Chapter 671: Pestilence Monarch!!!

 Chapter 671: Pestilence Monarch!!!

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Yet everything comes with pros and cons. The immune system is like a double-edged sword that implicates severe side effects after an organ transplant. Take for example a recipient of a kidney transplant. Even if the operation succeeds, the recipient still has to constantly consume immunosuppressants in exchange for better sustainability for 85% in a year, 60% in 5 years but merely 1% over 10 years!

Having been transplanted into Sheyan's body, the 'Stairway of the Sun' now had to face resistance from his bodily immune system. Moreover, this was a war the 'Stairway of the Sun' cannot win, because if it did, that would signify Sheyan's bodily immune system crumbling; a consequence akin to contracting full blown aids.

Fortunately, the 'Stairway of the Sun' would rely on the capabilities of the progenitor virus, to deceive Sheyan's immune system; tricking into believing it was an organ part of his body...putting it bluntly, the immune system was like a gate and the 'Stairway of the Sun' a guest. A guest wouldn't trample over the gate to enter, lest any thief could freely enter to plunder. Instead, a guest would knock, before the gate receives him in and shutting once again; thereby guarding against any robber......

Thus at this moment, it was all up to the progenitor virus of the 'Stairway of the Sun'. However, the sapling 'Stairway of the Sun' had been polluted and inhibited by the coiled serpent's venom. Therefore after experiencing numerous variations, one couldn't be sure if the progenitor virus was still present, or perhaps even if it was, would it still be as potent as before. Its effects could no longer be forecasted.

After slicing off that 'true nucleus', Old Aram hooked out another overturned skull mug, and poured its foul smelling contents into Sheyan's mouth; forcing him to gulp down large mouthfuls. Swirling within that filthy liquid, were tiny dead birds, fragmented bones of dead rodents and fur. All in all, the drink was utterly repulsive, and would probably leave behind a mouthful of sediments....

After performing all these, Old Aram employed his amateur techniques and begun setting Sheyan's sternum back to position....of course, he wasn't trained in stitching. Instead, a plentiful cluster of common jungle vines was brought over. After pressing out starchy white sap from the vines and heating over a nearby fire dyke into a paste, he smeared it across Sheyan's wound as though attempting to glue it together.

Meanwhile, Sheyan wasn't paying attention to such details at all. Ever since the sapling 'Stairway of the Sun' was transplanted into his body, an unfathomably searing pain tormented him. Such agony was truly indescribable, and the closest estimate would be countless hands consecutively pinching one's muscle fiber; like infinite acute pricks terrorizing one's nervous systems! A pain that surged furiously along his bloodstream, stretching towards a hundred bones and his four limbs, and eternally unquenchable.

Even though Sheyan possessed an unyielding mental fortitude, he was already on the verge of crying out to give up. If not for his paralyzed body, he would certainly struggle fanatically and escape. Still, he persisted and endured the pain.

After what seemed like a few generations, but actually five minutes in reality, the pain gradually faded after drinking down that incredibly disgusting skull beverage. Next came a strange tingling itch. The source of this sensation was extremely palpable, stemming from around his chest wound where the 'Stairway of the Sun' infiltrated; upsurging a wild impulse within him to viciously claw at his chest.

Being under such torment, Sheyan was actually hallucinating about illusions of surveying cells floating in his blood. Those cells fissioned into various queer forms and proceeded to gobble up each other one after another.....

Not long after descending into hallucinations, he straightforwardly fainted.

In the following day, Sheyan switched between the states of acute pain, fainting, tingling itchiness and even clarity. His deep unconsciousness lasted for 24 hours. Soon, one could evidently notice that Sheyan's period of clarity became increasingly longer, while his state of agony and itch became much shorter.

Fortunately, staying in Port Qom only cost 1,000 utility points per hour. Otherwise, the realm would've started pawning away his equipment......

Finally, after 48 hours, Sheyan finally received a late arriving notification from his nightmare imprint.

[ Royal Ndipaya secret Babu-Babusar ritual has concluded ]

[ You are infected with the 'Ancestors' Virus ]

[ You are now an A-Virus carrier ]

[ You have become an A-Virus host ]

[ The 'Ancestors Virus' possesses a terrifying devouring and duplication ability. Upon thorough contact, it can imitate the symptoms of any virus ]

[ You obtained a secret variated ability: Pestilence Monarch (evolvable) ]

[ Ability rank: 9? (unable to verify statistics) ]

[ Ability rank evaluation: S? (unable to verify statistics, just a rough estimate) ]

[ The 'Stairway of the Sun' has assimilated alongside your circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, as the fourth great system - the virus system! ]

[ You become immune to all virus effects. This effect takes 'Domain Precedence' ! ]

[ You acquired the ability: Babu-Babusar - You can utilize any bodily means, to break off or resume the circulation of your virus stream; thereby letting external effects affect you, or subsequently removing it ]

[ You obtained a fraction of flora characteristics ]

[ Pain limitation forever pegged at 50% ]

[ Duration of any blood loss effect will be forcibly reduced by half ]

[ In any location in contact with both earthen ground and water, HP regeneration rate will boost by 100% ]

[ Aforementioned effects takes 'Domain Precedence'! ]

[ Ability: Corrosynthesis - Where the light rays are the strongest, corroding gaseous will discharge from your mouth, nose, and pores; dealing 10 - 50 constant damages to enemies in a 5 meters radius (regardless of any damage reduction influences, minimum lowest damage pegged at 5 true damages) ]

[ Ability: Photon-rejuvenation - Where the light rays are the weakest, healing gaseous will emit from your mouth, nose, and pores; bestowing 5 HP/ second regeneration to surrounding allies ]

[ Aforementioned effects take 'Domain Precedence'! ]

Sheyan breathed deeply upon browsing through these notifications....his unceasing perseverance was finally rewarded! Just a single 'Stairway of the Sun' morphing into a virus circulatory system, granted him a list of absolutely frightening passive rewards. Moreover, the effects all possessed 'Domain Precedence'!

Needless to say was that 'Pestilence Monarch' rank S ability he obtained! Moreover, Sheyan paid special attention to the three monumental prefix attached to the ability - secret, variated and evolvable! He reckoned that only with many unconventional elements combined, did such an invincible ability materialized.

Yet after the initial crazed delight of possessing a rank 9/S ability, he immediately remembered one practical fact!

His 'Uruk-hai gene-mixes' came from the rank 6 'Black Art mix Technique', and already forced him to become a conspicuous spender of achievement points. As for an ability with 9 tiers and evaluated with an 'S' rank......heavens!!!! Wouldn't its achievement point consumption be sufficient to kill?

Carrying such complication emotions, Sheyan started to inspect the specifics of his 'Pestilence Monarch' ability.

[ Pestilence Monarch requirement: Possessor must be a stabilized A-virus host ]

[ Rank: 9 tiers ]

[ Evaluation: S - Variated / Secret / Maturable ]

[ Description: The A-virus is an abnormal strain of the Progenitor virus. This virus strain substantially lowers the destruction and mutations done to the human host body. Instead, it works towards evolving the virus system by devouring and duplications ]

[ Further descriptions: If one claims the most famous strain of the Progenitor virus to the be the T-virus, whose aim in Resident Evil is to become the perfect biological weapon, then the A-virus can be considered to have broken new grounds for the progenitor virus. A completely new biochemistry virus whose aim is perfection through duplication and evolving, thus given the name - The Pestilence Monarch ]

[ Details: Ability user can grasp all sorts of viruses, with the main battling tactic of stealthily compounding multitudes of viruses onto the enemy; torturing them to death without a sound nor trace! ]

[ Pestilence Monarch ability: Disseminate - The unrivaled survivability of the A-virus strain propels your virus disseminating radius by 100% ]

[ Pestilence Monarch ability: Immuno-invalidation - The A-virus relies on the host's immune system to survive as well. Thus, it possesses unparalleled invading capabilities, being able of completely negating the opponent's immune, resistance born from physique, and even various regulations. Only a specialized virus resistance ability can counter it. This ability takes 'Domain Authority Precedence' ]

[ Pestilence Monarch ability: Toxin-stealth - The A-virus strain can invade an opponent's body without triggering their perceptive sense. Only after symptoms concludes, would the enemy receive the relevant notifications. This ability takes 'Domain Authority Precedence' ]

[ Note: Your body contains a living 'Stairway of the Sun'. All achievement points, utility points, and potential points cost of strengthening viruses is reduced by 50% ]

Sheyan skimmed through towards the end of the 'Pestilence Monarch' ability specifics. Yet upon careful examinations at the end, he shockingly discovered three evolution options.