541 Maintain Balance of Power

 Chapter 541: Maintain Balance of Power

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The so-called "bottom line" was the foundation for both parties to maintain tacit cooperation. Now, Ferde and the Isle of Dawn's cooperation was built on the fact that both had to face the Destruction Army. In other words, the Isle of Dawn wouldn't mess around while the humans, led by Ferde, were facing the Destruction Army.

Once the Isle of Dawn felt that Ferde was a great threat, they might possibly break this tacit agreement.

Eliard didn't believe this. "Would they really?" he asked.

Vance shrugged. "I can't be certain, but from how they treated Evelina, they really care about their so-called tradition and noble bloodline. They might even see it as a glory they must protect with their life. They're probably able to do anything if their tradition is threatened."

Celine was also present, and she didn't believe it. "I don't think so. There are less than three million High Elves. Once war starts, even if we sacrifice 100 men for one High Elf, we'll lose one billion people and have three billion left. The High Elves, though, would be at risk of extinction. Plus, is their tradition really that important?"

"Yes, very important," a bright voice rang out. It was Elin.

She stood up on her chair, pushing against the table. Her large and bright eyes were serious. Of course, to others, she looked adorable. People would want to pinch her pink cheeks.

But the Magicians present wouldn't do that. They all perked up their ears to listen to Lady Fortuna.

"Any ancient race in Firuman would place importance on tradition," Elin said seriously. "The High Elves, dragons, dwarves, and my Yabbas are all like this. Tradition is the precious experience accumulated over the years. It is the sign that guides a race's ship safely through the river of time. We follow these traditions to live in Firuman for longer and better... However, emphasizing tradition can be both a blessing and curse. Especially when faced with a drastic change, tradition can be the biggest obstacle."

At the end, Elin was a bit down. She'd thought of her own race.

She'd predicted that a huge catastrophe would fall and encouraged her people to move south since the beginning. It had been useless though. They didn't want to leave the land that they'd lived in for thousands of years. They believed that their power could save them, but in the end, they almost went extinct.

Looking at everyone present, Elin said seriously, "The High Elves are difficult to deal with because they're truly powerful. Their Magician army has no match, but they're easy to deal with too. They are a very steady race; they won't make any risks. You can find something similar in history for everything they do."

Here, Elin looked to Link. "History tells us that, when faced with an existential crisis like this, the High Elves would go past any bottom line to save themselves. During the Mana catastrophe 3000 years ago, they did that. That time, their actions forced a faction to flee into a dark region and become the Dark Elves of today. Three hundred years ago during Bryant's era, the High Elves did the same thing. At that time, Bryant had the ambition to empower humans. The so-called love wasn't everything to him. However, he gave up in the end. There were some secret things that were too terrifying. You know what the end result was: he became one of the High Elves."

Elin finished, and the Magicians in the garden all fell silent.

After a pregnant pause, Link clapped. "What has passed has passed, but the future is still uncertain. We must strengthen ourselves. The fastest way to become stronger is with the Ethereal Crystal. Not only should we use it to create more Ethereal equipment for Magicians, but we can also make them for powerful Sunlight Warriors. The more Ethereal Crystals we have, the stronger we become. Any objections?"

Everyone present had witnessed the benefits to Ethereal Crystals. Coupled with Elin's willingness to help, it greatly reduced the risks. No one would refuse such an easy benefit.

"No objections," Vance said first.

"I am interested in the power of Ethereals," Alloa, Maiden of Truth, said. "Not only can they directly help us become stronger, but the Mana structures are also abnormally intriguing. It is valuable to study. Thus, the more crystals like this, the better."

Secret Girl Eleanor smiled. "I pity those Ethereals, but since they like Firuman, we should let them stay here forever."

Finally, Elin raised her small hand and said seriously, "The Yabbas wish to join this hunt."

It passed unanimously.

Link nodded. "Very good. We still have to perfect the way to catch Ethereals. It isn't mature yet."

Perhaps due to Link's influence as lord, the people of Ferde gradually started having the habit of doing everything efficiently. Once they decided on something, they would get to it immediately without wasting any time.

Since everyone agreed now, they immediately moved from the garden to the alchemy and enchantment rooms in the Mage Tower. Everyone worked together to create a strong Ethereal catching tool.

Just as Ferde was feverishly raising their strength, Bryant returned to the Isle of Dawn. Once there, he hurried to Andwar, the High Elf palace in the heart of the island, without stopping.

The Isle of Dawn was less than 200 miles in radius. With Bryant's speed, the giant tree that rose into the clouds appeared in his vision two minutes later. This tree was truly huge. It was more than 600 feet tall, and the trunk was over 180 feet wide. The treetop was spread out like a giant green umbrella.

Emerald light shone down from between the leaves and branches. When the light reached the air, it would turn into floating balls of light. These light balls spread out, some entering the dirt, others scattering into even smaller balls. They kept dividing until the air had a tinge of green.

This was Level-19 Natural magic!

Even a god couldn't see the mysteries of the World Tree. The High Elves' palace was under this tree.

Andwar had beautiful light purple buildings. The outer walls were covered in silver, magic veins. The ground was made of jade tiles. Along the path, there was a lamp tree every few steps, glowing softly.

The entire city was mysterious, intricate, peaceful, and serene. Here, Bryant's heart, frustrated from the visit to Ferde, gradually calmed down. He knew this was the power of the tree.

On the Isle of Dawn, every aged elf's last dream would be to accompany the mother tree of the world for eternity.

Bryant breathed out deeply. He slowed and walked down the jade path. While walking, he organized his thoughts. By the time he reached Hierdani (in Elfin, it means "pavilion of starry slumber), his heart was completely at peace.

He saw the queen at the entrance.

Barefoot, she leaned against a lamp tree. Gazing emotionlessly at Bryant, she said, "I can feel the anxiety within you. Bryant, tell me about Ferde."

Bryant bowed and recounted everything that had happened.

The queen listened quietly. Her brows would sometimes furrow but would quickly smooth again. When Bryant finished, she sighed. "This isn't good news, but it's not the first disaster we have experienced, nor will it be the last one. Bryant, I have a secret mission for you."

Surprised, Bryant said, "Yes."

"Go to the Black Forest in the North and ensure that the northern army and human army have balanced power... Do you understand?"

Bryant bowed slightly. "Yes, Your Majesty."

He knew that this simple command meant that countless lives on the continent would be lost. It wouldn't be thousands or tens of thousands. In the end, it might lead to millions, close to tens of millions.

But these lives would not be High Elves, so they didn't care.

It wasn't the first time the High Elves would do something like this, nor would it be the last time. Everything was done for the safety of the residents of this island.