Chapter 595: Conditions

 Chapter 595: Conditions

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Sheyan's statement sounded rather rude, instead, Zi emotionlessly placed the teapot on the table. She then pushed gently with slender spotlessly fair fingers, as the table revolved and directed the delicate tea port to Sheyan's front.

When everyone was expecting Sheyan to pour himself a cup, he unexpectedly picked up the entire teapot. Raising it above his head, he blatantly swallowed in gulps!

Not only Demondream revealed a spiteful glance, even the composed Zi couldn't refrain herself from frowning.

Sheyan proceeded to drain out the tea until only the tea leaves were left inside the pot. He then belched comfortably, before offering a smirk and provided an irrelevant answer.

"You're implying, you wish to trade this dark-gold shield for our divine stone? You should at least exhibit its properties."

Demondream gave a biting reply.

"The properties aren't a problem, but how can a piece of rock match the value of a dark-gold grade equipment?"

As she spoke, she demonstrated the properties of the dark-gold grade shield.

[ Grasp of Pharaoh Welkhahor ]

[ Origin: The Scorpion King world ]

[ Equipment rarity: Dark-gold ]

[ Material: Bronze, Carapace of the sage scarab, ashes of an Egyptian pharaoh, Scorching sun crystals ]

[ Addons: Spikes of Scorching sun crystals ]

[ Equipment position: Single hand / Dual hand (Can only be wielded single-handedly if user's strength is above 40 points) ]

[ Equipment type: Heavy Shield ]

[ Weight: 34 kg ]

[ Equipment usage requirements: Strength 20 points, physique 45 points ]

[ Durability: 250 / 250 ]

[ Property: lowers explosive strike rate against you by 3% ]

[ Property: Defence + 20 (ability 'Shield Fluency' reaching an advanced stage can boost this effect) ]

[ Property: +55% chance of resisting the enemy's attack ]

[ Property: Physique +6 ]

[ Special ability: Parasitic Sage-scarabs (passive) - Whenever you receive damage, there is a chance of conceiving Sage-scarab larva in the opponent's body. A Sage-scarab larva will absorb 30 HP from the opponent to incubate, and then begin assaulting other surrounding opponents. When a Sage-scarab inflicts 100 primary damage or survives for over 60 seconds, it will explode and supply healing effects to allies within a 10 metre radius. Amount of HP healed: 10 points + defence of shield wielder ]

[ Details: A Sage-scarab is immune to all magic type damage effects, and possess 2 Absolute HP*. If a Sage-scarab dies without self-exploding, the healing effect will not take place. Instead, it will cause the movement and attack speed of the attacker to reduce by 5%. Duration of slow is based on the physique of the shield wielder. This speed reduction effect can be stacked 6 times ]

(TL*Absolute HP is the same one as Jinkuang. Where every attack dealt to him will result in subtracting 1 absolute HP)

[ Detail: At any one time, there can at most be 5 Sage-scarabs ]

[ Special property: Frailness - After long periods of corrosion, the texture of this delicate and valuable shield has degenerated. When used to block an opponent's attack, there is a fixed chance of its durability depleting rapidly ]

[ Ability: Scorching Radiance - Unleash a dense mass of scorching crystal beams, dealing astonishing AOE fire damages around a 10 metre radius. Damage dealt: physique of wielder x 10. However, the wielder will be blinded for 10 seconds, where this effect will fade if the wielder is attacked. If ability is cast in a narrow and sealed space (rooms etc), half of the scorching crystal beams will refract against the opponent and deal a second round of damage ]

[ Details: Upon casting 'Scorching Radiance', the shield's exterior will change and be left with its middle circular shape. Its nature will change from a heavy shield to a light shield. This shield must be placed under the sunlight for at least 4 hours before it can replenish its scorching sun crystals ]

[ Ability: ??? (unactivated) ]

[ Description: This is a precious object treasured by the Scorpion King. Although the berserk, long range expert Scorpion King wouldn't use such a gutless tool as a shield, the atrocious Scorpion King holds reverence for the grand Pharaoh Welkhahor. This is why the 'Pharaoh Welkhahor's Grasp' has been maintained so well until now. If your efforts can awaken the slumbering pernicious spirit of this shield, you will be able to tap into its true strength! ]

Sheyan leaned against the chair while leisurely speaking.

"Isn't it just a dark-gold grade shield? There's nothing to brag about a dark-gold grade equipment. Wasn't there someone else who wanted to exchange a dark-gold accessory for both chances of the divine stone?"

Listening to his words, Demondream instantly scoffed.

"You can carry on dreaming...."

She originally wanted to mock further but immediately zipped her mouth, because she could see a dark-gold glimmer within the gaps of Sheyan's clenched fist!

Zi coldly refuted.

"I heard Reef's previous party experienced a terribly intense battle in the Matrix world. There should've been a large possibility you acquired that dark-gold grade equipment. Seaman, aren't you trying to scare us by producing Reef's possession?"

Sheyan chortled gently and flicked against his neck in response.

"This is Reef's dark-gold equipment. I know you'd think I'm bragging, but that is because you don't understand me well."

While speaking, Sheyan then exhibited out the object in his fist. Indeed, it was similarly a dark-gold grade accessory!

The '+6 Chieftain's Hobby'!

Demondream turned incomparably excited and involuntarily voiced out upon seeing that item.

"Sire! Yuan Zhan will be able to recover his prowess with it, no, he could even become stronger than before..."

Speaking till here, Demondream immediately clutched her mouth. However, by then, Reef and Mogensha already revealed enlightened expressions.

Zi glared at Demondream with dissatisfaction and continued her negotiations.

"Do you wish to sell that accessory?"

Sheyan squinted his eyes and replied.

"Last I recalled, we were still discussing the topic of the divine stone eh? Let's conclude that first before moving to others. I think we are all clear on this, although the value of a dark-gold grade equipment is exorbitant, an evolvable ability like 'Flesh Explosion' is absolutely valiant. If you can learn it, it would surely be worth the value of a dark-grade equipment."

"Hold up lady Demondream, interrupting someone is a rather impolite conduct. If you have objections to what I'm saying, then our conversation can end here. I wouldn't mind heading to the ability that can evolve to the 'S' rank and a dark-gold grade accessory, I'm sure it will attract multitudes of patrons."

Zi abruptly scoffed indifferently.

"Of course you can do that, but aren't you afraid you'd accidentally sell it to your foes? Being eliminated by the enemy with your own equipment or ability, wouldn't that be awfully pathetic?"

Sheyan's lips curled up and opposed with equal harshness.

"Oh, true that. Back in the Avatar world, we were almost stalled by a group of individuals."

Zi very calmly continued.

"At least, the majority of our time in there was with a rather pleasant cooperation."

Sheyan stared into her eyes and earnestly urged.

"If the Illume-union wishes to obtain this 'Flesh Explosion' ability, then show us your sincerity. I thought I possessed amicable relations with them, yet cruel reality showed up and lectured me severely. Oh, how my heart ached that time."

Zi straightened her posture and replied.

"We shan't talk about the past, or do I have to factor in that debt from the Caribbean sea world? I won't deny that 'Flesh Explosion' is truly a powerful ability, but your divine rock only offers a fixed probability of allowing one to learn this evolving ability! It isn't guaranteed, and that is where the worth of a dark-gold shield surmounts your divine stone. If you are willing to add in that accessory, our Illume-union can throw in two additional conditions."

Sheyan replied indifferently.

"What conditions?"

Zi pondered and answered.

"Reef should still be stuck at the final barrier to become an official Growth-hunter right? We can supply assistance and allow him to successfully transcend to that realm."

Sheyan glanced at Reef. Reef shrugged his shoulders and revealed a cheeky intent. Sheyan obviously knew Reef had utilized that item, otherwise, it would've been impossible to obtain a max evaluation for their hidden mission.

Sheyan then chuckled and asked.

"How about the second condition?"

"In your next world, the Illume-union will shelter and block off the Metals Professor's pursuit for you." Zi continued.

"I can restrain Zeus. With me around, Zeus will never act. This will increase your chances of survival substantially."

At this moment, Brother Black and Reef both issued into the party channel simultaneously.

"Boss, I feel that's fine. If what Zi says is true, then her suppression of Zeus will really offer to us an immense victorious possibility."

Sheyan contemplated a little before adding a question he already knew the answer to.

"Firstly, how will the Metals Professor chase us in the next world? Secondly, who is Zeus? I heard he's a rather formidable figure?"

Mogensha replied Sheyan through the party channel.

"Do you still remember the Banks Syndicate ambushing the Symbiosis Sect? Then, they were able to orientate our position and create a shuttling transport black hole. Right now, I bet the Metals Professor can do that too. Moreover, a disastrous scenario can happen, that is to first locate the world we are entering, and then entering themselves. I heard a foreseeing type spirit expert contestant can possess such an ability. Of course, they will definitely have to fork out a tremendous price, and minimally requires an advanced 7 days to activate it!"

Instead, Demondream introduced Zeus with a single phrase.

"Prince Stalo was defeated by Zeus, and he hasn't won a single time."

The trio couldn't help but commence a series of private discussions. Although they could conceal these discussions without the need to whisper, it couldn't escape Demondream and Zi's eyesight.

Both of them glanced and each other, feeling that a deal was at hand.

Eventually, Sheyan unexpectedly shook his head and offered an inevitable but upright expression to Zi.

"I refuse."