569 There’s Somewhere This Magical in the World

 Chapter 569: There's Somewhere This Magical in the World

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Ferde Mage Tower

Evelina started planning the treatment of her two brethren after communicating with Elovan and Milose.

She was now a core Magician in the Ferde Mage Tower. Her authority was second only to Link, and also she had the powerful tower spirit Lily's help. She could do all this by herself.

After a flurry of activity, she gave two identical plain metal rings to the two elves.

"Put it on."

"What is it?" Elovan took the ring and studied it carefully. No matter how he looked, the ring seemed ordinary. There weren't many runes on it either. It was just like a normal metal ring.

But Ferde's magic equipment was quite famous. They were known for their fine appearance and stable power. Why did they give such a plain magic ring?

Milose couldn't believe it. He flipped it around, trying to find something from the ring.

Evelina smiled. "No need to look. This is just a regular ring. It's known as the Ferde Black Ring, used to show your status in the Mage Tower. The only good thing about it is that it has Level-10 ordinary authority. It lets you use a portion of Level-10 magic power within the tower."

"Ordinary authority? Level-10 magic power? What's that?" Milose asked. While speaking, his eyes went to Evelina's hand.

Evelina also had a ring, but it was made of precious Thorium and had a crystal red gem. Fiery light flowed through the entire ring. It was beautiful.

Compared to hers, their black rings were like trash.

Touching her ring, Evelina said proudly, "Mine represents my status too. However, mine is called, 'Master Magician's Burn Mark.' It has the complete Level-10 authority. It can activate some Level-11 defensive spells, a portal spell of at least five miles, and a Level-11 Destructive Beam. In Ferde, only the lord's ring is more powerful than mine."

Milose was jealous. "What's the use of a complete Level-10 authority?"

"Use? Of course it's useful. For example, before you accumulate enough magic points to upgrade your ring to the Master Magician level, I'll be in charge of your power..."

Elovan heard one word. "Wait, wait, you said you could upgrade the ring? How?"

Unexpectedly, Evelina stretched and drawled, "I'm tired now and don't want to talk anymore. If you want to know, ask the tower spirit, Lily."

As soon as she finished, the door creaked open. She picked up the Ethereal Crystal on the table and started making magic equipment again.

She was obviously telling them to leave.

Milose was annoyed. "Evelina, what are you doing? We're-"

Evelina's expression changed. "Watch your language, Magician," she said coldly. "This room is my private territory. Even the lord has to knock and receive my permission to enter. Now, turn around, leave, and go back to your room!"

Milose was furious at her attitude. But before he could speak, he heard footsteps. Turning, he saw Elovan. The other elf was hurrying towards the door as if he had something urgent to do.

But what could he do? Milose was curious and hurried after him. He thought of Evelina's words about upgrading the ring and magic points... Wait, Evelina was so arrogant now because she had the Master Magician's Burn Mark. Could he also achieve that level by following her method?

Could he become a core figure of Ferde-someone truly in the top class?

Thinking of this, Milose's heart started pounding. Elovan had left the room and was about to disappear from his vision. Feeling urgent, Milose didn't feel like arguing with Evelina anymore. He followed Elovan out of the room.

Watching the two disappear at the end of the hall, Evelina shook her head. Two more Magicians will become obsessed now.

She closed the door and focused on making Ethereal equipment again.

Since Ariel was dead, the Isle of Dawn would definitely get the news. They wouldn't let it go. Ferde must accumulate more power!

As for whether they would win or not, Evelina was absolutely confident. The process would be difficult, but Ferde would definitely win in the end. Even Ariel, who she'd thought would never fail since childhood, had died in Link's hands. Who else in the Isle of Dawn was his match?

On the other hand, Elovan had returned to his room.

This room was on the fourth floor of the Mage Tower. It wasn't big or small. It was around 120 square feet and was equipped with all the necessary furniture.

According to what Evelina had said, as long as he didn't disturb Ferde's safety, everything in the room belonged to him. Even the lord had no right to forcefully search him.

Evelina shouldn't lie to him. The Ferde Lord's actions when entering Evelina's room earlier had proved her words.

Thinking of this, Elovan was slightly reassured. As a High Elf suddenly becoming a member of the enemy and entering their Mage Tower, he was understandably anxious. Now, he had a private place that belonged to himself. It wasn't big, but it helped relax him greatly.

After closing the door, Elovan composed himself. Following what Evelina had said, he found the portal to the signet in the room. It was on the wall, on the pendant of a pretty woman's painting.

He pressed his ring against the gem and asked, "Lily, are you here?"

The profile floated out of the wall and expanded into a realistic three-dimensional image. She had a gentle motherly smile. "I'm here, aster."

Elovan was intrigued and circled the image. He found that, if he didn't witness it being made, he wouldn't be able to tell that this wasn't a real person.

Such a detailed illusion, he praised inwardly. The gentle woman made him comfortable. "I want to know everything about magic points and upgrading the ring," he said.

"Understood. Please listen carefully..."

Lily started reciting the specific rules for upgrading in the Mage Tower. She was very detailed. Of course, because they were simple rules, it was also boring.

However, Elovan listened seriously, not letting a single word pass by.

He was a commoner and had no background in the Isle of Dawn. He went through the levels purely by virtue of his talent. This entire way, he'd experienced all the good and bad of humanity. He couldn't explain the feeling to others.

At first, he thought all of Firuman was like this. At first, he thought the Isle of Dawn was a peaceful heaven. Even though there were bad parts, it was 100 times better than the messy mainland. But now, he suddenly realized that there was a place as miraculous as Ferde.

The lord was actually willing to give his authority to a tower spirit. He was actually willing to create rules to restrain himself. This was incomprehensible, but it made Elovan feel a burning desire inside.

As Lily explained steadily, that desire burned hotter and hotter. After a full hour, Lily finished, and Elovan worked to compose himself.

"So you mean I can upgrade my metal ring into the Master Magician mark, enter the top level of Ferde, and become a core Magician?" he asked softly.

Lily nodded. "Of course. You only need sufficient magic points."

"Then please give me missions!" Elovan said immediately. He couldn't wait any longer.

He knew Ferde was wealthy and had a great amount of precious magic material. He knew that Ferde's enchantments were very advanced. The Golden Rune Workshop's fame had surpassed the Isle of Dawn. He also heard that Ferde's alchemy was unique in its attainments. Recently, they also created a useful potion. They seemed to be catching up to the Isle of Dawn.

All in all, Ferde wasn't much weaker than the Isle of Dawn. If he could become a core Magician in such a magic paradise, he could receive much more than struggling in the Isle of Dawn!

In that case, why should he still think about the Isle of Dawn?

In that case, why shouldn't he work on moving forward?

"Thank you, Lily," Elovan said. "Show me the missions available for my level."

Now, he didn't have any unwillingness left. He was completely willing to stay in Ferde.

In the other room, Milose was feeling similarly. Because of his bloodline, he'd been discriminated against much more than Elovan. Now, that didn't exist anymore. He immediately found the motivation to advance.

At this time, Link and Eliard were in the main tower. They faced the Katyusha's spatial seal statue.

"No, this is too hard. Her soul is very powerful-more so than most of us. We can't wipe her memory without damage, let alone add command orders using hypnotization." Eleanor shook her head. She couldn't do it.

Link had wanted to wipe Katyusha's memory and add the command order used for magic puppets. This way, she would become Ferde's battle puppet.

Katyusha was a Warrior genius and had the Spear of Victory. She was a fatal weapon. If Ferde could use her, the territory would have another ace card.

"Then we'll think of a way," Link said. No matter how hard something was, they'd just have to think of a solution.