457 Cannot Give Up This Island!

 Chapter 457: Cannot Give Up This Island!

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Lucy's records were very clear. Every expense and income was easily seen. Link quickly flipped through and had a detailed understanding of the territory's financial situation.

Because of the clay mine, Ferde's town hall had a high income but also spent money quickly. They developed the city quickly and also had a skirmish with the southern Kingdom of Delonga.

Another big expense was for the Orida Fortress. During the final battle, various types of material were sent south, and Ferde had been responsible for 60% of it.

It wasn't a stream of money going out; it was more like a flood.

Under these circumstances, Ferde developed the clay mines wildly to export to every corner of Firuman.

From the records, Link could see that the biggest buyers were the Beastmen of the Golden Plains. They steered shabby merchant ships and traveled more than half of the world's coastlines. They really traveled thousands of miles for the trade.

Thus, within one and a half years, the clay mines were practically empty.

"Lord," Lucy said seriously. "With the current speed, we can only mine for two more months. If we don't have a new source of income after that, we will have to reduce developments. Otherwise, we will go bankrupt."

"Oh, this is truly a problem." Link placed the records down and looked out the window. This was the top floor of the Mage Tower. With his great vision, he could see all the way to the ocean from here.

"Last time I left, I talked about the Magnetic Magic Island. Did you send ships to investigate it?"

Lucy nodded and took out another scroll. "This is the second thing I wanted to talk about. We found the island, but the situation isn't great. When we went, we saw the yew ships of the High Elves. They were mining on the island..."

Link was shocked at this and cursed inwardly. These High Elves were troublesome. He couldn't help but slap his forehead. "Oh, this is my fault. I should've told you earlier... What is this scroll?"

"It's the precise marine chart of the continent that our sailors drew. Please take a look."

Link opened the scroll. It indeed was a marine chart. The shape of the coastline looked familiar. Thinking a bit, he realized it was exactly like the map in the game. It was very precise and lived up to the name.

The map noted all the explored islands near Ferde, as well as trade winds, currents, and more. This was extremely valuable for the captains.

Link also saw the Isle of Dawn, Ferde Territory, and the Magnetic Magic Island. He estimated that the Magnetic Magic Island was around 310 miles from Ferde and 300 miles from the Isle of Dawn. It was practically in the middle but just a bit closer to the Isle of Dawn.

This was annoying. If they really got into the specifics, this island belonged to the High Elves. But the mines there were so valuable. How could he just give up?

Link placed the map on the table and tapped it rhythmically. Lucy subconsciously held her breath, waiting for Link's decision with her hands folded over chest. She was the general manager of Scorched City, but before Link, she still felt like the female mercenary. Her young master was getting more and more powerful.

After around two minutes, Link had decided. "This island," he uttered, "is ours."

Lucy's expression froze. "Are we going to war?"

Ferde had been developing their navy for more than one year and was quite powerful. It now had seven three-masted magic warships. With the Yabbas' arrival, many magic cannons and muskets were added to the ships, strengthening them.

Now, the Ferde Navy was a force to be reckoned with in the seas. However, they didn't have much status. They hadn't experienced battle yet, let alone shed any blood. The other territory lords nearby called them boy scouts. They weren't too intimidating for pirates either.

If they could fight even a small skirmish with the High Elves and their powerful navy, the Ferde Navy's reputation would rise as long as they didn't lose terribly.

Link shook his head. "No, no, we can't declare war so easily."

"Then how do we get it? The High Elves have started mining already," Lucy said. The metals were valuable, and they weren't stupid. How could they hand it over without putting up a fight?

Link shook his head with a smile. Rising, he walked to the window and looked at the dark clouds in the sky. "Another year has passed," he lamented. "It's early summer again."

Lucy was confused and reflexively replied, "Yeah, time passes quickly."

"Looking at the weather, I think a hurricane will come soon. Send my order to the general and tell him to prepare a fleet to go towards the island at any time."

Lucy was still confused. "But Master Grenci said earlier that there wouldn't be any hurricanes at this time."

Master Grenci was quite well-versed in the changes of weather and had practically become the weatherman of Ferde. He would send alerts of any bad weather. This helped to prevent losses for the territory. Now, many captains would ask Master Grenci for weather predictions before going out to sea.

Link chuckled. "No, no. Master Grenci is wrong this time."

Lucy couldn't refute him. Link was a Legendary Magician while Grenci was at Level-7. There was such a big difference between them. If he said Grenci was wrong, then Grenci was wrong.

"Then I'll go send the warning."

"Okay, go. Remember to tell the navy to get ready. Once the hurricane passes, we'll go to the island."

Hearing this, a lightbulb went off in Lucy's mind. She seemed to grasp something, but she couldn't figure out the details. After a blank moment, it clicked. Eyes flashing, she asked, "Do you mean-"

Link waved his hand. "Good that you understand but don't say anything. Remember, we don't know anything. We just have good luck. Of course, we move fast too!"

"Understood!" Lucy walked away, deeply impressed.

After Lucy left, Link went back to the table and continued looking at the map. After a moment, he hit his forehead, sighing. Natural resources will always be used up. If we want to keep up the development, Ferde must have its own specialty.

Leaning back in the lounge chair, he used the Magician's Hand to rock it. Link looked out at the window at the activity and fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he suddenly stood up and took out a blank scroll. He wrote, "enchantment" on the cover with runes and "Link Morani" in small font on the bottom right corner.

He had decided to develop enchantment workshops in Ferde and steal the High Elves' business!

After writing, Link opened the scroll. He was calm now. His enchantment skills were known throughout the continent for being detailed and perfect. Even the enchanters in the Isle of Dawn couldn't compare.

In magic theory, Link had dealt with Talisman Enchanting, modern High Elf enchanting, dragon enchanting, and more. He had a wide range, and these theories had been fermenting in his mind. After becoming a Legendary Magician, the enchantment systems matured too.

Brainstorming for a bit, Link began writing.

He didn't write a foreword because this was his first book. He wanted his first advisor Herrera to write it to show his respect.

Right now, the enchantment was already mature in his mind. Moving his pen, his thoughts streamed out like water.

The framework was completed within an hour. Link went back to revise it. After two revisions, it was complete with 36873 words. Every word was needed-it couldn't be a word more or less.

After that, Link started writing the second book. This was titled Beginner Enchantment Magic. This book was easy as well, but the content was more cumbersome. Link calmed himself down and wrote it down bit by bit. He tried to make it clear-cut so people could understand easily.

Time flew by. When Link finished the first draft, it was already night. His ears twitched, and he heard familiar footsteps.

There are three people: Celine, Jacker, and Lucy. Yes, they're ready.

From the sounds, Link knew that the three were at the door. Using his thoughts, he opened the door.

Celine had her big fire gun. She walked in with a blooming smile. Seeing Link, she sped up and kissed him on the lips before Lucy and Jacker. The two felt so awkward.

After a while, Celine finally let go and complained, "You didn't even tell me when you came back. I missed you so much."

"Aw, I only left for about a month." Link patted Celine's back and chuckled. "Sit down. Lucy, Jacker, you two sit too."

When everyone took their seats, Jacker said, "Lord, everything is ready. When should we start?"

After learning that the extremely valuable Magnetic Magic Island had been taken by the High Elves when Link was the one to discover it, Jacker had almost exploded. He'd wanted to fight the High Elves right then and there.

He was a Level-7 Warrior now, and Ferde was rich. He wasn't afraid! However, Link wasn't there, and the High Elves were still powerful. He could only restrain himself.

Now that Link said he was going to take the island, Jacker was so excited. He couldn't stand those arrogant High Elves.

Link put away his incomplete enchantment and smiled. "I think now's a good time. Let's start now."

From the side, Celine said, "Just saying, I'm taking part too. How can I not be part of this?"

"Okay, okay, you can join too. You won't miss out."

Link made four communication runestones. He gave Jacker and Celine one each and kept one for himself. The last one would be for the navy general that would stay at the harbor.

"Go get ready. Lucy, the High Elves in Ferde might go to you to protest. You must be prepared."

"No problem. I don't know anything," Lucy replied, grinning.

"Okay, then we'll start now. I'll go out first. Wait for my signal."

With that, Link stood up. White light flashed and an instant later, he was at the rooftop. He whistled softly. One minute later, an invisible dragon descended from the sky. It was Felina.

"How may I be at your service, Duke?"

"Take me to the sea." Link jumped onto Felina's back and cast the Invisibility spell for himself so he wouldn't scare people.

Whoosh! Felina spread her wings and flew towards the sea.