615 Don’t Worry, I Still Have Strength!

 Chapter 615: Don't Worry, I Still Have Strength!

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What happened in the sky was incomprehensible.

"What happened?"

Felina was the closest to the Saint and saw most clearly. She saw the Saint get tied up by some force. The Saint struggled, but the force stuck to her like a spider web. Her hand couldn't break free.

"Is this the lord's true power?" Another Red Dragon Warrior gulped. His wide eyes were filled with incredulousness.

After all, it had been a divine punishment!

A true god's power had descended into the mortal world, but the lord had said to take care of her on the spot. Judging from the current situation, the lord hadn't been bluffing. If this true god's Saint was really taken care of, then Ferde's lord would undeniably be the strongest Magician in the history of Firuman!

On the ground, Celine's group was shocked too. Faced with the Saint, everyone had felt some despair. But what happened afterwards was incomprehensible to the Yabbas, Magicians, and Sunlight Warriors.

Is the lord's power really to this level? everyone thought.

Magic puppet Nana was the calmest. She couldn't fly or help Link, so she just stood beside Celine to protect her.

Further away, demon Magician Glyn looked up despite the intense pain from all over his body. A few seconds ago, he'd been about to watch the Ferde airship get destroyed by the Saint. Now, he saw the Saint get tied up by the Ferde lord!

As a Legendary Magician and a subordinate of Nozama, the Lord of the Deep, he was more knowledgeable and had seen more.

When the Saint was trapped, Glyn immediately noticed the magic book in Link's hands. Oh, even if that book isn't divine gear, it'll definitely be magic equipment of the Legendary Pinnacle. Amazing!

Ferde's lord had such powerful magic equipment. Glyn felt that he wasn't safe here anymore. I'm injured, and the Saint doesn't seem to be the Ferde lord's match. If I stay here, I'll die!

The demons were only temporary allies with the God of Destruction's servants. He was already being nice by not turning on the servants in their trouble. They'd be dreaming if they wanted him to help!

He was decisive and immediately prepared to leave. But a few steps later, he saw a somewhat familiar figure out of the corner of his eye. Looking closer, he saw that it was a young girl with dark purple hair. She had a finely made fire gun.

Oh? I think it's the princess! As Nozama's subordinate, he was familiar with each daughter. Their features were carved in his soul. He could recognize them even if they were turned to ashes.

Celine's power had been purified and barely had any demonic aura, but Glyn was sensitive. He recognized her after a few glances.

Right now, he was less than two miles from Celine. The other was completely focused on the Ferde lord in the sky. If Glyn ambushed her, he could probably capture her successfully.

Lord Nozama misses Princess Celine. If I can take her back to the Abyss, I will definitely be rewarded heavily!

Looking back up at where the Ferde lord was, Glyn clenched his teeth and snuck towards Celine. Capturing the princess could distract Link, help the God of Destruction's Saint, and also help himself get on Nozama's good side. It was three birds with one stone and wasn't that risky. Only an idiot wouldn't do it!

On the other hand, Link had used up almost all his power to restrain the God of Destruction's Saint. He had less than 1000 points and couldn't maintain the Eye of Agramma anymore.

After stopping the spell, he felt his head spin like something had disappeared from his body. Thinking back, he had no information about the Agramma spell. He'd forgotten it all.

He knew this was one of the side effects. According to the instructions, he would get punished by the Firuman Realm too. But time was tight now. The Saint could break free at any time. Even one-tenth of a second's delay would make a difference between life and death.

He had no time to figure out what punishment he got. Using his remaining strength, he cast a Dimensional Jump spell towards the realm crack.

He was the Saint's target. The further he ran, the safer the others would be. Thus, he began running without hesitation.

Buzz! With the soft sound, the white transmission light flashed. The next moment, Link was miles away. He only had around 800 points left. With his recovery rate, he could generate 120 Realm Essence points per second. If he waited two minutes, he would be back to normal, so he didn't care.

After this jump, Link jumped again, moving forward around ten miles. If he jumped again, he would be close to the realm crack.

But then he discovered a change in his body. No, my recovery rate slowed down!

How slow exactly? As soon as he thought that, the game system answered.

Current Recovery Rate: 13 points per second

Player currently in a negative state: Time Abomination

Time Abomination: Usage of time magic disrupted the flow of time. The user will suffer from time's backlash. Under the disruption, the user's body will be greatly affected, their power lowering to 10% of the original rate. Unless time returns to normal, this effect will last forever.

This was a horrible negative state, but Link didn't regret using the Eye of Agramma at all. If he didn't use the spell to see the future at that time, they would've died without a doubt.

The entire airship might be reduced to ashes.

Mortals always had to pay when faced with divine punishment. Only his recovery rate had slowed down. He could accept this.

Thinking of this, Link felt calmer. He was less than six miles from the barrier now. He prepared for a third transmission.

As long as he escaped into the realm barrier, he could use the powerful magic seal created by the thin piece of time. That seal was at Level-23. It was definitely enough to kill a Saint.

White light flashed around him again. The transmission was about to start. Just then, Link's heart jumped. An avalanche of anxiety surged in him.

The Saint escaped! he thought.

The next instant, the sky turned blood-red again. At the same time, he heard a resounding voice behind him. "Mortal, you've angered me!"

She'd underestimated Link earlier and had been fooled by the little trick. It was truly insulting. Now, she wouldn't give him another chance!

Link looked back. He saw semi-transparent spatial ripples appear around the Saint dozens of miles away. The ripples spread with incredible speed.

Link was shocked. No, I can't use the transmission anymore!

The spatial ripples traveled at an inhuman speed. In Firuman, it could travel tens of thousands of miles in a second. Even if he didn't die, he would be gravely injured.

Link immediately canceled the transmission and used the Void Walk, rushing towards the barrier. He was less than six miles away. The Void Walk gave him a speed of around one mile per second. He would need seven seconds!

Seven seconds...isn't enough! Link saw that the Saint had already started charging. Her speed was even faster. With a flap of her wings, her entire body turned into a beam of red light.

Even if Link was the fastest in the mortal world, she was still closing in on him around five miles per second.

Six miles in a second. That's so much faster than me. So is this divine power? Link was shocked. He forced himself to focus and planned while sprinting.

No, a true divine-level figure wouldn't exist in this realm. Otherwise, the God of Destruction would have come long ago. This Saint is at most at the pinnacle of Level-19. She's powerful and Legendary, but she isn't different in nature from me. She's just more focused and of a larger scale.

Thinking of this, he asked the sword spirit in the Ode of a Full Moon, "How powerful do you think she is?"

The sword spirit's past owner was the Storm Lord, who was at the pinnacle of Level-19. It must have seen many people at that level. Even though Link had seen those in the game too, that was only the game. It was still quite different from real life. Thus, he had nothing to refer to.

The sword spirit knew this was urgent too. As soon as Link asked, it replied, Judging from her performance, she isn't higher than Level-17.

"Level-17?" This was lower than what Link had expected, but it was still terrifying.

The higher one was in the Legendary realm, the harder it was to cross that chasm. The gap would be wider too. In lower levels, Link could perhaps use his superb battle techniques to overlook the difference in levels. For example, when fighting against Bryant, Halino, and Eugene, he'd defeated them despite them being stronger. But this wouldn't happen when the other's level was much higher.

Even in the game, it was impossible for a lower level to win after reaching Level-14. The difference was hopeless!

Yes, she should be Level-17. If she is truly at Level-19, we wouldn't have the chance to fight back. The Book of Revelation wouldn't be able to stop her...but I still can't fight against this.

Indeed. Link's eyes brightened and then darkened again.

He now had 820 Omni Points and around 600 Realm Essence points. This was too little. He hadn't been a match at his full status. Now, it was basically hopeless. How could he fight against the Saint's attack?

There wasn't much time. Link's mind whirred as he worked to find an idea. During this time, the Saint traveled close to six miles again. She would catch up the next moment.

What do I do? What do I do?

Don't worry. I still have strength, the sword spirit suddenly said.