437 This is a Dragon King!

 Chapter 437: This is a Dragon King!

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When the cries for help appeared, Link was less than 650 feet away from the ball of shadows. At the same time, his vision kept flashing with notifications. Apparently, he had completed a mission.

Mission Complete: The Girl in the Forest

Reward: Assassin's Vision of Truth (Legendary)

A blue-gold icon flashed faintly in Link's vision. He looked carefully and saw that it was a pair of goggles. The lenses were dark blue and seemed to be opaque.

Link checked its attributes.

Assassin's Vision of Truth

Lower-tier Legendary (13)

Effect: After the user wears this eye mask, all targets under Level-13 in their vision will have their weaknesses marked. The effective range is 300 feet. After that, there are fewer details as the distance increases.

(Note: As long as one can find the weakness, anyone can be killed, and anything can be destroyed.)

The attributes were so powerful, and Link was excited. He immediately said, "Appear!"

The eye mask flashed, and Link felt a weight in his hand. A slightly warm object appeared. It was the Assassin's Vision of Truth.

The actual thing was a bit different from the icon. The icon showed a pair of goggles, but the object was more like an eye mask. There were just two dark blue crystal lenses in the eye area.

Placing it on his head, it was neither tight nor loose. He could barely feel it. After adjusting it, Link discovered that nothing in his vision had changed. At the same time, three control runes appeared in his mind.

He checked and learned the uses of these three runes. The first was the Eye of Truth, the second was Flash Protection, and the third was Eye Mask Transparency.

He added some Dragon Power into the third rune, and his vision brightened a bit. Creating a mirror to look at himself, he discovered that the eye mask was gone. Link reached for it; the eye mask was still on his face.

This function was pretty good. Otherwise, it would be ugly to have an eye mask on all day. People would think he was blind.

Of course, this wasn't important. The important thing was that, if he put on an eye mask, people wouldn't be able to read his eyes. This was a good thing against enemies, but it would be difficult to communicate with his allies.

However, he was facing an enemy now. Link selected the control rune again, and the eye mask reappeared.

Next, Link added some Dragon Power into the first control rune. His vision dimmed, and everything became transparent.

He looked down at his hand. He could clearly see the skin, flesh, veins, tendons, bones, and even the path that the Dragon Power flowed through.

Link focused and could see many nodes in the Dragon Power in his arm. This discovery shocked him. He was sure that if he purposely damaged those nodes, it would only take minimal power to disable his entire arm. It could even affect the operation of Dragon Power in his entire body.

Then Link looked at a rock the size of his head on the ground. It became translucent like a crystal and didn't seem to contain any weaknesses. Link raised his foot and pressed down lightly. The rock changed. Many white fissures appeared on it like cottony spider webs.

The "cotton" started from under Link's foot and snaked through the entire rock. Finally, they converged where the rock met the ground. The exact appearance and brightness changed as Link changed his foot's force.

A rock is a dead object, Link realized when he saw this. There is no force inside it, so there aren't any so-called weaknesses either. But when I step onto it, force appears, and energy paths are created. If I follow that path, I can find a sudden change in force output and use some strength...

With a crack, Link was able to use very little strength to shatter this sturdy rock.

Only living objects had weaknesses.

After getting a general idea of the theory behind the Vision of Truth, Link looked up at the ball of shadows. It was 650 feet away, out of the eye mask's range, but it still had an effect.

The purple-black fog weakened a lot, revealing a blurry shadow inside. Link's heart clenched at the sight. It was like a ball of thread that kept wriggling...

No. More accurately, it was like a clump of black worms entangled in each other. It was wet, sticky, and kept moving.

Link was too far away, and the Vision of Truth could only see that much. He continued moving forward.

Soon, he was less than 300 feet away from the shadows. Here, he could see even more clearly. The blurry black strips had become slightly transparent. Some dark purple energy paths appeared.

Occasionally, frosty-white light would shine through the worm-like things, flashing weakly. If not for the help of the Vision of Truth, Link wouldn't be able to see them at all.

He was delighted. There's something up!

The law runes in the space, the anxious cries of help, and the occasional white light all proved that a Legendary figure was trapped by this Void creature.

Link's vision flashed; there was a new mission.

Activated Mission: The Trapped Strongman

Mission Content: Defeat the Void creature and save the little girl crying for help

Mission Reward: 200 Omni Points

Link was a bit disappointed that the reward wasn't a part of the Assassin set. However, 200 Omni Points wasn't bad either. Taking a deep breath, he walked forward, ready to act.

Footsteps sounded behind him-the dwarf Gaimin. He ran to about 150 feet behind Link and asked anxiously, "Master Link, are you going to attack?"

"Yes, I've found a way to counter him. You step back... more, go to 1000 feet away and cast a protection spell for yourself."

Without another word, the dwarf ran back. One thousand feet away, he found a large rock. He took out a piece of fine gold and pressed it onto the rock.

Ten seconds later, the rock turned into sturdy alloy, and he hid behind it. He took a deep breath to push down the urge to peek at the coming battle. Gaimin realized his heart was pounding like a battle drum. It echoed in his ears.

He was about to witness a Legendary-level battle. This was so exciting.

In the front, Link continued advancing. Instead of hiding himself, he burned with crystal-red flames of light. A dragon apparition more than 200 feet tall emerged around him.

He didn't walk quickly, so the apparition strolled forward as well.

Whoosh, whoosh! The wind grew stronger and stronger. The direction of the wind was odd too. With Link at the center, it swept outwards in a radial shape. The surrounding trees couldn't take it, and cracks sounded.

This was only the aftermath of Legendary power.

Gaimin was shocked. He pressed against the sturdy rock but still didn't feel safe. He decided to cast another spell. Digging a hole in the rock, he hid into it.

This wasn't the end. He took out an extremely strong piece of obsidian and melded it into the rock before feeling slightly safer.

Everyone says that Master Link is a demon slayer. This title isn't accurate at all. What demon slayer? He's clearly a dragon king!

On the other hand, Link unsheathed the Dragon King's Fury sword with a soft clang. He exhaled slowly, calming himself.

Murderous intent emerged in this absolute silence.

The Void creature felt danger too, and the tentacles writhed. In the Vision of Truth, Link could clearly see the dark purple light flowing through the tentacles become heavy and bright.

It was building up the energy to attack!

Link continued forward. Because of the Mana density rising, his Dragon Power started bubbling. The dragon apparition enveloping him condensed until it was almost tangible!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Dragon Power would vibrate faintly with Link's every step. It shook the ground with giant booms as if an actual dragon were walking.

Finally, Link stopped 150 feet away from the shadows. "I'm coming," he called. "Can you hear me?"

The Void creature was unexpectedly strong. Even with the help of the Vision of Truth, Link still had to keep his guard up. If he could work together with the person inside, the possibility of victory would increase greatly.

After around three seconds, the voice said, "Save me, save me, I can't take it anymore..."

There was nothing other than cries for help. Link's brows knitted at this. The other seemed to have lost most of their consciousness or had been greatly hurt.

Whatever. Even without the help, the law runes were still in the air, restricting the Void creature. Link could probably defeat it.


At the same time, in the Mist Maze of the Dragon Valley

Whoosh, whoosh! The sound of wind came from the distance. It was the flapping of dragon wings.

A few seconds later, dozens of Red Dragons broke free from the mist. The leader was Felina. Behind her was a giant dragon more than 200 feet long-the Red Dragon Queen. Behind them were the elders.

As soon as they left the mist, Gretel was shocked, her eyes widening. "I can feel him! It's very pure Dragon Power!"

As she spoke, her wings sped up, and she instantly shot forward, leaving the other dragons behind. The elders behind her exchanged glances. They could feel the huge Dragon Power. Only a Legendary dragon could possess that power.

But... there was no precedent in history of a non-dragon possessing Legendary Dragon Power!