593 Moment of Testing One’s Hear

 Chapter 593: Moment of Testing One's Heart

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The icy peaks loomed under the moonlight.

Under the mountain, six people appeared-Link, Dark Magician Eugene, Light Magician Halino, Eliard, Nana, and a Warrior with tattered red armor and a curved sword.

Wait, another beam of light appeared around 1500 feet to the left of Link. The light subsided, revealing Red Dragon Queen Gretel.

So there were seven people.

Gretel didn't seem to be in good shape. She was covered in wounds, and her fiery-red dress was torn at places. After she appeared, crystal red power surged, and her injuries started healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even her dress was mended.

Seeing Link, she flinched and then looked away. She didn't speak.

No one else appeared after that. Milose never came. Link guessed that he couldn't pass the test.

Now, the piece of the Book of Creation was not far from the seven. Gretel was 1500 feet to the left of Link. The Dark Magician Eugene was to his right. After that was the Light Magician and the Warrior before finally getting to Eliard and Nana.

Link's position was disadvantageous. He was right between three outsiders.

The treasure was before them, and the situation was unclear. Thus, everyone was on alert. No one wanted to be the first to go.

They couldn't keep at this stalemate though. Light Magician Halino spoke up first. "Ferde Lord, the piece isn't that useful. If you take it-"

Before he could finish, the voice rang out from the mountain again. "Younglings, I am very happy that you all passed the test. The fact that you are here means that you all have a talent that the others do not have. It may be power, wisdom, lineage, or even pure luck. You are the top-tier geniuses of the era. Now, you have come for the piece of the Book of Creation. Unfortunately, there is only one piece. That means only one person can receive it."

"Who are you?" Eugene called.

"Me? I'm just the remnant of a soul left from the ancient times. I am the protector of the ancient sovereign wisdom."

"What benefits does that piece have?" Eugene asked again.

"Benefits? Didn't you come because you knew? It is the key that can open the authority of the World Tree. Because it is the biggest piece, it contains more than 50% of the Creation Runes in the book. With it, you can control the World Tree and become the most powerful of this realm. You can rule over the countless lives in Firuman."

Control the World Tree? The most powerful who could rule over lives?

Other than Nana, everyone present stopped breathing for a moment. Even Link's heart skipped a beat at this.

Link wasn't greedy for the ultimate power of ruling all lives. His heart sped up because of what the piece represented. It could help someone become the ultimate ruler and control countless fates. The fact that it existed was terrifying.

Imagine if someone got it. If they really became the most powerful as this protector said, then Link, his loved ones, and his friends would all be ruled by them. If they didn't like the new magic institution he'd established in Ferde, they could destroy it easily.

These thoughts flowed through his mind. Instantly, Link discovered that he only had one choice-fight for the piece.

Link didn't lower his guard while thinking. He kept watching the people beside him from the corner of his vision, especially Eugene.

In his mind, he also asked the sword spirit, Is the piece truly that powerful?

It might not have been in the ancient times. When all Level-19 lords united, they could still defeat the sovereign. But now, there are barely any strong figures. Perhaps it's true?

The sword spirit made sense.

At this time, Link suddenly saw a message pop up in his vision. He checked and saw it was actually from the game system.

Activate Mission: The Piece That Shouldn't Exist

Mission Content: The piece of the Book of Creation is too powerful. Its existence will only push the Firuman Realm deeper into danger. Destroy it so no sovereign can appear in this world.

Mission Reward 1: Brilliant Starry Crown (Level-19)

Mission Reward 2: 1000 Omni Points

Punishment for Failure: Light Curse

Light Curse

Divine Technique

Effect: The punishment of the God of Light. The cursed will have their power forever sealed by the God of Light and die within three years.

(Note: God can instantly destroy a mortal's power and cause them to fall from the clouds, making them experience despair!)

This mission was very cruel. Link glanced at it and then ignored it. He wasn't that naive kid anymore. He knew what he wanted to do and didn't want anyone to interfere. Even if it was a god tempting him with Level-19 magic equipment, he would still be unmoved.

The Red Dragon Queen spoke now to everyone present, "This piece will cause a great imbalance in the world's power. I don't wish anyone to receive it, so I will do my best to destroy it! If I succeed, the world will be in luck. If not, I hope Firuman can be eternal!"

As she spoke, thick red light appeared on her body. They formed the illusion of a dragon. Half a second later, she transformed into dragon form.

Hearing this, Dark Magician Eugene yelled, "Gretel, what's wrong with you? Didn't you say that we'd use this to stop the High Elves? How come you've turned now?"

Light Magician Halino also said, "Your Majesty, I agree, but let's use it to stop the High Elves first and then destroy it."

The Red Dragon Queen shook her head resolutely. "No, once this piece arrives at the World Tree, no one will be able to resist its temptation, not even me. Thus, I must destroy it now!"

"You crazy woman!" Eugene yelled. Dark flames faded in and out around him as he berated, "Without it, we'll all die when the realms fuse and Mana explodes."

"So what? Life will pass. My race's mission to maintain the balance in the world is truly eternal!" Gretel's voice was calm. Her eyes were also calm; she'd seen everything in the world.

In the distance, Inferno Warrior Hamilton watched all this and burst into laughter. "It's laughable. It's truly laughable. You haven't even gotten the piece, and you have internal fights already. There'll be a great show next... Alright, don't look at me. I'm not your match. You guys take it while I get out of here. Seeing this was enough for me."

With that, he turned around and walked back. Soon, he was gone. Even his aura had disappeared. He really wasn't going to continue this fight.

Six people were left.

Eliard looked to Link. "What do you plan on doing?"

He wasn't interested in ruling. To him, the best thing in life was to quietly study magic and spend his time with his loved one. This had mostly come true in Ferde.

Now, this piece was threatening his happy life. His intent was the same as the Red Dragon Queen. He would do his best to destroy the piece. However, if Link wanted it, he would also try his best to get it for Link. He knew that the world wasn't as beautiful as he thought. He may not want it, but that didn't mean others didn't want it. Link getting the piece was better than others getting it.

As for Nana, she would do whatever Link said.

Halino looked at Link and hurriedly said, "Lord Morani, don't forget the crazy plan of the High Elves. I believe the wisest choice is to take the piece, stop the High Elves, and then destroy it. If you agree to help us get it, I can take three astral meteorites from my personal archive as compensation."

As soon as he finished, Eugene said, "Lord Morani, you have common sense. Halino's plan doesn't' have any problems. If you agree, I'll add three more astral meteorites."

On the other side, the Red Dragon Queen didn't say anything. She also looked at Link. She was clear that whether or not she could destroy this terrible piece depended on Link.

He already had a plan. Glancing at the piece on the mountain, he smiled. "Actually, I-"

Before he could finish, there was another flash. When the light subsided, a dwarf appeared. It was the Mountain Sage, Heroto.

This was another variable.