627 Your Majesty, What are You Doing?

 Chapter 627: Your Majesty, What are You Doing?

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Whoosh, whoosh. A strong wind blew around the territory. This time, even the war-hardened Firuman residents couldn't keep calm. At least 50 dragons appeared in the sky.

Dragons weren't gentle birds. Each one could create a bloody storm in a regular city. Their breaths could bake the earth into a fiery hell. If so many dragons flew over from the Grinth Forest and were Ferde's enemies, this would be war.

While the residents were terrified, the dragons circled above the city and then started landing in the suburbs.

Whoosh, whoosh. Under the violent wind, dirt was lifted, and grass shook. After the 50-some Red Dragon Warriors landed, they transformed into their human forms amidst crystal-red flashes.

Every dragon Magician had carried some Warriors and Magicians from Ferde. They jumped down now.

Before, regular humans could never ride a dragon. Those who dared to try would be turned to ashes. Now, the dragons were won over by Link's power. They all wanted to join Ferde while the Ferde Warriors had their airship destroyed. Things were urgent, so they dealt with it.

Dozens of small airships were already waiting. The dragons and Warriors boarded the airships and were taken to their own residences.

The Red Dragon Warriors were taken to the Scorched Ridge, so they flew into the city with Link.

These smaller airships were mostly for civilian use. They weren't fast, but they were enough for use within Ferde. Around ten minutes later, Link, Celine, Nana, Felina, and the Red Dragon Warriors arrived inside Scorched Ridge.

Here, the dragons were shown to their rooms. After everyone was settled, Link prepared to visit the Red Dragon Queen.

He needed to go find the mysterious gear in the Sea of Void. This required a very powerful Void Ferry, and the best Void Ferry in the world had to be the dragon body. He had to find Gretel to undo the seal inside him.

But unfortunately, Evelina and Eliard found him before he could do that.

"Lord, there are two guests," Evelina said softly. She emphasized the last word. Clearly, these two had no good intentions in Ferde.

Link twitched and asked, "What, you couldn't handle it?"

They were just two outsiders with bad intentions. With Ferde's current power, there was nothing to fear.

Eliard shrugged. "We were going to, but you happened to be back, and they're a bit troublesome. We're afraid we can't control the significance of the matter."

Link was curious about their identities. He nodded. "Oh, tell me in detail inside the tower."

They entered the Mage Tower and walked straight to the core hall on the top level. Evelina clapped softly. "Lily, show us the target under heavy supervision."

"Yes, Magician," Lily's voice rang out. After that, powdery light suddenly fell from the center of the room. They quickly changed, forming two extremely realistic magic projections.

They were two young people-one man and one woman-around 30 years old. They wore plain flaxen clothing. The man was a carriage driver and was traveling into the city. The women looked like an average woman. She was spinning linen in a workshop.

At a glance, they looked like the representation of the busy people in Ferde. But Link realized that they were familiar. After looking closely, he asked Eliard, "Isn't the man the Inferno Warrior we saw in the North?"

"It's him." Eliard nodded and provided more detailed information. "More than a month ago, they infiltrated the city and seemed to be looking for some information. We used the most secretive full perception magic seal to follow their tracks. They don't know that we're watching. The man is called Hamilton, and the woman is Noa. They're at Level-14 and are very troublesome."

They were two Level-14 Warriors. If they attacked secretly, Ferde's Divine Punishment protocol most likely could kill them. But if it failed, it would anger them. If people as strong as they were started killing in the city, it would be a bloodbath. Tens of thousands could die.

Clearly, this couldn't happen to Ferde. Thus, Eliard and the others didn't dare do anything.

Studying the two, Link thought for a while and then chuckled. "It's troublesome for me too, but this time, I brought back a powerful Soul Magician."

"Powerful?" Eliard was instantly interested. There weren't many Magicians in Firuman that Link would say was powerful-and a Soul Magician at that. He'd like to meet them. Evelina thought the same.

Link used Telepathy and said to Piasce who was in his room, "Mr. Piasce, I might need your help."

"Whatever you say, Lord," Piasce replied immediately. Ever since Link mended the crack, Piasce had become even more reverent. He'd revealed his wishes to stay in Ferde. Link obviously wouldn't bar someone so talented.

After receiving the reply, Link located Piasce and used the Transmission spell. An instant later, white light flashed in the hall. After the light faded, the blue-skinned Piasce appeared.

"Lord." Piasce bowed at Link and then looked at Eliard and Evelina. He was very shocked. The two before him were very powerful. They were at the Legendary level and were unexpectedly young. Thinking back, most of the powerful figures he'd seen in Ferde were young.

Seems that I've made the right choice. This place is filled with vigor and potential to grow, he thought.

On the other hand, Link introduced, "This is Magician Evelina. She specializes in plants and dragon magic. This is Magician Eliard, who specializes in elemental magic."

Then he said to Eliard and Evelina, "This is Piasce. He specializes in soul magic."

Everyone present was at the Legendary level. They had strong perceptions and could instantly sense what level everyone was at. They greeted each other politely, calling each other "Master."

After the introductions, Link explained the situation. When he was done, Piasce studied the two Inferno Warriors for around three minutes. Then he smiled.

"These two Warriors are powerful but don't have determined souls. I can easily control them."

Link wasn't surprised. These Warriors were from the Aragu Realm. They'd reached Legendary only thanks to their realm. With their own talent, they could only reach Level-6 in Firuman.

He chuckled. "Then it's up to you."

"Soul magic takes a while to become effective," Piasce said. "The most widely used tactics are hints and metaphors to not raise any alarms. Lord, please give me three days."

Link didn't mind. He chatted with the others for a while and prepared to find Gretel. Just as he turned, he received a message. Lord, Her Majesty is coming down.

Link was surprised. What's wrong? She can just send someone. Why would she come personally?

Just then, the rune of the door already lit up. Gretel's voice came from outside. "Duke, are you there?"

Was she in that much of a hurry?

Link found it strange, but he still said to Lily, "Open the door."

The magic door disappeared, revealing Red Dragon Queen Gretel. She wasn't alone. There were two elders behind her-Pettalong and Wardaas.

Link didn't follow the Dragon Valley's situation, but he knew that these two were the most powerful elders. Then he looked at Gretel. She wore a very formal gown, her hair was done up, and she'd put on makeup. It was a rare formal look.

The situation was strange.

Gretel looked the side and saw Evelina and Eliard. "Since you two are here, you can witness it."

"Witness? Witness what?" Eliard and Evelina stared at each other. They didn't understand Gretel's motive.

Gretel then looked at Piasce and smiled. "You must be Master Piasce from Omir."

Piasce was still shocked by Gretel's natural elegance and nobility. He quickly bowed deeply and said, "Yes, Your Majesty. I entered from the crack and was quite rude. I'd been looking for a time to visit you and beg for your forgiveness."

Gretel shook her head. "There is no need to ask for my forgiveness. No need."

With that, she walked to Link and suddenly lowered onto one knee. She raised her slender and pale hands. There was a crystal-red bracelet in her palms. Link recognized it. It was the bracelet of the dragon king-the symbol of the dragon king's identity.

Her actions scared Link. It was too sudden and unexpected. The noble queen of the dragon race was kneeling before him. If the other dragons knew, they wouldn't know what to think.

Link quickly moved to the side. "Your Majesty, what are you doing?"

Evelina, Eliard, and Piasce were shocked too. The scene before them was absurd. They were dumbfounded even as spectators.

Gretel looked up at Link and murmured, "Link, the ancestors' souls at the Dragon Altar already gave the prediction. They've already chosen you as the next dragon king, but because of our arrogance and bias, we stubbornly refused this fact. But now, we must accept it."

The bracelet floated from her hands. It glowed crystal-red and floated towards Link. The light grew brighter as it got closer to Link. At the same time, the color turned to a silvery black, just like the black dragon form Link once had.

"Link, accept it. Become the next dragon king."