581 The High Elves Are Crazy!

 Chapter 581: The High Elves Are Crazy!

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Oh, ah! My arm! My leg!

Bryant shuddered and was shocked awake from his nightmare. After regaining consciousness, he felt that he was under the covers of a bed. It felt warm and soft. His broken limbs weren't in pain either. They didn't seem to be hurt; he could even move them.

He found this strange. What's going on? Were they all nightmares? And now I'm awake, so none of that had happened?

Opening his eyes, Bryant looked around. He was lying in an open and bright room. The furniture inside looked familiar. At closer inspection, he seemed to be in the courtyard from before.

Sitting up, he looked at his hands. He realized that there were many subtle runes on his skin. Immediately, he recognized that his hands and feet weren't actually his. This was a flesh magic puppet spell.

Oh, seems that everything that had happened was real. Bryant sighed.

"You're awake?" a voice asked.

Bryant looked over. There was a table by the illuminated window. Link, clad in casual clothing, sat there. He closed his book and looked over.

Ferde now was bright and sunny. Golden sunlight shone in from the window like a gold beam inside the room that was dim in comparison. Link was half bathed in sunlight and half covered in shadows. Because of the light, Bryant couldn't see his expression clearly. He just felt like the other was very calm.

"How long did I sleep?" Bryant clutche