477 Power of Time

 Chapter 477: Power of Time

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With a gust of wind, another Naga with dark red wings appeared. It was that Naga priestess. She took away the falling Katyusha.

Link didn't pursue them. The power of the Spear of Victory was obvious. If he chased them and Katyusha acted again, it would be game over for him.

He continued descending with the unconscious Celine.

The three Red Dragon Warriors didn't dare chase either. They flew around in the air, saving the unlucky souls with damaged parachutes. After a flurry of activity, the group landed.

In total, two had died-one Yabba and one Warrior. The others all had light injuries with no serious problems. Deaths were unavoidable in battle. Two deaths were already good enough.

King Leon was okay too. He obviously didn't break his legs and was just a bit shocked. The Warriors gathered around the airship ruins to bury the dead and treat the injured.

Link checked on Celine. Her breathing was steady, and her heartbeat was strong. He pulled back her eyelids and shone a magic light. Her pupils reacted well. She should be fine.

Link guessed that Celine must have been exhausted by overexertion. She should recover after a bit of rest. It was clear that both the Spear of Victory and Celine had used some type of time power. They clashed using time and the Spear of Victory lost.

The Spear of Victory uses a battle technique called Thorn of Fate. Fate is a track of time. It must be able to predict all my moves. No wonder I can't block it. Link sighed inwardly.

He'd researched the mysteries of space to the extreme. However, he only grasped basic knowledge about time. He almost lost big time due to this today. Thankfully, he had Celine.

However, he still wasn't assured. In his mind, he asked the sword spirit of the Dragon King's Fury, "When do you think Celine will wake up?"

It's nothing big. She's just overexerted and will be fine in a while. You're the one with the problem.

"Me?" Link was stunned.

Yes, you. You were targeted by the Spear of Victory but weren't killed. Now, you have its causal ring on you. It will continue being in effect until the ring closes.

"Until the causal ring closes? The effect of the cause must be my death, right?" Link knew the basics of time.

Yes. In other words, you're walking towards death.

Link actually wasn't scared of this. Since the causal ring could be broken once, it could be broken a second time. "I wish the Breakpoint Dagger is here," he lamented. "Otherwise, I wouldn't be this miserable."

The Breakpoint Dagger could cut through anything, including time.

Actually, I can cut the causal ring too. As long as Boundless Sharpness is completely unlocked, you can use me to block the Spear of Victory.

Link was overjoyed. Boundless Sharpness was the effect of the Dragon King's Fury sword. It could easily cut through armor and spells. He didn't expect it could cut through time too. "How do I unlock it?" he asked hurriedly. "How much power do I need?"

I know you have a numerical value for Dragon Power. Calculating using that, I think I need at least one million Dragon Power points. I will use this to upgrade to Level-12 and unlock Boundless Sharpness at the same time.

"I see! No problem." Link nodded.

His Dragon Power recovery rate was 37 points per second. He could generate one million points in three days and give it all to the sword. It was simple.

While feeding the Dragon Power into the sword, he asked again, "How much do I need if I want to go to Level-13, 14, or completely unlock you?"

I don't know. The sword spirit's voice was a bit lost. You're my owner. How far I can go depends on what level you can reach... The Dark Serpent was once weaker than me, but his owner ignited the Sacred Fire and became the Dark Spider, so it became a divine gear.

Link smiled in his thoughts. "Don't worry. I'll keep going."

I'll wait and see.

With that, the sword spirit stopped speaking.

By then, the Warriors had mostly taken care of everything. Commander Merlin walked up to Link. "Lord, what do we do now?"

The airship was ruined. They had no way to get to the North quickly.

"Where exactly are we? How far are we from the Orida Fortress?" Link asked.

"We are in the Glen Mountains 271 miles south of the fortress," Merlin reported immediately.

"Two hundred seventy-one miles isn't far. The airship is ruined so how about you collect the usable materials and go back to Ferde. The rest of the people go find the thickest tree in the vicinity. Dig a hole in the tree and wait for me."

There were less than 120 thousand Yabbas in total; the pilots were even more valuable. They couldn't be lost carelessly and weren't that great at fighting either. There wasn't much use for them at the fortress.

That way, Link would only have to bring 19 fire gun Warriors, King Leon, and three dragon Warriors. He wanted to make a canoe with a tree and have everyone sit in it. Then he would use the Void Walk and get to the Orida Fortress in one hour.

"Yes, Lord." Everyone obeyed and left.

Link stayed to look after the unconscious Celine. A couple of minutes later, Link felt Celine move. Her eyelids quivered. After half a minute, she opened her eyes.

Seeing that she was in Link's arms, Celine's first sentence was, "Ah, I'm so tired. I can't move."

A crystal red ball of light appeared at Link's fingertip. This was the Essence Vitality of the dragons. Merging the light into Celine's body, he asked, "How does this feel? Is it effective?"

"Mm, yeah. I feel warm, but I don't wanna move." Celine didn't get up from Link's arms, and Link let her be.

At that time, Warriors shouted from the front. Something seemed to have happened.

Link's heart jumped. Scared that the Nagas had come again, he helped Celine up and went over. He saw a Red Dragon Warrior drag a strange dirty man covered in vines and leaves.

Walking over, the dragon said, "Duke, this guy was sneaking around. I think he's a spy for the Agatha Nagas!"

Seeing Link, the man pulled away the vines from around him, revealing a dirty face. "Lord, it's me, Skinorse!"

Link recognized him and asked strangely, "Why are you here? Why do you look so pathetic?"

Skinorse sighed. While struggling with the vines, he said, "I'm here to send you a letter. I was on the other side of the mountain when I saw the commotion in the sky. I saw you too, so I hurried over."

With that, he took out a bloodied letter and gave it to Link. "Princess Annie and Kanorse were supposed to send this, but they were chased by Nagas and hurt badly. My friends and I saved them, so I had to send this. It's from the general. We opened it. That's okay, right?"

He looked at Link timidly, fearing that he would get yelled at. It was different when they'd opened the letter earlier. He felt guilty when he saw Link.

Hearing this, Link frowned. He took the letter and opened it. He knew from the first word that this was indeed from Duke Abel because he recognized the handwriting.

As he read, his brows furrowed more deeply. "Do you know Gladstone's situation?" he asked Skinorse. "Does it really have the plague?"

Skinorse scratched his head. "Not sure, but I heard from some mercenaries that the plague really did happen. But the city lord reacted quickly and controlled everything."

Link was even more shocked. With Duke Abel's current state, he wouldn't care if the plague was controlled or not. He just needed an excuse to kill.

Furthermore, it was also possible that the plague was spread purposely. It could only be controlled temporarily. If the mastermind wasn't found, it would keep spreading. In other words, this might turn into a massacre in Gladstone. They would either be killed by soldiers or the plague.

The bottom line was that this was a catastrophe for the residents of Gladstone City!

"How many days have you had this?" Link asked.

"One and a half days. I had to avoid Nagas, so I couldn't go quickly. Thankfully, I met you here." Skinorse felt so lucky. If he missed Link here, everything would be delayed.

One and a half days wasn't too long. The Orida Fortress was around 60 miles north of Gladstone. It would take at least five days for the army to prepare and head over. They still had a chance.

Beside them, King Leon finally recovered. "Master Link, what's wrong?" he asked.

Link gave him the letter. King Leon accepted it and halfway through, he jumped up. "Oh, glorious God of Light, we must stop him!"

"That's what I think too."

Just then, a mission appeared in Link's vision.

Activate Mission Series: Gladstone Plague

Step One: Find the source of the plague.

Mission Content: Hurry to Gladstone and search the entire city for the distributor of the plague.

Reward 1: 100 Omni Points

Reward 2: Scapegoat Doll

Intrigued, Link checked the information for the doll.

Scapegoat Doll


Effect: With this, the player can block one fatal attack.

(Note: My duty is to die for you.)

This was what Link needed. He immediately accepted the mission and said, "Let's go to Gladstone!"