639 Magician, I Can Smell the Fear in Your Hear

 Boom! Boom!

The sound of pounding footsteps kept getting closer. At the same time, there was a powerful surge of energy waves. Looking towards the mountains from here, one could see that even the air had distorted slightly.

"You know him?" The one who called himself Romeon, the Protector, looked at Glyn. His eyes were serious. When Glyn didn't reply after a few seconds, he added, "I heard your conversation. You called him the 'Ferde lord.'"

Glyn felt troubled now. At first, he thought that with Level-9 power, he would have no opponents in this world other than the Ferde lord. Now, a Legendary Protector suddenly appeared. He could feel from the guy's tone that he only saw Glyn as a slightly powerful summoned. He also knew about demons and didn't trust Glyn.

With someone like him here, it would be impossible to summon Nozama. Glyn really wanted to just leave now.

When he still didn't reply, Protector Romeon frowned slightly. His hands tightened around his wand. "Demon, don't test my patience!"

Glyn was forced to nod. "Indeed. His name is Link. He's a very cruel black dragon. He once personally killed more than 100,000 people in another realm... I think that, with your experience, you must know how terrifying a Legendary dragon is, right?"

As soon as he finished, there was another booming footstep. After that, part of a huge black shadow appeared behind a mountain. It was only a part, but they could already see the dragon body clearly.

Romeon naturally saw it too. His brows knitted more tightly.

Right then, commotion arose from a mountain near the magic seal. Listening closely, one could hear screams, clattering hooves, yells, and chaos.

Summoner Franklan's face paled. "The army revolted. Protector, what should we do?"

Troym's army was camped at that side of the mountain. With at least 150,000 people, it was a huge force. But with such a horrible beast before them that could destroy the world, it didn't matter how many people they had. They were only mortals and were definitely terrified now.

If they didn't act quickly, Troym's army would fall apart.

If they could assure the soldiers, take advantage of some catapult, group spell, piercing arrows or other machinery, they could at least distract the dragon. This would greatly lighten their burden.

Everyone present understood this.

Seeing that their opportunity was about to end, Demon Magician Glyn threw all caution to the wind. Turning, he called at Romeon, "Protector, please act before it's too late!"

Only the Protector could fight Link. Everyone else was too weak.

Romeon was hesitant too. Seeing the black dragon's might, he wasn't confident in defeating it. But he was the Protector of the Fedaro Continent. Protecting this world was his lifelong vow when he'd joined this Magician's organization. Now that there was a black dragon invader, he had to take responsibility.

Thinking of this, he inhaled deeply and turned. "Franklan, take your summoned with. It's up to us."

With that, the unicorn started galloping in the air, instantly reaching an extreme speed. It cut a silver-white arc as it flew towards the battlefield ahead.

"Yes, Protector!" At this time, the Legendary Protector was their last hope. After that, Franklan turned to Glyn. "Master..."

Glyn waved his hand. "No need. We will follow the summoning contract and help you defeat the black dragon king. Let's go!"

Franklan was overjoyed. He turned and hurried to the frontline.

The two demons behind Glyn hurried over. "Commander, are we really going?" Demon Gamiwa murmured. "That Protector looks young and inexperienced. How can he be the Ferde lord's match?"

The Ferde lord was the god of death. He'd killed so many demons. The demons in the Abyss hated him to bits, but power was power. To them, the Ferde lord was an impassable mountain.

Gaulle also nodded lightly. "How about we escape now?"

Glyn liked that idea, but he quickly shook his head. "Don't forget Master's mission! At least we have a Legendary figure helping now and Troym's army. It's still possible to win. Let's go."

It was risky, but if they could defeat the Ferde lord and control his soul, then Glyn would have accomplished something great. His master would definitely reward him.

The two demons had no objections and could only follow Glyn to the frontline.

Roar! The dragon roared again. Because they were much closer, disturbances visible to the naked eye rippled through the air.

Under the sound waves, big trees shook violently and could snap at any time. The Troym soldiers who were close plugged their ears and rolled on the ground. The weaker ones even started bleeding from their mouths and noses. They were actually injured.

How could they fight against this?

The Troym soldiers were losing their resolve; they were close to breaking down.

"Keep steady! Steady!" the general yelled hysterically.

A few generals had already slain some deserters to keep the situation under control. But this was only temporary. When the dragon got closer, even the generals would probably turn to flee.

In the mountains, King Morahan of the Blacklan Kingdom and the group of summoners looked at Troym's camp from afar. Seeing this, the king gulped. "Master," he murmured to Magician Dadara. "You've really done something great. Not only have you protected Blacklan Kingdom, but you might also even destroy Troym!"

Dadara was more clear-headed. "Your Majesty, it's not definite yet. We've used the sacrifice spell to summon the black dragon king and must have alerted the Protector. The dragon might not be the Protector's match."

"The Protector? He can't be that fast." The king was shocked.

At this time, a soldier beside him yelled, "Look, there's a flying unicorn in the sky!"

Everyone turned to look. There really was a snowy white unicorn flying towards the battlefield at an unimaginable speed. Looking closely, there was a youth dressed as a Magician on the unicorn.

"It's Protector Romeon!" Dadara was shocked. He'd seen the Protector before. The silver hair, snowy-white robe, unicorn, and handsome, youthful features were all of Romeon's characteristics.

He looked young, but he was actually more than 100 years old. He was one of the most powerful Protectors in Fedaro.

Dadara knew that his actions would alert the Protectors, but he didn't think that he would attract the attention of someone so powerful. The black dragon king looked powerful, but Dadara wasn't sure if he could win against the Protector.

The king had only heard of the Protector before. Seeing the unicorn streaking like lightning, he asked anxiously, "Master, that Protector looks so young. He can't be that powerful, right?"

"I don't know. One's body isn't the critical factor in a Legendary battle. Usually, just one spell can decide the victor." Dadara was quite knowledgeable.

The king felt sweat seep from his forehead. From what he knew, the kings who'd gone against the Protectors never had good endings. These things had happened many times before.

Would he and his kingdom have a tragic ending too?

Roar! The black dragon, as big as a hill, walked out from the mountains. He was covered in a layer of air ripples. The specific details of his body were hard to see. After walking out, he stopped around 1500 feet from the camp. With a whoosh, he unfurled his huge dragon wings. The wings were at least 300 feet wide and they seemed to cover the entire sky.

Afterwards, the dragon wings flapped towards the army. A gust of wild wind appeared instantly, and the sky twisted violently. From afar, it looked like a tidal wave crashing towards the army.

One would expect that many soldiers would be dead or gravely injured once the wind rushed past the army. Their morale would be destroyed too.

Right then, Protector Romeon's wand flashed in the air. His body was instantly as bright as the sun. An instant later, a pillar of light at least 30 feet thick fell from the sky. It spread into a wall of light, blocking the wild wind.

Whoosh, whoosh.

The wind pounded but couldn't budge the wall of light.

Immediately after, the "sun" in the sky intoned with a voice that resonated through the world, "Black dragon, leave here. Leave this realm, or die!"

There was a Legendary Protector here?

Link squinted at the figure in the sky in some shock. The sacrifice spell isn't accepted by the world and immediately alerted the top force in this realm. This is probably only the first wave of power. If I wreak havoc in this realm without caring, there will probably be many more resistors. I will become a public enemy.

If he really became a public enemy, the entire realm's power would join against him. It was just like how Nozama had invaded Firuman and conducted many massacres. The different races immediately allied with each other. Many mysterious forces were helping too.

For example, Link felt that he was always weirdly lucky when fighting against Nozama. This was probably due to the aid of some unknown forces.

If he went too overboard, he would probably be resisted similarly by this realm. Of course, he was far from that level. He could still control himself.

These thoughts flashed past his mind, and he figured out what to do.

Looking up at the blazing "sun," Link laughed. "Magician, I can smell the fear in your heart."