459 No Chance at All

 Chapter 459: No Chance at All

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Whoosh, splash. It was the sound of water splashing.

Ferde's fleet quickly moved past the High Elves' ships. Water splashed, drenching the High Elves that were crying for help.

Then the fleet of three large magic ships sailed away. The human sailors on the deck burst into laughter at how pathetic the High Elves looked. The fleet soon sailed away, ignoring them.

The drenched High Elves on the rattan ships were all dazed.

"They just sailed away?"

"They ignored us?"

"They saw us about to die, and they left?"

"I don't think we're gonna die..." someone said weakly.

The Magician finally processed everything. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Damn, they must've discovered the island!"

"What do we do now?" a miner asked.

The Magician shook his head. "We can't do anything for now. We're not their match and can't stop them. Let's go back to the Isle of Dawn and have our navy teach them a lesson!"

The High Elves had operated on the Isle of Dawn for many years, and their navy was the strongest. If they wanted to, they could defeat the navies of all the kingdoms as easily as the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

In Firuman, the High Elves were the bosses of the sea. No one could refute that.

The group of High Elves rowed the rattan paddles and grunted while going back to the Isle of Dawn.

After a while, a miner suddenly said, "Hey, don't you think it's coincidental? The storm just passed, and the Ferde fleet appeared, going straight to the island. Do you think they made that storm?"

"It's possible. Their lord is a Legendary Magician. He really might have that ability." Another miner grew suspicious too.

The High Elf Magician scoffed. "You know nothing!" he said derisively. "That storm isn't something a mortal can control. No Magician in the world could cast a spell like that unless he was a god!"

"Oh, I see. Those damn Ferdians are so f*cking lucky!" a miner swore.

In the sky, Link looked at the High Elves in the distance and said to Felina, "Let's go to the island too."

"But those High Elves said they're going to get the navy." Felina could read lips, so she was a bit worried. However, she still changed direction and flew towards the Magnetic Island.

"Don't worry. They won't be able to cause conflict because of the island," Link said with a laugh.

It would take one week for the High Elves to reach the Isle of Dawn. By then, it would be too late.

Felina quickly caught up with the fleet. She was still invisible. When they were above the fleet, Link jumped down from her back.

"Alright, your mission is complete. Go back to Ferde," Link said from the deck.

"Okay." Felina turned and left.

Link showed himself. Celine, Jacker, and the navy general were all on the deck. The three instantly went over to him.

The general's name was Grayson. Apparently, he used to be a pirate in the southern seas and pillaged merchant ships but failed when attacking a Ferdian ship.

He was very skilled and didn't have a bad reputation. He only stole goods and never killed anyone, so Jacker forgave him. In the end, he decided not to leave. He even joined Ferde's guard and contributed greatly against the Delongan Royal Army.

When Ferde's navy was established, he naturally became the general.

For questions about the sea, Link had to ask him. "With our current situation, how much longer until we get to the Broken Isles?"

"Sir, we'll get there within two and a half hours!"

"Okay, good. I'll go rest. Let me know when we get there."

"Yes, sir."

"Celine, stop staying outside. Come to the cabin with me." Link waved at Celine. Ferde's navy was very strict, and the sailors were on the seas for long stretches of time. They were all like voracious beasts. Even a sow could catch their eye. It was dangerous for Celine to stand there.

"Oh, coming." Celine had felt uncomfortable this entire trip. She hurriedly hid inside the cabin with Link.

Once inside, Link sat down before the table. He took out the half-finished enchantment book and continued to write. After a while, he realized Celine felt bored, so he handed over a draft he'd finished. "This is the spell book I wrote. Help me punch holes on the side and string them together."

"Okay." Celine was happy to do this. She punched holes while reading and actually grew interested in the content. "Wow, so enchantments are this easy? I feel like even I can do it."

Link chuckled. "This is just basic enchantments for apprentices."

Celine had learned magic before, after all. Her level was even higher than most apprentices, and she was smart too. She would naturally find it easy.

She was stunned. "I see, but you make it sound interesting. It's more attractive than those boring books I've read before. If you write books like this, I'll definitely study it."

Link's style was to first write an interesting, simple, and easily applicable example. For example, this copy described a basic talisman. It only used a dozen runes. After creating it and adding in Mana, it would turn into a talisman.

After the reader's interest was piqued, the book would start introducing the specific theory used. This process was interesting too. Link used common phenomena for comparison, and it was easy to understand.

Celine read three drafts and was ready to try. Hugging Link's arm, she whined, "I wanna try right now. Can I string the papers later?"

Link couldn't do anything. Since she liked it, he just said, "Fine, put the papers to the side. Here, experiment with these basic materials."

Celine happily went to experiment, allowing Link to focus on writing. Time flew by and two and a half hours passed by quickly.

Jacker's voice sounded from the outside. "Sir, we're here."

Link gathered his papers. He turned towards Celine but found her immersed in the enchantment, so he decided not to bother her. He snuck out of the cabin.

Outside, Link saw the Magnetic Magic Island that had been cleaned by the hurricane. The island was small-only 300 feet wide. It was actually just a piece of reef that had poked above the water surface.

"Throw the hooks," Link ordered. "Latch onto the edge!"

The sailors did as they were told. Half an hour later, dozens of prepared cables were tied to the island. There was a big iron picket at the end of the cables. The sailors tied the cables to the edge of the reef tightly. Then they slammed the pickets into the cracks with hammers.

Soon, the three warships connected four giant cables to the tiny island.

Link stood on the island. When the sailors were pretty much done, he called, "Alright, back to the ship!"

The sailors didn't know what Link was planning, but they immediately jumped back. Link stood in the center. He pressed down on the rock in the middle and poured in his Dragon Power. The Legendary Dragon Power dug into the rock and kept spreading, not stopping until it reached more than 1000 feet deep.

This distance wasn't his limit. However, Link felt that the mine was already quite sparse in this range. It would be meaningless to keep digging.

Taking a deep breath, he cast a Spatial Rend. "Break!"

Crack! There was a huge noise. The entire reef corner was shaken off of the foundation from the Spatial Rend.

The huge broken-off ore started to slide down the foundation, but Link's Dragon Power quickly extended across the entire reef. He activated the Higgs Force Field.

Under this force field, the entire piece of ore swelled like foam plastic. It somehow started floating, and the loose cables pulled tautly.

Everyone on the ship was dumbfounded.

"What are you waiting for? Start going back!" Link yelled.

He wouldn't mine so delicately like the High Elves; he just took the entire gyromagnetic iron mine away. It actually wasn't that big. He really wanted to make a spatial ring and put it all in.

However, this was good too. By the time the High Elves returned, the island would be gone, and the conflict would be unnecessary. Everything was gone. Heh.

Jacker finally reacted. Pushing down his shock, he yelled, "Hurry, hurry! Start going back!"

General Grayson ran to the captain's room while yelling, "Pull the sails! Add wind Mana to the left full rudder at 20%!"

Whoosh! Mana flowed through, and the three warships started pulling the giant ore towards Ferde.

The ore began gaining speed. Finally, it was maintained at 100 feet per second. During this entire time, Link stood on it. He used the force field to maintain the mine's balance so it wouldn't capsize the three ships.

This was probably the most aggressive mining technique in the history of Firuman.

On the other hand, the High Elf Magician and more than 100 miners were still diligently rowing their ship, getting closer to the Dawn of Isle.

"Go! Go! Brothers, when we get to the Dawn of Isle, we'll teach those lowly humans a lesson!"

"Hey, hey, we're hard-working miners!"

"Hey, hey, we use our hands to create wealth!"

"Hey, hey!"

It was unknown who started it, but while these miners sweated over the paddles, they started singing. The ship sped up quite a bit.

They rowed like that for many hours, using up all their energy and spirit. All of them were as tired as dogs, panting with their tongues out.

Just then, a black dot suddenly appeared in the horizon. "Look," a sailor pointed out. "I think it's our merchant ship!"

The Isle of Dawn and Ferde Territory had a very close trade relationship. The Isle of Dawn produced magic equipment, valuable medicinal resources, and tonics. Ferde sold them natural resources from all over the world.

As of now, the Isle of Dawn earned twice as much as Ferde. They couldn't help it. It wasn't their fault the High Elves were so advanced.

The Magician immediately said, "That's great. The ship will definitely have a white-tailed owl for sending messages. We'll have them send a letter back!"

"Yes, have our warships come and teach those humans!" The miners waved their fists. Today was more frustrating than any other event in history!