533 A True Strong Figure

 Chapter 533: A True Strong Figure

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Because he had the Seed of Sunlight, Eliard was much stronger than before. His five senses were much more sensitive too.

For example, he heard some abnormal noises now. In reality, the High Elves should be more than 3000 feet away and hadn't discovered them yet.

Eliard had many choices now. The safest one was to abandon the woman who'd kidnapped him and escape alone. The High Elves would leave after finding this woman. But after thinking, he didn't choose that.

She was only working with Morpheus. If I find the right method, I can make her turn around and join Ferde. At that time, we'll become even stronger.

Eliard found a high and mighty excuse for himself. Now that he had a goal, he had to think about what to do next.

All his power was sealed; he couldn't use anything. The only thing he had was a body stronger than the average man. With the Sunlight Power, his body was like a Level-6 Warrior.

Of course, the was just his strength. He didn't have any of the skills.

He couldn't stay here anymore. The High Elves were getting closer; they would soon find this place. He had to take this half-elf and leave.

He went to work as soon as he got this idea. Bending down, Eliard carefully picked up the unconscious Evelina. While doing so, he carefully checked her wounds. After he was sure she'd stopped bleeding, he carried her and ran away from the pursuers.

After a while, Eliard felt that he couldn't just run like this. They were deep in the woods, and he'd left many marks. The two also left behind their auras. The High Elves would definitely use it to trace them.

Eliard thought of an idea. I must find a river and go downstream. That can keep us from getting discovered.

Finding a river in the forest was a survival ability for regular people. For a Magician like Eliard, it was easy. He only had to follow the water element in the air to pinpoint the location of the river.

He stood quietly and felt around for a while. Then he started hurrying northwestward.

He walked carefully. After walking through the fallen leaves, he would cover his footprints with leaves. Every few hundred feet, he would stop to listen and distinguish where the others were. He would only continue after he was sure of their safety.

After traveling a few thousand feet like this, Evelina's breathing grew heavier in his arms. Some more seconds later, she opened her eyes.

She didn't say anything. After looking around and understanding what had happened, she asked, "They're chasing us?"

Eliard was happy. He nodded and said, "They're not far, just a few miles away. I need my power freed right now. Unlock it for me."

Evelina seemed not to hear him. "Since we were discovered, why did you bring me with you instead of running by yourself?"

"Stop, we can talk when we're safe. Hurry, they're going to catch up," Eliard urged.

But Evelina kept saying, "Are you afraid that you'll die after I die, so you want to trick me into unlocking your power? And then you'll escape alone?"

"If I wanted to escape, I'd have done it long ago. I wouldn't wait until now."

This reasoning made sense and Evelina believed it. "Alright, seeing as you brought me with you, I'll trust you."

She unlocked Eliard's power once again.

Eliard felt the frozen power inside him suddenly start flowing again. He exhaled deeply and immediately pulled a special potion from his spatial pendant. Uncapping it, he put it to Evelina's mouth. "Drink. It's really effective."

The potion was crystal-red and glimmered in the night. Evelina hesitated but still opened her mouth.

Eliard was still angry at this half-elf, so he poured the entire bottle down her throat. Evelina gulped it down and choked. "Can't you slow down?!" she exclaimed.

"Hmph. This is what I got to save my life. Be grateful that I'm letting you drink it. Did you want me to spoon feed you?" Eliard made a face.

He put away the bottle and stopped looking for the river. He turned northward.

After a few steps, Evelina felt something wrong. "Why are you going north?"

"To go back to Ferde," Eliard replied nonchalantly. With that, his hand moved to grasp Evelina's wrist. Grinning, he said, "I won't fall for the same trick twice. Don't think about locking my power again."

With that, Eliard let go of Evelina's hand and cackled. "I suggest that you don't try any more tricks. That potion you just drank isn't that simple. Link made it. It looks like a healing potion, but it's actually poison. You're poisoned now, and only Link has the antidote, hehe."

"Really?" Evelina didn't believe him. She felt warm now, and her wounds didn't hurt anymore. How could it be poison?

Eliard shrugged. "Why else would I force it down your throat?"

With that, Evelina was close to believing it. If a regular potionist made this potion, she wouldn't believe it. But it had to be made by Link, whom she feared greatly. It really might contain some fatal thing.

Now, she didn't dare try anything. Glaring at Eliard, she said, "You're so despicable!"

"I learned it from you, haha," Eliard said, grinning.

He continued walking north. Soon, he climbed past a tall mountain. Reaching the foot of the mountain, he took out a runestone that had the same crystal-red glow. He added power into the stone, and it glowed a bit brighter.

"What are you doing now?" Evelina asked despite guessing what he was planning.

Eliard didn't keep it from her. "I'm contacting Link. The mountain is behind us so the High Elves shouldn't be able to sense it. Link will hurry over after I send the signal."

He maintained the runestone for three seconds. Then he put it away and continued northward.

In order to keep hidden from the High Elves, he walked slowly and carefully. Starting and stopping, he only walked around 1500 feet after five minutes.

As they walked, Evelina suddenly said, "Oh no, they're coming towards us... They must have discovered your traces."

Eliard was surprised, but he didn't panic. He took out a runestone again and looked around. Finding, a big tree, he cast a Levitation spell and floated to the top. He activated the rune, and half a second later, watery ripples appeared in the space surrounding them. It stayed this way for three seconds before everything went back to normal.

"And what was that for?" Evelina couldn't help but ask. The runestone was also crystal-red. She supposed that it was from Link too.

"To fold space," Eliard explained. "Now, we can see under the tree, but they can't see us... Or more accurately, they can see but won't notice us. We're smaller than sesame seeds to them now."

While speaking, he found a comfortable place to sit and started waiting patiently.

After around five minutes, three figures appeared beneath the tree. They were High Elves Elovan, Sonya, and Milose. The three circled the place many times and finally stopped.

Eliard and Evelina could hear their voices.

"Strange. They disappeared."

"I can feel that they're here. They must've used some invisibility spell. Keep looking."

The three started circling again and used many detection spells. They still didn't find anything. Finally, they regrouped under the tree.

"Nope. They vanished."

"Maybe they're hiding in another realm?"

"It's possible. Let's go look."

The three disappeared on the spot. Clearly, they went to another realm.

Evelina was entirely shocked at this. Only by being in it could she feel just how powerful the runestone was. They were less than 100 feet away, but the High Elves couldn't sense them at all. And it was just a runestone. If Link himself was here, the three could search their entire lives without finding anything.

Eliard looked down too. He wasn't as relaxed. The others were only fooled temporarily and would realize at some point. At that time, they would be dead.

The seconds ticked by. After another ten minutes, the three High Elves returned. They weren't stupid and had an idea of how Eliard was hiding now.

"They must've used a spatial spell. Let's look more carefully."

The three split up again and regrouped five minutes later. Then they looked up towards the big tree.

"There's something wrong with the tree."

"There's something wrong with the sky too. It's kind of red."

"It's morning. That's the sunrise... No, there's something wrong. It's too red."

In the tree, Eliard's heart pounded and almost leaped from his throat, but now, Link was finally here. He let out a long sigh and said to Evelina, "It's alright now. Link's here. We're safe."

Evelina didn't say anything. She looked up and saw that the sky was fiery red now. Pressure covered the sky and kept coming in waves. She couldn't breathe.

Link wasn't here yet, but the sky had already changed.

Evelina trembled inwardly and thought, We're both in the Legendary level. How come he's so powerful?