659 Second Siege of Orida Fortress 5

 The Army of Destruction retreated.

Starlight Rose Princess Ellie Danas had been gravely hurt. The army was about to lose its commander, so they had to retreat.

It was a pity because the human army met misfortune too. Other than people like Kanorse being wounded, the army's most important Light Priest suddenly lost power too. This made the army unable to pursue the enemy.

The two sides were at a stalemate again.

The Army of Destruction didn't stop until they reached the Black Forest. Other than the Warriors ordered to stand guard, the other Dark Elf doctors and Destructive Priestesses all gathered in the general's tent to help Princess Ellie.


Hoarse breathing sounded inside the tent like a broken windbag. Then Priestess Molina asked, "Your Highness? Your Highness, can you hear me?"

Three seconds later, there was a raspy and weak voice. "I'm not dead yet, but I'm close. Heal me."

To regular people, a broken heart was fatal, but Eugene was a Legendary Magician. To Magicians, the physical body was only a shell. It was a bit pathetic when the shell was broken, but they wouldn't die.

In the tent, Eugene lay weakly on a bear-hide rug. Her clothing had been taken off, revealing a huge bloody hole on the left of her chest. Through the hole, one could see the mangled heart. The veins under the pale white skin around the hole had turned dark. They were filled with eerie and unnatural Battle Aura. At a glance, the veins looked like a net of death that had trapped Eugene.

Even more terrifying was that the darkness was spreading at an incredible rate. Eugene was a Level-14 Magician, but she was using all her power to keep herself alive after the injury. She couldn't fend off the Assassin's Battle Aura.

If she didn't have outside help, this flesh body would definitely die. In fact, she would watch her body die bit by bit.

Eugene's soul was powerful, and she was completely familiar with flesh bodies, but this process was still like torture.

The Dark Elf doctors were helpless against such a horrible injury. After feeding Eugene some medicine, they could only stare at Molina. As the God of Destruction's Saint, only she had the ability to save their princess.

Molina's expression was strange. She looked at the injury, seeming to study it. After a while, she said, "I should be able to cure it, but I can't be disturbed."

"Everyone, get out," Eugene said.

Soon, only Eugene and Molina were left in the tent. Molina cast a soundproof barrier but didn't hurry with the healing. "Your Highness, to be honest, you're greatly injured, and only I can heal you. I'm the only one in this entire camp who can, but...why should I?"

Eugene froze. She stared at Molina and saw her faint smile. Molina looked calmly at Eugene, and it suddenly dawned on the princess.

Yes, she was the Dark Elf Princess right now. The Dark Elves were a weak race. They could only be the leaders now because of her. If something happened to her, Molina, as a Naga, would definitely take the chance to get her authority back.

Now, she had two choices. She could give in to Molina and save this body. She would continue to be the Army of Destruction's general, but in reality, she would have to listen to Molina. Or she could give up now. She could abandon this body since she had many backup bodies throughout. But then everything she'd put in would go to waste.

She didn't want to choose either option. A few seconds later, she rasped, "I won't submit to you, but I can promise you something... Don't forget, this is the best time to attack the Orida Fortress. If you save me, my magic can easily destroy the fortress."

"Indeed." Molina nodded. "That is why I can save you. However, I'm still not too sure about you. Ambition burns in your eyes."

With that, dark red light flared in Molina's hand. "This is a loyalty pact. Once it is complete, you will become my master's most loyal slave. I think that is the most reliable solution."

"In your dreams!" Eugene roared.

She couldn't lose her freedom. After centuries of being alive, no one had ever restricted her. Anyone who wanted to take her freedom had to bear the consequences.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice, Your Highness." Molina moved her hand, and the dark red light floated towards Eugene.

Fury almost shot out of Eugene's eyes. She glared at Molina, saying coldly, "The God of Destruction? Good, very good. I'll make you pay!"

As she spoke, she gave up on fending off the foreign Battle Aura and allowed it to ravage her body. Her soul shook, preparing to leave this body and go elsewhere. But then she realized something was wrong. A strange power restricted her, making it impossible to leave this body.

"Stop struggling, Your Highness." Molina smiled. "Perhaps you fooled my master at the beginning, but it was only temporary. My master already knows everything about you... I don't know if you've heard this phrase. Don't test a god; don't pull tricks before a god. To a god, you're just an ant crawling on the ground. Accept this fate."

Molina pressed down lightly and the dark red light buried into the Dark Elf princess' body that Eugene was using. Eugene shook and tensed like a shrimp getting cooked. Her pupils constricted and she was in this state for a few seconds. Then her body relaxed suddenly, falling back onto the bearskin hide with a thud.

Eugene's pupils were back to normal. Dark red light curled upon the wound on her chest, driving out the foreign Battle Aura. The flesh around the wound seemed to come to life. It kept quivering and growing. It seemed that Eugene's fatal injury would recover soon.

But she didn't move at all. There was no life in her eyes; she seemed to be dead.

Molina stood beside her and comforted her, "Your Highness, no need to feel sad. Even with this loyalty pact, you're still the general, and I am still your subordinate. Our master won't stand in your way of revenge. If you lead us into the Orida Fortress, he will reward you handsomely too."

Eugene's eyes lolled. When the Dark Elf princess did this, her starry eyes rolled, and her expression looked pitiful.

"A lion is leashed and turned into a dog that has to wag its tail and beg for pity. Should I be happy?"

"But can you get rid of the leash?" Molina didn't hold back. When Eugene didn't reply, she laughed. "No, right? Since things are like this, why keep torturing yourself? Accept it and allow your conspiracy to have greater benefits. Make yourself stronger. Perhaps there will be new changes in the future."

At this, Eugene's eyes brightened.

Molina kept going. "No one knows what the future will be like. Even gods can fall, can't they?"

"Won't the God of Destruction punish you for saying this?" Eugene looked at Molina, confused.

Molina shook her head. "That shows that you still don't understand a god's wisdom. A god will know if I have this thought. I don't have to say it out loud. God didn't punish me in the past and won't now. Of course, I sincerely wish that my master will become stronger and stronger."

This logic made Eugene feel much better. She wasn't the type of person who only knew how to cry. Her heart was stronger than mortals. A while later, she was still upset, but she'd put away these useless emotions.

"How long will it take to recover fully?"

"That's the most realistic question." Molina laughed. "You're heavily injured. The surface wounds will only take one hour, but it will take three days to completely heal and recover 80% of your power."

"Three days isn't long!" Eugene used some power and could sit up from the bed. She draped a cape over her close-to-naked body.

Just then, a timid voice sounded outside. "Your Highness?"

Eugene recognized this voice. It was her trusted scout. Since her injuries were okay now, she answered, "What?"

Receiving a reply, the scout was obviously relieved and reported, "Your Highness, someone wants to see you. A High Elf."

"Oh?" Surprised, Eugene exchanged glances with Molina.

"The Doomsday Meteor from earlier?" Molina whispered.

"I thought that too... Those High Elves are truly tricky." Eugene sneered. However, he needed the High Elves now and wouldn't reject them. "Let him in."

A while later, a High Elf in a dark green cape walked in. It wasn't a stranger-it was Prince Mordena who had almost been killed.

"Your Highness, I'm very happy to see that you're still alive." Prince Mordena smiled, but his eyes were still cold.

Eugene didn't have any of the arrogance from before. She immediately rose, took a few steps, and plopped down. She actually knelt on the ground and kowtowed, shocking Prince Mordena. Molina was shocked too. She quickly went to help Eugene up while saying, "Your Highness, be careful."

"What are you doing?" Mordena was honestly frightened.

Eugene tried to seem sincere. "I was brash and ignorant before. I beg for your forgiveness and hope we can work together against the humans."

Mordena had been angry, but now, the hatred had faded greatly. He sighed. "Your Highness, that is my wish as well."


While Eugene was meeting secretly with the High Elf, the humans of the fortress were at work too. The urgent magic message was sent to Ferde. Less than half an hour later, an airship filled with powerful Magicians set off, escorted by dozens of Dragon Warriors.

The airship was extremely fast. Three hours later, the Orida Fortress appeared before them.

"I heard that Princess Ellie is a Level-14 Magician. I'd love to see how her spells are." On the airship, Eliard's extremely handsome face glowed with confidence. Right now, he was already at Level-11, and his power was still rising quickly. With this speed, he could even surpass his good friend Link.

He felt like he could defeat any Magician in the world right now.

There were two other Legendary Magicians standing beside him. They were Elovan and Milose, the High Elves Link had taken from the Isle of Dawn. They had once been more powerful than Eliard, but they were still Level-10 now. Eliard had left them in the dust.

They had complicated feelings now, but when they looked at Eliard, they couldn't help but feel reverence. This young half-elf indeed possessed unbelievable talent. He also had an ineffable temperament that easily impressed others.