663 The Prophecy Becomes True

 Under the Orida Fortress

Mordena thought Eugene was scared again. Upset, he answered himself. "Humans are the biggest enemy of my race. Ferde has stolen the Isle of Dawn's various resources multiple times. My race will never soften against enemies like you."

He couldn't weaken at all in a stalemate. Mordena knew this. Thus, his tone was adamant.

"You've done well." While speaking, the face on the wall smiled. But the moment it finished speaking, the smile disappeared. The face turned cold. "Let's see if you can bear the consequences!"

The next moment, Eugene cried, "Prince, be careful!"

Before she could finish, a figure appeared beside Prince Mordena. It looked like Link, who had been speaking from the fortress wall. But now, his face was as white as frost, and his sword gleamed. He was less than three feet from Mordena.

Everything had happened too quickly; they could barely even react. The surrounding High Elves gaped, unable to believe it.

They couldn't understand how the Ferde lord had crept into the heart of the army. Were all 200,000 soldiers blind? Even if they couldn't see him, could they not hear or smell him? Weren't demons the most sensitive to foreign auras?

This was incredible.

Molina reacted somewhat quickly, but she still needed time to cast a divine spell. Faced with Link's incoming sword, she couldn't reach it in time.

Eugene was the only one who understood. Link had used the other spell to distract everyone while his true self snuck into the army to get close. This was nothing to a spatial expert like Link.

Eugene could have stopped Link, but she'd just experienced magic backlash. Her power hadn't recovered fully. Link must be taking advantage of this chance for the risk.

Plus, she was a Magician. Faced with a swordsman that was faster than Assassins, she couldn't do anything even if she processed things.

Because of all these reasons, she could only watch.

This guy is so tricky. He'd planned this all, and each step is filled with fatality... Mordena is dead this time!

From interrupting her spell-casting and making her temporarily lose power from the backlash to immediately using a hallucination to distract everyone while sneaking into the army, Eugene had figured out all these details. That was why she was terrified.

She was decisive. As soon as she realized she couldn't do anything, she retreated and cast a powerful defense spell in case Link attacked her.

Prince Mordena reacted quite quickly too. He'd been a Magician in his youth and was a wandering vigilante too. He had trained in battle techniques before. Now, he retreated while white transmission light flashed. He wanted to move away from Link.

Right now, Link was in the Army of Destruction. If he won a few seconds for himself, Link would be submerged in attacks. Then the sneak attack would be an idiotic joke.

However, no one in Firuman could use a spatial spell to escape from Link because he was the most powerful spatial Magician here!

When the light flashed, Mordena completed the transmission and disappeared. However, he didn't see that Link's sword had disappeared too. An instant later, Mordena re-appeared hundreds of feet away. He walked hurriedly and turned towards Link. Then he stopped.

It wasn't that he wanted to stop; he was forced to. Boundless darkness surged like a tide, swallowing him.

Other people only saw a thin red line appear on his neck. Then blood spurted out, and his head rolled off his neck.

Blood sprayed from his headless body.

Link remained in the distance. He didn't hurry back to the Orida Fortress or even move from his spot. All the High Elves were dazed. They didn't see how Link had acted at all. The prince that they revered couldn't block even one of the Ferde lord's attacks.

Before, Eugene had said that Mordena would be killed instantly. They didn't expect that the prediction would become true.

Molina's eyes narrowed into slits, her heart shaking. She didn't dare to act.

Link looked over. All the Warriors under his gaze retreated instinctively. There wasn't a single being who dared to meet his eyes, let alone attack him.

Link huffed. Taking this rare chance, his sword flashed jarringly. With a squelch, Molina's head flew off too and rolled on the ground.

The two powerful figures of the Army of Destruction had been killed like dogs before the countless soldiers. It was unbelievable!

Eugene's heart jumped. Link's guts were incredible. Instead of leaving after killing someone, he decided to kill Molina too. Just incredible!

The battlefield was silent for another second. Then a voice finally rang out, "He's only one person. Kill him!"

It was Eugene.

With that, the masses were finally awakened from their shock and started attacking. In an instant, hundreds of attacks flew towards him, drowning him.

But they were useless.

"Instant Flash!" This was the transmission spell Link had created in the Aragu Realm. It was multiple times faster than regular ones and had barely any delay. Even in a Legendary-level fight, he didn't have to worry about the opponent finding a flaw.

After that, Link abruptly appeared hundreds of feet away. Because it was so fast, it seemed as if he'd teleported.

Of course, all the attacks missed.

Standing amongst the thousands of soldiers, Link looked through the crowd to the retreating Dark Elf Princess. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time. The opponents had already reacted and were attacking him. Otherwise, his third kill would have been the princess. It was alright though. Killing Mordena and Molina was enough.

He flashed again, using the Instant Flash. A few times later, Link was safely back in the Orida Fortress. Looking around, he saw surprised, respectful, and reverent eyes.

Link was used to this and didn't feel anything special. Looking at the Black Forest, he said indifferently, "The Army of Destruction is going to retreat."

Awooga. A bleak horn rang out from that direction. The Army of Destruction had indeed started retreating. Finally, they disappeared into the Black Forest.

Eugene's courage was completely gone. The entire army had been humiliated by Link and morale was at the lowest point. They couldn't fight anymore.

After retreating many miles into the Black Forest, Eugene climbed a hill. She gazed at the Orida Fortress, grinding his teeth. "You won now but just wait. When the realms fuse, and there will be countless strong figures; you won't be so arrogant for much longer!"

She was filled with hatred, but that couldn't hide the truth of how she'd surrendered to Link.