633 He’s Looking for Death

 North, Black Forest

Crunch, crunch, crunch. It was the sound of walking in the snow. A Dark Elf was rushing over the snow in the forest.

He ran northward. The further he ran, the sparser the trees and thicker the snow. When he passed a hill, a boundless icy plain appeared. In the distance, there was a fortress made of bones. It was the Skeletal Fort of the Army of Destruction.

The Dark Elf kept sprinting and quickly arrived at the door.

"Report your identity!" Two Nagas crossed their weapons and blocked the Dark Elf.

"I am Pheron, commander of the Death Hand. I have important information for Her Highness!" The Dark Elf showed his emblem and was allowed to pass.

Pheron kept running and soon arrived at the main hall. Here, he slowed down and fixed his clothes. Taking a deep breath, he entered the hall.

There weren't many people here. A finely made skeletal throne was at the head of the room. Dressed in a gauze dress, Princess Ellie sat in the throne and listened to the generals' reports.

Pheron glanced at the princess' flawless features and his heart sped up. He quickly lowered his head, not daring to look further. In reality, he didn't have to come personally. However, he would always come to report important news to see the princess. It was the same for this time.

Dark Elf Princess Ellie Danas was extremely talented and had a strong aura. She was also beautiful and flawless. Many Dark Elves called her the "starlight rose under a moonlit sky." So many youths were in love with her. Many High Elves were infatuated too and even betrayed the Isle of Dawn to join the Army of Destruction to be around her.

Her voice was mellow and smooth but also had a bit of roughness to it. It was very unique. Pheron felt that his fatigue would disappear by just listening to this heavenly voice. If he could kiss... No, this was blasphemy.

The princess would definitely become queen in the future. Her husband would be a noble. She would have nothing to do with a commoner like him. He couldn't think too much.

Just as he was thinking nonsense, a voice came from the throne.

"Pheron, I heard that you have important news from the South?"

The voice shocked Pheron out of his thoughts. He immediately went up and lowered onto one knee. He took out a sheepskin scroll.

"Your Highness, this is news from a spy in the South. It's about Ferde."

"Oh, Ferde?" Eugene (Princess Ellie) was instantly interested. She reached out, and the scroll flew to her hands. After scanning it, her face darkened.

The scroll said that the Ferde lord had completely mended the Realm Crack in the Korora Mountain Range. This gave him much prestige. He married the Red Dragon Queen, and soon after, the queen stepped down. Link became king of the dragons, and the dragons joined Ferde. A huge and terrifying black dragon appeared in Ferde, but its identity was still unknown.

Eugene obviously knew who the black dragon was!

In such a short time, his strength and authority increased so much. How can we fight if this keeps going on? Eugene couldn't help but worry.

Before becoming commander of the Army of Destruction, Eugene had been confident. She'd thought that Link and Ferde weren't anything special. But after being in the position and getting familiar with politics, she felt helpless.

Admittedly, the Army of Destruction was powerful. However, its power was already at the peak. They couldn't improve in the near future, especially after the Realm Crack was fixed. The realm would become smooth and flawless. It would be difficult for the Nagas and demons to enter the realm. Under these circumstances, it was already a feat to maintain the army's current scale. It was near impossible to expand.

On the other hand, the humans had a large population of more than 200 million. If the dragons were added, there were millions more dragons and strong fighters. More terrifying was that the human Warriors were quickly strengthening. Ferde's Sunlight Army was already able to fend off the demons.

The longer it drags on for, the worse it'll become. Soon, even the Black Forest might not be able to stop the humans. What should I do? Eugene furrowed her brows.

Now, she was regretting the actions earlier. If she knew this would happen, she wouldn't have ended their relationship with the High Elves.

Unfortunately, regret was useless. Eugene kept thinking but couldn't think of a good way to restrain the humans. Just as she was frustrated, Molina walked over. Judging from her expression, she had something to say.

Eugene understood and said, "Pheron, I see. You've worked hard. Go rest now."

"Yes, Your Highness." Pheron looked up at the princess again. He didn't want to leave.

"You all go now," Eugene said. "I'm tired and need to rest."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Everyone in the room left, leaving Eugene and Molina.

"Saint, what's wrong?" Eugene looked at Molina.

Molina nodded. "There's something important about the Ferde lord."

Eugene shrugged, feeling upset. "What now? Don't tell me he's going to marry some High Elf princess and the Isle of Dawn will join Ferde."

"What? Marry? The Isle of Dawn?" Molina didn't know about the South yet.

Eugene passed the scroll to her. "Look for yourself."

After scanning the content, Molina's brows furrowed too. Things were getting more and more difficult, but she quickly composed herself. Pointing at the scroll, she said, "The black dragon king is Link."

"I know that. I've seen him in the Dragon Valley." Eugene threw her hands up.

"But I also know that he isn't in Ferde now. More accurately, he's not in Firuman!" Molina continued.

"What?" Eugene straightened. This news was too timely. "How do you know? Did your god tell you?"

"Yes." Molina nodded. "My master felt a slight ripple in the realm barrier and came to this conclusion after adding his observations. He is chasing the Ferde lord in the Sea of Void. He will definitely die this time!"

"Great!" Eugene exclaimed. "Link won't stay in the realm and dared to go into the Sea of Void. He's really looking for death!"

"My master also said that the Ferde lord isn't a worry anymore. He sent an oracle. He wants us to use this chance to break into the Orida Fortress and continue southward!"

"No problem!" Eugene cackled. The only one she feared in Firuman was Link. She could still remember that sword. In his entire life, only one person's attack could make her defenseless.

After that, she knew that she wasn't Link's match in a face-to-face fight. But now, Link went on a suicidal mission. Heh, what more was there to worry about?

Seeing Eugene's expression, Molina felt unease. She couldn't help but remind her, "The army at the Orida Fortress isn't easy to deal with. Norton Kingdom's army, Ferde's Sunlight Army, Beastmen, and now the dragons...There are countless strong fighters. Don't underestimate them."

"Hmph, I don't need you to remind me," Eugene huffed.

She'd traveled throughout Firuman for centuries and only met two true opponents-Light Magician Halino and Link. As for the juniors at Orida, no one could fend off his dark magic.

Eugene was decisive. Since there was a chance, she wouldn't waste even a second. She immediately called the troops.

Three days later, a huge army of 150,000 Dark Elves, demons, and Nagas started advancing southward.

The army made a big commotion. The news was instantly discovered by scouts stationed in the Black Forest. The huge amount of information moved south like snow. The war machine that was the Orida Fortress started turning at full speed, preparing for the final fight.

At this time, Link was deep inside the Sea of Void. He had a clear target, so he went straight going astray at all.

As he got closer, the gut feeling grew stronger. He believed that he would find the way to change the dark era using that gear!