641 Sovereign of Light?

 This is problematic.

Link sprawled on the ground of the valley, thinking of the information he'd gotten from the two demons. The Void Ferry actually had more than 3000 Legendary demons. Nozama wanted to come personally to deal with him. Even more shocking, these guys were still looking for the mysterious gear and had come here.

This place was extremely close to the mysterious gear. If they searched carefully here, they would definitely find it. What would happen if they found the gear?

Link didn't know if they would receive undefeatable power or shocking wisdom. All he knew was that he couldn't let Nozama find it.

But what should I do now? Link had no clue. While wracking his brain, his magic servant Dadara walked over with a thick magic book in his hands. "Master, I've prepared what you've requested."

"Get closer and read for me." Link's eyes rolled and looked down at Dadara. He remained sprawled on the ground.

It wasn't their first meeting, but whenever Dadara had to approach this huge beast, he would still get nervous. He forced himself to around 50 feet from Link and started reading.

"The realm we live in is called Fedara. In ancient times, it was a barren land. There was no water, no air, and no life. One day, a great god arrived. He saw that the world was so quiet and decided to add life to it. He spent seven days in total to create the creatures... Master, this is the myth spread all over the continent. I cannot ensure the validity. I personally do not believe it."

Link didn't agree or disagree. He huffed out some air, creating a breeze in the valley. "Keep reading. Don't add your useless nonsense. Your knowledge isn't enough to determine the truth of history."

Dadara felt insulted, but he didn't dare object. Licking his chapped lips, he continued, "After God created life, he stayed in Fedara for countless years. He arranged the order for the world to operate, and spread the written and spoken language. When he left, he pointed at the ancestors of humanity and said, 'From now on, you will rule the world in my place. Magic is the scepter I give you...'"

The myth was very rough. There was a handful of myths similar to this in Firuman. Most of the details couldn't be believed, but there were still some traces left behind by history. Here, Link asked, "What was the god called?"

"He never said his true name. However, the ancient people called him the Sovereign of Light. Whenever he appeared, he was covered in endless light. People couldn't see his features clearly either," Dadara said.

"Sovereign of Light?" Link was slightly surprised. The Sovereign of Light was similar to Firuman's God of Light. Piasce had also said that the mysterious gear in the Sea of Void was enveloped by light. Could there be a special relationship between these three?

However, there still wasn't enough information. Link couldn't conclude anything yet. "Continue," he ordered.

"After the god left, the ancestors used the God-given magic and quickly reached the top of the world. In the beginning, many believed that God would return and the ancestors were only temporarily protecting the world order for him. Thus, the world was very peaceful, and everyone lived happily. However, God never returned. Time passed, and the order broke apart. About 9000 years ago, the first magic war erupted in Fedara. Countless powerful Magicians crowned themselves as magic king. They fought each other to snatch the scepter given by the god. The dark ages lasted for 30 years. It was known as the War of the Kings."

"Oh? Is this a legend or history?" Link was interested.

"This is true history," Dadara said.

"Where's the evidence?" Link asked.

Not only was Dadara a Magician, but he was also a learned scholar. He knew everything about Fedara's history.

As soon as Link asked, he replied, "There are many ancient relics on the continent. The most well-known is the Stargazer's Platform in the South. Ancient scholars observed the paths of stars there. There's a famous wall painting called Dawn of the Gods. Beneath it is an epic poem of 5389 ancient words. It recorded the ancient war in detail.

"There are also three eternal magic seals on the Stargazer's Platform and five fossilized bodies. This all proves that the War of the Kings had truly happened around 9000 years ago. According to my research, the specific time should be around 9155 years."

It was a detailed reply. After hearing it, Link felt like he should visit the Stargazer's Platform. Of course, he had to learn as much as he could about this world's magic before that.

Thinking of this, Link said, "Continue the story. After that, I need to know about your magic."

"As you wish, Master." Dadara continued reading.

While Link was focused on learning the specifics of Fedara, Glyn was escaping with Franklan. He ran more than 1000 miles without stopping and finally took a breather after reaching the heart of the Troym Kingdom.

Just as he was about to rest, a voice came from the sky. "Stop, demon."

Glyn looked up. It was Protector Romeon who had been running toward the same direction. He looked a bit pathetic now. His clothes were torn, and his previously flawless hair had become messy. His pretty eyebrows drooped rather than arching up. It was obvious what had happened was a blow to his confidence.

"Protector, I am only someone summoned from another realm. Why can't you let me go?" Glyn was scared. The other was Legendary, after all. If they started fighting, he wouldn't do well.

Romeon shook his head. "No, no, no. I know you have other plans, but I'm not looking for trouble now. I want to know details about the black dragon. His power is too shocking. He surpasses all creatures that have appeared in the history of Fedara. Even the ancient magic kings can't reach his level. He can't be a nameless figure. Demon, tell me his background."

With that, Glyn was relieved. If this guy really wanted to find trouble, it would actually be hard for Glyn. This was much better. He couldn't say much about the Ferde lord though. Otherwise, judging from their conversation earlier on the battlefield, who knew what would happen?

Thinking of this, Glyn said, "Protector, I've only heard of his name before. He is truly powerful, but that was my first time fighting him, just like you."

"Oh?" Romeon squinted at Glyn, face full of suspicion.

Glyn had seen this kind of suspicion many times before. He cried out inwardly. That damn Ferde lord had perfectly destroyed the Protector's confidence. The clash hadn't been as intense as he had thought. The Protector had already started doubting Glyn and would try to prove his doubts. Adding the two demon traitors to the fact, they would probably be exposed soon.

At this point, Nozama's mission would be impossible to accomplish. The wisest thing would be to give up on the summoning and return to the Void to restart. It was highly possible that he would be badly punished, but it was still better than failing and dying here.

Glyn was a decisive man. Once he made a decision, he would do it immediately without any delay.

Of course, he had to find the right time to leave this realm. But since he had a decision, he didn't feel torn inside. "Protector," he murmured. "Of all the rumors I've heard of the black dragon, he's a cruel and tricky guy. Perhaps you think he's okay and you can communicate with him. But when he kills more than 100,000 lives in this world, you'll regret it."

"But less than 20 people died because of him in that battle," Romeon said, half trusting and half disbelieving. "Less than 100 were injured. This doesn't match the name of a cruel tyrant."

"Hah, I'm only telling you what I've heard. Whether you believe me or not has nothing to do with me. If you have the guts, you can go to the valley to ask him personally... Oh, I don't think I can stay in this realm any longer. After all, I'm just a summoned guest from another realm."

"Oh, then you can go. Thank you for the information. Also, this realm doesn't welcome you. Don't come back. If I meet you again, I will destroy you!"

Glyn shrugged. "I hope we'll never meet."

Romeon didn't think much. The summoning spell had ended, so returning to the Void was normal. Thinking that he wouldn't get more information from the demon, he turned to leave.

Perhaps it's time to go look for that black dragon, Romeon thought. The other hadn't caused great damage and instead went back to the mountains. The fighting could be put aside for now. He should at least figure out the other's motive.

On the other hand, a short while after he left, Glyn grabbed Magician Franklan's neck. "Mortal, I'm sorry, but I don't need you anymore."

"You-" Franklan was shocked.

Crack! Bone cracked, and Franklan's neck was turned into mush. He was dead instantly.

He was Glyn's main summoner. Once he died, Glyn felt the realm's resistance against him multiply greatly. His Level-9 strength was now only Level-6.

It didn't matter though. He wasn't going to stay in this realm for any longer. Using the resistance, Glyn cast a realm portal spell.

Buzz. White light flashed. Using this power, Glyn felt himself shoot out of this damn realm. Everything blurred in his vision. A few minutes later, dark green vapor appeared before him. He was back in the Sea of Void.

Nothing was restricting him anymore, and his power returned to Level-15. The Void's power rushed towards him, but he easily stopped it.

After a while, a huge disc appeared around him. There was a flashing spatial coordinate below it. Glyn immediately sent his location. The white light flashed, and he was back inside the Void Ferry.

Nozama's voice came. "Glyn, you've disappointed me greatly."