683 The Final Battle Dragged On for a Century 2

 Saroviny used to like using the whip. But after coming to Aragu, she changed to the sword to forever remember the opponent who'd blocked her from success.

Right now, she charged at Link with a sword. Her territory contained sword techniques. Hundreds of feet later, she disappeared. She transformed into a dark 300-foot-long sword going straight to Link!

With her current speed, she could pass through the dozens of miles within four seconds.

Her territory was called Dark Throne. After coming to the Firuman Realm, its power was reduced, but she was still three times faster. It also gave her attacks a horrible corrosive nature.

To strong fighters like them, what kind of corrosiveness could be described as horrible? One would know after looking at the situation surrounding the Saroviny's dark sword.

Wherever the sword passed by, there would be countless black threads stretching to all directions. At a glance, they looked blood vessels under a person's skin. At closer inspection, one would realize that these were actually spatial cracks.

Even space couldn't withstand this corrosiveness and broke down. The creatures inside the space would naturally be unable to withstand it either.

In Aragu, Saroviny had used her territory and sword techniques to become the best Warrior below the Archmages. Even Milda wasn't her match in a direct fight.

The huge sword flew forward. But Link, its target, seemed unbothered. He kept standing there without moving. He didn't seem to make any defenses either. He even mentally contacted the Snow Mountain Archmage beside him.

Saroviny is like an old friend. I can't believe she's reached this level. Her talent is quite nice. Link was using the Spiritual Transmission spell.

The Snow Mountain Archmage was a bit more "proper" than him. Her combat ability is quite powerful. Don't underestimate her. She has a trick called the Finger of Death. In Aragu, only that old Fire guy and I can bear it.

Not bad, quite powerful. Link nodded. Saroviny's attack indeed seemed scary.

The Snow Mountain Archmage only said that much. After that, he looked to the people behind Saroviny. Oh, one is a Saint of the God of Destruction. The other is... a Soul Snatcher. He's quite precise with his actions.

Link smiled faintly. They're probably planning to give you trouble. Can your incarnation deal with it?

The Snow Mountain Archmage scoffed. It's a little troublesome, but I can deal with it. Just remember to bring the Divine Fragment to Aragu.

As soon as he finished, the Archmage transformed into a patch of broken light. The light instantly turned into an icy white-gold beam. With a whoosh, it shot towards the Dark Elf Princess and God of Destruction's Saint with unstoppable speed.

The beam's speed was already fast. It was also formed with the Snow Mountain Archmage by sacrificing his incarnation. Not only was it fast, but it could also adjust its angle. This made it impossible for people to escape or react.

With two puffs, the Dark Elf Princess and Naga Molina were hit in unison, their bodies getting pierced at once. An instant later, they turned into a block of ice and plummeted like a stone from the high elevation. Link didn't have to look to imagine how they would end up-a mess of broken bones.

It had been an Archmage's incarnation, after all. Even though it was only Level-10, it had a wealth of knowledge. The spell method caught people by surprise. Eugene and Molina were very famous figures in Firuman, but faced with someone so strong, they were killed before they could even react.

This was nothing to today's battlefield though. The real battle would be between Link and Saroviny.

Eugene and Molina were killed, but the Snow Mountain Archmage's incarnation was dead too. Saroviny took a glance and then refocused onto her opponent, Link.

"Link, you've run for 136 years. Let me see what you've learned!"

"You'll see very soon."

Link had already started controlling his power while talking and expanded his territory, the Golden Dragon Kingdom. Whoosh. Within a ten-mile range, everything seemed to be filled with sunlight. The gray clouds were chased away, and countless golden dragons roared in the sky.

The territory kept expanding, soon clashing with Saroviny's Dark Throne territory. However, neither territory retreated. They were at a stalemate. Neither was more powerful.

Saroviny was shocked inwardly. The moment she saw the Snow Mountain Archmage, she knew that he'd helped Link rise to Level-16. However, she still attacked, hoping that Link was still unfamiliar with his territory. She'd entered this level decades ago, and her experience should be an advantage.

But in this clash, she actually couldn't push Link back. This shocked her. The bit of disdain disappeared instantly.

One hundred years ago, this man hadn't entered the Legendary level yet, but he could already cause such trouble. Now that they were at the same level, it would be even worse.

She'd really underestimated him!

These thoughts flashed past her mind. The result was that she'd planned on casting the Finger of Death with full force, but now she refrained from using all her strength. The next moment, she saw Link had also raised his sword, pointing in her direction. She immediately saw that the dragons circling in the sky seemed to have received some order, grouping towards Link.

Half a second later, these dragons arrived beside Link and melted into his body. Then Saroviny saw a glassy golden shadow appear before Link. This shadow expanded quickly, instantly turning into a 900-foot-tall giant.

This giant was covered in dragon-like armor. His single sword had only been three feet long, but it had now become a 300-foot-long golden sword. This was Link's territory's killer move: Ultimate Dragon Form.

The sword stabbed directly towards Saroviny's Finger of Death.

This change happened too quickly. Everything had been ready and was imminent. Saroviny was shocked at Link's power, but all she could do now was focus on attacking.

The next moment, the dark sword and the dragon giant's golden sword clashed. Both Saroviny and Link were at the top level. Both their power and techniques were at the peak. In that instant, the two 300-foot-long swords managed to seem agile. They interlocked, pulling and fighting like two dancing butterflies.

This kind of technical fight lasted for a full half second. During this, both sides kept changing their techniques. The only goal was to find the other's flaw and loser their own costs as much as possible.

But Saroviny's swordsmanship had been refined for more than a century while Link's swordsmanship was perfect. They kept changing tactics, but neither sword gave way.

Just then, all glamorous techniques melted away. Only the basic essence of a clash of power remained.

Boom! The swords were too large. The clangs grew heavy instead of being crisp. After the swords hit, both parties' power started clashing intensely.

This was a fight of swordsmanship, while also being a competition between their knowledge of power and their territories, energy, Mana, and minds, as well as their understanding of principles. These were all expressed in their swordsmanship.

The Ultimate Dragon Power gave Link unimaginable power. He was also standing on the ground and had the earth's support. He had the absolute advantage in strength. Saroviny's Dark Throne gave her incredible speed. Since she was fast, her attacks would obviously be strong too. Thus, she could meet Link's power for now.

But the power brought by speed couldn't be maintained. Her speed dropped, and her strength plummeted too. If she couldn't defeat her opponent and entered a stalemate, it would be really awkward.

Saroviny was in that awkward state. She'd used almost all her power in that hit, but Link had blocked it. Now, she discovered that things were bad.

After a while, her dark sword could no longer block the golden sword. Then Link's power started advancing wildly like a tidal wave crashing down!

I'm not his match in a direct fight! Saroviny immediately realized this. She wasn't happy, but she knew that if this continued, she would definitely lose.

Her advantage was in speed. Fighting like this wasn't smart!

Saroviny instantly started retreating. Now, she was glad that she'd saved some power. Otherwise, she might not be able to escape safely now. With the retreat, she teleported to thousands of feet away. Then she turned and sped up, approaching Link from another direction. Her sword reappeared, stabbing towards the giant's side.

The golden giant that Link had transformed into turned slightly and stabbed without any extra movements.

This clash was basically the previous one's copy. After they used all their strength, the swords hit against each other again. Saroviny realized she couldn't take Link's brute force, so she retreated and attacked again.

Her sword was indeed fast while Link's seemed a bit cumbersome. However, his swordsmanship was just a bit better than hers. It was practically flawless. Link wasn't as fast, but in this small area, he actually had the advantage.

Because of all these reasons, Link became a seemingly clumsy tortoise with a sturdy shell. Saroviny was like an agile bird in the sky. Her attacks were sharp, but she just couldn't hurt the big tortoise on the ground. If she wasn't careful, she could get eaten by the "tortoise" too.

In this situation, Saroviny's most logical solution was to retreat. Then she would either find help or think of another strategy to defeat Link. If this stalemate continued, any mistake could kill her.

Link could make a mistake too, but she was the active attacker and relied on her speed. The other's strategy was defense. It was much more likely for Saroviny to make a mistake.

She wasn't willing though. If she returned and people asked about the fight, she would be so embarrassed. Her father was watching this fight too. She couldn't lose.

Because of all this, she decided to try again.

One more time! If this attack still doesn't work, I'll retreat!