682 The Final Battle Dragged on for a Century 1

 On a Storm Silver Sparrow ship out on the ocean

The leader of the Lava Knights Razer was standing on the deck with a sword in his hand, gazing off into the distance with a slight frown.

A while ago, he had sensed an incredible surge of power being set off 1000 miles away in the distance. There was a sudden pang of panic in his heart. He could feel that whoever this power belonged to might just be as powerful as he was.

Who could it be? thought Razer. The appearance of such a powerful player had raised the stakes in the Lava Knight's plan to assault Ferde.

Despite how dangerous the situation now seemed, the fact remained that the divine fragment must not be allowed to fall into the Snow Mountain Archmage's hands. The High Elves had also worked tirelessly on setting up countermeasures against the defenses of Ferde's Mage Tower in order to ensure the success of this operation. There was no going back at this point.

We'll just have to finish this as quickly as possible! Razer tightened his grip around the handle of his sword. He then turned towards the ship's cabin and shouted, "Full speed ahead!"

With a soft hum, the magic seals on the ship glowed, and the ship sped off across the ocean's surface in a blur.

At the same time, a battle airship was flying towards the South.

This airship resembled those of Ferde physically. However, as opposed to its blue-white Ferde counterpart, this vessel was painted black. With a closer look, one would also notice that its design was not as refined as the typical Ferde airship. It also seemed to be flying unsteadily in the air, as if it was about to drop out of the sky at any moment.

Eugene, Molina, and Saroviny were currently inside the airship's main cabin, along with the Yabba pilot responsible for flying the airship.

Eugene and Molina were the allies Saroviny had sought out in the Black Forest. As followers of the God of Destruction and enemies of Ferde, none of them were too fond of Link. On the basis of having a common enemy, an alliance was naturally struck between them.

"Mistress, Ferde's Scorched City is just 1500 miles up ahead," reported the Yabba pilot. Just then, sudden turbulence hit the airship. The whole vessel began shaking uncontrollably, and everyone swayed about unsteadily in it.

"I would have traded this bloody airship for a broken down horse carriage in a heartbeat," spat Saroviny. If it were not for the fact that this airship was capable of getting them to Ferde quickly, she would not have gotten on board in the first place. She swore that this would be her last time flying on this accursed flying contraption.

Eugene did not say a word. Ever since she was tricked by Molina, she had become reserved. Molina began apologizing to Saroviny. "My apologies, mistress. We are currently lacking in competent Yabba engineers to provide you with a more comfortable ride."

"Forget it. It's a good thing we don't have to work with each other that often," said Saroviny, waving her hand. She was about to continue what she was saying, but then she pursed her lips. Her face suddenly grew serious.

"Is something the matter, mistress?" Eugene sensed that something was amiss. However, she could not tell exactly what it was.

Throughout their journey, Saroviny had been maintained a haughty air about her. Just then, the haughty look on her face had given way to a grave expression. Ignoring Eugene, she stepped out of the cabin and climbed onto the deck, where the wind roared wildly.

Saroviny was able to pick up more information from the wind outside the cabin. I could feel an abnormal elemental disturbance in the air. The ambient power in it has gone down by 0.5 percent. Has someone in this realm actually acquired their own realm?

The number of masters a realm was able to support was extremely limited. A noticeable drop would occur in the realm's power concentration in response to the appearance of a Level-16 master. This was due to the high levels of power they would be able to store in their body.

In theory, a realm could produce at least a thousand Level-16 masters with its natural power concentration. However, in reality, a realm would only be able to hold no more than 20 such masters in it.

As the number of masters increased, a realm's Mana concentration would decrease, making it even more difficult for others to level up until no one else would be able to do so.

Still shaken by this, Saroviny then felt a power fluctuation in the air, which instantly confirmed all her suspicions. Someone has definitely reached Level-16 in the South. Considering that their power reeks of the light element, this person must be an enemy of mine!

She had only planned to observe the upcoming battle in Ferde from afar and, if possible, steal the divine fragment amid the chaos.

However, after sensing this powerful master's presence, Saroviny hesitated for a few seconds on the deck of the airship. Finally, she returned to the cabin and said, "Change course for the Golle Kingdom. I want to meet this newly promoted master personally. It would be best if we could end him then and there. I can't allow such a dangerous person to interfere with my plans in the future."

Eugene and Molina looked at each other. Since Saroviny had given out her order, they had no choice but to comply. Molina said to the airship's pilot, "You heard the mistress, fly around Ferde and head for the Golle Kingdom."

The airship immediately changed its direction and began flying southward. After a while, Saroviny barked, "Pick up the pace, full speed ahead!"

The airship's pilot glanced at Molina, who nodded. He then began channeling even more Mana into the airship.

Hum... Ksssch... The airship trembled as its speed began to increase by 50 percent. Soon, it was flying at 1300 miles per hour towards the South, leaving a long black arc behind it in the sky.

Forty minutes later, the airship had reached the Golle Kingdom's domain. A thick forest appeared in front of them. From the airship, everyone on the airship could see a valley open up in the forest, at the far end of which stood the crumbling remains of a building.

With her extraordinary eyesight, Saroviny spotted two humanoid shapes standing near the ruins. Straining her eyes, she could make out a black-haired youth and a white-haired old man standing side by side on the ground. The two of them were looking back at her as well with a faint smile on their faces.

At the sight of the black-haired youth, the painful memory of tasting defeat for the first time sprang out from the depths of Saroviny's mind. Even though more than a century had passed, she was still able to recall it vividly, as if it had only just happened yesterday. This was because the young man in the valley was the person responsible for her first ever defeat.

Saroviny growled through gritted teeth, "I can't believe it's you, Link!"

Since her defeat in his hands, she had imagined herself subjecting Link to all kinds of humiliation and torture she could think of and watching him beg for mercy on the ground. Alas, she never had the chance to act on those sadistic impulses until today, for the real Link had appeared before her.

If she managed to defeat him this time, she would be able to trample on him for real as she had fantasized herself doing over and over again for the last 100 years.

Eugene and Molina had also noticed the two figures in the valley. Eugene said in a low voice, "Mistress, that's the lord of Ferde. Do be careful."

Molina did not say a word. She immediately activated the Blessing of Destruction spell.

Saroviny smiled coldly. Purple-black destructive light began burning around her body. It then spread out rapidly, covering a 20-square-mile area around her.

Light had vanished without a trace in Saroviny's domain. Black magical flames had completely enveloped the ground, while the sky seemed to have been razed by a black flaming vortex. A silhouette was now zipping about in the air menacingly. At that moment, the whole world had turned into a horrid hellscape.

"Eugene, Molina, you two deal with the old fool. Link is mine!" ordered Saroviny. Without waiting for an answer, she leaped out of the airship and began descending towards Link at lightning speed.

Before she even reached her mark, her voice reverberated across the heavens.

"Link, today you die!"