Chapter 469: Awakened

 Chapter 469: Awakened

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When Sheyan touched the wooden stick, he could feel that its thickness and hardness was on par with the human bone. Moreover, its exterior was wrapped in a layer of leather that emulated the human skin. Of course, that layer was also utilized as a protective layer for beginner class muay thai students. Due to past muay thai practitioners not paying attention to incremental learning progression, many athletes past the age of 30 would find their speed deteriorating rapidly, and even their health would be influenced in the future.

If Sheyan were to unleash his full strength, then don't even mention that wooden stick; even if there was a huge tree placed before him, 2-3 kicks would've been enough to topple it. Nevertheless, Sheyan was here in search of a breakthrough. Thus, he once again modulated his attributes to those of an average human, attempting to draw out the maximum secret potential through his mediocre body! After examining the wooden stick, Sheyan then followed Naizhu's instructions. Standing where he was without moving, he swung his leg out, and crashed his shin against the wooden stick.

For this day, Sheyan spent an entire night until 11pm, before he managed to smash through the wooden stick with his leg. On the second morning, a towering swollen lump had emerged over his right shin, a ginormous bruise shining gloriously. It appeared extremely gruesome, and he had to rely on limping to walk.

Prior to Sheyan, there wasn't a shortage of young lads who harboured great interest in muay thai, enrolling themselves here to train. Hence, such a scene was already a frequent sight for other muay thai practitioners, as well as Grandmaster Yabile. Treatment medicines were delivered to Sheyan, and Naizhu was even prepared to follow the proper sequence in sending him to the hospital.

Who knew that at this time, Sheyan would walk towards Grandmaster Yabile as he sincerely asked.

"Am I considered to have completed the 2nd tier training regime yesterday?"

Grandmaster Yabile had never expected that Sheyan would actually ask such a question! That old man gently lifted his eyes to view Sheyan before replying.


Sheyan gently replied.

"Then I wish to enroll into the harshest training regime, money isn't a problem."

Grandmaster Yabile raised his brows slightly.

"We'll talk about that after you've completed the third tier training regime. This place is a muay thai training school, not a place for one to commit suicide."

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, once again cupping his hands as he bowed.

"As you command, Grandmaster."

10 days later. Sheyan had steadily made his mark here by now. Though the training became more taxing and harsh on his strength and willpower, it didn't stump him one bit. More importantly, he was starting to feel a great clarity and distinctiveness on the sensation of being on the verge of a breakthrough.

An indescribable strength was incessantly flowing throughout his heart, surging like an oceanic tide. It was as though any second now, that's correct, possibly even 1 second later, his heart would pump out this strength towards the flesh and bones of his limbs!

Thus, Sheyan's performance became all the more deranged, and all the more determined! Such ferocity caused individuals around him, to begin guessing the kind of massive trauma he had faced to act so suicidally. Taking the afternoon training for example - where one party would focus on attacking, while the other would wear defensive padding and attempt to block the assaults. However, Sheyan who was a complete foreigner to muay thai, actually decided not to wear any defensive padding! One could only imagine the severity of his wounds.

Initially, his conduct was halted by others. Yet, in the consecutive following days, everyone had grown accustomed to his matchless valiant resistance to assaults! In reality, after suppressing his individual capabilities, Sheyan was pretty much as valiant as an ordinary human. His body was covered in bruises, and he had several fractured ribs. Fortunately, the nightmare imprint would continuously modulating his body condition, ensuring his injuries weren't fatal to his life. But having his life endangered was one thing, the current Sheyan was wholeheartedly relying on willpower to sustain himself!

The shadow casted by the sun gradually shifted to the west. Sheyan was presenting sparring with an individual named Caiba. Caiba stared at his coarsely gaping muay thai opponent, and sincerely warned.

"I am going to start tempering my knee strikes, you must be careful."

Sheyan licked his dried and cracked lips, as he squinted his eyes and responded.

"Don't worry."

Caiba was nonetheless a formidable muay thai boxer at his prime. People around him hailed the strength of his leg as an unrivalled ferocity, one that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. This formidable muay thai boxer released a grunt, and instantly flashed towards Sheyan like lightning. Pow! Pow! Deafening sounds of fierce bursts of strength resounded.

The fighting sounds were firm and substantial, intensely piercing the ears and shaking the souls. Elbow strikes and knee strikes swiped in from extraordinarily narrow areas, leaving one hard pressed to guard against them! Under Caiba's fury, Sheyan was essentially like a tiny boat amidst the raging billowing sea; seemingly about to capsize and drown anytime.

One must understand, Sheyan wasn't wearing defensive padding! Hence, Caiba's assaults were fists against flesh, just like a real battle. With Caiba treating muay thai as his personal livelihood, it was easy to fall into a state of battle frenzy; not recognizing friend from foe. Caught up in battle, his only notion was to take down his opponent. In other words, to go all out in frenzy! That was why, fatal casualties were common occurrences in underground muay thai arenas.

Suddenly, Caiba's eyes turned red with bloodlust as he entered a state of fighting frenzy. Roaring furiously, he leapt forward while spearing his left knee in, before chaining his right knee to shuttle in almost instantaneously! With utmost brutality, both knees smashed against the Sheyan's temples!

At this moment, Sheyan's physical condition, his energy and even his willpower, had hit rock bottom! Such a fatal and brutal move, immediately struck his vision into darkness. The alarming gasps of the onlookers overflowed the scene, as strings of morbid blood sprayed out from his mouth!!


"Thump thump thump!"

"Thump thump thump ~ thump thump!"

"What sound is that?" Sheyan gradually opened his eyes. "Wasn't I just sparring with Caiba? This place, what is this place?"

Surfacing in Sheyan's view, was an expansive world of blood! As far as his eyes could see, it was as though flesh and blood dominated this world. The skies were pressed ridiculously low, like a crimson blood sky dome filled with blood clouds. Within his ear, was the repetitive sound of a rigorous heartbeat! After a long while, he finally grew accustomed to it.

Sheyan stood up as he pondered seriously.

"If I'm not wrong, I must've sparked the awakening of my innate! But Reef hadn't told me, that I would experience such a state."

"I read an article before, which states an average person has around a 100 billion brain cells, but only less than 10%* is utilized. The rest are dormant, and even the elite physicist Albert Einstein could only utilize 13% of his brain. Could it be, that I'm currently dwelling in my own consciousness, in the deepest depths of my brain?"

(TN:*random fact, this is actually just a myth)

Sheyan started to attempt advancing across this fleshy flat surface. Very quickly, he discovered a thin silhouette, that appeared like a continuous string of mountain range. After advancing further, he realized that it was a vast city that could occupy the entire horizon. Amongst which, there was a faint indistinct palace!!! Even observing from afar, one had the sensation that heaven and earth had been joined by that one line!

Sheyan really couldn't have imagined, that awakening his innate ability would happen in such a manner. It would actually conjure up such an event! Furthermore, this was truly an earth-shatteringly magnificent scenery! It was majestic and boundless, practically inconceivable.

Sheyan continued advancing. While it felt like he had walked for an endless distance, it also felt like he had walked for only a short span of time. Nevertheless, Sheyan finally reached the front of that palace within the city. There wasn't a single person living in this city. Compared to other environments, the aura of death here was flourishing; like the desolation of an apocalypse.

Sheyan obviously wouldn't care to dispute that now. He could only sense an exceptionally powerful thing urging him into the palace! He hastily trudged forward. When both his feet had stepped onto the palace ground, an ephemeral change appeared before his very eyes. Like transforming into another dimension, his surroundings turned into a universe of boundless pitch darkness. Dense masses of constellations laced the environment, and occasionally, shooting stars would cut through the cosmos; like a stabbing pain in one's eyes, but gone with a wink.

It was as though time had ceased to flow in this place.

Space had lost its significance, and strength was concentrated as one!

As though guarding something throughout all eternity.

Sheyan continued forward. Though he was pretty lost by now, his heart still welled up with an unfathomable thrill; as though something was beckoning for him, right at the end of this palace! Not only did it feel like deja vu, it felt like a matter of life and death in this unseen world of spirits! When nearing the end, he even started to sprint forward! As he shouted aloud!

His shouts reverberated through the deathly stillness of his space. Though a massive fog emerged from ahead, it was seemingly incapable of obstructing Sheyan's advance!

He finally reached the end of this palace. Before him; an enormous door linking heaven and earth, appearing rather identical to the gateway of the nightmare realm. Instead, there weren't cracks over it, but appeared just like a solid rampart. The spikes on the door were longer and sharper. Everything blended flawlessly together as though this door was made in heaven. What shook Sheyan to horror was at the center of this enormous door, was an astonishingly peculiar giant eye!

Sorrowful curves flowed around the giant eye. The curves were simple and straight, carving out a sense of apathy and heartlessness. The most frightening aspect that shook one's heart, was its shape that of a slender rhombus!

A vertical eye!

[Who has unlocked the Palace of Fate?]

[Who has awoken me from my deep slumber?]

An archaic majestic voice shook the world. Issuing a question, as though interrogating the blue dome of heavens itself!!

Within the next second, that vertical eye blinked opened and gazed at Sheyan. In this instant, Sheyan couldn't help but stagger a step backwards! He felt as though every single cell of his was being seen through. When he stared into that bewildering massive pupil, he felt like he was observing the crumbling of myriads of stars; beholding the explosion of a black hole! It was like the eye itself contained the weight of a million worlds!

[So another human body has awoken the innate? Are you prepared to meet your fate?]