595 The True Ruthlessness Begins

 Chapter 595: The True Ruthlessness Begins

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When the white light enveloped everyone, no one could move. They could only stand dazedly in place.

It wasn't that they didn't struggle. In reality, everyone tried to escape from the restraints. However, the power was formless and insubstantial. It looked like faint white light, but no matter how the people tried, they couldn't budge-not even Link.

This horrible power was way above their abilities!

When the protector looked at Link, the Red Dragon Queen, Light and Dark Magicians, the Mountain Sage, and even Eliard also looked at Link. He had the strongest combat ability but hadn't done anything yet. Faced with a treasure that could help someone quickly take control of Firuman, his opinion was the most important.

Link had already confirmed he couldn't escape from the white light. It should be at Level-19. In the game, he'd reached this step too. A Level-19 Magician indeed could restrain a few Magicians who were at most Level-13. This wasn't difficult.

Faced with this absolute power, all struggles were in vain. Link stopped moving. Faced with the protector's question, he replied calmly, "I think that your idea is meaningless. An idea is just a strategy in my mind. It doesn't mean it'll really happen."

"Oh, you aren't willing to say it?" The protector was a bit surprised. "Your viewpoint is very realistic. However, to those who are blessed like you all, ideas are basically reality. Thus, your first idea is still very important."

He turned to Gretel and smiled. "Like you, Red Dragon Queen. You've always followed the tradition that the dragons had followed for thousands of years. It may pain you, but still, you will not change. This piece will indeed destroy the traditional balance for the dragons. You aren't wrong. As long as it exists, there will be someone who will try anything to possess it. The countless lives in Firuman will also be affected greatly. If someone who doesn't care for others takes control of it, countless of lives will be lost."

The Red Dragon Queen had already floated out from the Sea of Void. Her eyes focused on the Book of Creation piece at the mountaintop. "You're right," she said coldly. "That is what I think. I can die for it."

"Very honorable, but it has nothing to do with me." The protector was unmoved. He turned to Eugene. "And you, Dark Magician, are the one who wishes the most to get it. A voice deep inside tells you to get it and control the undefeatable force in Ferde. Turn Ferde into what you like. And what you like is a dark world where only dark magic exists... Am I right?"

Eugene laughed sinisterly. "You're right, but you don't have to guess my plan. Those who are familiar with me know that I'd definitely do that. If I get the piece and take control of the World Tree, the just and moral will have no excuse to banish me. I'd love to see the expressions of those hypocrites at that time."

"Hmph!" Halino looked down at him with extreme disdain.

But the protector's expression was still calm. There was no disgust at all. "No matter what, you are honest. That is one of your few good points."

"Thank you for the compliment. I'm flattered." Eugene leered.

The protector ignored him and turned towards Halino. "As for you, Light Magician, you say that you wish to take the piece and destroy it after stopping the High Elves and ensuring the safety of Firuman. But I see your hesitation. You aren't sure what you'll choose after getting it. Deep down, you know that you may take it for yourself...Your actions are different from what you say. Judging from this, it fits for the Dark Magician to call you a hypocrite."

"Haha, that's great! Well said!" Eugene clapped and laughed heartily.

Halino was annoyed. "Protector of the Book of Creation," he said coldly, "you must be bored. Why exactly are you imprisoning us and rating us all?"

The protector froze and then patted his forehead. Smiling, he said, "Oh, young man, you reminded me. I haven't talked to anyone in such a long time, and suddenly, so many people came today. I almost forgot."

He turned towards Link again. "Young man, the reason why you confuse me is simple. Your thoughts are always changing. Sometimes, you want to destroy the piece. Sometimes, you want to take it. Do you not have a clear standpoint after getting to your current status?"

Link didn't know how to reply. However, he felt like this annoying protector wouldn't let them go if he didn't explain himself. After thinking, he said, "When I first saw it and especially after I listened to you introduce its powers. My first thought was to destroy that piece because of my fear... But then I discovered that you'd exaggerated its uses. It may let someone control the World Tree, but that person will definitely pay the price... Basically, I don't understand the power of this piece. I think it's best not to hurry and make a decision about something I don't understand."

Hearing this, the protector was silent for a few seconds before saying, "I think I've already introduced all the functions very clearly."

Link shrugged. "Indeed, but it was just your introduction, and it's our first meeting."

The protector was a stranger. Why should Link trust him? So what if he had a powerful background and was strong? This couldn't ensure that he wasn't lying.

The protector laughed. "You're brave, but in the end, you want the piece, right?"

Link nodded. "Judging from the current situation, yes."

"Very good." The protector looked to Heroto. "What about you, Mountain Sage? Do you want it?"

"I'm not interested but-"

The protector cut Heroto off before he could finish. "Okay, I understand."

Then he looked to Eliard and Nana. "You two have very simple thoughts. You either don't want it, or you aren't confident. People like you aren't qualified to possess it. In that case, you, you, and you are eliminated."

As soon as he finished, there were three buzzes. Nana, Eliard, and Heroto disappeared from the strange space.

"Now, there are only four people left. You four either want to get the Book of Creation or destroy it. Whether it can continue to exist or not depends on who wins in the end."

While he spoke, the light enveloping the four moved slightly. They teleported to somewhere ten miles away from the mountaintop. Looking down from here, the mountaintops that were thousands of feet tall were now little sticks of ice. The Book of Creation piece at the top was a tiny dot of light, almost invisible.

Link turned around. There was no one beside him; he couldn't even sense any auras. The other three seemed to have disappeared.

The protector's voice came from an unknown place and sounded in his ear, "All of you are ten miles away from the Book of Creation piece. You cannot use spatial transmissions or flight here. The restraint on your bodies will disappear at the same time. The mirages on this land will melt away too. If you want to get the piece, then use all your power. Remember, I will not interfere this time."

As the voice spoke, Link felt a thin layer of light fade from the boundless plain. It was like someone lifting a huge curtain from the land. Without it, the land's original appearance was revealed.

Link discovered that the ground before him had changed greatly. Various steep mountains rose from the ground. Each one was miles high. Compared to them, the one with the Book of Creation was like a little round podium. They'd completely blocked the way to the Book of Creation.

After the mountains consolidated, the protector's voice sounded again, "Now, begin!"

As soon as he finished, Link felt the white light around him vanish. He was standing before a ten-mile high wall.

He sighed inwardly. So the true ruthlessness is just starting.

The protector wouldn't interfere, and the four would chase in this maze-like mountain cluster. No one knew who would succeed, who would die, and who would receive the Book of Creation in the end.