Chapter 662: Dark Gold Leech

 Chapter 662: Dark Gold Leech

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This style of 'purchasing' rewards was rather foreign to Sheyan. Originally, he was enticed by that 'Tri-atomizing Mist Compound Medicine', but the 100 soulforce bonus fee left a sour taste in his mouth.

Eventually, after pondering a little, he chose the first two options - randomization of 5 free attribute points and 3 achievement points. Now, he was left with only 34 Soulforce bonus points.

Sadly, Sheyan wasn't rewarded with his heart's desire. Of the randomization of 5 free attribute points, 3 were allocated to perceptive sense while 2 to spirit......

Proceeding with the few available options left, Sheyan adopted a wastage minimization approach and selected the 'Sunmight Secret Herb'. Mainly, this was due to Sheyan eyeing the grinded 'Stairway of the Sun' powder that comprised the herb.

More crucially, Sheyan possessed numerous unique items belonging to this world. For example, the 'Deathmarsh Great Croc Soul', the 'Pandora Egg', the set equipment and others. Presumably, the 'Sunmight' herb should be effective on them, just that the effects couldn't be determined.

As expected, after obtaining the 'Sunmight Secret Herb', Sheyan received a pleasant surprise after checking through with his military authority; discovering that one of that item had soared to a 90% compatibility with the 'Sunmight Secret Herb'. Indeed, it was the 'Ndipaya Curing Leech'!

Although that item's grade was merely dark-blue, after being infused with the 'Sunmight Secret Herb', it actually rose by 3 grades! Arriving at the dark-gold grade, its properties had undergone terrifying transformations.

[ Ndipaya Evolved Leech (special) ]

[ Origin: Kijuju Marshland ]

[ Rarity: Dark-gold ]

[ Carrying ability: Bloodbank - Placed this on the skin. The leech will draw vitality at a rate of 10 points / second. Future usage effects will vary according to the amount of vitality drawn ]

[ Details: Blood drawing process can only be disrupted after a certain mark. Otherwise, respective ability effect will not be activated ]

[ Details: The process of drawing blood is classified as friendly fire. Like a surgery, though it removes vitality, it is used for future healing. Therefore, target will not enter combat mode and will not disrupt other healing effects or equipments ]

[ Warning: Although blood drawing is classified as friendly fire. If not discontinued, user's HP will similarly reach 0 and perish! ]

[ Warning: When drawing blood, any virus, curses or negative effects will equally be drawn with user's vitality. When replenishing HP, it will release the same negative effects which last for the full duration ]

[ Warning: Leech contains micro-toxins. User will feel slight numbness, having evasion dropped by 3%. Duration of 60 minutes ]

[ Activatable ability: Refill - This ability will become activatable once 'Ndipaya Evolved Leech' draws 500 points of vitality. After activating 'Refill' ability, it will replenish 350 cc of blood into your body within 10 seconds, thereby restoring 350 HP ]

[ Activatable ability: Sucker - This ability will become activatable once 'Ndipaya Evolved Leech' draws 1,000 points of vitality ]

[ Details: Upon activating 'Sucker', the leech will adhere to your body, supplying host body with Glutamine and Asparagusamide essence. Your movement speed and attack speed will increase by 20%. Your attack will carry a converse ability attack, which lowers enemy movement and attack speed by 20%. Duration: 30 seconds ]

[ Warning: Within 60 minutes upon activating 'Sucker', any damage you receive will result in an additional blood loss effect. Blood loss effect persists for 15 seconds, and damage dealt is 15% of attack damage sustained ]

[ Warning: Within 60 minutes upon activating 'Sucker', any additional blood loss inducing effect sustained from enemy, will result in duration extended by 200% ]

[ Ultimate activatable ability: T-Virus Infection Outbreak - This ability will become activatable once 'Ndipaya Evolved Leech' draws 5,000 points of vitality! ]

[ Description: The progenitor virus hidden in the 'Stairway of the Sun' offers outstanding compatibility with leeches (Resident Evil Zero video game plot). Hence, this leech is a host of the T-Virus. Nevertheless, due to the impure nature of the secret herb, the T-Virus will remain dormant until the leech receives adequate blood nourishment ]

[ Details: Upon activating the 'T-Virus Infection Outbreak', the horrifying deadliness of the 'Ndipaya Evolved Leech' will be unleashed. Within 10 seconds, the leech will metamorphose into an unbeatable titan!! Unbeatable Titan Leech possesses 20,000 base HP, with bonus HP ]

[ Details: Bonus HP calculated as additional blood drew x 100. Meaning, after awakening this ability with 5,000 blood vitality, an additional 100 vitality drawn will grant this Unbeatable Titan Leech a bonus 10,000 HP ]

[ Details: After metamorphosing into a T-Virus Infected Creature, the 'Ndipaya Evolved Leech' will be deemed as a contestant, and be limited by the 40% damage regulation when attacking contestants ]

[ Details: Offence type classified as AoE mucus splash damage, delivering damages to all within a 5 meters radius. Attack equivalent to 50% of host offense power. Moreover, its attack carries an obnoxious sticky ability, lowering movement speed of enemy by 50%. Duration: 10 seconds ]

[ Details: Within 60 minutes of receiving an attack by the Unbeatable Titan Leech, enemy who is inflicted with any blood loss effect will have its duration extended by 200% ]

[ This ultimate ability, 'T-Virus Infection Outbreak Awakening', will last for 30 minutes or until leech's HP is exhausted. Once the leech is slain, it can only be revived back in the nightmare realm. Reviving fee: 10,000 utility points + world difficulty factors ]


Sheyan didn't anticipate that his 'Ndipaya Curing Leech (special)' actually upgraded to a dark gold grade. To him, acquiring another silver storyline grade item would already be pretty remarkable, much less to say of a grade higher.

Yet, he wasn't aware that this was a fortune of coincidences! In the Resident Evil plot, James Marcus of the Umbrella Corp managed to discover the compatibility between the ancient progenitor virus and leeches. As a result, he ultimately created a new strain and named it 'Tyrant', which is the acronym for the T-Virus. Furthermore, he even created a formidable vile abomination known as the Queen Leech!

After upgrading to the dark gold grade, the most outstanding ability of the 'Ndipaya Evolved Leech' was its ultimate activatable ability - 'T-Virus Infection Outbreak'.

Though its offensive might may not be considered high, its casual splash damage was disgustingly potent. Don't even mention its vile effects towards any blood loss negative effect. One could simply imagine, how splendid this leech's capability would be, be it offensive, defensive or even escaping for one's life.

Of course, the most ridiculous conditions applied to its user, which was allowing the leech to draw one's vitality. Under normal circumstances, activating its first or second ability wouldn't be a huge problem. But to allow it to persistently draw 5,000 vitality, with Sheyan's present state, he would've to prepare an abundance of replenishments!

After all, Sheyan's current HP was a sliver short of a thousand. Even with his 'Honorary Medicines' and 'Gloryheal', he could at most allow the leech to draw 2,500 HP. As for the following amount, he would have to rely on various food replenishments and others.....that would cost a massive fortune! Speaking in perspective of the realm, it would minimally cost over 50,000 utility points.

To suppress such extravagant expenditure, Sheyan reckoned he would need to promote to an official Growth-hunter first.

After examining his profits, Sheyan finally recovered from the adrenaline. Following that, he suddenly realized that something didn't add up. After contemplating while pacing around, he suddenly realized.

"How did I even obtain rewards from killing Guarba????"

"Could it be a special property of this hidden world? But that doesn't make sense..." Suddenly, Sheyan recalled one of the nightmare imprint's notification and his eyes immediately popped widely!

"Your hired warrior and guide, Mbenga, has slain high priest Guarba of the Ndipaya Sun Subtribe"

"This...? Could it be, after the Gundazan triggered the mechanism....when he realized he was deceived and consecutively suffered Guarba's devastating wrath......he completely lost all will to live and his soul persona dissipated away? Therefore, with the fraction of the secondary persona, Mbenga, remaining, the realm naturally determined the body as Mbenga's!!!!"

Thinking of that, Sheyan hastily steamrolled forward with wild delight. Then, he fished out his soul equipment, 'Endless Spirited Vodka', and poured two mouthfuls into Mbenga's mouth.

Despite that, the vodka streamed out from the corners of his mouth and onto the floor. If not for a sliver of breath emitting out of his nostrils, Sheyan would've believed Mbenga was completely dead.

"Damn it, wake up!" Sheyan exclaimed as he anxiously nudged Mbenga's neck. "You idiot, open your eyes idiot. The one whom you wished to kill has already been personally slain by you! You must see it for yourself before you die!"