451 Following the Guidance of the Soul

 Chapter 451: Following the Guidance of the Soul

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Link's mission was to save Silverstar's soul, but he couldn't reveal that because it was an alert from the game system. He also couldn't prove that Silverstar's soul was still alive. No one would believe him if he said that, so he had planned to complete this mission while the entire team was fighting against the Void Tyrant.

But now, there was a cry for help, and he couldn't determine if it was real or not. Link was conflicted.

What if it was a trap and he led the entire team there? But if he didn't go-what if it was real? Silverstar understood the Void Tyrant well. If Link could save her, it would be much more possible to defeat the Void Tyrant.

There was another question. Why did Silverstar only call to him for help?

There were many possible explanations. For example, maybe she was too weak, or Link had saved her before, so he received her soul's recognition. Or maybe this was the Void Tyrant's evil plan. Link couldn't determine the validity with pure logic.

He needed to follow the guidance of his own heart. Just like that time at the Dragon Valley's Mist Maze, he should let his soul tell him the correct choice.

His soul's voice was very weak; it couldn't be disturbed at all. Link took a deep breath. Without thinking about anything, he calmed his mind and continued to listen.

After a few seconds, Link's mind was completely still. All worries, fears, and other emotions had smoothed over. He entered a state of complete peace.

Then he suddenly heard the cries. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. Save me.

The voice was wispy, lost, and very soft. It was like a spider web floating in the wind; it could be broken at any time.

Now, Link was sure that this was definitely Silverstar's soul!

He turned to look at Gretel and saw her brows tightly knitted. There was worry in her eyes. She was definitely worrying about the future of the dragon race and the power of the enemy. She was worrying... There were too many distracting thoughts in her mind.

If the queen was like that, the elders and Dragon Soul Guards must be even worse off. They must be anxious and unsettled. How could they hear these soft cries for help in that state?

He understood. Silverstar must have started off calling to everyone, but only I could hear her, so she only calls to me now.

Thinking of this, Link said to Gretel, "A voice in my heart tells me that Silverstar is still alive. We must save her. This will be a great help in defeating against the Void Tyrant."

"Are you sure?" Gretel stared into Link's eyes. Her crystal-red eyes were unblinking behind the dragon helmet.

Link was technically the commander of the team. At this time, his one mistake could kill all of them. Gretel was already showing great trust in him by not directly disagreeing with him.

Link looked back confidently. "I'm sure!"

Gretel nodded. "Alright. Take us to her."

She was handing him the fate of her race. Taking a deep breath, Link called, "Warriors, follow me!"

The voice was coming from the south of the small city. Link led the team southward.

There was a small lake near the south of the city, so there were many creeks. After a while, Link discovered that the black aura was much thinner by the creeks. He could see up to 30 feet. There were less translucent dancing tentacles too.

He didn't know why but he could still take advantage of it.

"Follow the river. Do you hear the water? Follow the sound of the water and don't get lost!" Link called.

The creek wasn't very long-only around 3000 feet. The soldiers walked along the bank. With the target clear, they finished within ten minutes. A lake appeared at the end of the creek.

There was a small dam between the creek and lake; the group walked over to the dam. The black fog in the air had thinned more. The visibility was up to 60 feet.

Here, Link could hear the cries very clearly. Silverstar's soul must be around here!

At that time, a Warrior pointed at the water below the dam and called, "Look, there's something in the water!"

Everyone looked over, including Link. Using the Vision of Truth for help, he could see more clearly than the others.

He saw a mess of semi-transparent tentacles near the top of the water. There were at least 3000 tentacles. They flew around and practically covered the entire water surface. However, using the Vision of Truth, Link still saw a ball of weak light in the water under the tentacles.

"Those tentacles are afraid of water. Did Silverstar use the water to escape death?" Link was excited. He could clearly feel the strong soul aura from the water.

Gretel felt this too. She looked to Link with some happiness in her eyes.

"There's something there. I'll go check!"

And then plop, Link jumped straight into the water from the dam.

The water in the Soul Realm was freezing in an eerie, bone-chilling way. Despite his physical strength, Link still shuddered when he entered the water. The tentacles on the surface discovered him and sped over. Link immediately went underwater.

Whoosh, whoosh. There was wind from above the water, but no tentacle entered to attack him. These guys really were scared of water!

The Vision of Truth was equally effective underwater. Link looked side to side and saw the faintly glowing soul floating before him. At the same time, the voice in his mind was clearer. I'm here, I'm here.

Link swam over with all his might. When he was closer, he was even surer that this was Lucia Silverstar!

She had silver hair, silver eyes, and snowy-white skin. Her body was slightly transparent, showing this was a soul, but she was much solidified and had clear contours. Only a Legendary figure could reach this extent.

Because she was a soul, she had no clothes. Floating in the water without moving in a fetal position, she looked like a corpse at first glance.

Link continued swimming. Beside the sacred soul, he discovered that she was half-asleep. She didn't react to him at all. The only change was that the voice in Link's mind grew much stronger.

I'm here, I'm here, the voice kept calling. She seemed to be repeating it subconsciously.

Link wasn't worried. He had found her. As long as he brought her back, he'd find a way to save her.

He touched the soul lightly. It felt like he touched something soft, like jello or glue. If Link used a bit more pressure, his entire hand would sink in.

So this is a soul's substance. An ordinary mortal's soul would probably just be a puff of smoke, right? Link thought. He carefully cupped his hand around the soul and swam away from the city without breaking through the surface.

At the dam, Gretel sensed Link's movements, as well as Silverstar's soul. Looking at the dancing tentacles on the surface, she waved her hand. "Let's go," she said to the Warriors. "We'll go into the water too and leave this place first."

Plop, plop. The dozens of Red Dragon Warriors and the queen jumped in together. They followed Link and swam forward.

After around 3000 feet, there was a small island. Link carried Silverstar's soul up. The Red Dragon Queen followed him onto land too.

Link wasn't familiar with souls. The soul wasn't wearing any clothes either, so Silverstar was naked now. He carried her and looked awkwardly at Gretel. "I got her, but she seems to be hurt. Do you know what to do?"

He had not looked deep into the category of souls. The only knowledge Link had was from Secret Magicians like Vance and Eleanor, but it was all basic stuff.

"Hand her to me."

Gretel took Silverstar's soul from Link's hands. At the same time, a watery crystal-red light appeared in her hands. The light dripped into the soul. Slowly, a red haze appeared in the white soul.

Ah, save me, save me, save me. She started struggling and instinctively cried for help.

Gretel patted Silverstar's cheeks gently and murmured, "Wake up, wake up. It's safe."

After a dozen taps, Silverstar's body convulsed, and she finally woke up. Opening her eyes, she yelled, "Hurry, stop him! He's starting to split!"

"Split?" Gretel was terrified at that.

"Yes!" Silverstar urged. "His body is at the limit already. He'll split into a new body and continue sucking power. You have to kill him before he finishes splitting!"

With that, a message flashed past Link's vision.

Mission Completed: Rescue

Player receives 10 Jogu.

Player receives 100 Omni Points.

Activate Second Step: Restriction Transfer

Mission Content: Use Magician Lucia Silverstar's knowledge to restrain the Void Tyrant's power and mobility.

Mission Reward 1: 10 Jogu

Mission Reward 2: 200 Omni Points

Link immediately accepted it.

Here, the Red Dragon Queen smiled helplessly. "Unfortunately, we might not be the Void Tyrant's match," she told Silverstar. "He's very strong now."

Link quickly said, "No, there's a way!"

The game system had given a clear prompt. Things had to be done step by step. With their current power, they indeed couldn't go face to face with the Void Tyrant. However, this guy was splitting now and couldn't move around.

They could take advantage of this time to complete the restraint on him and lower his power. Then they could do the next step. This was the correct way.

Hearing this, Gretel's eyes brightened. She looked at Link hopefully. "Tell us."

Link pointed at Silverstar in Gretel's arms. "Our success depends on her!"