449 In the End, One Can Only Rely on Oneself

 Chapter 449: In the End, One Can Only Rely on Oneself

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The Red Dragon Queen was actually a very intelligent person. She could do what Link was doing now. However, she couldn't be as decisive as him or react as quickly.

This was due to how she grew up.

For two thousand years, Gretel had been high above everyone. She had unparalleled strength and looked down on everyone. She rarely cooperated with anyone and pretty much never asked for help.

Now, times had suddenly changed, but her mindset couldn't switch fast enough. Under forced circumstances, she could learn to lower herself just as she'd lowered herself to ask Link for help. But this needed time and they didn't have time.

Of course, she didn't need to lower herself anymore because Link had already taken care of it.

"Let's split up and look."

The Dragon Valley was around 200 miles wide. There were six Legendary people here. With each responsible for a section, they could dig six feet under and find Lucia Silverstar!

The six went to the Dragon Temple Square. After deciding on the signal for help, they started showing their own skills.

Link and Gretel changed into dragon shape while Bryant transformed into a beam of light that shot into the sky. The dwarf dug into the ground and burrowed away.

The Dark Magician ran on the ground. His speed was too fast to describe, and he left behind a blur. One moment he was in the square; the next, he was already thousands of feet away.

The Light Magician was the most dramatic. He transformed into a milky-white two-foot-wide ball of light. Then like lightning, he bolted towards the other direction. He was so fast he was like a meteorite.

Finally, Link and Gretel flapped their wings and left.

Gretel was the Red Dragon Queen, and the elders followed her at all costs. Their reasoning was simple: if anything happened, they would sacrifice themselves to save her.

Unexpectedly, an elder also followed Link-it was Pettalong. Link didn't refuse. If the elder wanted to follow, then so be it.

Link quickly reached the area he had to search. A dragon's vision was scarily good, especially after turning into their dragon form. His eyes were basically two high-focus telescopes with no blind spots. If he focused, he could see the engravings on a gold coin miles away.

He was now using those eyes to scan the ground.

While flying, Pettalong flew over. "Lord," he said. "What do you plan to do after this?"

"Return to Ferde," Link said while still looking at the ground.

There was a moment of silence. After a while, Pettalong spoke again. "Those are mortal matters. Even if it can prosper, it won't last more than a century. What then?"

"That's too far away. I haven't thought about it." Link shook his head. He was still looking down. The ground under him was covered in mountains and forests. Occasionally, a village would appear. They all looked normal.

"You are now an important member of our race. Perhaps you should live in the Dragon Valley," Pettalong said.

Hearing this, Link glanced at him and shook his head. "I know what you're saying, but Ferde has the one I love. Her Majesty's matters are none of my business."

Link wasn't stupid. All three dukes had died. The game system also reminded him with a note. The dragons had acted strangely too. Because of all this, he'd guessed the situation, but he was too lazy to say it. Now, Pettalong said all that, almost getting to the point. Link had to reject him directly.

The Red Dragon Queen was just a friend. It had been nice working with her on the mysteries of space, but that was it.

Pettalong seemed to want to continue. Seeing that he wasn't giving up, Link narrowed his eyes and made his tone more serious. "Alright, who can ensure what happens in the future? Let's take care of this Void Tyrant first!"

This made Pettalong swallow his words, though it didn't make him happy. Later, he was quiet the entire time, following Link while moping.

Link got rid of the distractions and focused on searching for abnormal marks on the ground. In order to not miss anything, he flew very slowly. Ten minutes later, he'd only flown a few miles, and everything was normal.

At that moment, Link felt something. He looked to the east and sensed the signal. It was from Bryant's direction.

"There's something in the east! Let's go!" Link said. He immediately accelerated. With a boom in the air, his body turned into a black streak.

Pettalong followed with all his might, but seconds later, he couldn't see Link anymore. He could only sigh. The difference was too large.

When creating his Heart of the Dragon, Link had absorbed much Dragon Power. His limit had increased a lot, reaching 13900. This was Level-11. He used all his power now and was honestly as fast as lightning. He traveled 3000 feet in one second.

The elder obviously couldn't catch up.

However, this was only a burst. Link could only keep up the speed for one minute. After that, he was only moving at around 2000 feet per second. This speed was great for hurrying.

With this speed, the Dragon Valley was too small. Less than two minutes later, Bryant appeared in Link's vision. At the same time, he saw Gretel and Heroto. They were all at the Legendary level and had similar speeds.

The situation before him was strange. It was a small city. Bryant and Lucia Silverstar were in a secluded alley. They stood 300 feet away from each other but didn't do anything.

It was obvious Bryant was nervous. He kept looking around as if ready to run at any moment.

While landing, Link, and Gretel changed to human shape as to not cause panic. They descended around the alley, blocking Lucia's escape routes.

Heroto popped out of the ground. As soon as he appeared, he yelled at Lucia, "Hey, what's going on? Are you Silverstar?"

Lucia turned to look around her. She sneered and sighed. "It seems that I've still been discovered. However, you're a bit too late."

"What do you mean?" Bryant was the first to discover her. When he faced her alone, he felt a horrible pressure. Now that Lucia said that, he felt even less confident.

"You're all here! Saves me time from looking for you all. Now watch carefully, Magicians!" Lucia cackled.

As soon as she finished, there were consecutive booms. The ground shattered instantly, buildings collapsed, and countless black tentacles broke through the ground. The entire city became a black forest.

"I've already sucked 10,000 people's energy. It's so fresh and beautiful, so vast that I can destroy the entire world. No one can stop me. Now, all of you have come to die. Good, very good. Today, I'll see what you so-called Legendary figures taste like. Ha!"

As she spoke, the tentacles shot towards the city residents like arrows. They pierced them and started sucking out their energy. Other tentacles shot towards Link and the others.

There were so many tentacles that they could barely hide. They were also very strong. At this time, they entirely unrestricted and they were as fast as shadows. Link couldn't see clearly at all!

There was no way to block them. If the group stayed in the city, they might chop off many tentacles, but the power they released would quickly get absorbed. More tentacles would be born.

They would die like this!

Under this kind of intensive attack, it would already be a feat to last five seconds.


Link used the Dimensional Jump without hesitation. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Beams of white light flashed. The group that had been surrounded by the black forest was instantly transported outside the city.

From the outside, it was still the same prosperous city. Within ten short seconds, it had become a ghost city. There weren't even pained cries anymore.

The black tentacles were countless. All one could see were worm-like tentacles swaying in the air. Not only were there a lot of them, but they were also scattered. To hurt any, one needed Legendary power!

Dwarf Heroto gulped. "Your Majesty, you really got into a mess this time. How do we fight this?"

Bryant started backing out too. "Your Majesty, we can't save Silverstar anymore, and we aren't a match for this thing either. How about we retreat?"

They weren't a match. He felt that he could only kill this powerful enemy by returning to the Isle of Dawn, assemble a Magician legion, and cast large-scale Legendary spells above Level-15.

Gretel's face was ghastly pale. She looked at Link. "How should we fight?"

The other two could back out but she couldn't. She had to get rid of this creature or else the entire Dragon Valley would be destroyed.

At this time, a light and dark figure appeared.

"Tsk, it's the Void Tyrant, and it has developed to this state. That's kind of problematic," the Dark Magician said. He seemed a bit happy.

The Light Magician sighed. "Ah, the Dragon Valley is in trouble."

"So will you two help?" Link asked.

The Dark Magician quickly waved his hand. "No, no, no. I said I wouldn't, so I won't. Goodbye everyone, I'm leaving now. Your Majesty, you can find a way with the rune. The spell is already completed, so all that remains is physical work."

He transformed into a black blur and vanished.

After that, the Light Magician also turned into light to leave. "The Dark Magician must have some bad idea. I must go stop him. Your Majesty, I'll abandon the Dragon Valley and use the Mist Maze to stop him, then find reinforcement!"

He left too.

Heroto sighed. He looked at the Red Dragon Queen apologetically. "Your Majesty, Silverstar is already done for. It's not that I don't want to help. I really can't. I'm sorry!"

He burrowed into the dirt and disappeared.

Bryant was the last one left. He shrugged. "Void Tyrants can continuously absorb energy, but they have a limit. This one is almost at its limit. Obviously, we aren't his match even if we worked together. I'll leave first. I must notify the Isle of Dawn."

His body flashed and streaked away.

Of all the Legendary figures, only Link and Gretel remained. Gretel looked at Link, tears almost falling from her eyes. "What do we do now?"

Only the high-level dragons could retreat. There were millions of regular dragons in the Dragon Valley. It was also the foundation of millenniums of the dragon race. How could she just abandon it?

Link looked at the city up front where demons seemed to be dancing in and thought of how to resolve it. Actually, he wanted to retreat too. As long as he was alive, he could figure out a solution.

Just then, a message appeared in his vision.

Activate Epic Mission: Dragon

First Step: Rescue

Mission Content: Enter the Soul Realm and find Astral Magician Lucia Silverstar's soul.

Mission Reward 1: 10 Jogu

Mission Reward 2: 300 Omni Points

From past experience, Link knew that if the game system sent a series of missions like this, it meant that it had a way against the Void Tyrant. If he completed each step, he would be able to solve the crisis.

Other than that time with the God of Destruction, the game had never been wrong. Thinking of this, Link accepted the mission.

Looking at the panicking Gretel, he said, "We can't fight this creature in the Physical Realm. Let's try in the Soul Realm!"