566 Do You Think It’s Safe?

 Chapter 566: Do You Think It's Safe?

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The four hurried over to Mara City.

Elovan and Milose were at the front. Link and Avatar followed behind them. Link was empty-handed while Avatar had Ariel and Katyusha's statues in each hand as he walked beside Link.

The four were extremely fast. Three minutes later, they stood before the sturdy dirt wall of Mara City. Here, Link told the two High Elves, "Let's start."

The High Elves were scared of Link now, so they were very obedient. Since Link wanted them to detoxify the poison, they started casting spells immediately. They were responsible for the poison, so they were much more efficient than Link.

The two Legendary High Elves released a fog spell together that covered the entire city. The light of this spell swept over Mara City like a broom and cured all Beastmen within. Even those who had been badly poisoned and had gone insane recovered as well. The only side effects were that they were weak and needed to rest for a while.

The recently-cured Beastmen touched their heads, standing in place dazedly. They didn't know what had happened. After a while, shocked cries came from all over. Clearly, people were scared by the corpses scattered on the ground.

Of course, these were all unimportant details.

Seeing that there were no major problems, Avatar urged, "Many people escaped outside the city. We need to cure them too."

Elovan and Milose both nodded. Natural Power surged within them; they were about to turn into light and fly out to cure the poisoned.

Seeing that they were about to leave, Avatar reminded, "Don't think about escaping. Your Princess Ariel is still in our hands."

Hearing this, Link smiled. He pointed at the two and two tiny dots of light sank into them. "Remember," he said, "this is a curse."

The two High Elves shuddered involuntarily. Then, without a sound, they transformed into emerald light and split apart to find and help the individual victims.

Avatar watched them leave from the city wall. "What do you plan to do with them?" he asked Link.

"What do you mean?" Link asked in return.

"Of course I'll kill them one by one. They're disgusting, especially the three High Elves. I wish I could chop them up to feed to the dogs!" Avatar huffed. But after he said that, his tone changed and he looked to Link. "However, you did more to catch them, so you can decide how to punish the captives. I'll agree with whatever you decide. But to be fair, you should also give me the equivalent reimbursement."

This was indeed fair, and Link agreed completely. Smiling, he said, "In that case, I want all four. They will be important bargaining chips in my battle with the Isle of Dawn."

Killing them directly was satisfying, but other than venting his anger, there weren't any practical benefits. As a lord, he couldn't choose this option.

If these four were still alive, Ferde would gain greatly either by holding them hostage or using them to exchange with the Isle of Dawn.

With that, Link looked to Avatar and asked, "So, Your Majesty, what would you like to receive from me?"

Avatar sank into deep thought.

Before, he knew that magic was powerful, but he'd always thought that the Beastman Shamans were enough. He'd thought that they could fight against Magicians. But after today, he discovered that when a spell reached a certain point, a Shaman would be helpless.

Divine spells were powerful, but they were actually still the weakest ones. They weren't a match for the truly strong at all. Thus, Avatar discovered that the Beastmen needed true magic.

Thinking of this, Avatar said, "My race needs Magicians-Beastman Magicians who truly belong to us. But you know that we have no magic foundation, so I need Ferde to provide tutors for us."

"Oh?" Link looked at Avatar a bit strangely. "Magic is a very difficult study. If you want it to be effective, it will take at least five years. During this, a Magician's tuition is at least 5000 gold coins..."

Avatar shrugged. "I need to train at least 200 Beastman Magicians. Just follow what you said and let them study for five years. As for tuition... We don't have money. Just count it as the benefits I got from this time."

Link chuckled wryly. "That's one million gold coins suddenly. Your Majesty, you're really asking for a lot... I can only train 100, no more."

"Master, you received four Legendary fighters this time," Avatar insisted. "You can't buy this with money. Two hundred, no more, no less, no discussion."

Link thought and gave in a little. "Here, let's not talk about the specific number of apprentices and only discuss the specific cost. In five years, I'll prove one million gold coins for Beastman apprentices to study magic until you use it up. As for how many students you wish to send, you can choose."

This suggestion was not bad. Avatar calculated in his mind and thought it was cost-efficient. This way, he could send many Beastmen with magic talent to Ferde. He could spend more money on those who were better talented and less on the others. His race's coffers weren't completely empty. If the one million was used up, he could still pay some ten thousand coins. By then, he would use his own money to support the extraordinarily talented.

After a few years, his race would have their own Magicians. It wouldn't be much in the beginning, but with the seed planted, it will grow naturally.

Thinking of this, Avatar had already agreed to Link's suggestion. But since they were discussing conditions, he still had to ask for more. "One million isn't enough. At least 1.5 million."

"One point one million, nothing more." That was 10,000 more gold coins and could feed so many mouths. Link obviously wanted to give less if possible.

"One point four. I won't do it if it's less!" Avatar gave in a bit, but he wasn't stupid."




"1.25... ah, you're scamming me."

"Okay, then 1.25 million."

"1.3!" Avatar huffed.

"Alright, alright," Link acquiesced. "Let's take the average. How about 1.27?"

Avatar was still annoyed, but if they really kept arguing, it was just the difference of a few ten thousand. Beastmen were naturally coarse, and he was too lazy to argue anymore. "Master, then let's do 1.27 million. But I think you're better as an evil merchant."

Link laughed loudly. "Okay, after I return to Ferde, I'll send Magicians to choose some talented youths and take them to Ferde. All travel costs will be on Ferde. What do you think?"

"That's better. But can't adults go learn?" Avatar didn't want to send children. These guys didn't have set personalities yet. If they lived in somewhere like Ferde for too long, they might not want to come back.

Link chuckled and shrugged. "Adults are fine, of course, but their bodies are set already. The various magic training won't be very effective. Their minds are set too and lack creativity. Even if they can learn spells, they won't become very accomplished. Your Majesty, if you fear that the children will forget the plains, you can send Warriors to teach them the traditions."

He made sense. Avatar thought hard and couldn't find any problems. He finally nodded. "Good. Let's do that."

Coming to an agreement, the four Legendary captives now belonged to Link.

After that, the two started talking about the alliance and went through another round of bargaining. Finally, Avatar agreed to take 100,000 elite Warriors northward. The requirement was that the humans must provide all food needed and 10,000 sets of equipment equal to what Norton's official soldiers had.

Undoubtedly, this was a huge cost for the humans, but they desperately needed Beastman power. Link gritted his teeth and agreed.

Done with that, the two stayed at the city wall for another hour. Then Elovan and Milose hurried back.

"How are things?" Link asked.

Elovan quickly replied, "Everyone is cured, and the rivers are cleaned. No one should get poisoned again."

Avatar glared. "What if someone does?"

Elovan hurriedly took out a big bottle of dark red potion. There was around a liter. "Your Majesty, this is the antidote. You just need to put a drop in a bowl of clean water and have the poisoned drink it. They will recover fully."

Avatar accepted it, satisfied. He pointed at Link. "Okay, you don't have anything to do with me anymore. You two are the Ferde lord's captives. He'll punish you."

Hearing this, Elovan and Milose were relieved. This was great. That Beastman was too barbaric and illogical. It was much easier to deal with Link. From what they knew, Link didn't torture captives. If they went with him to Ferde, they could definitely live well. Then, when the Isle of Dawn heard of what happened, they would rescue them.

They would be able to escape this place.

The two immediately went to Link's side, staying away from Avatar.

Avatar looked at them with scorn and sneered. "Little lambs who aren't even fully grown, you're lucky you're alive!"

With that, he said to Link, "Master, I'll go arrange the soldiers now."

"Go. I must return to Ferde too. Say hi to Holun for me." Link smiled. Holun was a warlord, but he had a candid personality and was easier to communicate with than Avatar.

Avatar could feel that Link was happier when he mentioned Holun. "I will. He always talks about you."

Link nodded. White light flashed around him. Under this light, Link, the two High Elves, and two statues disappeared together. An instant later, the five appeared tens of thousands of miles away.

Here, Link's face darkened, and his lips curled up. Sneering, he looked at Elovan and Milose. "Gentlemen, you think you can return to the Isle of Dawn now, right?"