559 Cicada, Praying Mantis, Oriole

 Chapter 559: Cicada, Praying Mantis, Oriole

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Avatar's murderous intent burst out. In a hurry, Katyusha could only raise her spear to block the attack. She was forced backwards, each step burying into the stone tiles. Countless cracks appeared under her feet, spreading out like a spider web.

A shockwave visible to the naked eye rushed out in all directions. The ground shook, the air trembled, and all houses within 1000 feet toppled as if they were made out of jigsaw pieces.

After the attack, a small nick opened up on Avatar's obsidian broadsword. The material of his Beastman Epic blade couldn't be compared to Katyusha's Spear of Victory.

But so what?

Katyusha retreated, and Avatar followed like a shadow. He huffed out a breath. A fast air current rushed out of his throat in a guttural roar.

"Blade of Glory, go!"

Wild power surged into the obsidian broadsword, making it shine with blinding fiery light. Under the red light, the blade doubled in size. It was close to ten feet long and two feet wide. Outside the actual blade, there was a shadow made up of condensed Wild Power.

He brought it down on Katyusha; the power grew more aggressive. His attack was right when Katyusha still hadn't regained her balance.

The air cracked like thunder as the sword came down. Bolts of bloody lightning appeared around the sword. It was so powerful it could almost cleave the heavens!

Facing this type of attack directly, Katyusha just felt tumbling waves charging at her. There wasn't even time to breathe. She could only passively block this fatal attack.

This can't continue. She was very clear.

She had to use this attack to distance herself from the opponent. As long as she was further away and had time to adjust, she could cast the Thorn of Fate and kill this Beastman warlord.

Clang! Katyusha blocked the attack again.

But this didn't feel right. The opponent had used an instantaneous rend. When she caught it, she felt electric numbness go from her palm to her arm and then to the rest of her body. She almost went slack.

It was fortunate she could stand her ground, let alone use the momentum to retreat.

"Human Warrior, I don't know why you're doing this or how many people you have, but you will all die here today!"

Avatar gritted his teeth. His actions didn't slow down at all, and he didn't give Katyusha any chance to recover. Taking advantage of when she was powerless, he roared again.


His sword cut upward. The blade was as fast as lightning. If Katyusha was hit by this, she would be hacked into two. Even if she had nine lives, she would be dead.

Avatar had only used three attacks in all his battles. He would kill with three moves!

Even though Katyusha had the Spear of Victory, something close to being a divine spell, once she made a mistake, she wouldn't find another chance to attack-even though she only needed one-tenth of a second.

Avatar defeated all the brave Beastmen by himself and canceled the tribal system. This all depended on his amazing combat techniques.

In Firuman, he could definitely rank in the top three for combat. No human could compare to him. Kanorse couldn't do it; the High Elves definitely couldn't. He could only find an equal opponent in the dragons or demons.

However, Avatar's might didn't just come from combat. He also had a spirit that helped him break free from all restraining tradition and change the world.

Perfect combat techniques, a majestic spirit, and surging murderous intent-the three combined to make Katyusha unable to fight back.

Just as Katyusha was about to be halved, a slender figure streaked out from the corner. This person had a lancet in both hands. One went for Avatar's neck; the other, to his heart.

At the same time, a young man with darker skin, handsome features, and six dark wings charged from another direction. This person had a spinning shuriken in each hand. He put his hands together and the shurikens combined into a blade going for Avatar's obsidian sword.

This six-winged fallen angel was extremely fast, almost teleporting. He had charged a second later but was even faster than the Storm Warlord Parmese who was known for his speed. He blocked Avatar's broadsword at the last instant.

Clang! There was the explosion of metal going through stone. Avatar's sword didn't stop or continue. It spun midway and blocked Parmese's attack.

During the block, Avatar's thoughts whirred. An almost subconscious thought flashed past his mind. No, there are three of them, and they're all at the Legendary level. My only advantage is that they aren't working together now. If I don't end this now, I'll die.

With this thought, Avatar started moving. There was no hesitation or pause during this entire process.

These were battle instincts-the terrifying talent of the Beastmen!

During battle, Beastmen always had an almost beastly gut instinct. They could always make the correct decision at the critical moment.

In the history of Firuman, Beastmen always ranked high in the records of single challenges. There was the record of a Level-8 Beastman warlord killing and dying with five Dragon Warriors of the same level.

Beastmen were natural Warriors.

The next instant, Avatar activated his fatal trick. He used the reverberations from when his obsidian broadsword clashed against the opponent's weapon and retracted a bit. During this, his sword suddenly blurred.

The obsidian sword seemed to become illusory as if formed by thousands of shadows. At the same time, the glow around it consolidated. The wild bloody-red power seemed to solidify. It was blinding.

Parmese was the most familiar with Avatar's power. Seeing all the sword shadows, he was terrified. "Retreat, he's putting his all in!"

The fallen angel didn't mind. "What's there to be scared of... oh, so powerful!"

At the same time, Avatar activated his fatal trick. Wild Power rushed into the sword, and he hacked forward with all his might.

Instantly, sword shadows filled the air within a 15 feet range. Every shadow was bloody red, and the blades dazzled. They seemed to be illusory but contained extreme power.

This was Avatar's strongest battle skill: Wild Battle

Wild Battle

Level-11 Master Battle Skill

Effect: The user consolidates all power and murderous intent to explode abruptly. Everything within 15 feet will be pulverized!

(Note: The anger of a warlord!)

Shtick, shtick, shtick. Dazzling sword shadows shrouded everything. Within them, Katyusha, the fallen angel, and the Storm Warlord Parmese all suffered the horrible attack.

It had come too quickly and too densely. With nowhere to hide, they could only block with all their might.

Katyusha had just been saved by her companions and wanted to activate the Thorn of Fate. But then she sank into such a desperate situation. She couldn't do anything other than using everything to retreat.

The fallen angel suffered the densest attacks. He spun his shurikens like crazy so that it created a seamless blockade before him. Even so, countless sword shadows still got past them and hit him.

Parmese was terrified. All will to fight was gone. He'd already retreated beforehand, but this was useless. He was still within range of the attack. Though he put in all his might to block, he was still cut by a sword on his left leg.

Poof, poof, poof. It was the sound of flesh cutting open, accompanied by the metallic smell of blood. The sounds lasted for half a second. Then three bloody figures flew out in different directions.

The three Legendary figures were all hit at least once by Avatar's attack of full force. They flew out, covered in injuries.

The most badly hurt was the fallen angel. One of his arms had been hacked off, and blood gushed out of his chest. He stumbled back unsteadily and fell. He convulsed on the ground, blood pooling around him.

No matter how powerful the fallen angel's vitality was, the Legendary power rushing into him was destructive. The fact that he was alive right now was proof of his strong vitality.

As for Katyusha, she was covered in blood. Though she stayed standing, her body shook uncontrollably, barely unable to hold onto the Spear of Victory.

The least injured was Parmese, but he wasn't well off either. Everywhere was fine except for his left leg. More than half of his leg was missing. The remaining parts were hanging by shreds. The speed that he was proud of was gone now.

However, Avatar wasn't well off either. Though he wasn't hurt, this battle technique had used up all his power. Leaning on his sword, he half-knelt on the ground, panting heavily.

He didn't look at Katyusha or the fallen angel. Instead, he stared at Parmese.

"I didn't think this would happen. It was okay for you to take the humans north. It was okay to side with the Dark Elves in the Black Forest. But I didn't think that you would come back to massacre our helpless brethren and with such a lowly method of a plague! Parmese, you are the biggest disgrace to our race!"

Legendary fighters didn't look at their appearances. Parmese looked like a human now, and regular people wouldn't be able to tell. However, Avatar instantly knew who he was after attacking.

Parmese instantly refuted Avatar. "I didn't do the plague! I just came to kill you!"

"Ha, so what? You'll kill me and let the plague spread through the Golden Plains to kill our entire race. Your soul will be abandoned by our ancestors. It's such a pity that I can't kill you with my own hands."

He'd lost all his power while Parmese only lost one leg. His power wasn't damaged at all and could easily kill Avatar.

Parmese didn't want to be responsible for this. He didn't care what regular Beastmen thought; he didn't even care what Avatar thought. However, he couldn't ignore the countless ancestors.

In Beastmen tradition, ancestors were very important. Respect for the ancestors was ingrained in their souls.

"No, I didn't do the plague. I couldn't do something like that!" he exclaimed, either to Avatar or the countless ancestors.

"Kill the demon and Naga to prove to the ancestors!" Avatar roared.

Parmese froze. His eyes moved to Katyusha. The fallen angel was disabled and would need at least three months to recover. The only one present who could fight back was Katyusha.

He instinctively gripped his lancet.

"Parmese," Katyusha said hurriedly. "Your people are still in the Black Forest. Your wife and children are there too. Don't forget!"

With that, Parmese's grip loosened again. He didn't dare meet Avatar's eyes, but he didn't speak either. Lowering his head, he ripped his shirt off and tied up the remnants of his leg. Then he hobbled towards the fallen angel.

He picked the badly hurt demon up and went to Katyusha.

"Let's go."

"Why won't you kill him?" Katyusha asked angrily. The Beastman king was too terrifying. If they didn't kill him now, she wouldn't be able to kill him again, even if she had the Spear of Victory.

Parmese shook his head. "Now is not the time. Only he can stop the plague in the Golden Plains. He can't die!"

"What does this have to do with you?" Katyusha was so pissed she could slap this guy right now.

"Shut up!" Parmese didn't want to speak further. He took out a tonic and poured it down the fallen angel's throat. Then he carried him away.

Katyusha stared at the Beastman king kneeling on the ground. She wanted to stab him to death, but she was badly hurt and wasn't confident. She could only follow Parmese away.

Avatar let out a sigh. Pushing against his broadsword, he rose slowly.

He was still alive; he could still find the cure to the plague. Yes, he had to find the cure. Since he couldn't find it here, he would go to the Dragon Valley and ask the Red Dragon Queen for help.

Yes, the dragons would have the solution. As long as they were willing to help, he would pay them anything.

With that in mind, he prepared to set off. He'd recovered some of his power now. It might not be enough to fight, but he could travel.

But two steps later, his heart leaped. Without thinking, he jumped to the side.

Whoosh. A black vine as thick as his arm snuck out of the ground, piercing towards his heart like a poisonous needle. Avatar dodged it, but the thorn changed direction too, not leaving his chest.

Helpless, Avatar blocked it with his obsidian broadsword.

Clang! The broadsword was easily forced away by the black vine. Avatar was too weak now. He wasn't the vine's match.

After that attack, the vine returned. Avatar groaned inwardly. He dodged at the last moment but still couldn't avoid it entirely. With a poof, it passed through his arm. Extreme pain besieged his mind. He couldn't help but grunt.

Immediately after, he felt poison spread from the wound. He was familiar with the poison, and he knew this vine. It was from the High Elves!

In that moment, something flashed past his mind. No wonder Parmese refused to admit that he's responsible for the plague. The actual masterminds are the High Elves!

As soon as he thought this, his vision dimmed, and he felt dizzy.

In the last moment, he saw a white light flash around him. He knew this was from a portal spell, but he found it strange. Is someone saving me? Are the High Elves capturing me?

With that, he fainted.