649 Creator’s Temple 2

 Creator's Temple?

That moment, Link thought of what Magician Dadara had told him about Fedaro's history.

God created the world and taught humans magic so they could manage the world.

Did God really create this world? Link couldn't help but wonder.

Dadara was only a mortal. He could only provide Link with some historical facts while Link didn't agree with any of Dadara's opinions. Romeon was different though. He was practically at the same level as Link, and he was very familiar with the Fedaro Realm.

Link had thought that he would get a definite answer. Unexpectedly, Romeon shook his head. "I don't know. Or rather, I'm not sure."

"What do you mean?" Link slowed down slightly. He felt that the temple before him would solve a great mystery for him but could also throw him into a greater mystery. No matter what, his understanding of the world would probably be upended.

"Ten thousand years is too long. It's impossible to prove the ancient legends. Since I could remember, I've lived in the region outside the Creator's Temple. Everything I've seen told me that the owner of the temple is an unmatchable Magician. You can even say he's a legend. But if you say that he created this realm... I can't give you a definite answer with my knowledge."

Evidently, Romeon's knowledge was limited too.

Link could only continue forward. After flying for more than 20 minutes, Link was before the cloud cluster. From here, all he could see was boundless whiteness. Inside the cluster, there was a tunnel of around 900 feet wide.

"Enter the tunnel. There's a maze inside. Listen to my orders and don't make a mistakes. Otherwise, you will be lost until you die," Romeon said seriously.

Link didn't believe it. "This cloud cluster...can keep me there until I die?"

Romeon nodded. "The clouds are only a disguise. Inside, it's actually a principle maze. For thousands of years, people have tried to forcefully cross it, but no one has succeeded. There are more than 1000 dried skeletons inside. Each one had once been a genius of Fedaro... Okay, go left."

Link obeyed. If Romeon was right, this maze really could help him temporarily escape from Nozama. As for whether Nozama could get lost, Link couldn't be sure. Nozama as the Lord of the Deep. His wisdom and power definitely surpassed anyone in Fedaro. Others couldn't do it, but it didn't mean that he couldn't.

Link just hoped the maze could delay Nozama for a while.

"Go straight for around half a mile. Yes, okay, go right, go straight... Go up, right turn..."

Romeon kept directing Link. The maze was three-dimensional and unimaginably complex. After flying for ten minutes, Link was unsure about the path he'd gone. If the game system wasn't helping him record, he would definitely get lost here. He had no clue how Romeon memorized it and could determine each move without hesitation.

Seeming to sense Link's thoughts, Romeon explained between directions, "The scariest thing about the maze is that the path keeps changing at least five times per day. There are no patterns at all. I can find the correct path because the Protector's insignia is guiding me."

With that Romeon reached out and lifted his sleeve. Link saw a six-sided gear on his wrist. It glowed with a faint Mana aura.

This way, Link was even more assured. After that, he stopped memorizing his path and just kept flying. Half an hour later, he'd traveled more than 1000 miles when Romeon suddenly said, "Slow down. The exit is up ahead, but it's special. You can't exit it easily. You must pass some special tests."

Link followed the instructions. Around half a minute later, he turned a corner, and a long straight path appeared. At the end, there was a six-sided gear glowing with multicolor light.

The gear was semi-transparent and spun slowly. Each tooth of the gear had a different color-indigo, red, blue, purple, black, and white. Every time it moved, the colors would change once. The magic runes on the gear also displayed extremely complicated changes.

"We're here. This is called the Gates of the True Self. When you face it, it will interrogate you about your heart. This may be a very painful process. If you can withstand it, you'll pass through. If not, you'll stay here and hide from the demon. I'll go now. I hope I can see you on the other side."

Riding the unicorn, Romeon left Link's dragon claws. He sped up and crashed against the glowing door. Then he disappeared; even his aura was gone. It was as if he'd evaporated.

Link wasn't in a hurry. Moving his talons, he lifted the two demons. "Did you hear? This is the Gates of the True Self. Go try."

Ignoring the demons' protests, he flicked his finger and sent the two poor fellows towards the glowing door. They fell in instantly.

Three seconds later, there were two horrible screams, and two figures shot out from the door. It was the demons. They didn't have any physical injuries, but their eyes were wild, and they shook violently. They looked scared out of their minds.

Link waited patiently. After more than ten minutes, succubus Gamiwa was the first to recover her senses. She still looked out of her mind, but she could finally talk.

"Tell me what happened inside," Link said.

"I saw my end. A more powerful demon cut off my head, sliced open my stomach, tore off my lower body, and ate me." The succubus started shaking again as she spoke.

"Oh, so that's what you're most afraid of? That's why you destroy your opponents whenever you get the chance?"

Link was surprised. He didn't think a demon's soul would be so weak. Gamiwa was at the Legendary level. She shouldn't be so afraid of being destroyed.

"What about you, Gaulle?" Link asked.

"I was cut into tiny pieces. I could even feel the iciness of the blade. No, this is too scary." Gaulle clutched his head again.

Link shook his head. The soul contract between them told him that the two cowards weren't lying. He wasn't impressed, but he was now sure that the glowing door wouldn't harm his body. Grabbing the demons, he flapped his wings and rushed into the Gates of the True Self.

There was a weak flash of light, and then Link felt his surroundings change. He saw Firuman. From looks of things, it wasn't present day. Rather, it was the Firuman from the game that was close to falling to darkness.

The entire realm was lifeless. The earth corroded by darkness seemed to have ringworms or scabs. There was misery, murder, and fighting everywhere. He saw Celine-she'd lost and was stabbed onto a demon's spear and taken everywhere to show off. She hadn't died completely. Her blood flowed, and her body convulsed. Her features were twisted in pain.

Link saw Gladstone City, which he'd once saved. The entire city was on fire; the river was crimson red and filled with bodies. A few Dark Elves were still killing, summoning divine gear... There were many similar scenes, all of which he feared the most to see.

Even worse, Link had now forgotten about the Gates of the True Self and how Firuman was now. In his mind, this was happening now, and he was helpless. He could only watch.

This is your fear. How will you face it? a voice rang out in Link's mind.

Yeah, how will I face it? Link asked himself.

Then another voice in his mind said, Let fear burn into anger and burn my enemies!

And another voice, In that case, what difference is there between you and the demons you hate?

Link froze. He quickly answered, I kill for my goal. Demons kill to kill.

What is your goal?

Link didn't reply. He thought back to the innocent times of learning magic in Creekwood Village of Grinth Forest. He thought of the warm afternoon sunlight, the soft chirps from birds in the forest, the villagers' greetings in the morning, and the occasional carriages clattering outside the window.

During that time, Link had been the most focused and the calmest. Thinking of that, Link's mind also became as serene as a morning in the Grinth Forest.

Without needing more words, the scene before him changed. The hallucination faded, and a figure appeared before Link. It was Romeon, Protector of Fedaro. Link glanced at his claws. The two demons were gone.

Link froze. At the same time, a message flashed in his vision.

Mission Complete: Danger: Nozama, Lord of the Deep!

Player Received: 1 Energy Crystal

Unlocked Epic Mission: Ancient Epic

Mission Content: Face the Stone of Creation, understand the ancient epic, and choose the path you wish to walk down.

Mission Reward: Blessing of Immortality (also known as Curse of Immortality)

Do you accept?

On the other side, Romeon looked at Link and sighed. "I was right. You are the outsider who activated the Stone of Creation. Come with me, dragon."