Chapter 508: Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth

 Chapter 508: Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth

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At present, there wasn't any alternative left for Alan Dale, further contemplation would only serve to weaken his fighting spirit.

Thus, he heaved deeply as he emptied needless thoughts from his heart. His footwork became more bewitching, while his attacking pattern turned queer. Yet one could vividly observe, his rapier thrusts had morphed into silks of thread; like a flexible yet durable yarn, as it incessantly carved out stripes of wounds on Sheyan's body.

In view that he had occupied the upper hand, Alan Dale gradually believed victory was attainable. How much blood a person had was how much it would flow; how many more wounds can he endure? With his unswerving perseverance, he would inevitably emerge victorious.

Yet while Alan Dale's confidence started to restore from such thoughts, an unexplainably freakish growl transmitted from Sheyan's body. Indeed, Sheyan had awaited all for this moment, the moment his passive ability of his 'Barbarous Crust Armour' was activated.

Instantaneously, he pulled out his saber, and slashed from head down! The speed of his first slash was rather ordinary to Alan Dale, as Alan Dale easily side stepped to dodge with his intriguing footwork. Yet the speed of the second slash... was simply unimaginable to Alan Dale!

Sheyan's lethal saber slashed horizontally with a deep-blue afterimage. Determining that dodging was impossible, Alan Dale could only swipe his rapier up to block.

Clank! Rapier and long saber collided, as sparks were ignited. Having blocked this blade, Alan Dale could only feel his chest being oppressed to the maximum, as though he couldn't even pant for breath! Within a split second, his vision darkened as stars emerged!

As a veteran of a hundred battles, his abundant experience allowed him to react reflexively. He leapt backwards upon the impact of collision, thereby distancing himself away, and simultaneously reducing the astronomical explosive impact of Sheyan's long saber.

Yet when Alan Dale had just leapt backwards, another ravishing oceanic blue ray welcomed him, carrying a malignantly disdainful impetuous as it beheaded down. This sensation completely felt like one's soul was being crushed beneath the depths of the ocean!

"How can there be such a blade that moves this fast!" Alan Dale's eyes switched to fear in a flash, which subsequently quickly transformed into despair.

One could only hear an incomparably mournful shriek, as Alan Dale clutched his right thigh where blood poured out like a fountain. He was now limping, and his nimbleness had been substantially shaved off. Nevertheless, he forced himself to continue blocking for another 7-8 strikes.

PA! Alan Dale was then struck on his cheek by the back of the saber, before Sheyan followed up with a smashing fist into his face. His eyes were knocked black, as his nose burned with unprecedented pain before falling into semi-consciousness.

When Alan Dale recovered his senses, a foul blend of perspiration and mud assailed his nostrils, while the agony of all his bones being fractured pierced his senses. In such unbearable agony, he slanted his eyes to observe.

Instead, his sight utterly enraged him until he almost fainted again. As it turns out, his face was currently being trampled by a nameless lowly pirate; grinding against his face as though he was cleaning the sole of his shoe!

"Argghh!!!!" Alan Dale howled while brimming with humiliation. Sadly, his limbs had been tightly bundled up where excessive movements only fuelled his agony.

At present, Blacksail had already been rescued and awoken. After downing several mouthfuls of rum, he freshened up and proceeded to apply a self-concocted medicine. After a simple bandaging, he forced himself to stand. Upon noticing Alan Dale's current pitiful state, Blacksail's eyes flickered with adrenaline and brutality; resembling that of an injured, famished but mighty wolf.

Sheyan folded his arms across his chest as he stared at Alan Dale and issued.

"To involve me, you are truly unfortunate. I am one who bears grudges. Hence, anyone who dares to harm me or my comrades, will definitely be returned with favour. Blacksail!!"

A pale faced Blacksail immediately wiped away the blood on his lips, as he called loudly.

"Aye, Cap'n!"

Harboring malicious intent, Sheyan commanded.

"Strip the clothes off this stupid cunt, hang him atop my mast without a stitch of clothing. Don't even leave behind half an underwear."

Upon hearing Sheyan's command, even the distant spectating pirates flared up. Hanging one atop a mast wasn't an uncommon occurrence. That was a common method of punishment a captain would use for disobedient crew members. Yet, this was stark naked! A stark naked humiliation was one that was seemingly inconceivable. Furthermore, the victim of this naked hanging, was a prominent character within Tortuga, no, the entire caribbean scene - Alan Dale!

When Alan Dale heard Sheyan's command, he yelled furiously.

"Ye scurvy dog, yer dare to kill me! Yer slack jawed idiot!"

To an individual like him, being stripped naked and hung was a consequence more terrifying than death. Still, Alan Dale wasn't a fearless pirate that would view death as a return hom. He didn't dare to bite his own tongue and suicide.

In contrast, Blacksail implemented Sheyan's command with matchless excitement. Quickly and easily, he stripped Alan Dale into a naked pig, exposing his emaciated ribs and deathly pale skin. Then, he suspended the absolutely naked Alan Dale from the mast. Everyone's gaze were now fixated onto the primitive state of this 'cold', 'mysterious' and 'formidable' sword expert.

Observing Alan Dale's acne ridden bare buttocks, wrinkled dick, excessive foreskin, and his body stained with filth and spots; all his initial impressions had been thoroughly overturned...

While only several hundreds of spectators were watching Sheyan's standoff with the pirates previously, it had now scaled to a thousand. Crowded in, these onlookers gathered by the breakwaters and the harbour. They casted reverential gazes at Sheyan and his unexpected crew, before shifting their attention towards the suspended Alan Dale; who was furiously berating, cursing and even screaming.

Sheyan purposely chose not to seal his mouth; because in the eyes of everyone, they could see anything that Alan Dale did, or whatever words he cursed; the only fact that he couldn't change, was the cruel affair of his bare buttocks being hung from this mast. Such a strong contrast would definitely leave a deep impression on anyone.

As time dragged on, Alan Dale felt as though he was being utterly drowned in a sea of humiliation. The crowd only grew bigger; reminiscing daggers that were stabbing into his self-esteem.

Nevertheless, Alan Dale didn't desire to die. After all the bloody battles he fought before and striving till now, he was undoubtedly reluctant to simply give up on life!

At present, after the illustrious Alan Dale had sung into such a shocking contradiction, he became so sensitive that he could even hear the coughing of a random passerby; even the yelps of seagulls seemed to be intensely insulting him. He even tried hypnotizing himself into thinking this was just a nightmare that was about to conclude!

Meanwhile, the few pirates that Alan Dale had brought along with him had tried to flee. Yet, with the supervision of Reef and Brother Black, how could they escape?

They could only obediently serve as captives. Peering around with immense terror, they appeared like rookie bar waitresses after just getting hired. Plagued with a fear that these vile pirates would strip them naked, and hang them from the mast.

It was simply impossible to describe the current emotions of these pirates.

Usually running amuck in Tortuga, they were now feeling boundless shame. Usually rampant in the past, how humiliated were they now!

More pirates continued to crowd in, as discussions broke up amongst themselves.

"That be Alan Dale, ain't it?"

"It's really him."

"This time, his name amongst the pirates shall soar greatly, but as a laughin' stock. How fast would this news be spreadin' amongst the taverns, aye, swifter than the eastern winds! Aye, I can imagine within few months, every tavern gunna be discussin' tis' jolly affair."

"Even if Alan Dale be survivin' this, when he steps ashore, his bilge-suckin' name can never be scrubbed clean. Aye, an eternal joke be tis'."

"That Hill Maiden might look like a british warship eh, but it flies a jolly roger. Where does its captain hail from, to completely disregard Skrtel!"



Sheyan couldn't be bothered to entertain them. After Ol'Seadog had slew Hawser, he had dropped a light-blue grade key where nothing much came out of it, but merely 2000 plus utility points.

Prompted by earlier experiences, Sheyan begun inspecting Hawser's corpse carefully, where he managed to discover a light-bluish radiance; belonging to the ring worn on Hawser's middle finger.

Sheyan instantly received the notification:

[ You discovered a corpse that appears to possess a mystical energy ]

[ Do you wish to activate your Pirate Captain's authority to engage in plundering? ]

[ You discovered an enchanted artifact: Magnetite Ring ]

[ Magnetite Ring (1/2) ]

[ Origin: Turkey ]

[ Equipment characteristic: Unique Storyline Equipment ]

[ Equipment rarity: Light Blue ]

[ Material: Magnetite ]

[ Addons: Platinum base ]

[ Effect: Grants enhanced vision to wielder. During hand combat, accuracy increase by 3 cm. During broadside cannon battles, accuracy increased by 1 metre. (Which means, within a deviation of 3 cm or 1 m, the attack will automatically be skewed into precision) ]

[ Equipment position: Finger ]

[ Description: If you can find another 'Magnetite Ring' and combine them, the combined strength of paired rings will demonstrate an extremely powerful might. ]

[ Description: Though its effect is rather negligible, to a professional gunner, this is a must have item. In the past, Hawser used 5 british guineas to purchase this from a disappointed wandering pirate. After Hawser wore the ring, he shamelessly robbed back his 5 british guineas ]