643 Turn and Run

 Fedaro Realm

Today was Link's second day in this realm; he was still familiarizing himself with it. There wasn't much in terms of history, and so, he'd learned most of it. Now, he was learning about Fedaro's magic.

The magic here was unique, but Link was on the way towards the essence of power. Magician Dadara's level was quite low. He was only around Level-8. Link had the advantage of his high level and was naturally fast at grasping low-level spells.

In one afternoon, Link already learned most of the commonly used runes in this realm. Now, he was learning a Level-6 flame spell.

Whoosh. A red fireball the size of a basketball appeared before Link's eyes. Using his thoughts, it disappeared and reappeared a few times. He could now control the spell on his whim.

Beside him, Dadara praised, "Master, you learn so quickly."

"A mere mortal's trick." Link's voice was full of disdain, but it was an act. Inside, he thought this spell was very special.

In Firuman, a fire spell under the Legendary level would create an unstable and high-pressure ball of fire. To make a fireball, one had to use a spiral structure inside. Any relaxation would cause the spell to be cast incorrectly and have horrible consequences.

The structure of this fireball was completely different. It didn't have any spirals inside. The outside was a transparent red sphere, like a crystal. At a glance, it looked like Dragon Power. While casting, it was easier to control than Firuman's fireballs too. It made Link feel that it was a Legendary fireball that involved fire principles.

These magic runes are closer to the principles than Firuman's elemental runes. They aren't simple single-realm principles either and are instead the common principles in the Sea of Void... Interesting.

Disregarding the relationship between these spells and the mysterious gear, the characteristics were already enough for him to research deeply.

These were his inner thoughts. Dadara obviously didn't know. Hearing his words, he lowered his head and said humbly, "Master, these are only a mortal's spells. They can't be compared to your supernatural power."

Link didn't deny it. "Continue," he said. "Next spell."

"Yes, Master." Dadara lifted the magic book and flipped to a new page to show Link another spell.

Just then, Link suddenly said, "Wait, something happened."

Dadara was confused. He looked up and saw that the sky was clear blue. Looking around, there were only thick forests. The wind blew past the trees, and occasionally, there would be some bright chirps from birds. Everything seemed normal.

"Master, it looks normal?" Dadara didn't understand.

"Patience, mortal." Link had been lying on the ground, but now he'd half-risen. Cocking his head, he listened. His eyes kept looking around, waiting for changes in the environment.

Dadara still didn't understand, but he knew his power wasn't enough. He could only hold his breath and wait.

The valley was silent and the seconds ticked by. After around ten minutes, the sky changed drastically.

It had been blue like a pure sapphire. Now, it suddenly had dark red clouds. At first, the clouds were sparse but thickened within a few minutes, covering the sun completely.

The clouds kept spinning like a huge vortex. After more than ten minutes, a giant dark red pillar of light suddenly shot out from it. The pillar connected the sky and ground. It was extremely similar to when the God of Destruction's Saint had appeared. Link's heart clenched, and the feeling of danger gripped him.

Just then, two figures sprinted over while yelling, "Master, something happened!"

Link looked over. They were the two demons who had signed the soul contract with him. Their original summoning contracts had been nullified, and the one bearing the realm's resistance had gone. They were only at the beginning of Level-6 now.

Sprinting over, succubus Gamiwa, who was at the front, panted heavily and said, "Master, things are bad. I can feel Nozama's aura. He said before that he'd come to deal with you personally. He's here now."

Bladed Demon Gaulle's eyes were terrified, and his body shook. "Master, what should we do? We're going to die. We're really gonna die!"

Every demon from the Abyss knew very well how horrifying Nozama was. This lord's power was undefeatable, and he knew countless ways of torturing someone. Demons were a mortal's nightmare, but to the demons, Nozama was an eternal nightmare.

Now, they'd betrayed Nozama, but Nozama had come to them. The two demons were close to breaking down.

Nozama has actually come? Link looked at the dark red pillar in the near distance. It's probably not just him. The God of Destruction is also looking from outside the realm. This is bad.

Nozama was at the pinnacle of Level-19, only one step away from the divine level. Now, he dared to come into this realm to find Link. Even if his power was somewhat restricted, but he would still be more powerful than Link. If they fought directly, Link barely had any chance.

However, he also had some advantages. As the mastermind behind Firuman's catastrophe, people had researched Nozama's power. He'd displayed many tricks in the game, such as Misfortune Curse, Finger of Death, Eternal Nightmare, and other Legendary techniques. People knew all about them; Link obviously did too.

Nozama was extremely powerful, but he still had flaws. As the Lord of the Deep for so many years, he had many followers and never had to fear anyone. Thus, his skills at escaping, especially spells at running, didn't match his power level.

Seems like I should run now, Link thought. He couldn't escape from the realm because the God of Destruction and Void Ferry were most likely waiting for him outside. He would die if he left. He could only run circles around Nozama in this giant realm.

Thinking of this, Link activated the Transmission spell. A few flashes of white light appeared. The six Magician's who'd summoned Link were brought over.

The two demons immediately realized that Link was preparing to run. Terrified, Gamiwa collapsed and crawled on her knees. Clutching one of Link's dragon toes, she cried, "Master, take me with. Wah...take me with. I'll serve you with my all. I'll do anything you want. Wah..."

She transformed while crying. She put away her scales, revealing crystal-white human skin. Her body had all the right curves and was extremely hot. Demons never had bad bodies, especially demons that mesmerized people with their looks. When they used all their power to attract people, they were enough to cause nosebleeds.

When the Bladed Demon saw how shameless the succubus was, he was furious. But as a Bladed Demon who focused on combat ability, he had nothing to show. He could only lament that his parents didn't give him good looks. But he still tried his best. He rushed towards Link's other dragon toe.

"Master, I'm willing to become your sharpest blade. I'll kill anyone you want. If you want me to torture someone, I'll make it so that even his mother can't recognize him. Just take me with you please!"

Link glanced at the two demons. His eyes finally landed on the succubus Gamiwa who was purposely showing off her power. He didn't care about her figure-it had no effect on him. He was thinking back to the Mana waves from her transformation.

The waves were obscure, hidden, and strange. It felt oddly familiar to Link. Thinking closely, it was similar to when he transformed into dragon form.

The dragon form is a type of magic form. Could a demon's body be the same? Link was intrigued. He moved his claws and grasped the two demons.

With his current dragon form, these two weighed nothing. They wouldn't affect his speed at all. After escaping and getting temporary peace, he wanted to study the structure of the demon body. Of course, right now, he had to run.

Ignoring the demons' praises, Link spread his wings and flapped. At the same time, he activated the Void Walk. It had been created just for escaping. He shot into the air like an arrow. His speed was extreme.

After reaching Level-13, his maximum speed had lifted. He was also in dragon form now. His streamlined body was born for flight. Pairing these two, he reached about one mile per second.

Under this extreme speed, even Link felt his vision blur. Looking back, he saw the light pillar shrink quickly. It was about to disappear from his line of sight.

Fifteen seconds later, the light was gone. Then an indescribable sense of danger surged in Link's heart. He knew that Nozama was watching him now.

Eyes turning, Link saw a flying black dot around 25 miles from him. Looking closely, he saw a middle-aged man with black hair and red eyes. He was also flying in the air at a speed just a bit slower than Link.

"It's Nozama, it's the Lord of the Deep! He's coming!" Gamiwa yelled.

Link obviously knew it was Nozama. He'd dealt with this guy many times in the game. In the storyline mission, he'd even died thousands of times. Nozama's appearance was carved into his mind.

The two chased each other like this for around three seconds. Then Link realized that if this continued, Nozama would definitely catch up.

The side effects from forcefully activating the time spell were still present; his power recovered too slowly. Flying at this extreme speed used up a lot of energy. Nozama's power recovery rate was very high, and he wouldn't feel any fatigue like this.

Estimating with his current speed, Link could fly at top speed for around ten hours. If he couldn't lose Nozama within that time, it would be bad.

Nozama clearly knew this. He followed behind Link calmly. After three more seconds, the distance between them only widened around 300 feet. Link's vision suddenly flashed. It was a mission.

Activate mission series: Danger: Lord of the Deep

Mission One: Escape

Mission Content: Temporarily escape from Nozama's pursuit and find a safe refuge.

Mission Reward: 1 Energy Crystal

Energy Crystal

Level-18 Energy Core

Effect: It contains indescribably pure power and can help the user break through their current power limit.

Link sorely needed this. Unfortunately, he could only get it after completing the mission. It couldn't help him now. He could only focus on flying.

He was waiting for the distance between them to increase before finding a place to hide.

While flying, the corner of his vision flashed with white light. Shocked, he looked over and saw someone running toward him at high speed. Looking closely, he saw that it was Romeon, the Protector he'd scared away earlier.

Why was he here?

While Link was confused, Romeon had gotten closer. He wasn't as fast as Link, so he used a sound transmitting spell. "Dragon, if you trust me, take me with. I know a place where you can hide from that demon!"