507 Time Sword Technique

 Chapter 507: Time Sword Technique

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Whoosh, whoosh.

In the water, a layer of fiery red light emerged on Link's body. The water around him boiled and bubbled, steaming. When he wielded his sword, it left a heavy red afterimage in the air.

He was extremely fast, so the afterimages overlapped around him like a forest of swords. This wasn't enough though.

Link felt that fire was still burning inside him, almost grilling his body. Strangely though, other than feeling bloated, he didn't feel much pain. He could clearly feel the tiny impurities inside him getting burned away.

At the same time, he felt new Dragon Power being born continuously even though his Dragon Power was maxed out. Before, the new power would be used up immediately. He couldn't save it. Now, he could feel clearly that the power remained.

My Dragon Power limit is increasing! Link understood immediately, overjoyed.

He thought of a saying from Firuman. When things are going good, don't try to change anything. Let it keep being good.

This was a wise saying. Link didn't try to change. He kept practicing swordsmanship in the creek. As he practiced, he sank into a very strange and intriguing state. He completely forgot about the fire burning in him and even forgot that he was practicing swordsmanship. He just kept leaping and stabbing in the river, following an instinctive urge.

Whoosh, splash. Water flew in the air.

Hiss, hiss. The sword cut across the sky, whistling through the air.

Translucent droplets of water fell from the sky, only to be halved by the Dragon King's Fury sword as it passed by. Clear water flowed from the upstream. When it passed Link, it became turbid and rushed downstream.

The water was still water. Nothing had changed except how it flowed.

A phrase popped up in Link's mind: space is water; time is a river.

This was like a key for the lock and a beautifully written essay. Link's mind brightened as if the sun had risen.

A thought rushed through Link's mind like a flood. So this is the essence of time. Space is still water while time is the force pushing the water. The two complement each other. They are two of the same entity... I see now! I see!

Understanding the time book from this angle, Link realized that all his confusion dissolved instantly. A vast golden avenue opened up before him.

At this time, he still had questions about time, but he was sure that he knew how to advance. He wasn't baffled anymore.

Fire kept burning his body so he couldn't stop his sword practice.

As he practiced, the time knowledge that he'd just came up with, the theories he had from before, and even the techniques he was practicing now slowly mixed together. This feeling was strange. Even Link didn't know what exactly was going on. He didn't even think; the knowledge mixed automatically.

Now, Link's mind was like a furnace while all the knowledge was boiling metal.

Dragon Power started burning in Link's mind, supplying the energy for his thinking. But Link's mind kept using up more and more energy. Finally, even the fast recovery rate couldn't make up for the consumption.

The Dragon Power inside him gradually depleted. Even the fire weakened and eventually extinguished.

After who knew how long, Link felt something explode in himself. He pierced forward furiously.

Snick. He'd stabbed a tree.

This sound woke Link up. He focused his eyes and looked forward. He'd come to the riverbank without realizing, and he'd stabbed through a big tree.

He could have done this easily before, but he soon realized that this stab was different.

After stabbing the tree, a 20-centimeter radius around the hole was all rotten. Link softly retracted the sword. With a soft puff, the rotten parts transformed into a fine powder and flowed down. A wide hole gaped open.

Strange. Link walked over and picked up some powder. He rolled it in his hand. The powder turned into something like ashes and blew away in the wind.

He sniffed his hand. The powder smelled a bit like rotten wood.

What kind of power is this? Link found it strange. Dragon Power couldn't create this effect. He hadn't used any spells either, and the powder didn't have any magic aura.

After a moment, Link thought back to how it felt when he stabbed forward. He stabbed the tree again. When the sword was midway through, the strange feeling came again. It felt like something in his body flowed into the Dragon King's Fury sword, surrounding it.

Shtick. Again, he stabbed through the tree without using any power. It was as easy as slicing tofu. Another decayed ring of 20 centimeters appeared around the hole, just like before.

Weird, so weird. Since when do I have this kind of power? What exactly is it that can cause such a strange effect?

Just as Link was utterly confused, his vision flashed. He glanced at it.

Player created a new time battle technique, +300 Omni Points. Please name this battle technique.

Time battle technique? Link couldn't figure it out. "Explain battle technique," he said.

His vision displayed some text.

Unnamed Battle Technique

Above Level-12 (Power changes according to the amount of Dragon Power inputted)

Cost: Minimum 3000 Dragon Power points (no maximum)

Effect: Activated the time essence within Dragon Power and feeds it into a weapon. All targets of the weapon will undergo the "pass of time" effect. The nearby area will instantly move 100,000 years into the future.

(Note: Only time is invincible!)

This description stunned Link. He checked the decayed layer around the hole in the tree. Was the gray-white powder the result of the passage of time?

Link was both shocked and happy. He saw rocks in the surroundings. He walked over and activated the time battle technique again.

Poof. The rock was sturdy, but the moment the sword hit it, it weathered crazily, and Link stabbed through it easily.

Link walked over to check. He discovered that everything around the stone had turned into soft dirt. He could easily crush it in his hands.

It's not very strong towards nonliving organisms. It's not even as strong as a Level-4 spell. But to living organisms, it's fatal!

What kind of creature could survive 100,000 years? If a god didn't fight back, they might suffer too.

Interested, Link went to stab another tree. This time, he couldn't activate the battle technique. It wasn't that he wasn't good at it. He'd just used up all his Dragon Power.

Three moves had used up all his power. This consumption was crazy.

Link then checked his own stats.

Link Morani (Dragon Duke)


Current Dragon Power Recovery Rate: 45 points per second

Dragon Power Limit: 16500 points

Current Dragon Power: 1500 points

His upper limit had increased 2000 points with the potion. It was great.

Link was very satisfied and started brainstorming what to call the battle technique. After a while, he said, "Since it uses time, it's a battle technique, and I use a sword, let's call it the Time Sword."

Naming complete. Player now possesses the Time Sword!

Link was satisfied with this powerful sword technique. Seeing how he was covered in mud and water, he cast a cleaning spell and started for the castle.

At the door, Link saw Gretel. She'd recovered her power already.

"Should we leave the island now?" Link asked. They didn't know where exactly they were now, but this island had unknown dangers and the Evil God Thoreau. Leaving would definitely be better.

With their speed, they could fly towards somewhere and circle the Firuman Realm within half a day. There were no worries about getting lost.

Gretel nodded. After thinking a bit, she gave a Dragon Power seed to all the kids. Gazing at the beautiful castle, she said sadly, "I'll miss this pretty house."

"Your Majesty...Tellie, if you want, I can build you a new one in the Dragon Valley," Link said, chuckling.

Gretel laughed. "Okay, don't forget."

Then Link walked forward. The power of the Void Walk extended and brought them both into the sky. They flew to the sea.

Twenty minutes later, they could see the coast. The beach and sea were before them, and everything looked normal, but Link stopped.

"The island is locked," he whispered.

Gretel discovered this too. The sea was blue and seemed normal, but she could clearly feel that the air was filled with runes.

"The runes are quite powerful, probably above Level-14. If we keep flying, we'll run into great pressure," Link said.

"Can you fly higher?" Gretel asked.

Link tried. When he was around 1.5 miles in the air, he stopped again. "I can't. It's seamless."

"He discovered us?" Gretel asked. Link naturally knew that she was talking about Thoreau.

"I'm afraid so. I think the god's messenger will appear soon too." Link didn't choose the trouble; the trouble chose him.