606 Time to Take On Ferde!

 Chapter 606: Time to Take On Ferde!

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Dark Water Port

Everyone in the great hall was stunned by the young High Elf's action. However, a hush fell over the room as all of them realized that they could not pull their gaze away from the Dark Elf princess.

Even Molina was not immune to the princess' beauty.

She immediately came to her senses and muttered to herself, "Forgive me, my lord, for I have sinned!"

On the other end of the room, Eugene laughed inwardly at the full attention she was receiving from everyone thanks to her new body. What a bunch of fools!

However, on the outside, she smiled at them. She then gestured at Lawndale and said sweetly, "Rise, my loyal servant."

Lawndale stood up and followed close behind her.

Eugene then entered the great hall and said even more sweetly, "Everyone, I think you've forgotten something."

"And what would that be?" asked a demon.

Eugene somehow managed to smile in an even more tantalizing manner. "The fact that the Black Forest and the Dark Water port are all part of the Dark Elves' territory. They belong to neither long-horned beasts nor boneless servants of the God of Destruction. But now, the guests have become masters of the place, while the true masters have been reduced to mere servants. Everything's gone upside down. Don't you find that strange?"

Molina frowned, sensing that something big was about to happen. She did not like the way the Dark Elf princess was speaking. The fact that she could not accurately measure the princess' power level gave Moli more cause for concern. After mulling over it for a while, she turned to a Level-10 Fallen Angel sitting beside her and whispered, "Go test her power."

The demon seemed reluctant to do so. But Molina was the commander of the Army of Destruction. In the end, he yielded to her authority and walked up to Eugene.

"Little one, quite a big mouth you have there, eh?" said the demon gruffly.

Eugene observed the demon from tip to toe. He was around six feet tall with a pair of delicate wings composed of strands of light standing out from his back. Level-10 Dark Power billowed out from him. The corners of Eugene's mouth curved upwards as if she was about to say something to the demon.

She suddenly pointed the Wand of Darkness at the Fallen Angel and channeled all her power into it. A beam of green light shot out from the wand's tip in the next second.

The beam of light struck the Fallen Angel. For a moment, he stood there motionless. Half a second later, the point of impact on the demon's body began to turn greyish-white. The discoloration quickly spread across his entire body until the Fallen Angel was transformed completely into a stone statue.

With a gentle flick of her wand, Eugene sent the statue flying off in the opposite direction until it hit the ground and shattered into pieces.

Everyone in the great hall was speechless. Only shallow breathing echoed off the walls.

The Dark Elf princess had killed off a Legendary demon with a single spell. Her charm and grace belied a tendency for cruelty and her incredible power.

Eugene looked around at everyone in the great hall, her smile showing no sign of fading from her face. These were all higher-ranking individuals in the Army of Destruction. Most of them were at least Level-8 in terms of power level, and they were all completely taken aback by her actions.

Finally, Eugene's gaze fell on Molina. She asked smilingly, "Naga, you and your kind have outstayed your welcome. Tell me, should I kick all of you out of the Black Forest right now?"

The Dark Elf princess' voice was calm and gentle as if she was simply having an ordinary conversation with Molina. However, Molina could feel an indescribable pressure weighing on her. Her legs had gone wobbly, and her back was sticky with sweat.

"Oh, Master..." She began to pray to the God of Destruction for solace.

Eugene waved her wand, and the black crystal on its tip began glowing with a black light. Before Molina could finish her prayer, Eugene said, "Your master won't be able to enter the Firuman realm, and your so-called Divine Destruction spells won't have much effect on me because I won't be giving you any chance to use them on me. If you even think about casting any of your spells on me right now, I won't hesitate to kill you where you stand."

As an expert in Soul magic, Eugene would be able to easily read Molina's mind.

Molina's legs were now trembling. Forcing herself to regain composure, she asked, "What do you mean?"

Eugene chuckled and appeared beside Molina. She then walked around to face the Naga Priest. The Nagas and demons nearby took a few steps back, fearful for their lives. On the other hand, the Dark Elves were now watching their princess' every move with admiration.

Eugene stopped smiling as she gazed around at everyone else from where she now stood. She then spoke with a raised voice, "The Black Forest belongs to the Dark Elves. Not the Nagas and certainly not the demons. From now on, no alliances with the Dark Elves will be forged without my consent. This isn't a request. It's an order."

Eugene looked at the High Elf Lieutenant Gore and gave him a cold smile. She then shot a beam of black light at him. Gore's body shook violently the instant he was struck by Eugene's attack. His body began melting like candle wax until all that remained of him was a puddle of pungent black sludge.

The scene was horrifying.

The High Elves in the great hall were all surprised and angered by this, but for some reason, no one dared say a word. They were completely spooked by the Dark Elf princess' true power.

However, Eugene remained calm throughout all this. "You High Elves must have all gone blind that you don't even know who's running the show here. This is the price you'll pay for your disrespect!"

Saying this, she saw a High Elf sneaking out of the great hall from the corner of her eye, probably to inform his superiors on the events that had transpired here. She did not bother to stop him and simply waited until he was out of the hall.

An instant later, a white light appeared in the middle of the hall. It was a Teleportation spell. Someone was coming.

The figure of a certain someone appeared immediately in Eugene's mind when she saw the white light. Anger began to rise up in her, and she pointed her wand at the ball of light. "This is my Black Forest. Get out!"

Hum... A translucent beam of light shot out from the tip of the wand and gathered itself into a translucent ball of light in the air. The ball of light then hurtled into the white light.

The clash of the two lights persisted for a few seconds. Then, the teleportation spell's white light vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. No one was there in the hall when the white light faded.

The Teleportation spell had failed.

Eugene was not an expert in spatial magic, but she was a Level-14 master and had a few tricks up her sleeve capable of countering spatial spells. Even without them, her power had reached a point where she was now able to disrupt any spatial spell with her very presence.

A few thousand feet away, in a cottage, the High Elf King Mordena returned to his physical form just as Eugene disrupted his teleportation spell. He wobbled for a moment as soon as he reappeared. Once he regained his balance, he suddenly felt nauseous. Without warning, blood spewed out from his mouth.

Mordena's face was filled with horror. "Who was that? How did they come by such power?"

He could feel that his opponent's power level was above his by a huge margin. If he had not retreated sooner, there was no telling what might have happened to him.

Back in the hall, after killing Gore, Eugene turned towards Molina. whirling her wand casually in her hand. "Naga Priest, tell me, am I not the commander of this army?"

Molina went pale. She then nodded. "Your magic is powerful, far more powerful than any one of us. You are the army's true commander."

"Such a wise priest you are. Since that's the case, you get to live." Eugene sighed and then looked at the demons.

Before she even said anything, the demons all kneeled down before and said in unison, "Commander, we abide by your every command! Give us your order!"

Eugene clapped her hands gleefully at this. She then turned towards the High Elf and said, "Go tell that king of yours that the Isle of Dawn only has one option from here on out, regardless of whether the lord of Ferde has the fragment of the Book of Creation, and that is to form an alliance with us. If he delays his decision any longer, the Isle of Dawn will have to deal with Ferde by itself!"

The High Elves looked at each other.

"Now get lost!" barked Eugene.

The High Elves immediately ran out of the hall.

Eugene then sat on Molina's seat and said to the demons, "Go spy on the High Elves. If they're having second thoughts about an alliance with us or even thinking about running away, kill them all!"

Hearing this, Molina said hurriedly, "Your Highness..."

Eugene waved her wand, sealing Molina's mouth in an instant. Eugene smiled coldly. "Bear this in mind, Naga. I know what the God of Destruction's planning. He's thinking about destroying Firuman, and I don't like that. So, just giving you a heads-up: I won't hesitate to cast a Level-13 Area-of-Effect spell on an Agatha Naga base camp if you don't cooperate fully with me.

The muffling from Molina's mouth stopped.

Eugene laughed. "Such an obedient little Naga. I like you. As long as I'm alive, you can stop thinking about that mad god of yours. Once I'm dead, you have my permission to do whatever you want. Right now, I want you to focus on the lord of Ferde. What do you say?"

If it was not for the fact that she still needed the Nagas' power, Eugene would have slain them all without hesitation. She would probably dispose of all of them once she was done with Ferde. These servants of the God of Destruction had certainly outstayed their welcome here in Firuman.

Molina remained silent. She seemed vexed by what Eugene said. Knowing what the God of Destruction meant to the Naga, Eugene did not rush Molina. She waited patiently for her answer.

Five minutes later, Molina nodded. "Your Highness, you will have our full cooperation in defeating the lord of Ferde."

The Dark Elf princess possessed extraordinary power, which the Army of Destruction lacked at the moment. Also, she probably would not try to abuse the Nagas in the God of Destruction's presence. Molina saw no problem in letting the princess taking command of the army for now, especially when she was the one who had so eagerly volunteered to lead the charge against Ferde.

Gods all had one thing in common: Patience.

"Good," said Eugene.

Just then, there was a commotion beyond the doors of the great hall. A fight had broken out between the High Elves and demons. A demon had entered with a report. "Your Highness, the High Elves refused to form an alliance with us. We've made our move on them."

"Excellent. Molina, time to demonstrate your loyalty," said Eugene, looking at the priest.

Molina beckoned at her sisters beside her, and the Nagas all slithered out of the great hall.

The fight out on the port lasted for ten minutes. Then, a heavily-scarred demon came before Eugene to deliver his report. "Your Highness, out of the 109 High Elves, we've killed 108 of them. The elves' Silver Storm Sparrow ship was also destroyed. Only the High Elf king managed to flee."

"Well done. Those High Elves are out of their minds apparently. Next time, kill them all on sight. Don't even let their corpses go to waste. Gobble them up. Grind their bones to dust. Do you understand?

If the High Elves had not decided to proceed with their plan to merge the two realms, Eugene would not have gone all the way to the far north to retrieve the Book of Creation's fragment, only to have his body be destroyed by Link and finally end up in the body of a Dark Elf princess. The High Elves were mostly at fault for his current condition.

Since the High Elves had no intention of forming an alliance, Eugene would not show them any mercy. Besides, the High Elves would not surrender to Ferde no matter what Eugene chose to do at that point.

"Yes, Commander!" Everyone said in unison.

This made Eugene extremely happy. She let out a laugh as light and sharp as a silver bell. Her face then grew solemn. "It's time to take on Ferde!"