99 The Turning Point in Her Fate (Part 2)

 The young girl was humble and respectful. These were two of the most important traits of a good disciple.

Link was content and went back to his room. Following which, he used a Shaping spell to unseal the path to the attic and retrieve his Domingo Crystal that was laying in the clear vat of water.

After a month, the Domingo Crystal had been completely purified and looked just like a transparent prism.

However, that was all. There was nothing out of the ordinary about its looks. No one would imagine that this was a Legendary tool that could make any Magician go insane.

"Ha, I guess true beauty lies on the inside." Link was extremely pleased.

Link then began to cast a Glass Orb spell. Through the use of this spell, he was able to concentrate the fire elementals in the surroundings. He then transferred the accumulated magical energy into the Domingo Crystal, causing the crystal to glow in a dreamy white light.

Link stopped short of releasing the glass orb, gradually accumulating fire elemental energy. All of this energy was indiscriminately absorbed into the dreamy glow of the crystal.

The Domingo Crystal was like a sponge for magic energy.

After a while, Link stopped the transfer of energy and the phenomenal dreamy glow of white light instantaneously disappeared. The Domingo Crystal was now enveloped by a slightly reddish hue.

Link then spent 320 Mana points to cast a Level-4 Flame Blast spell. The Domingo Crystal shone with a clear crimson glow after the transfer of energy this time. A message appeared in Link's field of vision.

Fire Domingo Crystal.

Capacity: 15% filled

To be only 15% filled after housing a Level-4 spell, it really does have a huge capacity. Link thought.

A Flame Blast spell should be enough to deal with Magician Bale, there was no need to over extend the capacity of the Domingo Crystal and waste any more Mana points. Furthermore, it was a good habit to always keep his Mana more than halfway filled for any emergencies. This was especially true for Link, who had many enemies.

Link then placed the Domingo Crystal back into the dimensional pendant. Two hours later, there was a knock on his door.

Link glanced at his watch and opened the door with the Magician's Hand spell. The door creaked open and a young Rylai sheepishly stood behind the door with a basic staff in her hands.

"Come in." Link waved his hand.

Rylai was extremely nervous and inched forward. Once she entered the room, Link closed the door behind her using the Magician's Hand. The sound caused by the closing door made her jump in fear, causing her to advance even slower.

Magic was mysterious and powerful. Rylai knew that Link had unimaginable power from the stories she had heard since she entered The Flamingo Band of Mercenaries two weeks ago.

She knew that Link consecutively defeated two groups of Syndicate bandits from the Dark Brotherhood. His magic was akin to a Sword of Judgement, feared and respected by all.

Though Link was only a few years older than her, Rylai felt unexplainable pressure just from standing in front of him. This was especially so now that they were alone in an enclosed space. She felt like she was facing a ferocious beast who was prepared to tear her into pieces the moment she let her guard down.

Link chuckled at Rylai's reaction. Whenever he displayed magic in front of a layman, he could always evoke this expression of fear and respect.

Link adjusted his seating position and lay casually in his chair. He then spoke in a comforting tone, "Do you know what is magic?"

"No...No..." Rylai could not complete her sentence, she was way too nervous.

"It can be said to be the brightest pearl bestowed by the Creator. It is the crystallization of wisdom and makes the impossible seem plausible. It is also the only avenue for a mortal to converse with the gods. Do you want to learn such an amazing skill?" Link smiled at Rylai.

"I...want to." Rylai was completely drawn in. She felt like Link was extending his hands to pull her out of the mire that was her fate. He was like a god delivering his grace to the mortal world.

In that instant, she forgot all her fears and pressure.

Even after she had great accomplishments in magic many years later, this scene would still be etched clearly in her mind. The lazy and young Magician, laying on his chair, opening her eyes to a whole new world.

"Sit down over here." Link knew that he had successfully relieved the tension.

Rylai carefully sat beside him. Between them was a table with three magic books and a magic scroll. Link waited for Rylai to recollect herself, before asking, "Can you read?"

Rylai nodded, "Yes, my father once taught me."

"Good." This was good news. Link would not have to spend time teaching Rylai how to read, which was a foundation for learning magic. He then pushed the magic scrolls towards Rylai.

"Have you used a magic scroll before?"

"No..." Rylai shook her head. On the other hand, her eyes were curiously eyeing the magic scroll on the table.

"Open it." Link chuckled.

Link knew that the first step to learning magic was usually the toughest. This was because behind the glory and mysterious facade of magic was a network of complex theories and formations.

Many people with extraordinary magic potential gave up as they could not stand having to learn the mundane basic theories. Link was busy and would not have much time to tutor Rylai. Most of the time, she would have to learn magic by herself. Hence, Link would have to evoke her interest to facilitate her self-study.

Rylai placed the magic scroll on her lap and carefully opened it.

The spell enchanted onto the scroll was a Level-0 spell, Illumination. Link had made alterations to the scroll such that only people with magic potential would be able to activate the spell sealed within.

"Can you see the single glowing rune on the magic scroll?" Link asked.

"Yes." Rylai nodded. Her eyes shone as she held the magic scroll in her hand. She was extremely afraid to move in fear of damaging the scroll.

"Now, clear your mind of any thoughts and focus on this rune." Link was patiently guiding Rylai along.

After ten seconds, the rune glowed with a bright light which flowed to illuminate the rest of the writings on the magic scroll. A ball of light then slowly rose up from the scroll.

"You can control it, am I right?" Link softly asked.

"Yes." Rylai was intrigued. She felt that her spirit was connected tightly to this ball of light. If she willed it to go to the left, it would slowly float towards the left side. It was amazing.

She disregarded Link's gaze and was fully absorbed into the magic, willing it to go further and further away. When the ball of light reached a distance of 45 feet, the connection she had felt previously suddenly disappeared.

The ball of light quivered before disintegrating into the air.

This was not out of Rylai's expectations. However, she was still dumbfounded and trying to process what had just happened.

Link did not disrupt her thoughts and slowly waited till Rylai was done reminiscing about the wonders of magic. "That was the Illumination spell. It is your very first spell. Interesting isn't it?"

"Yes," Rylai cheerfully agreed. That was a mysterious experience.

"However, that spell was not cast by you, but by the assistance of the magic scroll. A real Magician can cast even more powerful spells without the help of any object."

Link then materialized a glass orb in his hand. When he snapped his fingers, the glass orb would disappear and become a gentle ball of light. After one second, the sphere of light would be transformed into a high-pitched Whistle, its sound reverberating through the room.

Rylai was completely awestruck by the seamless transition between the different spells.

"Teacher, what do I need to do?" Rylai spoke after a moment of silence.

"First, read these three books." Link pushed the three magic books on the table towards Rylai.

The books were, The Original Thoughts, Mana the Extension of the Mind, and The Theory of the Foundations of Magic. These three books were called the enlightenment books of magic, widely used to train the foundational skills of budding Magicians using a specific training regime.

"Follow whatever that is stated in the book. I will determine the results of your training the next time I return from the academy. If I am satisfied with your progress, I will teach you how to release your first spell," Link said.

"I understand," Rylai nodded. After Link's stunning display of magic, her fear had turned into curiosity and determination. She was certain that grasping this power would allow her to change her fate.

Link was satisfied when he saw the determination in Rylai's eyes.

He was certain that if Rylai continued to hold this passion for magic, she would become a well-known name amongst Magicians in ten years' time.

All he needed to do was guide her along the way and provide her with opportunities to practice magic.

He had not only accomplished all his duties in River Cove Town, but also managed to recruit a talented Magician. It was time for him to return to the academy.

After bidding his goodbyes, Link boarded the carriage bound for East Cove Higher Magic Academy. He was carrying a bag full of snacks prepared by Lucy for him to munch on along the way. Link kept the window open and whistled while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Girvent Forest. It had been an incredible break from his mundane life in the academy.

However, the good times did not last. Link felt a strong disturbance in the wind element on both sides of King's Lane. He was the target of a high-level spell!

Someone is trying to ambush me! This feeling... it is at least a Level-3 wind elemental spell! Link was shocked. He had to think of something fast.

Level-3 Defensive Magic, Edelweiss!

The moment his defensive spell took form, three wind blades at least six feet in length plowed through the forest in a neat formation, heading murderously towards the only carriage in sight. Link was in danger!