventional protocol of the party, ring it four times."

"20,000 utility points."


Upon concluding the call, Drizzt was sure in his heart, that after removing potential troubles from the rear, he could definitely bite his opponents to death!

In this instant, the building Sheyan and Reef were finding solace in crumbled and collapsed. Seizing this chance, Drizzt actually unleashed 4 rhombus frost daggers in succession. While they all eventually melted to Reef, Drizzt remained utterly confident in his own battle capabilities!

That was because the large scale party he was in, equally possessed an MT! As one of the core backbone of his party, he undoubtedly exchanged pointers with his own party's MT before. Moreover, the level and fighting power of his MT surpassed this fellow. Hence, he was fully sure, the damage dealt by each frost dagger wasn't negligeable at all!

Witnessing his enemies scurrying into the next building, Drizzt squinted his eyes as he smiled wretchedly with teeth exposed. His slender maroon tongue licked against the blade of a frosted knife.

At this moment, Ben Johnson untactfully suggested.

"Sir, their movements are seriously too strange. Don't they know their only outcome is to be slowly grinded to death? Could it be, they rather endure such humiliation before dying, just to survive for an additional half an hour? I suggest requesting for some backup sir. Bring other branch members, for I fear, the night is long and full of terrors!"

"Shut it!" Drizzt's lips curled into a crafty sneer.

"I don't need others to finish them! It has been only a couple of minutes into the evening, ten minutes probably. Do you know how much an MT's equipment can be worth? And if we fortuitously draw his dark-gold grade shield, how much wealth can we reap? Just these several minutes, or ten at most, and you want us to share such tremendous benefits with others?"

Ben Johnson immediately turned speechless. Drizzt then angrily rebuked.

"Just do what you need to do, damn it, you guys are creating too much dust Ah....ah....ah...AH....AHCHOO!"

That final, incredibly ugly sneeze completely eradicated Drizzt's portrayed appearance of a murderously callous and bewitching individual! Mucus dangled from his nostrils, making him appear terribly repulsive.

Meanwhile, Sheyan was leaning against a wall with his eyes shut. When he heard that awfully loud sneeze, he abruptly lifted his head. In his eyes, a fiery passion to fight had ignited.

"That Drizzt and the other chatterbox are rather astute individuals. If my 'Influenza' symptoms surfaces more rampantly, they will surely suspect.....therefore, once more symptom arrives, that will be the best opportunity to strike!"

Not long later after several small sneezes, when a nearby Reserve-duty Growth-Hunter released a shuddering sneeze, a suspicious expression instantaneously surfaced on Drizzt's face.

"It's time!"

When Sheyan squeezed those words out from his teeth, a semi-transparent golden armour coated over him. Indeed, it was Reef's 'Faith-guard'.

In the next second, Sheyan dove out through a shattered window, where the glow of his finger's 'Barbaric-demon Pupil' twinkled!

However prior to this, the cautious Drizzt constantly maintained distance between his foes and himself. Hence, Sheyan couldn't activate 'Horn-Rage' until he could shorten the distance and get close to Drizzt.

"Finally unable to resist eh?"

Noting Sheyan's sudden retaliation, Drizzt's heart instead lightened up. If those two buggers really continued cowering in those short houses like turtles awaiting death, he definitely would suspect they were plotting something. With his foe retaliating right now, that to him, felt like he was making a checkmate move while playing cards.

With his opponent running out of options and finally deciding to show their cards, while he himself was still conserving many cards up his sleeves, such an outcome was simply amazing. For two individuals of near identical standards battling each other, this situation was akin to 90 percent victory for a gambler.

Drizzt couldn't contain his hysterical laughter, causing one to subconsciously think of a serpent with its red tongue out.

His figure blurred as he hastily retreated several steps. Concurrently, he shot out a frost dagger which instantly shatter Sheyan's layer of 'Faith-guard'!