Chapter 549: Quasi-legendary Warship

 Chapter 549: Quasi-legendary Warship

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Apart from that, the five lofty mast of the ship were rather peculiar. Its foremast, mainmast and mizzen mast were slightly lower, appearing as though they were the auxiliary masts. Instead, its second and fourth mast was thicker and taller, looking as though they were the main masts.

Of course, one must expound on the most special aspect when speaking about this ship - its material composite.

The ship's surface shone with an ashen metallic like color, that prevented the slapping waves from soaking its interior. The water would appear as if dripping on a lotus leaf, leaving behind grains of water beads congealed on its surface before sliding down quickly. Don't even compare it with the wooden sailboats of the era, even steel warships of later generations would not display such a fantastic effect.

Sheyan feasted his eyes on this lofty warship with great satisfaction. He shut his eyes in contemplation, feeling that on the overall, this ship surprisingly resembled an ancient chinese coffin that was amplified countless times!

The pirates here spent the years of their lives labouring out at sea, that even seawater would probably be flowing within their blood. Naturally, they could differentiate the conceptual design of this ship was skewed towards stability and security. Even if it encountered large insurmountable waves, it would not capsize. Yet one must note, the wood used in building this ship was extremely unique and was much heavier than other wood. Therefore, its voyage speed would undoubtedly be its shortcoming.

Big beard Davies accompanied Sheyan by his side. Without a doubt, his killing might now was the most excellent amongst Sheyan's subordinates.

When he brandished his greatsword and chopped down against the ship's hull, it merely left a white scratch; hoar frost condensing several square metres on the ship's hull before rapidly melting away. Even that white scratch gradually faded.

One could tell how exceptional its firmness was!

When Sheyan successfully scaled the ship and entered the captain's cabin, he instantly received the notification from his nightmare imprint.

[ You commandeered the flagship of a gypsy clan ]

[ You acquired a special 5-masted ship ]

[ Your reputation amongst the pirates is raised ]

[ Your current reputation status amongst the pirates of the caribbean: Worshipped ]

[ You can commit the following actions: Examine the detailed report of this ship / Name this ship / Implement modifications and upgrade this ship ]

[ Details: You currently fulfill the two qualifications to initiate the milestone - Pirate Captain (advanced) ]

[ Your reputation amongst all pirates has risen to 'Worshipped'. You possess a ship exceeding a 7 kiloton displacement. Please quickly recruit and amass your storyline pirate crew to above 300 members to accomplish this milestone ]

[ Details: Upon accomplishing this milestone, you will receive a Black-Iron class title ]

Sheyan was overwhelmed with emotions momentarily.

Upon conferring a name to this ship, Sheyan suddenly recalled a previous encounter in the Bohai sea back in the present world. An old sailor had once offered him a recitation.

"Today the world sheds tears of memorial departure, you alone suffice to strengthen the navy's might."

(TL: This is said to be an elegiac couplet recited by Emperor Guangxu for Deng Shicang of the Beiyang navy. )

Sheyan had also heard of the backstory behind those two poetic lines, and was deeply moved by the story amiability of Deng Shicang, Duke Deng. Reminiscing that, he altered the name of this ship to a one that carried the rich flavour of the east - The Dingyuan.

(TL: (Dingyuang), literal means definite distant. It also refers to a chinese ironclad battleship of the chinese Beiyang fleet.)

When Reef and Mogensha heard Sheyan's explanation, they expressed their consenting praises. Then, Sheyan commanded his pirates to sew a jolly roger unique to themselves - a black flag with a seven-clawed golden dragon*. Then, he browsed through the detailed report of the ship.

(TL:*This is a chinese dragon)

[ The Dingyuan: 5-masted ship (extremely rare class).

[ Class: Hybrid ship of paddle and sails (Can be modified) ]

[ Fastest velocity: ten knots (1 knot is approximately 1.8 kilometres per hour) ]

[ Movement: sails ]

[ Quasi-legendary ability: Transcended Steel (Passive) - This ship is built with the incomparably rare Ironwood and processed with special occult magic. Therefore, it is hard for the ship frame to be damaged. However, due to the heaviness of ironwood, the speed of this ship will always decline by 35% ]

[ Details: Though a Quasi-legendary ability is exceptionally powerful, its negative property is equally a headache. When the ship can be upgraded to an extent of total counteract of its negative property, it can then ascend to be a genuine legendary ability ]

[ A rank ability: Nature's Prevailment (Passive) - During the ironwood's excruciatingly long life, it contended against the harsh nature environment. Hence, its toughness and vitality is exceptionally tenacious. During shipbuilding, the gypsies leveraged on this special attribute; employing occult magic to seal the vitality of other trees into the ship's frame. Therefore, The Dingyuan possesses an ability of sustainably mending its own frame ]

[ However, due to the presence of occult magic. The deck of the Dingyuan must be cleansed with blood once every year, to allow the vitality offered in this ship to absorb essences. Otherwise, it will gradually lose its ability ]

After hastily reading through the detailed report, Sheyan could roughly understand the reason for the gypsies refining a Baladine Bloodsail. That occult magic refined sail could utilized the vengeful souls to push the sail forward, substantially bolstering the movement speed of this ship; thereby enhancing this great warship to one that possesses a legendary ability.

One could tell the schemes of these gypsies weren't shallow at all. They absolutely weren't just seeking to hunt the a monstrous beast like the Chupacabra.

They had tarried for far too long battling over here. Presently, Sheyan no longer desired to stay any longer. Besides, mishaps could happen anytime, and who could claim to be clear on

unexpected variations?

Converging with the manpower left safeguarding the Hill Maiden as soon as possible would be the best course of action.

Prior to commandeering this ship, the pirates relied on the turncoat Taitish to act as rat in order to dispel the suspicions of the safeguarding gypsies. Then, with a spurt of outburst, they engaged in a naval boarding battle that Sheyan's crew was most adept in.

With the ship composition being exceptionally impregnable, their method of battling seemingly offered negligent damages to the ship itself. Therefore, sailing it out anytime was possible.

Setting this ship into motion for Sheyan's crew of pirates was practically too simple. Within a short ten minutes, Sheyan's new flagship was already drifting along the vast caribbean sea.

It was nearly identical to the expectations of the crew. While sailing across the sea, the ship was incredibly stable where it would be hard for one to perceive the bumpiness of the sea. Nevertheless, its sailing speed was equally lacking as compared to even ordinary merchant ships; much less to say of warships.

At present, Sheyan could finally catch his breath and make inventory of all his losses. Even though his crew made the first strike when commandeering the ship, the safeguarding gypsies weren't ones to be trifled with. They could even be hailed as Jiejie's auxiliary personal guards.

If not for the turncoat Taitish and the vikings, or if their enemy hadn't been segregated into three groups (The group led by Taitish to ambush Sheyan + the ones refining the Baladine Bloodsail + the safeguarders), then it would be hard to determine if this battle would have succeeded.

The outcome of the battle resulted in three of the hired vikings dying in combat.

Knowing that there was no turning back, Taitish similarly gritted her teeth and fought bravely. In the end, she suffered grave injuries and probably wouldn't live to see the daylight. Apart from that, over twenty pirates under Sheyan were killed, while over half of them were wounded.

Despite that, their efforts was all worth it. The vikings didn't belong under Sheyan and would depart after this battle. Hence, it wouldn't matter if all of them died.

As for ordinary pirates, Sheyan would definitely be able to replenish them with his current reputation at various neutral or pirate ports. It would be fine as long as the backbone remained.

Furthermore, after two gruelling battles, it naturally phased out most of the unqualified or inadequate pirates. The remaining few would be qualified to become the backbone of the crew.

Instead, Sheyan was feeling rather regrettable pertaining to Taitish. Amongst all his subordinates, most were adept in physical damage output with only a single Blacksail that could pass off as a semi witchcraft alchemist.

If Taitish could survive, she would minimally make up for the deficiency in that aspect. After pondering a little, Sheyan decided to take a look himself and try to save her.

When he caught glimpse of Taitish who was placed inside the ship's hold, Sheyan got a huge shock. Her hair had turned fully white along with her exposed wrinkled and shrivelled skin, resembling that of a dried tangerine. Skin limpidly sagged from her facial features, as her eyes stared lifelessly towards the ceiling. Her lips were twitching repeatedly as though attempting to make her final confession.

If one said that Taitish was ninety years old now, anyone would believe him!

When the pirates had witnessed Taitish's dying state, their hearts shuddered.

Sheyan did a brief scan as he discovered Taitish received injuries in three areas - neck, right chest and left thigh. The wounds to her vital organs from those area weren't detrimental, but the most fatal aspect laid in her excessive loss of blood. Her body was truly like an extinguished lamp.

Observing this scene, Sheyan sighed. This skirmish to commandeer the ship was all thanks to Taitish becoming a rat. Without her, it wouldn't even be possible to speak about seizing such an indomitable ship.

Perhaps, the crew would be annihilated before even reaching the ship.

Strictly speaking, apart from those that fell in battle, Taitish's merits were truly the greatest.

Excluding that, to leverage on using that exceedingly diabolical Baladine Bloodsail, it would definitely require the assistance of one who understood the inner specifics of the gypsies. Their assistance would undoubtedly reduce the workload by half. Speaking from that aspect, Taitish was someone that could not be replaced.

Therefore, Sheyan pondered and attempted to use healing medicines or products from the realm to treat Taitish. Sadly, the nightmare imprint released a notification.

[ Unable to use realm items on this storyline character ]

Sheyan could only sigh and shook his head. The current Taitish was already dying; convulsing from head to toe from the acute pain. Looking at her fast dying state, Sheyan felt utterly helpless; such a feeling was immensely discomforting.