453 Void Hunter

 Chapter 453: Void Hunter

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Ding! Ding! Ding!

The moment the Void Tyrant was restrained, Link heard clear dings in his mind. At the same time, a red light flashed in his vision.

Link glanced and saw a bunch of messages.

Mission Complete: Restrain

Player received 10 Jogu

Player received 200 Omni Points

Activate Third Step: Exterminate!

Mission Content: The Void Tyrant is very powerful and can split infinitely. Use the power of the Void ferry to kill it once and for all!

Mission Reward 1: 50 Jogu

Mission Reward 2: Assassin's Dragon King Belt (Legendary)

Note: Complete before the restraint time ends.

Time Remaining: 120 seconds

The Legendary set had re-appeared, along with a countdown of seconds. Each second was precious. Link immediately accepted the mission and ran towards the small city.

As he ran, the Dragon Power inside his body started surging. His body expanded as well. Two seconds later, he transformed into the black dragon.

Whoosh! Link unfurled his wings and soared into the air. During this, there were various clinks and clanks. Crystal thorns shining like white frost snapped out of his various body parts.

One moment Link's dragon body still looked a bit gentle. The next, he was filled with an aggressive aura.

This time, almost all the strong dragons were present. They all saw the black dragon whose size was comparable to the Red Dragon Queen.

"Black Dragon King?!"

"Master Link is a black dragon?"

"When did we get another powerful dragon?"

Other than the elders who knew the details, the rest were all shocked. They had felt the Dragon Power within Link and found it strange. Now, this sudden plot twist was too hard to accept.

The only happy one in the crowd was probably Felina. She waved her fist, filled with excitement. She was most familiar with Link and knew how powerful he was. It was definitely a good thing for him to be part of the dragon race.

Soaring into the sky, Link charged towards the city center. At the same time, he exclaimed, "Your Highness, use the Void Destructor to clear the way!"

Gretel immediately rose up. While rising, a 30-foot-wide purple ball appeared in the air before her. This was the largest flame spell she'd ever cast.

"Get ready!" She understood Link's plan without needing his explanation.

That moment, Link communicated with the sword spirit inside the Dragon King's Fury in his mind. I need even more powerful strength. Does the Dragon King's Fury effect work on my body?

"Yes, but it's not as effective as your human body. It can only double your strength and raise speed by 50%," said the sword spirit.

That's enough. I'll need it later. Get ready!


This took less than one-tenth of a second. Then Link called to Gretel in the air, "Your Highness, attack!"

Whoosh! The dark purple Legendary fireball fell from the sky like a meteorite.

On the ground, the Void Tyrant laughed. "Giant lizard, your tricks can't kill me!"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Countless black tentacles shot out from all directions, flying towards the fireball's trajectory. Half a second later, they formed a shield 300 feet wide!

The next moment, the Void Destruction fireball crashed onto the shield.

Boom! The collision shook the earth. Flames splashed in all directions, lighting the sky and dying it red. A tidal wave of shockwaves spread out. It crashed into Gretel, sending her tumbling through the sky and almost falling down.

Link was further away from the explosion. He quickly retracted his wings and faced the shockwaves as a front-facing streamline. When the shockwaves reached him, his body shook. He felt numb as if getting struck by lightning. Thankfully, the dragon's body was strong, and he wasn't greatly affected.

He didn't worry about the Red Dragon Warriors outside the city. The restraint runes would quickly weaken the shockwaves.

There was a sea of fire before him now. The black tentacle shield was evaporated by the flames, but they'd blocked most of the fireball's power!

Squinting, Link looked through the flames and saw that the entire city was on fire. The shockwave had turned all the buildings into flatland. However, countless tentacles were still growing in the fire.

They absorbed the fire's energy and shot up like plant shoots after rain. Their speed was dumbfounding. Dealing with these tentacles was useless. They could only defeat this Void creature by getting to the heart.

The Void Tyrant's voice rang out. "Haha, you insects, what other tricks do you have?"

Not only were the tentacles regenerating, but they were also moving eastward. The movement was strange. From the sky, the tentacles formed a black tide that flew towards the restraint runes. While moving, tentacles in the tide constantly shot towards the runes.

After shooting out, the tentacles would weaken from the rune array. They would slow down and turn limp. However, it also used up much of the rune array's energy.

Snick, snick, snick. There were countless sounds, like tens of thousands of arrows shooting out.

The fire in the air thinned. However, the Red Dragon Queen's attack had a great benefit. It cleared almost half of the tentacles, greatly reducing Link's obstacles.

The flames quickly lowered to a safe level. Link took a deep breath; the Dragon Power rumbled inside him. Instantly, he felt that his body was like a gunpowder barrel that was already ignited.

He used all his power!

Flapping his wings, there was a boom, and a ripple visible to the naked eye appeared. It was the powerful air current created by his wings! With the powerful push, Link's speed skyrocketed to the max. The world blurred in his vision. Wind sliced at his body but was stopped by the sturdy dragon scales.

At this moment, he was light; he was electricity; he was a black sword of holy judgment!

Link had a clear target-the 100-foot-wide lump of tentacles wriggling like worms at the heart. He planned to destroy it, enter the Sea of Void, and kill the head hiding there.

While charging, Link saw a body appear in the tentacle ball. The upper half was Lucia Silverstar; the lower half was connected to the tentacles. They had become one.

A crisp woman's voice came from Silverstar's body. "Hehe, are you on a suicide mission?"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless tentacles instantly shot into the sky, some grappling at Link. Others blocked Link's path, entangling into each other and forming a net.

"You're a little bird, and I'm the bird-catcher, hehe!"

Link was huge at almost 230 feet long. However, the tentacle net was even bigger. It was more than 300 feet wide and had many levels. With so many interlocking levels of tentacles, he couldn't break through with brute force.

If Link was caught, he would definitely become the little bird that the Void Tyrant spoke of.

"Link, don't be brash!" Gretel yelled, seeing that Link was about to force it. She couldn't stop him though. She'd just cast the Void Destructor and hadn't recovered yet.

Link didn't seem to hear. Just as he was about to crash, he thought, Dragon King's Fury!

He activated the effect. His power doubled, and his speed rose by 50%. Instantly, it felt like he would explode. Destructive force tore violently through his body. He could even hear his blood whistling.

Whoosh, whoosh. It was like a tidal wave!

Boom! Under this extreme speed, another wave rippled in the air behind him. At first, he was flying at more than 3000 feet per second. Now, he was 50% faster.

This wasn't all! He expanded all his dragon scales and retracted his wings. His body started spinning like a rotating cluster of blades!

Then he crashed into the tentacle net.

Snick, snick, snick, snick. It was the sound of blades cutting vines. Link easily tore through the black web of tentacles layer after layer. There were three layers, but he sliced through all three.

Link broke free from the web and reached the heart!

"I'm not a bird, and you're not the bird-catcher. Right now, you're my prey!"

His power was at the max, and his voice was a deafening roar. It rumbled through the entire battlefield.

Roar. Blazing dragon breath created a path, burning a hole in the black ball. Silverstar's body evaporated directly. Without waiting for the Void Tyrant to react, Link ducked into the hole. At the same time, he activated the ultimate secret of the dragon body.

Void Ferry, realm teleportation!

Watery light appeared on Link. His body quickly turned transparent and soon disappeared from Firuman.

At the same time, a huge body rushed into the Sea of Void.

The Sea of Void was endless and boundless. It was filled with terrible vortexes and wild currents everywhere. This was the forbidden land for all mortal lives.

Link had once gone through the Sea of Void. He'd almost died that time and suffered from the side effects for a long while. This time, he didn't feel any pressure, thanks to the dragon body.

His body was the Void Ferry. It helped him fend off all dangers here.

Link saw the Void Tyrant's head. It was right next to him! It was like an octopus's head with countless tentacles under it. The tentacles were deep into the glowing World of Firuman.

Suddenly seeing Link in the Sea of Void, the Void Tyrant was shocked too. His bloody eyes stared at Link. Thought waves traveled over, saying, How did you get here? How can you move in the Sea of Void?

He wanted to defend himself, but he didn't have many tentacles in the Sea of Void. Most of his power was in Firuman, and he couldn't move them over fast enough. More terrifying was that Link wasn't far from him. He didn't have time to escape, and he couldn't hide!

Link flapped his wings. He discovered that the Sea of Void was really like a sea to the dragon body. When he flapped his wings, he could still use the power to push forward.

This didn't mean the Sea of Void was actual water. The dragon body was designed to be able to use its power.

Dragon King's Fury! Link activated it again.

Boom! His wings pushed a bunch of Void power behind, and he shot towards the Void Tyrant.

Roar! Dragon breath cut the path for him. It wasn't fire now; instead, it was a frosty white flood of Void.

The dragon breath hit the Void Tyrant's face, and it yelled uncontrollably.

Link took the chance to pounce. He didn't care about tactics and used his claws, thorns, and teeth, wildly attacking the Void Tyrant's head.

He couldn't use magic in the Sea of Void. He could only use the mysterious Sea of Void to attack. The Void Tyrant struggled violently too. The tentacles slapped against Link, cutting apart scales and breaking thorns, but Link didn't care. He wanted to kill this thing.

After who knew how long, Link ripped off the Void Tyrant's head. He was covered in wounds too. The worst injury was where a tentacle had dug into his back, straight to his inner organs.

His vision flashed; he'd completed the mission.

Epic Mission Series Complete: Exterminate

Player received 50 Jogu.

Player received Assassin's Dragon King Belt (Legendary)

Seeing this, Link's tense nerves relaxed. He finally killed this damn thing.