485 Legendary Battle

 Chapter 485: Legendary Battle

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Mountain forest

Felina hid behind a big tree and looked at the large mass of soldiers in the distance. After carefully counting the number, she jumped down and whistled. Then she ran towards Gladstone City.

After a while, two companions appeared beside her.

"Did you see? There are two Nagas with Duke Abel," Felina said while running.

"I saw. It seems he's completely fallen."

"This is a disaster."

Felina nodded. "We must tell the duke now."

Another figure jumped down in another direction of the forest. It was Skinorse. He started sprinting deep into the forest while mumbling, "I knew Abel had problems. This guy actually dragged all the soldiers to massacre the city. Holy crap."

After a while, he reached the waterfall where Kanorse and the others were hiding. "Morrigan," he yelled. "Open the door."

After calling three times, the waterfall split open, and Morrigan walked out. He cast a Levitation spell from 150 feet away before Skinorse could jump in. Once inside the cave, he explained everything he'd seen.

Annie was awake by now, though she was still very weak. She was curled up with a blanket in the corner. Hearing Skinorse's news, her expression darkened. Feeling down, she sat in the corner without a sound.

No matter what, Duke Abel was her father. The others couldn't comfort her about this. They could only stay silent with her.

After a long while, Kanorse suddenly asked, "How's the plague in Gladstone?"

"Not sure, but Master Link's there. I'm sure there won't be a problem... Don't look at me like that. I ran around so much, and my legs even got thinner. I need to rest."

Kanorse shook his head. "My injury is already better. I can't just watch the general do this. I must stop him even if I die!"

Duke Abel must have feared Kanorse would stop him last time in Garrason, so he sent Kanorse away. When he returned, the killing was already over.

If he had been present, he definitely wouldn't let the general do that.

Skinorse couldn't understand this. Throwing up his hands, he said in disbelief, "Hey, you're not his match at all. Abel's power is too deep to understand now. I just glanced at him from afar, and he seemed to notice. He looked over at my hiding spot many times. My soul almost flew out in shock. I think that you should just rest up first. It'll be better if you break into Level-9. Then it's possible to defeat him!"

Beside them, Morrigan also urged, "Kanorse, didn't you hear Skinorse? Duke Abel has 40,000 people with him. You're injured. If you go, you'll just waste your life."

Kanorse shook his head. "No, my father was a stable hand for the Abel family. It was the general who gave me the chance to learn martial arts when I was young. If he wants to venture into darkness and murder, he must step past my body."

As he spoke, he walked to the mouth of the cave. "I'm going. Please take care of Princess Annie."

Without waiting for anyone's reply, he jumped out of the cave. After he disappeared, everyone exchanged glances awkwardly.

"He's going to die if he goes. No doubt about it." Skinorse shrugged.

"Not exactly," Morrigan said. "The Ferde lord will be there too, and you said he has King Leon. Maybe he can successfully revoke Duke Abel's military control?"

Moya, who hadn't said a word all this time, suddenly said, "You're wrong. Those 40,000 soldiers aren't to fight against Master Link. The military control is meaningless too. Those soldiers are there to restrict the master's power."

"What do you mean?" Morrigan was just a Level-5 Magician. He didn't really understand a top Magician's power.

"Let me put it like this," Skinorse explained. "At the Orida Fortress, Master Link once used a ranged attack to destroy the Dark Elves and demon army. Each time, he killed more than 30,000 within ten minutes. A mortal is powerless against him. If he tries, the 40,000 soldiers will be obliterated instantly. But he won't do that, obviously. With the soldiers present, Master Link must restrain himself while fighting..."

Morrigan gulped. He was first shaken and then worried. "Holding yourself back in a battle of life or death... According to you, General Abel already has Legendary strength. The black-haired Naga is at the Legendary level too, and the other Naga isn't weak either. How can we fight?"

Skinorse sighed. "I don't know. This is tricky."

The cave fell silent again; the mood was depressing. After a long while, Priest Moya said, "I think we should go too."

Morrigan was the first to disagree. "Are you crazy?" he exclaimed. "This is a fight between Legendary figures. What can we do? We might even distract Master Link."

As soon as he finished, a weak voice came from the corner. It was Annie. "Morrigan, you don't know him. He won't get distracted... If I go, maybe my life will make my father feel a bit of guilt. So, if possible, please bring me over, if only to a close proximity."

"Are you crazy too?" Morrigan really couldn't understand anything that happened today. He'd never seen people fight to die before. A madman had just jumped out of the waterfall. The other madman now wanted to follow him.

But after he spoke, the cave grew quiet. No one answered him; Moya and Skinorse were both deep in thought. A few seconds later, both spoke at the same time."

"You go first," Skinorse said.

So Moya said, "Princess Annie, I'll take you over."

Skinorse arched an eyebrow. "Alright, I was going to say that too."

Morrigan was the only one left. He looked side to side and finally sighed dejectedly. "Great, you're all enthusiastic and hot-blooded, that's wonderful..." Morrigan said sarcastically. "I'll go full-out this time too. I'll go too."

If Master Link lost, General Abel would definitely cause a catastrophe. If he watched his companions sacrifice themselves while he retreated, he would be wrought with guilt later. He wouldn't be able to live happily no matter what.

In that case, he would go now and hide in the distance to look for an opportunity. Maybe both sides would be destroyed and be hanging onto a thread. Then he would come into play. As the saying went, a stalk of hay could break a camel's back. He might be the stalk to defeat Duke Abel.

With that, Skinorse patted his shoulder and chuckled. "I knew you'd go too. Let's go. If we run faster, we can catch up to Kanorse. That guy is too straightforward. If he gets there, he'll just try to block their way. It'll be weird if he doesn't die."

They wanted to help, but they truly weren't strong enough. They must plan well.


Whoosh, whoosh. Amidst the sound of wind, Felina and two other Red Dragon Warriors flew towards Gladstone in their dragon forms. Finally, they saw Link on the main road outside the city. He wasn't alone. Other than Celine, King Leon, and some fire gun Warriors, he also had around 30 people dressed as priests.

After curing the plague, the priests of Hapsburg completely revered Link. They didn't wish to leave after hearing about Abel. They wanted to stay and face him together.

"Duke, did you cure the plague?" Felina asked, seeing their relaxed expressions.

"Yes... but Orida Fortress sent the soldiers, right?" Link asked. Seeing Felina's furrowed brows, he knew there was a problem. In the end, Duke Abel couldn't resist the desire to kill. He had probably completely fallen now.

Felina sighed and explained what she'd seen in the forest.

Everyone present listened carefully. Afterwards, Link estimated, "Gladstone is more than 160 miles from the Orida Fortress by road. The army will take at least three days to arrive. During this time, we can hatch a plan."

When they met in three days, the Dragon King's Fury sword would have finished leveling up. By then, he'd have nothing to fear of Katyusha's Spear of Victory.

King Leon was a bit worried. "My brother John has always been the general. He personally enlisted these soldiers. Now that he's become so powerful, he must be reputable amongst them. I'm afraid that if he insists on killing even with the plague cured, the soldiers will still follow his orders."

A general's command must be obeyed. As long as Abel was still the general, the soldiers would obey no matter how bizarre his order was.

Link nodded. "Indeed. Therefore, we cannot just wait here. Let's go intercept them!"

King Leon had another worry. "If we take away John's position, the soldiers would still follow him if he called."

Link thought for a bit and said, "Yes, but that's okay. The Warriors won't dare to fight against me."

He was highly confident in this because he knew he had another name-"army killer." He could destroy an entire demon army; a human army was nothing.

The old soldiers of the Orida Fortress all saw him kill the demon army with their own eyes. When they saw him at the fortress, they would practically fall to their knees. Facing him now, they wouldn't have the courage to fight back.

He knew Abel's plans. The general just wanted to use the soldiers' lives to restrict his power.

Two Legendary figures and a powerful Naga priestess-Katyusha, your Spear of Victory has lost its effect on me. I'd like to see what else you can do!