Chapter 621: Beginning of Title Synthesis!

 Chapter 621: Beginning of Title Synthesis!

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Right from the start of the battle, Sheyan had already noticed that old thing lurking behind. Naturally, he determined that he definitely had to tie down that elder.

If Sheyan allowed that 'mage' type elder to freely spew out curses at the back, even if the elder's actions were merely pretentious, it would cause their side to fight with their hairs standing. What more, with Sheyan having personally witnessed the parasitic blowgun of the barbarian elder previously, would he really let him continue?

After activating 'Horn-rage', Sheyan easily smashed aside all obstructing foes like a raging bull, before viciously slamming into that old thing, sending him tumbling into the muddy waters.

Seizing the dishevelled and stunned state of the barbarian elder, Sheyan swung round to his back and unleashed a slash!

Due to his prior experience exchanging blows with a Ndipaya elder, Sheyan could already formulate his battle plan.

He understood that the massive wooden mask was truly disgusting, possessing hefty defence while even covering a huge range! Attempting to target the elder's vitals would be a painstaking and arduous process. Hence, Sheyan had immediately swung around and targeted the elder's opening.

Indeed, his saber slash had managed to deal grave damage to the elder, prompting that elder to feel his back wound while screaming miserably; as though his anus had haemorrhoids after eating half a kilo of chilli!

(ED: Mr. Author back with his golden analogies!)

After receiving the slash, the masked elder immediately spun around with his massive wooden mask facing Sheyan once again; unwilling to offer any chances to Sheyan anymore.

The elder's wooden mask was painted with two deathly white eyes, eyes that gazed desolately into the eyes of any aggressor; causing the aggressor to subconsciously turn despondent, and thereby causing the aggressor's attacks to deviate slightly from its target.

Nevertheless, Sheyan patiently circled around the Ndipaya elder. In spite of the elder wielding a wooden magic staff, his close combat strength wasn't weak at all. Instead, the elder was incredibly brutish, swinging his staff vigorously to receive the blows from Sheyan's saber; causing painful bruises whenever he successfully struck Sheyan!

Still, Sheyan endured the elder's blows with his tough flesh. Suddenly, a blue current jolted through his body - 'Zergling Rush' activated!

A spicy ferocity flashed within Sheyan's eyes as he immediately fished out 'Ambition' and activated 'Rum & Songs', before firing at the barbarian elder's brain!

However, the outstanding defence of that massive wooden masked was sufficient to absorb most of the damage from Sheyan's gunshot. Fortunately, the 2 seconds of stun was still present, allowing Sheyan the chance to swing to the elder's back. With a sinister smirk, he raised his '+7 West'!

This time, it wasn't a problem that could be solved with a single ordinary blade.

Instead, 3 saber slashes came cleaving down consecutively, splashing broiling blood all over Sheyan's body. After circling to the weakest back portion of this elder, Sheyan's 3 slashes had seemingly carved away a good portion of his health!

Releasing earth shuddering screams, the elder swung round pathetically with his wooden staff. Instead, Sheyan opted to forcefully endure this blow as his lips curled into a sly smile. He then barrelled straight and slammed himself into the embrace of this Ndipaya elder, instigating a fleshy entanglement between them. As such, the elder's desire to cast his incantation curses had gone extravagantly down the drain.

Sheyan's previous 4 slashes to the elder's back were exceedingly lethal, dealing astonishingly high damages to him. Therefore, after being trapped in a fleshy entanglement with Sheyan, the Ndipaya elder had started howling for his subordinates, who were busy fending off Reef, for help.

Despite the deadliness of the Ndipaya barbarians' transmitted pestilences, their aggro was simply unimpressive in the face of the damage reduction of Sheyan's 'Stronghold' innate ability.

Hence, without lasting for very long, the elder was pounded to death. After snapping his neck, he dropped a black colored key.

Seeing a drop loot that could seemingly contain 'goods', both Sheyan and Reef swelled with excitement; as though they had been injected with adrenaline.

Noteworthily, although the Ndipaya elder seemed to be semi-immune to Reef's 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', the other Ndipaya barbarians were incapable of resisting the formidable might of a Growth-hunter.

Furthermore, their most menacing weapon, their viruses, were now almost utterly negated by Sheyan and Reef. With their decline in speed, they could no longer match Sheyan in speed, and couldn't avoid him creeping up their backs; hacking and cleaving them as they cried chaotically.

Moreover, Reef's few servants had already grown to an exceptionally bold and fierce state. In addition to Mbenga, they didn't take long before annihilating all the Ndipaya barbarians.

Following that, they proceeded to rummage through the village.

Unexpectedly, this village provided them with a terribly measly harvest. Without an exception, they managed to locate another stone slab but failed to harvest anything else. What herbs, gold, hidden treasures.....they couldn't find a single thing at all.

This was probably because Sheyan and his group had scared the snake while beating the grass in their previous village raid, causing this group of barbarians to employ a scorched earth policy.

Fortunately, the loots provided by the Ndipaya elder's black key was pretty remarkable and actually produced two incredibly valuable item. One was a dazzling sparkling diamond, and the other was a golden beetle; sculpted to perfection.

[ Name: Diamond ]

[ Type: Valuable object ]

[ Material: Carbon ]

[ Origin: Hidden World - Resident Evil, Origin Chapter ]

[ Weight: 3.5 carats ]

[ Description: This is an incredibly precious gem and can fetch a hefty sum anywhere. You can even bring this out to the real world ]


[ You received a special valuable object: Golden Beetle ]

[ Golden Beetle ]

[ Special valuable item that will only appear in the hidden world - Resident Evil, Origin Chapter ]

[ Description: This is an Archaeozoic beetle that has fossilized into this amber crystal after being buried for a millennium. It is extremely precious ]

[ Value: You can retain it as a souvenir, or exchange it for 50,000 utility points, or 3 achievement points ]

Although the diamond had no marked value, Sheyan reckoned it absolutely wasn't inferior to the golden beetle. If these two items truly had high drop rates, then they could basically return after clearing the outer reaches of this Kijuju Marshland.

The value of both items could be described as priceless. The former could be exchanged for tens of thousands of utility points, while the latter could actually be swapped for 3 achievement points. That was akin to the rewards for accomplishing the first main mission of a world previously!

Also and more crucially, after razing the village, Sheyan also successfully acquired the title - Invaders.

This title allowed his damage dealt to Ndipaya barbarians to increase by 10%, which was rather little. Nevertheless, Sheyan simultaneously received a notification from his nightmare imprint.

[ Your military rank is Major. You have fulfilled the required quantity of titles ]

[ You received the ability - Title Synthesis! ]

[ The rules of 'Title Synthesis' are as follows: ]

[ A: You must acquire a Black-Iron class or above title as a medium for title synthesis. Otherwise, ordinary class titles are incapable of inheriting the capabilities of title synthesis ]

[ B: Titles of similar properties cannot be synthesized. For example, a title that provides +5% movement speed cannot be synthesized with one that provides +3% movement speed ]

[ C: Directly carrying out title synthesis will result in a relatively low success rate. You must pay the price of burning away titles to accumulate 'synthesizing energy', which will allow a smoother process of title synthesis. The more titles you burn, the higher the success rate of title synthesis ]

[ D: Title synthesis can only be carried out in the nightmare realm, and may require a fixed fee ]

After carefully reading through the rules, Sheyan obtained a fundamental understanding of the title synthesis process.

Employing the analogy of cooking a dish, the Black-Iron class or above title would be akin to the wok used for cooking. Without it, the dish would simply be uncookable.

Next, adding flavour to the title would be the different condiments for a dish, where the titles could not be repetitive. This resembled throwing a spoon of salt would add flavour to the dish, but throwing in more would spoil the dish.

Finally, the fire of the stove is absolutely indispensable in cooking a dish. This referred to using those useless titles one gathered as fuel, increasing the cooking period and subsequently raising the rate of success.

With his present understanding, Sheyan could confirm that the properties of titles used in synthesis wouldn't vanish, but would be stacked upon each other. As for whether new properties would surface, that would be hard to determine.

After a series of careful analysis and research, and after both contestants had rejuvenated roughly, they hurriedly proceeded towards their next target......

The details of the campaigns against the remaining villages didn't need to be elaborated.

The third village was like a dragon without a head. Their elder was that Ndipaya elder that had chased after Mbenga previously, the one that Sheyan killed single-handedly.

Thus, riding on their potent immunity to resist most of the barbarian's virus, the entire process was like trampling on dried grains; simply a plain sailing affair.

However, when facing the largest Ndipaya village, Sheyan and Reef both met with the strongest and most violent resistance of the Ndipaya outer reaches.

There were actually 2 Ndipaya elders in addition to 50 - 60 henchmen that were hiding within the sludge at the periphery of their village. They were unexpectedly lying in ambush for them!

Earlier on, Sheyan had constantly been puzzled by the lacking manpower of the first village. Furthermore, that village didn't possess a seating elder. As it turns out, they had visited this village to engage in interactions.

Thus, both Sheyan and Reef suffered bitterly in this battle.

After eliminating the threat of the Ndipaya barbarians' pestilences, those barbarians were reduced to merely thick skin and muscles. Nevertheless, Sheyan was ultimately just one person.

Even if he had the balls to freaking charge into the legion of enemies with his 'Horn-Rage', directly colliding to suppress one of the Ndipaya elders, the other would still be presented with sufficient casting time!