469 Time to Repay an Old Friend

 Chapter 469: Time to Repay an Old Friend

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Magician Akensser was still a nice guy. He worked for the money and supplied very detailed information. He had even marked the enemy's basic power.

This helped Link make specific plans.

The Grecience Altar was mainly used to spy on Ferde's intelligence. The core worker was only a Level-6 Assassin. They weren't very strong.

Link's goal was just to destroy the God of Destruction's contacts, not kill them. He didn't care if they ran away. He just didn't want them messing around in his territory. After he returned to the Mage Tower, he wrote an order to Jacker for him to make a team responsible for clearing the enemy out.

Meanwhile, he prepared to go north.

According to the scroll, Duke Abel was now at the pinnacle of Level-19. His power also had attributes of the God of Destruction. He was powerful and found many excuses each day to kill people and absorb their energy. He would kill at least fifty people a day; he was getting stronger daily.

Link had to go north!

Other than his speedily rising power, there was something else. Because of his great power and high class, he had many followers now. He was gradually becoming a candidate for Norton Kingdom's new king. After King Leon lost the Hot Springs City, he had become hopeless.

This meant that even if Link could successfully kill Abel, it would cause chaos in the Orida Fortress. As for what he should do, Link had to plan well.

Currently, his dragon form needed five more months to recover fully. His agility was a problem. Thus, he had to research a spell for traveling.

Link already had an idea for this. He had planned on using a force field's push to gain high speed. The theory was simple, but there were many details to take note of. For example, how to be agile, not leave any trace behind, raise his maximum speed, and more. These all required detailed optimization.

Time was tight, and he would be too slow by himself. He went to find Alloa and started discussing the new spell with her.

The two were both obsessed with magic. As soon as they started researching, they forgot about everything else. Time passed without them realizing.

It was better for Alloa, because she wasn't too busy and had time to do other things.

Link, though, was the lord. Other than researching spells, he had to write enchantment books and find time to advise Celine and check important documents, among other things. He didn't even have time to eat or sleep.

Celine was busy, too. She had fallen in love with enchantment magic. She had always seen how busy Link was and wished she could become powerful enough to help him.

Right now, she was practicing shooting, enchantments, and martial arts at the same time. She was so busy she was out of her mind.

On the other hand, Jacker, commander of the Ferde Army, was creating a team to clear the altar. The news wasn't a secret amongst the upper level of Ferde. The next morning, Eliard found Jacker.

Smiling, Eliard said, "I've reached a bottleneck recently. I can help."

He was now at Level-8; his magic knowledge had reached that level too. He could even do a Level-8 spell. However, he felt that improving more would be difficult. Thus, he decided to change his mindset while also helping Link.

Jacker had already decided on most of the people. Seeing Eliard, he was troubled. "The mission is dangerous. You shouldn't go."

Eliard was Link's good friend and now a Level-8 Magician. Everyone knew he had the potential to become someone great. He could possibly even become Ferde's next Legendary Magician.

How could Jacker risk losing someone so precious?

Eliard chuckled dryly. "Jacker, I'm not only a scholar. You saw my skills when we cleared the Ferde Wilderness together."

Jacker shrugged. "It's different now. Our enemies are much stronger than those small things."

"My friend," Eliard replied seriously, "That's why I need to fight more. My spells can't just be pretty fireworks... Link is only one person. He's always so busy and lost all his happiness in life. How can I not help with something so small?"

Jacker was shaken. He quickly nodded. "All right, we're leaving in the afternoon. Go get ready."

"That's better." Eliard chuckled and returned to the Mage Tower to prepare.

Influenced by Link, Eliard was also obsessed with enchantments. He'd created some magic equipment in his free time, including a wand, a Burst ring, and defensive bracelets. He was practically covered in high-level magic equipment from head to toe.

That wasn't even it. Eliard had also been working on a magic fire gun. He was mostly done now. He just needed to tie some loose ends.

He'd been inspired by Celine. She had a pair of small guns that were extremely beautiful and powerful, great for defense.

Of course, Eliard had pride. He knew that Link had made the guns for Celine. He obviously wouldn't ask Link for help. He would make them himself.

However, he'd still borrowed Celine's guns before working and studied them for a long while. This wasn't copying-it was referencing. Enchanters didn't plagiarize.

Eliard was a Magician, and magic was his main profession. He only needed one gun rather than a pair.

Returning to his small enchantment room, Eliard grabbed the half-finished gun. After an hour, he completed the final stabilizer rune. This rune helped with the reaction force of the bullet so Eliard could hold the gun more steadily.

This was his own creation. Celine's gun didn't have it.

After finishing, Eliard looked at the eight-inch-long gun. It had a dark blue luster and was covered in silver runes. He smiled.

This gun was practically identical to Celine's, but the material wasn't as high quality. It wasn't as powerful, either. It could only create Level-7 attacks, but it was good enough.

Holding the gun, Eliard thought of how Celine often twirled her gun. He thought it looked cool and tried it.

Clatter. He spun the gun once and it flew away, falling to the ground.

It hurt Eliard's heart. He quickly grabbed it and examined it closely. He didn't breathe until he was sure it was okay. My hands aren't agile enough. I'm not suitable for those cool moves.

Then he took out a bottle of black python oil. He took apart the active parts of the gun and started oiling them. He'd learned this trick from Lannie. It helped raise the reliability and durability.

While oiling, he heard a knock on the door. He opened it with his mind. "Come in."

Footsteps sounded behind him and stopped not too far from him. The person didn't speak. Finding it strange, Eliard looked back to see Link staring at the gun.

Seeing that Eliard had noticed him, Link complimented, "Nice gun. It's pretty."

"Thanks." Eliard was really satisfied with the gun. "How do you have time today?" he asked.

Link grabbed a chair and sat down. Chuckling, he asked, "Jacker said you're going on the mission?"

Eliard put his hand to his forehead and sighed. "Oh, that guy's such a tattletale. You're not going to let me?"

"Of course... not." Link let out a dramatic sigh. Seeing the expression on Eliard's handsome face change, he was in a good mood. "Magic isn't just fireworks. Many times, you need actual fighting to have a breakthrough. I obviously won't stop you. However, the Grecience Altar is for the God of Destruction. That guy likes giving his believers extremely powerful destructive spells. You have to be careful. Here, take this."

Link handed Eliard a semi-transparent runestone. "I call this a Dragon Stone. It contains highly effective healing magic. You can use it three times, and then it will recharge automatically. Use it once every three days. As long as you don't hurt your brain, you can stay alive with it, even if your body is in pieces."

Eliard grabbed the lifesaving object and chuckled. "With this, I can fight without fear."

"Yes, go without fear. Magic requires unrestrained imagination."

Link patted Eliard's shoulder in encouragement, then left. He'd only given himself five minutes for this trip and couldn't stay too long.

Watching Link leave, Eliard carefully put away the Dragon Stone. He started oiling the gun again. Eliard, keep fighting! he encouraged himself.

With Link's support, he had practically perfect conditions for learning magic. Any Magician who knew would be jealous. Now, he was a powerful Level-8 Magician. It was time to repay his old friend!

In the afternoon, a prepared Eliard left with the team. There were also two Yabba shooters, more than 100 human shooters, and more than 500 elite human Warriors. This force was enough for a tiny altar.


Just as the team set off, Duke Abel, who was reading documents in the Orida Fortress, welcomed a surprise guest.