655 The Second Siege of Orida Fortress 1

 Orida Fortress

On the high city wall, General Kanorse held a telescope. He was looking carefully at the Black Forest up ahead. Among the thousands of feet of woods, he saw many tents of Dark Elves. These camps stretched on for a few miles, and he could make out many people too.

The telescope was a Yabba creation; it was of high quality. Even from this distance, Kanorse could still see the different races clearly. There were Dark Elves, Nagas, demons, demonized Beastmen, dark dwarves and more. Judging from the scouts' information, this time, the Army of Destruction had around 200,000 people.

A while later, Kanorse handed the telescope to the burly and tall man covered in dark silver armor beside him.

"They say that the Army of Destruction's general is a Dark Elf princess named Ellie Danas. She's a Dark Magician with Level-14 power. We must be careful."

This burly man was none other than Ferde's Jacker. He was the commander of the Sunlight Army. He worked hard every second of every day to improve, and his efforts paid off. He was now Level-10 and was the first Legendary Warrior of Ferde.

With his Legendary power and status as the commander of the Orida Fortress' most well-equipped Sunlight Army, he had great authority here.

The Orida Fortress also contained the Beastmen's army. They were allies, but Kanorse was still biased towards Jacker, a fellow human. This made Jacker the second most powerful figure in the fortress.

He studied the Army of Destruction in the forest. The thick eyebrows on his square face furrowed slightly, looking like a rugged mountain. "The demons this time are truly powerful. They're all high-level demons, and they have those Nagas. I've already seen eight at Level-10. There are many at Level-7 and Level-8. This power is too formidable."

"Yes. Thankfully that princess broke up with the High Elves. If the High Elves were thrown into the mix, we would definitely lose." Kanorse felt fortunate.

Jacker looked for a bit more and put down his telescope. "Even so, we still must be careful about the High Elves. They might be watching in the shadows and come at the end to clean things up."

This made sense. Kanorse nodded. "I'm sure the scouts of MI3 won't disappoint us."

Thud, thud! Heavy footsteps sounded from behind them. The two generals turned around and saw a Beastman with menacing armor and a chain of wolf fangs around his neck.

Seeing him, Kanorse and Jacker both nodded while the other brought a fist to his chest.

"How are things? Are those bastards ready to die?" The Beastman walked to the city wall to look down. He was none other than Avatar, Glorious Warlord and king and leader of the Beastmen.

As he spoke, he looked at the dark Beastmen walking around in the forest. Parmese had brought them to the Black Forest. Now that Parmese was gone, the Beastmen didn't have a high status in the army. He would occasionally see a Naga or a demon yell at or hit one of their Beastmen.

Avatar saw all this and his eyes narrowed, shimmering with blood-light. He was furious. It was all because of that idiotic Parmese!

After a while, his anger subsided. He glanced at Kanorse and Jacker. Worry flashed past his eyes. He couldn't help but lament, "How unfortunate that the Ferde lord isn't here!"

The two human Warriors were talented, but their combat ability wasn't enough. The enemy general was a Level-14 Magician, and there were also many Legendary Nagas with powerful abilities. They weren't at the same level.

Thankfully, they had this fortress as support. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to fight at all.

Speaking of Link, Jacker said, "My master went to the Sea of Void, but the Mage Tower has already sent the summoning. I'm sure he will return soon... Plus, the situation is quite good. We're already close to the Army of Destruction's power. This is much better than last time."

Kanorse also nodded. "Jacker's right. To be honest, it's more possible for us to win this time. We may be weaker, but our support is an advantage they can't have. If we can block their first wave of attacks, we will win!"

If they could fend off the first wave, then they could fend off the second and third. The longer it took, the more advantageous it was to them.

This made sense. Avatar nodded.

Taking one last glance at the enemy, he said, "Looking at them now, it seems they'll attack at any time. I'll go check my soldiers again."

"I'll go as well," Jacker said.

The two left while Kanorse patrolled the wall. He cheered up the soldiers while checking the weapons on the wall. In a battle of two large armies, not a single detail could be ignored. Any mishap would help the enemy and bring horrible trouble or even complete defeat.

While the Orida Fortress was getting ready, the Army of Destruction wasn't relaxed either. The priestess walked around, blessing the Warriors. The demons yelled in their language, planning specific ways to attack the fortress. The Dark Elf Magicians and archers were conserving their energy in preparation for the battle.

There was a huge tent under a giant tree. It belonged to Princess Ellie Danas.

Right now, people went in and out of the tent. There was a model of the Orida Fortress in the center. Demons, Dark Elves, and Nagas surrounded the model, discussing specific tactics.

Their discussion was very energetic. It sounded like they were arguing. Eugene, who had become Princess Ellie, sat on the side. She waited patiently for them to come up with a specific plan.

Around half an hour later, Priestess Molina walked up. "Your Highness, today is the coldest day of the month while midnight will be the darkest and coldest time of the day. We will attack at midnight. The army's power will be used to its max while the opponent's power will be repressed the most. We have the biggest chance."

Eugene nodded. "Then let's do that. What about the specific strategy? Show me."

Molina hurriedly brought a scroll over. Eugene checked the various small-scale formations, attack order, plans for accidents, and more. He considered them all carefully. Around ten minutes later, he said, "The Magician Army's appearance is too early. It can attract their attention, and it's too risky. It should be delayed."

"But Your Highness, our casualties will increase greatly that way. At least 10,000 people will die..." Molina couldn't accept this.

"I know, so tell the Beastmen to attack first. Do you object?"

The Beastmen were brave, but after Parmese died, they had no leader. Many of them wished to return to the Golden Plains and follow the Beastman king. This was an army that could betray them at any time. They were unstable.

They couldn't rely on the Beastmen to win, so they were best used as cannon fodder. At this, the Dark Elves, Nagas, and demons shut up. They all agreed tacitly.

Then Eugene continued, "Have those who were sent to the Isle of Dawn returned?"

Molina shook her head. "No news of them."

Eugene brought a hand to her head. She was angry, but things were different now. After being a leader for so long, she'd learned to keep calm. "They should have brought the news there long ago and should be back by now. Do the High Elves not accept our compensation and don't even wish to reply?"

No one could answer. Princess Ellie had been the one to end things with the High Elves. Now, she felt that she lacked power and sent someone to ask for an alliance. Last time, she'd almost killed the prince. It was normal that the High Elves would ignore them.

Eugene grew more furious. She tossed down the scroll and said, "Let's just follow this plan. Attack at midnight!"

"Yes, Your Highness!" everyone said.

Eugene didn't want to say anything else and went back to her tent.

While the humans and Army of Destruction were preparing, Link was still hurrying in the Sea of Void. In the Hengduan Mountain Range west of the Black Forest, there was a valley. Thick white fog suddenly appeared in it.

It was too thick for anyone to see what was happening inside the valley.