455 Use It Now, But Don’t Wear I

 Chapter 455: Use It Now, But Don't Wear It

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The black seal was a magic ring. Link studied it carefully, and information appeared in his vision.

Dragon Duke's Obsidian Seal (Rechargeable)


Effect 1: Instantaneously creates a Level-12 shield after activating (3/3)

Effect 2: Teleportation from five to 50 miles (3/3)

Effect 3: Summon the Red Dragon Queen!

(Note: According to dragon tradition, dragons who possess the black seal will automatically become the only candidate for the Red Dragon Queen's companion.)

This seal was useful. It was a shield that could transport him-it was practically lifesaving. The note made Link speechless though. Didn't "only candidate" basically mean future husband?

The Red Dragon Queen did something like this without telling him again.

No, I can't take this. It'll cause problems. How will I explain to Celine later?

Link troubled over this for a long while. Finally, he used the Magician's Hand to place the seal on the table beside him. With the soft clack, he stopped thinking about it.

Materialize rewards, he told the game system.

Ding! His vision flashed, and a money pouch-like thing appeared in his hands. He opened it to see 50 Jogu that looked like white Go pieces.

He got 50 from this mission. With the 25 from the last mission, he now had 75 Jogu. Aisenis had said that if Link gave him 300 Jogu, he would provide the way to mend the crack.

It wasn't far away now.

However, he wouldn't get Epic missions every day. Link decided that after his body recovered, he would go to relics to find Jogu. Right, he could also give rewards for people to help him look.

Other than Jogu, there was also a heavy dark blue belt. Looking at it, the messages appeared.

Assassin's Dragon King Belt

Lower-Order Legendary (11)

Effect: Activates the Infinite Dragon Power effect. The user's Dragon Power recovery rate increases by 1000% for 20 seconds. This effect can be used once per month.

(Note: With this, you no longer have to worry about using up Dragon Power.)

"Great." Link put away the belt.

He didn't have anything else to do, so he took out the book Dragon to read. He'd been studying the contents for half a month but still only knew the basics. If he wanted to study it all, it would take one or two years.

Link had an idea. Dragons and humans are from the same source. If I can find the secret to Dragon Power and transform it into a battle art, there will be many more powerful humans. At that time, they won't be bullied by others anymore.

With this goal in mind, Link grew even more serious.

Time flew by and half a day passed. There was a sudden sound by the door. Link looked over to see Gretel walk in with some food.

She took a few steps and saw the black seal Link put on the table. Her steps faltered, but she didn't stop. Gretel continued forward and placed the food on the table. Picking up the seal, she asked casually, "How come you put it here?"

Link was still focused on the book. Hearing the question, he looked up. Seeing Gretel holding the seal, he instantly felt awkward. After a pregnant pause, he shrugged. "I saw a book in the library, called Traditional Power. It introduced the seal. I don't think I'm suitable for a duke."

He actually hadn't read that book, but he'd seen the title at the library, so he just stole it.

"A mortal's life is short. I can wait for 100 years later." Since Link knew, Gretel didn't have to hide it anymore. She handed the seal to him.

Link felt awkward. This was his first time in a situation like this, but the Red Dragon Queen had lived for 2000 years. She could calmly face these things but Link couldn't.

He didn't know what to do. If he rejected her, he would feel heartless. If he accepted, he would be heartless to Celine. He was caught.

Seeing him like this, Gretel burst into laughter. She suddenly realized that this powerful Legendary Magician was only a 20-year-old young man and she had been so scared of getting rejected.

This gave her a psychological advantage. She tossed the seal into Link's lap, saying, "Take it, kid. Only the elders know this tradition. Even the younger dragons don't know. Just take it. You don't have to wear it; just protect yourself. When you think it through, wear it on your left middle finger, and I'll sense it."

This was well-said and immediately soothed Link's troubles. He was realistic. Hearing the queen's words, he quickly put the seal away. "Then I'll take it."

Grinning, Gretel brought over a bowl of soup and set the spoon down. "I was ready to feed you. So many people want me to feed them, but I know you won't accept it. Here, do it yourself. This soup is made from the purple moon cassava grown in the Moonlight Forest in the south of the Dragon Valley. It's miraculous for healing. Drink it while it's still hot."

"Oh, okay." Link sniffed, and a rich aroma hit his nose. His appetite was awakened. He took a sip; the aromatic softness tasted great. He quickly slurped the soup down.

Gretel sat beside the bed. Seeing how happy Link was while eating, she couldn't help but smile. As expected, under the Legendary Magician, he was just a kid who hadn't experienced much.

This bratty kid.

When Link was done, Gretel asked, "How was it?"

Link felt a warm current flow through his stomach. He rubbed his stomach gently. It had hurt before, but with this warmth, the pain was gone.

He nodded continuously. "It's delicious."

"There will be more but the cassava it's only for me. I gave it to you now, so I don't have any left. You have to pay me back."


"You're an Enchantment Magician. Those guys took the Emerald Circle. And those stabilizing runes..."

Link chuckled. "Oh, that? That's easy. How about tomorrow? I can start tomorrow."

Gretel quickly shook her head. "No need to hurry. You can rest a few more days, and I'll finish the easier parts. I'll leave the difficult things to you."

"No problem."

"Oh, there's also this." Gretel took out a magic book for Link. "Lucia Silverstar told me to give this to you. It's her notes."

Hearing this, Link ignored his injuries and sat up, reaching for the book. This was a Legendary figure's gains. It was more valuable than a whole country!

The words Secret Power was written in delicate font. Lucia Silverstar seemed to specialize in Secret spells. It happened to be just what Link lacked.

He flipped through and scanned roughly. Link's eyes brightened. He hadn't heard of many of the knowledge introduced in the book. These notes will definitely widen his view of the Secret spells. He'd been at a disadvantage because of this before.

Putting the book away carefully, Link asked, "How is Silverstar now?"

"She went to the Neanderthals' ancestral place to rest. I sent a Warrior to escort her. We won't see her anymore." Gretel was a bit sad. Silverstar was her old friend, but only her soul was left now. This was the same as dying.

Link felt it was unfortunate too. With Silverstar, Firuman was one Legendary figure fewer. It was a pity.

"Alright, rest well. You'll be busy in a few days."

Link spent the days recovering in the Dragon Temple. Three days later, his wounds were mostly healed, so he started working on the stabilizing runes.

These runes were very complicated. Non-Legendary figures couldn't do them. Even with Link and Gretel working together, one runestone required three days, but they needed at least ten. This meant it would take one month to complete.

Link just took it as Enchantment practice.

While creating these runestones, he also discussed some magic questions with Gretel. He was especially interested in the healing properties of Dragon Power.

Naturally, Gretel didn't hold anything back in answering.

One month later, the runes were complete, and Link had learned a few healing spells. They weren't very effective on his body, but that was because his body was too strong. The spells would be like divine spells on regular people.

After completing the runes, they went to Korora Mountain Range to set them. It was also a success. After setting the runes, the cracked region was completely sealed inside a dome. It was practically isolated from the Firuman Realm.

However, this only solved the surface instead of the core. Mana would continue accumulating in that region. Once the density surpassed the limit of the runes, there would be a pop and Mana would flood out. The Mana density of the entire Firuman Realm would instantly multiply many times.

Mana's sudden explosion wouldn't cause much damage, but it wasn't good either. To counter this, Link and Gretel also worked to set up alarm equipment around the runes. Once the Mana was about to reach the limit, the alarm would go off automatically.

Looking at the isolated area in the mountain, Link predicted, "It should last ten years. During this time, I'll look for a way to mend the crack."

"I can tell that you already have an idea, right?" Gretel asked, chuckling. After spending so much time together, she knew Link better. For example, his brows were relaxed while talking now. Even though he didn't say anything definite, Gretel knew that he already had a plan in mind.

Link smiled. "I can't fool you. I know a very powerful Travel Magician. He said that he has a plan, but he needs some things in exchange."

With that, Link took out a Jogu to give Gretel. "He needs 300 of this. Have you seen this before?"

Gretel studied the Jogu and shook her head. "It only looks like a pretty stone to me. Where did you find it?"

"In relics. Some ancient people used it as decorations."

Hearing this, the Red Dragon Queen chuckled wryly. "You want to rob tombs?"

Link shrugged. "Compared to the safety of the realm, that's nothing."

"You're right. Give me one as a sample. I'll send my Warriors to look all over the continent. Once it's enough, I'll send it to you."

"No problem."

Seeing that it was getting late, Link said, "My injuries are all healed. I won't spend more time in the Dragon Valley. Felina, I'll have to bother you again."

"It's nothing, Duke," Felina said, chuckling. She transformed into dragon form, and Link climbed onto her.

"Come visit when you're free." Gretel waved at Link.

"I will." Link waved as well.

Felina began flying. This time, she wouldn't get tired. When she did, Link would pump Flawless Dragon Power into her, and she would instantly become revitalized.

She brought Link eastward and landed in Ferde within half a day. Felina didn't go back to the Dragon Valley. She stayed in Ferde as the guard of Duke Link.

Yes, Link was now a duke of the Dragon Valley. This wasn't just an honorary title. He had true authority and was also recognized by the entire dragon race.

Of course, he wouldn't use this authority unless he had no other choice.

Link walked towards his Mage Tower. At the entrance, he saw a familiar man. It was Skinorse of MI3. He was disguised as a regular wandering vigilante.

"How come you have time to see me?" Link asked, smiling.

Skinorse's expression was off. He looked side to side and muttered, "Lord, I've been waiting for a long time. I need to talk to you in private!"