645 Is It Really Over Now?

 As soon as he heard Nozama's words, Link was instantly shocked.

Whenever Nozama said this in the game, it meant that he would cast the large-scale attack spell, Storm of Death.

Storm of Death

Level-19 Legendary Spell

Effect: Spell unique to Nozama. It uses the heavily chaotic power of the Abyss to create countless high-speed vortices. The countless vortices then form a giant magic vortex that stretches as far as one can see. Everything inside the vortex is crushed to powder.

(Note: When the windstorm appears, death follows!)

In the foreign Fedaro, this spell was only around Level-13, but it was still a terrifying force. Under this spell, around 5000 miles of forest would be destroyed. Even if they didn't die, they would still have nowhere to hide.

Romeon saw Link's strange expression and hurriedly asked, "What, is he really powerful?"

Link nodded tersely while his mind whirred. By now, Nozama's body had already changed. Black light shone around him. The light surged from all directions and rushed towards his body. They were so fast that these lights seemed to form a whirlpool too.

In the game, it took three seconds to cast the Storm of Death. It didn't give Link much time to react.

A second later, Link knew he couldn't keep hesitating. He had to leave now. Turning towards Romeon, he asked, "Is it north?"

"Yes, that direction." Romeon pointed somewhere northwest.

Link's power surged, and he used a teleportation spell. White light flashed, covering them all. Buzz. The light disappeared, but they were still there.

"What's wrong?" Romeon was shocked. He knew this spell, but it was actually ineffective now.

Link grew serious. "The space is locked... There's no time. He's going to cast the spell!"

While speaking, Link's back trembled. A pair of dragon wings more than 30 feet wide opened. They curled around everyone present and covered them, forming a sealed dragon wing shield.

Almost at the same time, Nozama's voice mixed with aggressive aura yelled, "Let death devour all!"

Link looked up. The entire sky was black. It was afternoon, but it seemed to be night. In the dark and sunless sky, Nozama suddenly reached out, pressing downward. Boom. Countless dark purple vortices appeared out of nowhere. They spread, covering Link's vision.

Whoosh, whoosh... Death...destruction...devour... The wind screamed and had countless hoarse roars mixed in. Listening closely, one could hear many chilling wails. It was as if there was a deep abyss before them, filled with countless miserable souls trying to escape. Their freedom was restricted by something and could only reach a handout, grappling and dragging the creatures living in the light to the dark abyss to taste the misery together.

In this windstorm, mountains were flattened, trees were crushed, and stones were pulverized. An instant later, the wind pressed down on Link's wings.

That moment, Link felt boundless pressure weighing down on him, trying to crush him. He couldn't do anything or even budge. He could only grit his teeth and bear it.

The crystallized dragon scales were abnormally tough. They were immune to all spells under Level-18. This spell from Nozama was only at Level-14. Because of the large scale, Link felt pressure, but it still couldn't break through the wings' protection.

One second, two seconds, three... The windstorm was still raging. Outside the wings, tidal waves crashed, and the storm ravaged the world. Inside the wings, it was quiet and calm like a safe refuge.

The people protected by the wings-mortal Magician Dadara, the demons, and Protector Romeon-were all shocked by Nozama's crazy power. They were also surprised by Link's tough body. Both Nozama and the dragon all had a power unimaginable by mere mortals!

Ten seconds later, the windstorm started weakening. A bit later, the storm subsided. Link opened his wings and looked at its surface. It was covered with all types of dust. He shook his wings, and the dust fell down. The wings were completely undamaged. The surface was only a bit hot.

They'd been surrounded by tall mountains and forests. Looking around, he saw that it had now turned into a huge plain. All that remained was scorched black dirt with dark aura rising up from it.

The only living things were the grass and flowers in the six-foot-wide area around Link. But under the corrosion of the dark aura, they were quickly wilting. With nowhere to hide, Link's group was exposed to Nozama.

Nozama slowly descended. He smiled faintly, but his blood-red eyes were still cold. "You hid well, Ferde lord. My spell couldn't break through your scales. You always surprise me."

As he spoke, a black sword appeared in his hands. It was thin and narrow-only five centimeters wide but six feet long. The sword's back was black and didn't reflect any light while the blade was silver. When he brandished the sword, one could only see a silver streak.

Link recognized it. It was the weapon Nozama was proudest of-Heroic Calamity.

Hero Calamity

Level-19 Legendary Weapon

Effect: Incredibly sharp! Incredibly light! Incredibly fast!

(Note: For millenniums, everyone who had died by this sword had once been praised as a hero.)

Seeing this sword, Link felt like he'd truly met a great enemy.

Lord of the Deep Nozama was at the pinnacle of Level-19, but he wasn't the only one in the world. Later in the game, Glorious Warlord Avatar, Half-elf Eliard, and human Kanorse had all reached similar levels. However, of everyone at the Legendary level, Nozama was at the top. He was truly the first of all Legendary figures.

In the game, these three had all fought against Nozama. In the end, the Glorious Warlord had fallen, Kanorse had died, and Eliard had come away badly hurt. These great costs had only injured Nozama instead of killing him.

Nozama had lived for too long. He'd completely grasped the secrets of power. He was an expert in all spells and battle techniques. He could easily use any technique. Anything he had was precious and world-shaking. He also had countless demon followers.

In the realm, he could definitely be known as "invincible." If he insisted on staying inside the realm, even a god couldn't do anything to him.

Now, Link had to personally face this man. Even though he had so much battle experience, he still felt horrible pressure. The pressure came from the other's power.

Link was at Level-10, while Nozama was most likely at Level-14. He was completely defeated in terms of power. He still had some Omni Points to buy higher level spells, but he didn't have enough power to cast them. They were useless.

It was hopeless!

Thud. Nozama landed and looked at the people beside Link. "The six Magicians are probably your summoners, right? They help bear the realm's resistance, so you can have Legendary Pinnacle power. Even so, there's no reason for them to keep living."

With that, the Magicians, including Dadara, collapsed. Not only that, their bodies instantly started decaying. Puss oozed, and maggots came out. They didn't die yet; they could only watch their bodies rot. This was terrifying, and they all wailed.

"Master, save me, save me!"

Link was their last bit of hope, but Link was helpless. He didn't even know how Nozama had cast the spell. Their difference was too large. Regardless of whether it was power itself or Nozama's power, they couldn't be compared.

Looking at Link, Nozama smiled. "Young man, there's no need to feel sad for them. You'll quickly be in the same situation-no need to feel humiliated either. When I was your age, I was still a loser in the capital who spent his days drinking and f*cking. But you're already qualified to stand before me. That's a great honor!"

Capital? Drinking and f*cking? Those two phrases made Link's heart twitch, but he didn't have time to think now. Once the summoners died, the realm's resistance towards him would multiply tenfold. His power would be greatly restricted; he would only be at Level-6.

Faced with Nozama in Level-14, it was like an ant trying to shake a tree. There was no chance.

Nozama didn't hurry. He smiled at the two demons. "Gaulle and Gamiwa, you two didn't disappoint me. Surrendering temporarily for survival is normal. Us demons are always like that. But since you surrendered, you must pay for it. You two..."

Plop, plop! Before Nozama could finish, the two demons had already fainted from fear.

"How embarrassing." Nozama shook his head and prepared to act.

"Wait!" another voice said. It was Romeon.

Nozama looked over and chuckled. "The so-called Protector of the realm? You're pretty handsome, much better than when I was young. Sadly, from my youth to now, I've always hated people who look better than me. So...I'm sorry."

He waved his sword carelessly towards Romeon. But halfway through, a sword blocked it with a ding.

It was Link.

He'd used all his power to block this hit. He was pressed onto the ground by the sword's power too. If his body wasn't at Level-13, he would have died on the spot from this force.

Feeling the difference between their power, even the determined Link felt a shred of despair.

Will it really end now?