677 Endless Curse

 The next moment, there was a boom. Endless flames crushed towards Link but hit air. Link had already used a spatial spell to escape.

Indeed, space became unstable under the aggressive lava. It was also affected by the unique fire zone. Even Link couldn't easily use a portal to escape. However, no zone was flawless.

Link had personally witnessed the God of Light's power and had experienced countless Legendary Pinnacle battles in his previous life. He wasn't ignorant. Faced with Mozur's attack, he immediately saw through the fire zone.

If Link was a Legendary Warrior, he could face this attack head-on. But he was a Magician.

A zone was the composition of principles, and a Magician was the best at discovering and utilizing principles. It took ten seconds for the attack to go from Mozur to Link's side. It was enough time for Link to find loopholes in the fire zone.

Using this loophole, Link could escape from Mozur's fatal attack.

Boom. Link, who had just escaped, reappeared at Mozur's side. His sword was already stabbed towards Mozur. A Despair Ball appeared halfway. The sword tip buried into it and came out at Mozur's heart.

Mozur was dazed. He'd used all his power, but his attack had come to nothing. When one punched forcefully but hit air, it would take a while to rebuild power. Faced with the sudden attack, all he could do was raise his sword to block it.

With his Level-15 power and skills, he could definitely block Link's attack, despite it being so abrupt. But when he unsheathed his sword, his action had been too fast. The wooden box with the Divine Fragment at his waist shook. His sword hilt brushed past the box, and it cracked. The force didn't affect Mozur's actions, but sadly, the Divine Fragment's aura seeped out.

Mozur froze. Countless thoughts flashed past his mind.

Will the fragment fall out?

Will the tricky Magician steal it?

No, I can't lose this treasure...

How could one get distracted when faced with death? Mozur knew that, but he was easily affected by the Divine Fragment. The result was obvious.

Squelch. Link's sword stabbed into Mozur's body. It passed through while Realm Essence also surged into him.

Huh? Mozur looked down at his chest. His power was quickly flowing out. Then he looked up at Link to see the black-haired Ferde lord was still emotionless. His all-out attack from before seemed to have been a joke to Link.

"You..." Mozur couldn't speak, partly due to the fatal injury, partly because he couldn't understand why he'd been distracted at this critical moment.

Link had already sheathed his sword. His expression was calm, but he found it strange too. To be honest, he didn't think his attack would have succeeded so easily. Judging from the previous battle, Mozur honestly wasn't a bad opponent. This should have been a bitter fight.

The result was beyond expectation.

Ding. The box at Mozur's waist fell down with a soft sound. Already damaged, it opened by itself. A crystal-black skull rolled out. It was the Shadow Divine Fragment.

Seeing this, Link suddenly thought of Morpheus' words, and it dawned on him. "Mozur, it doesn't belong to you. You can't control it."

Mozur had already lost control of his internal control, and he fell from the sky. His eyes were also on the crystal-black skull. He looked regretful, eyes filled with clear obsession. Even if he was dying, his hands were still flapping, trying to grab the skull falling away from him.

In the end, he couldn't catch it, and he'd completely lost control. He exploded with a boom, transforming into a giant fireball that plummeted to the ground. The Shadow Divine Fragment floated down, radiating shocking light. It attracted Link's eyes.

For a moment, Link thought that he was facing the world he'd dreamed of.

According to Dylosen's last words, he had to take this fragment to the Snow Mountain Archmage. But now, he didn't want to.

This beautiful thing is in my hands so it should be mine. Why should I give it away? This thought popped up in Link's mind, scaring him.

His logical mind appeared. No, this is the incarnation of bad luck. Morpheus is dead, Dylosen is dead, and Mozur is dead because of it too. My level is right between them. If I get it, I'll probably die too.

Once this thought appeared, Link's outstretched hand turned and grabbed the box. He caught the skull with the box and quickly closed it. The box was broken, but the blocking effect still worked. Link wasn't as affected.

This was a hot potato. The longer it was in his hands, the more dangerous he would be. He had to send it away.

While Link was trying to figure out how to deal with it, a High Elf sprawled in the dense woods not too far away. He witnessed the entire fight.

Taking out a magic tool, he added in Mana and reported the situation. Mozur lost. The Ferde lord received the Shadow Divine Fragment.

This message traveled to a Silver Storm Sparrow in an isolated bay. It was quickly sent to the Isle of Dawn. After a short pause, it passed into the Void to the Aragu Realm.

In that realm, a woman was looking into a telescope from the majestic divine pavilion. She wore a beautiful gold-red dress. Her face was veiled, and her features were unclear, but her figure was alluring.

After receiving the news, she froze. Turning to look at the vast space outside the pavilion, she sighed after a long while. "It took me more than a century to reach this point, but he'd gotten here in a few short years. This man..."

She was Milda who had remained in the Aragu Realm to stop Saroviny long ago. Unfortunately, time had passed, and things had changed.

Sighing lightly, she raised a hand and rotated the ring on her hand. A short while later, the shadows behind her moved. Someone appeared out of thin air.

This person was shrouded in dark purple flames. His features were covered, but he seemed to be middle-aged. After appearing, he said in a low voice, "Saint, what are your orders?"

"Razer, Mozur is dead," Milda said softly.

Razer was the head of the Lava Knights. He was known as Hellfire. He hadn't attacked many times, but everyone who he'd attacked was dead.

"Impossible!" The middle-aged man was shocked.

"It has already happened. I need you to go to Firuman personally. Kill the Ferde lord and take away the Divine Fragment."

"Yes, Saint." Razer nodded. A few seconds later, he asked, "Does Saroviny know?"

"Of course, but don't mind her. She won't dare to object."

"Understood." The dark flames around Razer flared, and he vanished. He was a Level-16 Lava Knight and the third strongest in the Fire Sect. His only fear was Saroviny. As long as she didn't interfere, he had absolute confidence in completing this mission.